The Man of Sorrows is the Counter-Revolution

Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
Sealed in the stone-cold Tomb.

-John Henry Hopkins, Jr.


I always place more importance on anecdotal evidence than on statistical evidence, because anecdotal evidence comes from flesh and blood human beings, while statistical evidence comes from… I don’t know where it comes from – that is the problem with it. Over the years I’ve collected a large body of anecdotal evidence indicating that there is a huge discrepancy between the ruling liberal elite, which consists of the intellectuals in church and state, and the grazers. The grazers do the liberals’ bidding because the liberals are in power, but they don’t believe in racial Babylon with the same intensity as the liberals, which is why the grazer will say some things in private, once you have made the first anti-Babylonian remark, which suggests that the white everyman still has some light left in his soul. But the light soon fades, because the liberals have overmanned the grazer’s soul. When the grazer makes a criticism of the liberals’ multi-racial utopia, he feels guilty, like a man in olden days who might tell a dirty joke in the church parking lot. Of course, now dirty jokes are told from the church pulpits while ‘racist’ comments have become the parking lot dirty jokes.

The grazer submits to liberal rule, because he believes that intelligence is morality. To be willfully stupid, which means clinging to prejudices stemming from the traditions, manners, and customs of the antique Europeans, is morally wrong, because the Europeans of the past were racist and therefore stupid. (1) Thus the fear of being racist and unintelligent makes moral cowards of the white grazers. It was inevitable that Trump would become the candidate for ‘stupid’ people, because Trump, like Reagan before him, has dipped his little toe into the waters of prejudice and blood wisdom. It is only a little toe, but that little mite of reality is too much for the liberals, so they have brought out the propaganda machines to destroy Trump.

The Europeans will be losers so long as they continue to believe in democracy. A candidate such as Trump is not a leader who can lead his people out of the wilderness, but he does represent a significant rear guard for the retreating Europeans. They can use a rear guard, but then they must regroup and return to the fray, shorn of their moral cowardice and armed with the anti-democratic prejudices of their European forefathers.

Even if there was no Moslem menace, the black barbarian menace left unchecked is enough to destroy the European people. The Moslem onslaught is just another form of the same liberal attack against Christ and the Christ-bearing race. Have the liberals gone too far in this, their latest attack on the European people? There certainly has been more open criticism by the grazers of the liberals’ Moslem gambit than of any other liberal stratagem. Because I love my people and want them to survive, it is my deepest hope that the liberals have overplayed their hand and this liberal-sponsored Moslem invasion will trigger a white counter-revolutionary movement that will cleanse the European nations of liberalism. But in truth I don’t see that happening, because the opposition to the liberals’ Moslem initiative has been launched in the name of liberalism. Critics of the Moslem invasion have stressed the incompatibility of Islam and classical liberalism. The Moslems believe in mass rape, the Moslems believe in the murder of the infidel, the Moslems believe in a Moslem theocracy, and the list goes on and on. How can the liberals countenance such a religion that is seemingly against all they hold sacred? The answer is simple. The first liberal was the devil — very few liberals believe in the devil, but that is not important to the devil — what he wants is his will, and he wills the destruction of the Christ-bearing race. Any ideology opposed to the Christ-bearing race is therefore a good ideology. In that classic song of Tennessee Ernie Ford, “16 Tons,” he sings of one fist of iron and the other of steel: “If the right one don’t get you, the left one will.” Such is the plan of the devil: “If my colored barbarians don’t get you, the Moslems will.” The Moslems’ attack is largely against whites, because of their past connection to the Christian faith, but the Moslems have also launched attacks against non-white Christians in their own nations. This is one of the reasons the liberals have had a much harder time convincing the grazers of the innate goodness of the Moslems; they can’t cloak their support of the Moslems by claiming it is ‘racist’ and therefore stupid to oppose them. But the liberals’ Moslem narrative will ultimately prevail so long as the opposition keeps citing classical liberalism as the alternative to Islam. Liberalism in its classical form or in its modern, mad-dog form is from the devil, and we cannot seek redemption from the devil. If we do, we will end up like Macbeth, cursing the powers of darkness, who led us to our destruction:

And be these juggling fiends no more believ’d
That palter with us in a double sense,
That keep the word of promise to our ear,
And break it to our hope.

Macbeth stepped outside of God’s grace in order to obtain a crown for his wife, a crown gotten through regicide. How can we oppose liberalism by invoking liberal principles? It is only when we break with the liberal, regicide governments of Europe that we can begin to climb out of the hellhole of multicultural death-in-life. In the works of Britain’s two greatest novelists, Walter Scott and Charles Dickens, there is almost always a character whom the evil-doers disregard as too stupid and inconsequential to be of any danger to them. But it is the stupid, inconsequential man who steps out of the shadows and defeats the evil-doers. It is the ‘stupid’ Quentin Durward who foils the evil Louis XI, and it is the comical, ineffectual Wilkins Micawber who foils the villainous Uriah Heep. This spiritual dynamic also occurs again and again in the European fairy tales. It is the third dumb brother who prevails where the ‘smart’ brothers fail, because the third dumb brother is pure of heart. And is not the origin of all the third dumb brother novels and fairy tales to be found in the story of our Lord and Savior? Was not Christ the inconsequential stone whom the builders rejected? Yes, He was. He was “despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” It was that Man, the Man of Sorrows, whom our people accepted as their Savior. “Angels above Him told us to love Him,” and our people did just that! They made a hero of the inconsequential babe in the manger, who grew up to be an ingloriously crucified criminal. “Is He your savior?” the smart men jeered. “Yes, He is our Lord and Savior,” the Europeans proclaimed with one voice. Away from the theologians who bid us look to their systems instead of Christ, away from the liberals who spit on the stupid, prejudiced Christians of old Europe, stands Christ. He is only an inconsequential shadow to the men and women of Liberaldom, but He is watching us, He is always watching us. And when we call on Him by name, He will step out of the shadows and lead us into battle.

There are ‘no-go’ zones in Europe where white Europeans dare not go, because the Moslems have taken over in those areas. In the United States there are thousands of black, no-go zones, where it is certain death for whites foolish enough to enter. Why are whites in retreat in their own nations? Isn’t it obvious? The rulers of the white nations have coalesced with the heathens and the barbarians of color to destroy the white race. And without a fighting faith, the whites are defenseless against the Moslem and colored onslaught. ‘The democratic way’ is not a fighting faith; ‘Three cheers for multiculturalism,’ is not a fighting faith. ‘By the Cross We Conquer,’ is a fighting faith.

It is time, past time, to acknowledge that white people are a conquered people, cowering and hiding in the lands that used to be their own. But there is no need to accept our conquered state as final. Now, when we seem like inconsequential weaklings, whose women are regarded as the property of heathens and colored barbarians and whose men are regarded as cowards, is the time to strike back. The world belongs to the Christ-bearing people; nothing will be denied them providing they leave the belly of the liberal leviathan and take up the banner of Christ crucified, Christ risen.

Burke saw what was coming. The devil was in the midst of us. In the form of a gigantic vulture, he spread his wings over all of Europe and remade Christendom into Liberaldom. He was unopposed, because he neutralized the opposition. Burke’s rejection by his own party was symptomatic of all of Europe’s reaction to liberalism. To oppose utopia was to oppose science, democracy, and the universal brotherhood of man. But how can there be a universal brotherhood of man when we deny our common hope? The headlong flight of the demon-possessed swine, their flight from the living God, led them over a cliff. That is what liberalism represents, the flight of the swine. That image, of the swine going over the cliff, should be on all the flags of Europe, so long as Europeans bend their knees to the satanic vulture.

Who will turn from that vulture of death? The men of blood, the last Europeans, will not bow down to Satan. Late at night in secret spots, in caves, in basements, and in deserted, wooded places where the utopian liberals formerly planned their revenges on Christian men, the Christian men will plan their counter-attack. This Christmas I heard a white choir perform “We Three Kings of Orient Are” in a very fast, martial style. The words, “sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,” took on an added significance when sung in that style. For me, the song became a Christian counter-revolutionary song. Is Christ, the inconsequential man of sorrows, the leader who will lead us out of the liberals’ utopian hell? Yes, He is.

Glorious now, behold Him arise,
King and God, and Sacrifice!
Heaven sings Alleluia!
Alleluia! the earth replies.

And if that sounds too fantastic for white men, it is because they have suffered from an intellectual contraction of the blood for the past 100 years. Once their hearts reconnect with Christian Europe they will no longer fear the liberals and their murderous heathen and colored allies. It will be time for Satan’s multitudinous legions to fear Europeans, the men who were born to champion the sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying God who was rejected and remains rejected by the builders of a utopian hell on earth. +


(1) It never ceases to amaze and disgust me when I see and hear European clergymen joining in the liberal chorus that sings an unending hymn of hatred, hatred of the antique Europeans. If they hate the people who were closest to Christ and want to eradicate their culture and their descendants from the face of the earth, then what should we conclude? They serve the liberals who fly the swinish flag of Satan.

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