Hold to the Vision

There is no grander, no more superb spectacle than that of the white men of the South standing from ’65 to ’74 quietly, determinedly, solidly, shoulder to shoulder in phalanx, as if the entire race were one man, unintimidated by defeat in war, unawed by adverse power, unbribed by patronage, unbought by the prospect of present material prosperity, waiting and hoping and praying for the opportunity which, in the providence of God, must come to overthrow the supremacy of “veneered savages,” superficially “Americanized Africans” – waiting to reassert politically and socially the supremacy of the civilization of the English-speaking white race.  – John Sharp Williams


Twas the hour when rites unholy
Call’d each Paynim voice to prayer
And the star that faded slowly,
Left to dews the freshen’d air.
Day his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm and cool the moonbeams shone;
To the Vizier’s lofty palace
One bold Christian came alone.

-Walter Scott


I’ve always felt that the Midwestern states of the United States are the most unabashedly liberal ones in America. It’s the over-compensation factor: Midwestern liberals feel that they’re not quite as cutting-edge liberal as their East and West Coast counterparts, so they always try to prove to the East Coast and West Coast liberals that they are every bit as liberal as they are. Consequently they comprise the most thoroughly liberal region of the United States. In fact, as a region they have much in common with Canada, whose liberals feel that they must not appear like some kind of backwater nation, so they push liberalism even harder than the U.S. In Canada, like in the Midwest, they make their draconian liberalism explicit.

Because of this over compensation factor, the St. Paul School District in Minnesota has instructed its teachers not to punish black students if they misbehave in school. Instead they are to try to find out what some bad white person did to “trigger” a violent response in the good blacks. This stated policy has been the unstated policy of white European law enforcement agencies for the last 25 years at least, but it is significant that people in Minnesota have decided to make it the stated policy. And even more significantly there has been no white outrage. But then you didn’t expect there to be any white outrage, did you? Whites become outraged when their local sports team trades a black athlete whom they all adore, but they do not become outraged when police departments hand their homes and their lives over to black barbarians. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” White people are more concerned that ‘their team’ stays intact than with the survival of their people. (1)

For many years now, I’ve been trying to understand the grazers. You see, I understand the liberals; they are evil, their hearts belong to Satan. But the grazers? What are they? Case in point – I visited an old, country-style gun shop a few weeks ago to purchase another firearm. The shop was filled with grazers, who talked about this and that gun, made some jokes about Obama, and in general took right-of-center stances on most political issues. They were genial pagans, like most of the men I served with on the police force. But did you ever try and stir up any kind of blood and soil sentiments in such individuals, a genuine love for kith and kin? It can’t be done. They love their sport teams, and they love an abstract idea of their country, and they want both to be powerful, because it makes them feel powerful. And they want to be thought well of by respectable society. Never mind that ‘respectable society’ is run by Satanists. Society is a generic, eternal thing with the grazers, which is why they always court its collective approval. Grazers get mad at liberals who call them white racists, but they don’t get mad at liberals for not being white racists. So who are the grazers? They are the lukewarm; much better company than the liberals, but ultimately a very depressing, and thus spiritually draining group of people. Never, if you are an antique European, make the mistake of thinking a grazer is your friend just because he makes an Obama joke or is interested in military memorabilia. The grazer views kith-and-kin Europeans as kooks, and a kook is not respectable. “How can you trust a man who doesn’t support the team?” is the grazer’s rationale.

It’s ironic; in America we probably have more guns in the hands of private citizens than any other nation in the world, and yet we have retreated before the colored barbarians to an even greater extent than the nations that have banned firearms. Need I state the obvious conclusion? Something besides armaments determines the outcome of wars. Of course a fighting man must pay careful attention to his weaponry, but what is more important is the spiritual armor that St. Paul writes about. The European grazers have left their spiritual armor in the attic for the last century and as a consequence they have become Undines, men without the spiritual discernment to know who the enemy is, and men without the inward Charity of Honor that makes a man fight for hearth and race rather than for democracy and the local sport team.

The grazer is always at the mercy of the liberals, because the liberals have a faith and the grazer does not. So if a young grazer wants to fight, he must join the liberals’ militia, and if an older grazer wants to feel fuzzy-patriotic, he must wave the flag of multiculturalism. If the grazer had a genuine faith, as his European ancestors did, he would feel in his bones the truth of John Sharp Williams’ words against false patriotism:

But mere physical courage is a thing too common amongst the men of the race to which we belong to be worthy of any sort of celebration for its own sake. Mere fighting is no virtue: far from it. Indeed, the man who is not great enough and brave enough not to fight when he ought not to is a poor excuse for a man.

Well said! What a man fights for and what he does not fight for tells us about the man. The grazing whites in the European nations will not fight for their racial nation, but they will fight for the liberals’ negro-worshipping nation. Why? It is because they have no faith, and so they are dependent on the liberals to provide them with the wars and the athletic contests that stir their blood enough to make them feel they are alive and not merely grazing in the fields of oblivion. But they are grazing in the fields of oblivion, because no man or woman truly becomes alive, as the European fairy tales tell us, until he loves much. Our European ancestors became one with Him whom they loved, the living God, because they loved Him in and through their people. And the liberals love the devil in and through their people, the negroes. So the grazer is left out in the cold without a God, unless he embraces the liberals’ gods. This is why despite his grumblings about The Obama and welfare chiselers, the grazer will always side with the multiculturalists of Liberaldom. Where else can he go? He could stand with the fighting remnant of his own race, like those brave young Spartans of South Africa or that small fighting remnant of Englishmen, but that would mean standing in the right with two or three against a multitudinous army of liberals and colored barbarians. Such a stand is impossible for a man without faith. But with faith? Then miracles occur.

When Ben Jonson said that his friend William Shakespeare was a greater dramatic poet than the Greek dramatic poets, it was considered quite a controversial statement. The pagan Greeks were considered to be at the highest level of human achievement in all the arts. But how could a pagan plunge the depths of the human soul to the same extent as a European Christian, who had the benefit of living in a society that had formed an incorporate union with Christ? We see in Shakespeare and all the great poets who followed him the reason why Christianity triumphed over paganism: It satisfied the deepest longing of the human heart, the longing to know that there was a divinely human heart at the center of the universe, a divine Personality whose charitable love for His people was revealed in the God-Manhood of Jesus Christ. The pagan blood rites were Christianized and became rites of spirit and blood. Our blood was blended with the blood of the Lamb! All this needs to be stated, because modern Europeans no longer have a blood connection with the people who saw the Christian God as something more than the end product of a syllogism.

Some 15 years ago, when the United States was involved in one of its many bombing missions of the Arab nations, I had a conversation with a female grazer who professed to be a believing Christian. After agreeing with me intellectually about the immorality of the war, she then blurted out, “But I support it, because saturation bombing gives me a rush!” For me that woman represents the failure of intellectual Christianity. At the depths of a Christian’s soul there is an unquenchable flame of charity that gives us something more than the ‘rush’ of the sex and blood of paganism. But if we don’t plunge to the depths, if we only stay on the philosophical surface of Christianity, we will be bored stiff with the whole Christian bit, and we will seek to return to the fleshpots of Egypt. The liberals embrace the new Babylon with all their heart, mind, and soul, while the grazers embrace it second-hand; but they remain captives of the liberals, because they find Christianity to be a bloody bore. And Christianity is a bore if we adapt the false Christianity of the theologians and the philosophers. The true faith is a sword of divine charity that does not kill; it brings the heart of man into the Divine Presence: “And there reigns love, and all love’s loving parts…”

We all know the ‘rush’ of the pagan things, but our people once knew something greater than the rush of paganism. They felt, through charity, which never faileth, the joy of being connected to the living God. When Pickwick forgives Jingle, when Quentin Durward renounces vain glory for charity’s sake, and when all the ‘ordinary’ Europeans of faith consecrated their hearts to the Man of Sorrows, because He first loved them, we feel in our sympathetic connection to those people, the transcending and purifying fire of divine charity enveloping our hearts and taking us to a fairy tale land far above the Babylonian hell of the liberals and the grazers. And that is the tragedy of the grazers: They share the hell of the Babylonians, because they are lukewarm, without the spiritual strength to walk away from the opiates of multiculturalism and return to their racial hearth fire where the God of their ascending race resides.

Something holds the grazers in Liberaldom. Sport teams and respectability seem to be the primary necessities that keep the grazer in the city of Babylon; there may be other darker reasons as well. The antique European can only hold on to his counter-vision, the vision of eternal Europe bequeathed to him by his European ancestors. If we hold to that vision until we are relieved by our Lord, we might be astounded to learn that some grazers actually have left the fields of oblivion to follow in our train as we follow those heroic Europeans of old, who loved much and were forgiven by the God whose love passeth the understanding of the Babylonians of modern Europe. +


(1) The white South African people are in a desperate struggle for survival. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about them than we are about multi-racial sport teams? And all of the European nations are now – or will be soon – facing the same black menace that threatens the white South Africans. I don’t care about the survival of democracy, of football, or of multi-cultural America. I care only about the survival of my own people.

Everything is grist for the liberals’ white-hating mill. The recent tragedy in South Carolina is an example. That shooter should be executed. He killed innocent people without any cause other than his own bloodlust. But white people should not let the liberals make this an occasion to further their white-hating agenda. The battle flag should remain, and whites should stress that it is only in cultures like the white Southern culture, which the battle flag represents, that criminals of every color are genuinely punished for their crimes, and a true climate of Christian charity, which discourages such crimes, can exist. The fight is always for a white Christian Europe. If the battle flag and what it represents disappears, the white holocaust will continue, and such random acts of violence and insanity that occurred in South Carolina will increase tenfold.

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