By Whose Law Shall We Live?

Instead of the religion and the law by which they were in a great politick communion with the Christian world, they have constructed their Republick on three bases, all fundamentally opposite to those on which the communities of Europe are built. Its foundation is laid in Regicide; in Jacobinism; and in Atheism; and it has joined to those principles, a body of systematic manners which secures their operation. – Letters on a Regicide Peace by Edmund Burke


Angela Merkel won the ‘Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who Is the Biggest White-Hating Liberal of Them All?’ award for the year. Pope Francis took second prize (I would have given him first prize, but I was not a member of the judges’ panel). Merkel was quite gracious in her acceptance speech: “I couldn’t have done what I did without the inspiration of all those white-hating liberals that paved the way for me. I stand in their footsteps.” She mentioned Robespierre, Karl Marx, John Paul II, Margaret Sanger, and Nelson Mandela as a representative few who lighted her way to greatness. The adoring crowd of liberals who were on hand to hear Merkel’s acceptance speech (Five Golden Swine were awarded to her) applauded wildly when she warned the “haters,” those Germans who wanted to stop the rape of their women and the slaughter of their people, that they would not be allowed to keep Germany German. 

After the speech, Pope Francis sent Merkel a congratulatory note and told her he is currently working to turn Corsica into a Moslem homeland just as she is working to turn Germany into a Moslem state. “But there are great haters here in Corsica,” the Pope complained; “They have burned down a mosque and said unkind things about Moslems. God will punish them. I think violence is bad when Christians use it to defend themselves, but I think violence is necessary to punish anti-Moslem bigotry. May God bless you, Angela Merkel, for the work you are doing.” 

Will God really bless Angela Merkel and Pope Francis for the work they are doing? If God is a liberal, then He will bless them. But then a liberal god is not God, because the liberals’ god is the god who isn’t there; he/she/it is an indistinct god, a vague Gnostic force that animates the natural world the liberals rule for the benefit of the non-white races.

Never doubt that white Europeans are in a war to the death. The liberals will welcome any anti-Christian, anti-European force into their tent. They are fond of labeling white Europeans who act in defense of their own as “haters.” Would that it were true. In point of fact the liberals are the great haters; they hate Christ and the European people with an intensity that leaves no doubt about the source of their hatred. When Europeans begin to hate the devil, who works his will through the liberals, with a greater intensity than the liberals hate Christ and His people, the end of Liberaldom is near. 

In order to reign supreme, Satan needed to neutralize the Europeans, he needed to turn their worship of Christ into the worship of the devil. He turned the trick by making Christianity a philosophy of utopia. The Christian man was supposed to be a new man, a man redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, but he was not supposed to be a new man who was free to build the kingdom of Babylon here on earth without any reference to the living God. When God refused to give His sanction to an earthly utopia (“My kingdom is not of this world”), the devil stepped in and offered his services to the European people. The colored barbarians and the Moslems are raping, pillaging, and murdering the white Europeans, because Satan, through the ideology of liberalism, rules the European nations. 

The Europeans, like the ancient Hebrews, were at first delighted by their deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. But over time they became sick of manna from heaven and begged for their Egyptian captivity again. Well, they have their new Egyptian captivity; they are the slaves of the liberals and their heathen and colored allies. And they will remain so until their hearts yearn for the living God more than the bitter fruits of the liberals’ utopia. 

There is a huge difference between a village democracy that is part of a monarchial, aristocratic government and a democracy as an ‘onward and upward’ movement toward utopian bliss. It is that latter form of democracy that rules the European people now. Britons have ceased to cherish their ancient customs and prejudices which kept them from going over to the Jacobins. France has continued on her Jacobin way, and the rest of the European nations have followed suit (in the U.S., Jacobinism has reigned supreme since the defeat of the South in the 1860s). Once the principles of atheism, regicide, and Jacobinism are institutionalized in a nation, it is very difficult to uproot those principles from the lifeblood of the people, because those evil principles have the power of law behind them. Then virtue belongs only to the courageous few, and the vast majority of citizens acquiesce to the evil that their rulers do. In France prior to the Jacobin takeover, nobles and peasants would have rushed to the defense of a high-born lady who was accosted by villains. But once the principles of the Jacobins became law, thousands of men stood by while aristocrats of the fair sex were dragged ignominiously to the guillotine. Then virtue, the virtue that stands in the face of the satanic whirlwind, was rare indeed. So it is in every European nation once regicide, atheism, and Jacobinism are given the rule of law. Such blasphemies as miscegenation and Islam were not permitted in pre-Jacobin Europe, but now to oppose them is against the law of Jacobinism. 

The religious grazer – pick any European nation you like – denies that by supporting the laws of his nation he is supporting atheism. After all, he attends church and says his prayers. But atheism is seldom seen in its purest form; it usually takes the form of a bastardized parody of the living God. Robespierre, for instance, started out as an outright atheist who punished any believer with the guillotine. But then, in order to kill some of his atheist competitors within the Jacobin ranks, and in order to give the French sans-culotte some type of religion, he set up a very modern syncretic religion much in line with the religion of the late John Paul II (of Assisi I, II, and III etc. fame). Scott describes Robespierre’s wonderful new faith in the second volume of his work on the French Revolution:

After marching up and down through the streets, to the sound of doggerel hymns, the procession drew up to the gardens of the Tuileries, before some fireworks which had been prepared, and Robespierre made a speech, entirely addressed to the bystanders, without a word either of prayer or invocation. His acknowledgment of a Divinity was, it seems, limited to a mere admission in point of fact, and involved no worship of the Great Being, whose existence he at length condescended to own. He had no sooner made his offering, than fire was set to some figures dressed up to resemble Atheism, Ambition, Egotism, and other evil principles. The young men then brandished their weapons, the old patted them on the head, the girls flung about their flowers, and the matrons flourished aloft their children, all as it had been set down in David’s programme. And this scene of masking was to pass for the repentance of a great people turning themselves again to the Deity, whose worship they had forsaken, and whose being they had denied!

I will appeal—not to a sincere Christian—but to any philosopher forming such idea of the nature of the Deity, as even mere unassisted reason can attain to, whether there does not appear more impiety in Robespierre’s mode of acknowledging the Divinity, than in Hebert’s horrible avowal of direct Atheism?

A similar type of false religion, given the sanction of law, has been set up in all the European nations. When the liberals tell us that we must not be prejudiced, that we must allow blacks to rape and murder whites with impunity, and when they tell us that kindness and compassion for others means allowing Moslems to rape and murder white Europeans, they are preaching their new religious gospel. And they have made their new gospel, which is in direct opposition to the gospel of Christ, State law.

If Satan’s minions make the laws of our nation, should we obey those laws? In my own anti-nation, the government, which has made any opposition to black murderers or Moslem and Mexican invaders illegal, has become obsessed with destroying the lives of a heroic band of white ranchers (Hammond and Bundy families), who are trying to save their homes and their people from an immoral government that has no mercy for white people who live by a better and higher law than the law of the satanic U. S. government. The conservative-liberals condemn the Hammonds and Bundys for not abiding by the liberals’ law, and the mad-dog liberals demand the extermination of the Hammonds and the Bundys. God save them, and God have mercy on the rest of us who live under the merciless law of Satan. 

Miscegenation, legalized abortion, the government-sponsored massacres of whites by blacks, Mexicans, and Moslems are the major initiatives of the liberals’ utopian governments. Why then do we, the Europeans, support such anti-white, anti-Christian governments? Why not cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war? To act alone against an implacable, merciless enemy seems like a futile endeavor. But there is an internal battle that precedes the external battle. Once that internal battle is won, things that seemed impossible are no longer impossible. When the European fights the good fight against principalities and powers and cries out from the depths of his soul for divine aid, he will not be left defenseless, as he now is, against the wickedness and snares of the devil. 

The Faust story has been told and retold throughout the Christian centuries – Marlow, Goethe, Benet, Wallop, and more recently Charles Beaumont in two separate Twilight Zone episodes entitled “Printer’s Devil” and “The Howling Man.” Those last two tales were quite in keeping with the modern age. The devil ensnared his victims through their intellectual pride. He baited his devilish hook with the “you’re too intelligent to believe in the devil” trick. (1) We are reminded of the decadent French writer, Andre Gide, who stated, “I don’t believe in the devil, but then that is what the devil wants.”

Every reason under the sun is given to explain why the liberals do such hideous things, every reason but the real reason – the liberals, in their headlong flight from Christ, have fled into the arms of the devil. He owns them, body and soul. Hence everything they do is directed toward one end: they must destroy the image of God in man that was uniquely manifested in the culture and the people of old Europe. Under the guise of multi-culturalism, equality, and religious niceness, the satanic-inspired liberals have transformed Christendom into Satandom.

In art, music, and literature, all that is base, inhuman, and bestial is celebrated. Every heathen religion and every colored barbarian is exalted while the European people and their ancient faith, and the culture stemming from that faith, is demonized. All this the liberals do rather than face the living God. Is He really so terrible? “Yes, He is so terrible,” the liberals reply. And they will kill every last white man if needs be in order to erase the memory of that awful God. The Merkels and the Pope Francises of Liberaldom have lost the courage to face existence without the opiates of liberalism, because they do not believe His sacred heart is at the center of existence. Dostoyevsky correctly identified the dilemma of the modern European: “[W]hether a man, as a civilised being, as a European, can believe at all, believe that is, in the divinity of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, for therein rests, strictly speaking, the whole faith.” The liberals have given their answer to Dostoyevsky’s question and as a result the European has no place to lie his head; he is without a homeland. In Dickens’ masterpiece Great Expectations, Pip declares that it is a terrible thing to feel ashamed of one’s own home. The liberal is ashamed of his racial hearth fire where the Son of God dwells. From that initial shame comes the new religions of the stranger: The religions of blood and sacrifice practiced by the Moslems and the colored barbarians appeal to the liberals more than the religion of mercy. If the liberals’ hatred of our Savior and our people does not stir something in our heart that makes us want to rise and ride in defense of our Lord and our people, then the liberals have won; they have killed our heart, which is the breeding ground for all true counter-revolutions. As the Christmas season comes to a close, let us commit ourselves to a European counter-revolution that will restore the true King of Europe to His rightful place in our hearts and our nations:

 “Angels above Him, told us to love Him,
Cling to Him, bring to Him, glory and praise.”


(1) In “The Howling Man,” it is not a straight ‘your soul for riches and wealth’ type of bargain that the devil transacts, but the devil does use the ‘you’re too smart to believe in the devil’ gambit to outwit the ‘intelligent’ mortal. “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”

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