Rage, Rage Against the Murder of White Innocence

…Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3


Romantic flights of fancy are generally the curse – or blessing, depending on your point of view – of a small proportion of males. Females, in the main, eschew romanticism for the reason delineated by Kipling in “The Female of the Species.” Women have been endowed by God with a practical gene, because it is they who must face “death by torture for the life beneath their breasts.” But this is not going to be an essay on the female of the species. I’m trying to get to my main point by way of a laborious analogy.

As a young man with a romantic streak, I tended to build castles in the sky around certain women who seemed to me to be fair and virtuous maidens, one of whom I hoped would live with me in my castle in the sky, much like Snow White in the Disney movie. There was one young woman in particular, who I had decided, in my freshman year of college, was destined to be my Snow White. I had only walked to class with her a few times, but being a foolish young man (now I am an old foolish man), I thought she was the one. I’ll shorten the tale by proceeding quickly to the denouement. My castle in the sky came tumbling down when I saw my lady fair in a passionate embrace with another woman. “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

That little incident did not cure me – a romantic is never cured, and perhaps it is good that he isn’t, because I believe that we need a few romantics – but it did help me to temper my romanticism with steel rather than silly putty. Which brings me to the subject of these wars. I needed a shock to make me face the fact that romance must be grounded in reality, just as white people who look to the law in church and state to help them against the onslaught of the colored tribesmen need a strong shock to make them realize that the law, when it is detached from the life blood of the European people, is not a friend; it is a fiery sword in the hands of the Archangel Satan, which he wields against white Europeans.

Mention ‘the law’ and white intellectuals get excited. They get out their Blackstone, their Aquinas, and every other volume of legalese they can lay their blood-stained hands on. And then they proceed to prove to white people that there is no such thing as a black threat to white people. There is only one thing a white man must do, they tell us: He must follow the law and the men in church and state who make and interpret the laws. Then all will be well. But all law must have a purpose beyond law, otherwise the law becomes as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Our laws existed to preserve the European people and their civilization. If they are now used to destroy the European people and the remnants of their civilization, we should not remain under the yoke of mere law. We should look to the God who is above man-made law, the God who commands us to fight for His reign of charity. When the devil rules, the European should not be law-abiding.

Let me mention two recent cases in point, which represent the wrong-headed and spiritually bankrupt position of the European people vis-à-vis the law. In the city of Philadelphia, an all-female black gang has been invading the homes of white people and terrorizing white women and children while shouting racial slurs at them. The whites in the neighborhood called the police, but the police did not respond. After Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, the police were not about to take action against blacks, particularly female blacks. So the people in the neighborhood had a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally. Certainly white lives matter, they matter a great deal to me and to the remnant band of Europeans who have not succumbed to negro worship. But to whom were those white people in Philadelphia appealing when they staged their rally? They were appealing to the liberal government, which has institutionalized the hatred of white people and the deification of black people. Are the police, who represent the law, going to side with the white victims of crime or the black perpetrators of crime? In the rare instances, which are always followed by black riots, when police actually take violent action against black criminals, there has been an element of surprise. The police officers in those rare incidents did not have time to avoid contact with the aggressive blacks, so they ended up actually doing that which is forbidden by liberal law: They took violent action against a black barbarian. Such cases are very rare though, because our laws are set up to protect the violent blacks and to exterminate white people. I’m not overly fond of bikers, they are generally not the salt of the earth. But I noted that the Waco police gunned them down without any protest from the mass media or from any church group. Shouldn’t there be some investigation to see if the bikers did anything to warrant the massacre? Of course not, we all know that white lives do not matter.

What should whites do when black barbarians rape, murder, and pillage? If you need to be told the answer to that, then it would be of no use to tell you the answer. We must divest ourselves of the notion that the law, independent of what it represents, is a sacred thing that we must not transgress. Instead, we should obey the higher law. That charity of honor compels us to fight in defense of our people. And the church men and the statesmen, the upholders of the ‘law,’ should not be allowed to support the extermination of white people without suffering the same fate traitors have suffered throughout the Europeans’ history.

The second case in point was a Christian pastor who appeared on Fox News, complaining about the government’s discrimination against Christians. He didn’t say ‘white’ Christians – no doubt he didn’t want to appear prejudiced – but he correctly pointed out that Christians were discriminated against by our anti-Christian government. But what was his solution? We’ve heard this time and time again: We are supposed to vote the anti-Christian politicians out of office. Antonio’s words are apropos: “You may as well go stand upon the beach, And bid the main flood bate his usual height…” A government dedicated to the extermination of white people and the eradication of every last remnant of the white Christian culture of the antique Europeans is not going to allow any genuine European Christian politician to be on the ballot. The Christian pastor is appealing to the democratic system to cure a condition that is the result of our democratic system. “You bid me seek redemption from the devil.”

When Solzhenitsyn came to the West in the 1970s, he remarked that the most astonishing thing about the Western peoples was their lack of courage. I would amend that to “their lack of moral courage.” The West does not lack men who will fight floods and hurricanes to save negroes from death. The West does not lack men who are willing to go to war in the name of multi-culturalism and democracy. What the West lacks is men with the moral courage to oppose the powers that be in church, state, and society, who have decreed that whites must die and negroes must be worshipped. That type of courage stems from a deeply held faith in the God of antique Europe. Such a faith can move mountains, and it can move some whites to actually oppose the liberals and the colored barbarians. It is always a problem of faith. When you love much, you do not care a fig for the powers that be; you see your people, “the least of these my brethren,” being tortured, raped, and murdered, and you fight.

I recently saw a black minister, an Al Sharpton-clone, calling for the murder of all white people. The blacks have responded to such rhetoric with deeds. They have stepped up their violence against whites. And most of the white officials in town and country have told their police officers not to respond to black violence. ‘Just let them alone and they’ll get tired of their blood-letting,’ is the belief of whites in positions of power. “All racism must end now,” the black pastor screamed. But what is racism? Racism is any attempt, by white people, to resist their own extermination.

It is not only in the black churches, which have never been Christian, but it is also in the white churches that we hear the white race demonized and the black race deified. I’m surprised that the churches still use white communion wafers. Wouldn’t black communion wafers better reflect the current anti-white, anti-Christian theologies of our Christ-less Christian churches?

Harry Berres, a retired Marine sergeant, said in 2011, “When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional and now it’s legal. I’m getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.” That is the way liberalism works. First we were told to accept the negroes as equals, then we were told we were less equal than the negroes, and finally, we were told we must worship negroes and calmly stand by while our kith and kin are murdered by the negroes.

There is a satanic union between the white technocratic liberal and the black barbarian. Both hate the innocence of white children. The liberals, when they don’t manage to kill the child in the womb, try to destroy the innocence of white children with sex ed laboratories called schools and the popular media. And the black barbarian must kill white innocence, because it is in his nature to kill the weak and helpless. Another white innocent, named Aiden Archer, has recently joined Jonathan Foster in the ranks of death. The mother, a white woman who will defile hell with her presence when she dies, stood by while her black barbarian boyfriend tortured her three-year-old white son to death! “So what,” is the reaction of the liberals. “We must put this in proper context and not become emotional about it,” the conservatives in church and state tell us. But I choose to become emotional about it. I want that black barbarian and his white concubine killed, and I want every mad-dog liberal and black barbarian who attacks white innocence to be killed as they have killed.

Do you see the satanic mind at work behind this attack on white innocence? The death of any child is horribly tragic, but these torture-murders of innocent white children is Satan’s ultimate desperate gambit to murder the Christ-bearing people. Our Lord has told us we must acquire the innocence of a child in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Satan has taken our Lord at his word. He has set the negro loose, through his liberal minions, to torture, humiliate, and murder childlike innocence so that the white child will never know love or innocence. The adult that stands by and puts the murder “in context,” or turns his face away from the murder, will destroy that respect for childlike innocence in his own heart, without which he will never see the kingdom of heaven. Unless we rise and ride in the name of Christ and for His children, we will not see the risen Lord. We will not see Him, because we refused to fight for the “least of these my brethren.” There are consequences when white people refuse to be white; Satan has his will, and childlike white innocence disappears from the face of the earth. +

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