Sacred to the Memory Of

Home! That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way! Why, it must be quite close by him at that moment, his old home…

The Wind in the Willows


On Monday, January 19th, the liberals celebrated their most holy day of the year. And they have promised us that the remaining days in January and the entire month of February will be one long hymn of praise to their negro gods. It’s difficult to imagine how February can be a more negro-centered month than the other eleven months of the year, but the liberals will manage – they always do – to make February an extra special negro-infested month. ‘Tis a consummation we most devoutly do not wish for, but it will come nevertheless.

Just as the nations of Europe used to have “the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines,” so do the modern liberal nations of Europe agree on the fundamentals of negro worship, varying only a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The white people of the anti-nation called the United States, having twice elected a negro president, seem to have a negrophile edge on the other white nations, but the other nations of Europe will strive to catch up. If the dark shadows of negro worship are not altered, the European nations will soon have black barbarian presidents and prime ministers just like the United States. And why not? Shouldn’t all the white nations make their gods their rulers?

Since I do not subscribe to the same faith as my liberal rulers, I do not take part in the great negro festivals. In fact, I intend to spend my time, during this festive time of year for the liberals, being a wet blanket and criticizing negrophile liberalism.

Negro worship is a white, post-Christian phenomenon. Only white people, whose ancestors were Christian, are now devotees of the sacred negro. The non-black colored tribesmen do not worship the negro, nor do the negroes worship themselves in the same way that whites worship them. The blacks want power, and the whites’ reverence for blacks gives them that power, but the blacks do not revere blacks as sacred deities as the post-Christian white man does. Such reverence can only come from a people who once loved the living God. Satan took the white man’s passion for Christ and redirected it to the black man.

The black noble savage was always a necessary part of the white utopian’s rebellion against God. If nature, not Christ, is God, then the natural man, the noble negro savage, must be nature’s god. This “natural” utopian faith was institutionalized in Jacobin France. What was rational and natural was also what was inhumane and bloody. Taine observed, “All means are justifiable and meritorious with traitors; now that the Jacobin has made his slaughtering canonical, he slays through philanthropy.” First it was the natural, organic, white proletariat who had the right to slaughter white aristocrats, but Haiti was the model for the future. Every European nation is moving toward the Haitian solution of the race problem.

The people of Europe were not ready, at the time of the French Revolution, to commit racial suicide, but they were also not ready to face up to the threat that a rationalist, utopian state within the bowels of Christian Europe presented to the people of Christian Europe. The people were not prepared to meet the Jacobin threat, because they too were tainted with the same rationalist, utopian fever that motivated the French Jacobins. Burke’s own party expelled him, because they agreed with the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. The general European consensus was that Robespierre managed things badly, but the Revolution was good.  A latter day French historian and novelist, Andre Maurois, criticized Edmund Burke for being “obsessively” hostile toward the French Jacobins. Spoken like a true halfway-house Christian. How is it possible for a Christian European to be too obsessively hostile to the incarnation of Satan within the heart of Europe? And how is it possible today to be too obsessively hostile to the modern, negro-worshipping liberals of Europe who are the spiritual descendants of the French Jacobins?

Where you stand on this issue depends on your faith. From a Christian European viewpoint, Burke was right: the implementation of the Jacobin principles he opposed has brought about the creation of the kingdom of Satan on earth. From a liberal’s perspective the implementation of Jacobin principles throughout the West has moved mankind closer to that utopian paradise of racial and sexual harmony which translates to negro worship and sexual depravity. Just a few more whites to eliminate, and paradise will be here.

Where do (and where did) the halfway-house Christians stand on this issue of Jacobinism, negro worship, and sexual depravity? The clergy, the “conservatives,” and all the other rationalist whites who are neither fish nor fowl will never look on Liberaldom and see the kingdom of Satan on earth. They are one in spirit with the democratic republicans of Europe who condemned Robespierre’s excesses while applauding the Jacobin principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. They refused to accept the fact that Robespierre was not Jacobinism derailed, he was Jacobinism realized! It is the same today as it was then. Negro worship, which spawned the sexual revolution, is not civil rights gone wrong, it is civil rights fulfilled.

When the liberals rhapsodize about the 1960’s they usually list the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution as the great accomplishments of the sixties’ radicals. Christians of a more conservative bent usually applaud the civil rights movement and deplore the sexual revolution. Neo-pagans usually deplore the civil rights movement while enjoying and celebrating the sexual revolution. Seldom do we see a Christian condemning the civil rights movement or a neo-pagan condemning the sexual revolution, but the two movements were part of one, united, satanic attack on the mystical body of Christ. Christian Europeans should oppose both.

The mixed-race movement (which is what the civil rights movement was) and the sexual revolution were both grounded in the utopian thinking of European intellectuals, exemplified by Rousseau’s The Social Contract and Voltaire’s Candide respectively.

The mixed-race movement was the precursor of the sexual revolution. When a European embraces race-mixing, he must not only reject the authenticity of the Bible, he must also reject the traditional wisdom of the European people. He must believe that the strictures against interracial marriage and the desire to live with one’s own kind were the prejudices of a sick and demented people. Henceforth the new European will emerge, free of prejudice and free from any ties to kith or kin. His is a universal tie to all mankind.

The tie that binds the new European to all mankind is an intellectual abstraction. He loves a theory of unity, but he has no flesh and blood connection to a particular race of people. But the utopian’s intellectual denial of his blood cannot change reality; a man needs something to stir his blood. If he refuses to be inspired by the traditional sentiments that fired the blood of the antique European — attachments to kith and kin – he will need something else to stir his blood. That something else is sex. It is sex unconnected to love. Blood will out; if the European renounces the ties of blood that ennoble and elevate a man, he will end up a slave to the urges of the blood that debase and debauch a man. Interracial coupling is a necessity to a man who has no blood connection to a particular people or a particular God. And who becomes the utopian’s God? The people who can stir his blood.

Racial Babylon and Sexual Babylon are fraternal twins. The one precedes the other but only by an infinitesimal fraction of a hair. They both come from the same parent. Satan loves and wills racial and sexual diversity because it kills the image of God in man. — CWNY

So long as rational, halfway-house Christians refuse to see that the racial issue is the battering ram of liberalism, they will stay on Satan’s side of the great divide. I saw an example of this just the other day: I saw a halfway-house Christian debating a mad-dog liberal on the subject of same-sex marriages. Once the mad-dog liberal equated the Evangelical Christian’s opposition to same-sex marriage with the antique European’s opposition to race mixing, the Evangelical became a quivering mass of jelly. He let the liberal turn the debate into an inquisition, and he was the defendant trying to defend himself against the ultimate heresy, namely, racism. “I am not a racist, I support mixed marriages,” the Evangelical intoned. But the Evangelical’s pathetic pleas were greeted with scorn and derision by the mad-dog liberal. He had gained the upper hand by playing the race card, and he was not about to take his foot off the throat of the hapless Evangelical. What if the Evangelical had been a full-fledged Christian European? Then he could have fought back, and instead of trying to run from the racial issue he would have used it as the center piece of his attack. “Yes, I am against race mixing, because it is against God’s law and it leads to…” But the rational halfway-house Christian is not able to take such a stand, because he has only a rational faith that is a reed for every liberal wind that blows.

In the 20th century most whites sided with science and rationalism against the Christian faith, while a smaller minority tried to blend science, rationalism, and Christianity. By the time of the 21st century, blended Christianity had been almost completely absorbed by rationalist, scientific, negro-worshipping liberalism. You can no longer count the resistance to militant, atheistic liberalism by counting the people who go to church. That is now an indication of how many new converts the liberals are getting. Almost all of us were brought up in either a rationalist Christian household or in a completely secularized rationalist household. Very few of us ever knew the full fledged Christianity that was once every European’s birthright. We need that full-fledged European faith, because it is the true faith and because no other faith can sustain us in our battle against the liberal pestilence and the colored barbarians’ arrows.

In the old European fairy tales the hero is often aided in his journey through the dark and sinister woods by a wise magician. But there are limits to the wise magician’s powers. The hero must go into the woods, where he will confront the evil witch or dragon, alone. This is because the heart of the hero is stronger than the mind of the wise magician. The theologians, who are the wise magicians, told the European people that the Pauline/Shakespearean/Dostoyevskian journal into the depths of the soul, a journey that ultimately results in a vision of the living God, was unnecessary. “Just learn the catechism,” we were told, “and all will be well.” But all things are not well if our faith is not stronger than the faith of the rationalist magicians. We must have a hero’s faith. Where there is no bleeding, sighing, and striving toward the Man of Sorrows, there is no true faith.

The European poets, the true chroniclers of the European peoples’ struggle toward the light, all tell us a fairy tale story of a struggle between good and evil. That story is like unto the Biblical story of God’s struggle to keep His people connected to Him in preparation for the coming of the Son of God and the final battle between God and the devil. But when we get to the 20th century, the story of the European people changes. It is no longer Christ who saves us from the devil, it is science, reason, and the negro that save us from the antique Europeans and their God. Only poets such as Kenneth Grahame, C. S. Lewis, and Walt Disney, who tried to take us back to the childhood of our people, tell us of a world where material objects are only symbols of a greater spiritual realm presided over by a God with a European habitation and a name. Sacred to the memory of: His name is Jesus.

When we were young , we knew that the Christian fairy tale was true, and scientific, rational, negro-worshipping liberalism was false. We knew this by an instinct stronger than reason. I once heard a halfway-house “Christian” broadcaster say that Christ died for interracial marriage. Is not that blasphemy the result of years and years of blending egalitarianism and rationalism with Christianity? True thought is “inwardly”; like true circumcision, “it is of the heart, in the spirit and not of the letter.” The rationalist, be he theologian or secular philosopher, wants to make the Grace of God and man’s response to that Grace into a visible, material, quantitative product of the natural world. The small units, the hearts of individual men and women, count for nothing when they are viewed by the universalist eye of the theologian. But those small units of grace, those human beings, are everything to the God whose name is Jesus. Universalist thinking shrinks men and women into insects. The divine love, which has a human heart and a human face, makes each human heart a universe.

In the New Testament, Christ is crucified between two thieves. The one thief sees Christ as a fellow malefactor while the other man sees Him as the Son of God. In Shakespeare’s Richard III, two men are sent to murder Clarence. One man strikes and kills Clarence, but the other recoils from the deed and cannot join in. The grace of God is real, but it cannot be put in a test tube or a silver rod. It runs through human hearts that are infinitely more complex than the most difficult problem in math. “A man lives his whole life,” Dostoyevsky’s underground man tells us, “to prove that he is more complex than piano keys.” We will be ruled by our Lord and Kinsman, the God who joined His blood with ours, not by the liberal piano tuners! The rational men, the men who worship reason devoid of thought and mankind devoid of humanity, see, when they look at “poor, bare, unaccommodated humanity,” piano keys to be played upon and put into one huge universalist orchestra, where there are no individual human beings who are connected, through their racial hearth fire, to the son of God.

Satan knows that if you destroy a man’s racial home you have destroyed his connection to the living God. The Jacobins, the New Age Christian rationalists, and the negrophile liberals are united to Satan in their hatred of the Europeans’ racial home. If we fight past their rational condemnations of our European home and stay true to the non-diverse, non-blended Europe that we loved in the childhood of our race, that blessed childhood when we loved much and were forgiven, we will know that we will always have a home in this world and the next. Surely that is a consummation more devoutly to be wished for than a place in the liberals’ negro-worshipping kingdom of Satan on earth. +

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