Resisting the Satanic Reversal

The reversal of the two natures, in their relative positions, Uriah’s of power, and Mr. Wickfield’s of dependence, was a sight more painful to me than I can express. If I had seen an Ape taking command of a man, I should hardly have thought it a more degrading spectacle. –Dickens in David Copperfield


‘Ride to the sounds of the guns’ is good advice if there is only one battlefield. But what if there are thousands of battles going on around you? You ride to the one that seems the loudest, I suppose. Right now the liberals have trained their big guns on South Carolina, using the tragedy there to solidify their seemingly unbreakable stranglehold on the white people of our nation. Churched Christians throughout the nation are meeting to mourn the victims of the shooting in South Carolina, and then following up the memorial services with discussions of ‘racism,’ which are always discussions about the evil racism of the bad white people; they are never discussions about the racism of black barbarians. The tragedy of others should not be the occasion for the advancement of an evil political agenda. But that is always the case with liberals, because liberals have no conscience. So let me begin this week’s counterattack against the unconscionable liberals.

I’m old enough to have buried both my parents.  There is a short period after the funeral when friends give you their sympathy and then they expect you to move on. They have their own griefs (or soon will have) for which I will express sympathy and then expect them to move on. If you can’t move on, then society demands, and it is a fair demand – for how could society function if we were all eternally mourning – that you keep your grief private. I haven’t ‘moved on’ very well myself, largely, I think, because of a poor denouement of the story of my earthly relationship with my parents. I always hoped for more of a rapprochement with them before their deaths. I suppose from their point of view – they were 1950s liberals – I was a wayward son who they hoped would turn his life around before they died. But whatever your relationship was with your own parents or your children, if you are a Christian European you sympathize with people who have lost their loved ones, by the course of nature, by war, or by murder, as was the case in that South Carolina church. But our sympathy is intensified to the extent that we knew the deceased. Only other family members and close friends mourned with me at my parents’ deaths. And such is the case in the South Carolina church murders. Many people sympathize with the surviving relatives of the murdered church goers, but only their closest kin mourned deeply. The other mourning, the mourning of the liberals, is fake mourning for political purposes.

As a white Christian, I care first and foremost for my family, my friends, and my kind. But because I have deep feelings for my family, my friends, and my kind I can respect the genuine grief of those outside my family, my circle of friends, and my race. And that is where the Christian European differs from the liberals and the colored barbarians. The liberal, who has only hatred for his own people, can usually muster up some feeling for his own family, by being a complete hypocrite, but he has no feeling for the rest of mankind, black, white, brown, or yellow, because he has no heart. His passion is for an abstract utopia where love has been replaced by debauchery and charity has been replaced by cruelty, the cruelty of a Jacobin utopia. And no colored tribesman outside the murdered blacks’ families really sympathizes with those South Carolina church members. The much maligned antique white European sympathizes with them, because he, and he alone, is fully human; he knows what love is through his connection with the Divine Heart. The black tribesman and the liberal only profess concern for the murdered blacks in order to further their cause, which is the destruction of white culture and the extermination of white people. Look at the contrast between the white Europeans and the liberals, and the white Europeans and the liberals’ colored shock troops. When the black South Carolinians were murdered, white Europeans offered prayers and sympathy. When whites are tortured and murdered, the liberals either ignore the murders or excuse them. And black columnists respond with glee to the torture murder of whites by writing, “Cry me a river.”

The crime statistics are clear. Black on white crime has reached epidemic proportions and white on black crime is very rare. But even if the crime statistics were reversed, it would not make miscegenation and integration right. Did God create different races for a reason or is skin pigmentation just an accident of nature, with no spiritual significance, just as we are now told that a woman’s breasts and a woman’s womb have no spiritual significance?

Because I am white I care first and foremost about my own white race. And it is obvious that miscegenation and integration have not been good for the white race. But, because I am Christian, which all true Europeans are, I have no desire to see the colored barbarians who are not attacking my people go to hell in a basket with their more aggressive and demonically possessed colored brethren. Therefore I want a white-dominant culture in which blacks and whites are segregated, because without segregation there will be no white culture for the colored heathens to look to for a light in the darkness of heathenism. Of course if white people refuse to be Christian, then both the blacks and whites will be plunged into darkness. Segregation is not at all impossible, in fact, a segregated culture is the only type of culture a Christian should desire. The liberals in and outside the unchristian Christian churches constantly tell us that miscegenation and integration, which are code words for the extermination of the white race, are the essence of Christianity. If racism stops, which is a code word for a white man’s love of his own people, the liberals tell us, shootings like the ones in the South Carolina church will stop and the world will be filled with pure and loving black and brown people, and it will be cleansed of all white people, with the exception of a few Mr. and Mrs. Atticus Finches. But how can a human being posit such a cruel, inhuman scenario? Did Victorian England ever produce a mass murderer? Yes, there was Jack the Ripper, and he was such a rarity that he has never ceased to spawn books and movies about his twisted, perverted rampage. But Jack would not be famous in our current society. His murderous rampage would be minor stuff compared to our modern lunatics. And what kind of society produces madmen who make Jack the Ripper seem tame? Is it the pre-Civil War South? Is it 19th century Britain? No, it is modern Liberaldom. When I go anywhere with my family or when I lock my door at night, I am worried about colored barbarians and some skinny, white techno-barbarian without a soul. Both are produced by a liberal society that demonizes the white Christian male and deifies the black barbarian, the Lady Macbeth feminist, and reason unfettered from the Christian heart. There will be more shooters of black and white people, and the black barbarian hordes will continue their bloodletting, until the liberals’ flag, in church and state, is torn down and replaced with the cross of Christ.

The goal of the liberals has always been and will always be the same: The destruction of the white race. It’s self-defeating, of course, because it means their own destruction as well, but they don’t look that far ahead. They understand only that it is the white male who impedes the development of utopia, the utopia they see themselves enjoying with their colored brethren.

All organized Liberaldom took the time after the South Carolina shooting to warn, not black America, not brown America, not yellow America, but only white America, of racism. But if you’re filming a version of It’s a Wonderful Life and it’s the white Europeans who are left out of the history of America, what would we see? The liberals tell us we would see paradise. Isn’t white America called “paradise destroyed”? I don’t see things as the liberals do; they tell us that America and all the European nations will become paradisiacal states once the white man disappears. America is further along the utopian path than the other European nations, and what do we see in America? Is it really paradise? Far from it. The American nation resembles hell, because white pietas has been called racism and banned from the anti-nation called the United States. In reality it is only white pietas – white people’s love of their kith and kin – that elevated the white race above the cruel nature religions of the colored heathen and the techno-barbarian liberals. If that European pietas, which is quickly fading, ever completely disappears, it won’t be paradise that we will be looking at. We will be looking at Satan’s kingdom on earth, the exact opposite of His kingdom come.

In just the short span of fifty years, the face of all the European nations has changed more drastically than in the past 1,000 years. And that is because the Satanism of liberty, equality, and fraternity joined with technology to give the European people a new religion. I repeat myself, but this bears repeating: It is the new catechism that we who are old have had crammed down our throats and those who are young have absorbed into their blood streams: The Father – unfettered reason; The Son – the Negro; and The Holy Ghost – science. The French Revolution in France only partially succeeded, because unfettered reason did not have the full support of the Son and the Holy Ghost. The French Revolution in Santa Domingo was a more complete revolution than the one in France proper, because the Son – the negro, was invoked. But it was the 20th century Jacobins in America and throughout the European world who brought the French Revolution to completion by fully integrating the scientific Holy Ghost with the other two parts of the unholy trinity. (1) In the 20th century scientific thinking was equated with modern ideas about the Father and the Son. Fundamentalist became a label of derision, and progressive and scientific became signs of grace, the grace of an enlightened intellect.

The antique European sheds a tear and makes a silent prayer for the murdered negroes of South Carolina. But he does not join in the universal mourning parties, because they are part of the anti-white, anti-Christian festivities of the modern world. Negro worship does not benefit the white or the black, because the secularized triune faith, with the negro as its centerpiece, has brought us to a world where “humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters from the deep.” White people are the main victims in such a world, because Satan hates the Christ-bearing people most of all. But the murders in the South Carolina church demonstrate that Satan does not concern himself with the collateral damage from his attack on Christ’s people. Once the blood red tide is loosed, there is no guarantee that it will only strike white Christians and spare the liberals and their negro minions. That we stay connected to our own people, loving them in and through Christ, is what is forever needful. Everything else is from Satan, no matter what pretty ribbon of multi-culturalism it comes dressed up in. +


(1) The Russian, Marxist revolution was not as complete and total as the modern American and European revolutions, because the Russians, despite Trotsky’s recommendations, never incorporated the negro savior into their system as fully as the Western nations did. Things are not always as they seem. While American and European “conservatives” were warning about the dangers of communism in Russia they failed to confront the more advanced Jacobinism in the Western nations. Now it is upon us and the conservative quislings are either dead or else joining with their liberal brethren in condemnation of white racism.

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