Rejecting the Demonization of the White Race

“He was a man, take him for all in all.” –Hamlet


On the same day last week, I heard a radio preacher going on about the necessity of “defending Israel” and read an article by a conservative-traditionalist Catholic pundit who expressed admiration for the Moslem terrorists who murdered those 12 Frenchmen in Paris. Both men, the Preacher and the Pundit, reminded me of a classmate from my high school. Let me set the stage: Behind our school was a secluded wooded area where the boys who had irreconcilable differences would settle those differences. Since there were no blacks attending our school, the fights never went beyond the rough-hewn chivalry of a white schoolyard. One knockdown generally ended the fight, and there was no kicking, eye-gouging, or hitting below the belt. We all took the code as a given, even the punks; little did we dream that only ten years later when the school became integrated that our civilized field of honor would be a scene of brutal beatings and knifings.

Now, back to the classmate. Let me imitate Dickens and give the classmate a name to suit his character. I’ll call him Freddy Spineless. It wasn’t the fact that Freddy was little and avoided all fights that made him reprehensible, it was because he gloried in the fights second-hand. He was always trying to bring about a fight between potential combatants with his “Do you know what he said about you?” tattle-tale rhetoric. Freddy was often successful in his efforts to instigate a fight, but he was held in contempt by most of his classmates, because he fed off the blood and strength of other boys without taking any risks himself. He would always “toady up” to the winner, but the winners had no respect for Freddy. Which, by a roundabout route, brings me back to intellectual Christians such as the Christian Zionist and the pro-Moslem Catholic pundit.

Only an intellectual Christian, who sees life through the narrow, outward prism of the mind while avoiding the inward vision of the heart, would try to settle his differences with his white secular enemies through the good offices of the Jews or the Moslems. The Moslems and the Jews are like unto the liberals: all three are hostile to the central tenet of the Christian faith, the divine condescension: God became man and dwelt among us! Only halfway-house Christians who have intellectually leveled the profound depth of the Christian faith into a superficial affirmation of a generic God would seek to blend the Christian faith with other non-Christian faiths in order to strike back at liberals. Even if such a cowardly tactic worked, it would be morally reprehensible, but in point of fact it doesn’t work. The Jews and the Moslems will never accept the white Christian as one of their own unless the white Christian denounces his faith completely.

Peter Kreeft spoke for halfway-house Christians from both the Protestant and Catholic camps when he wrote a book called Ecumenical Jihad. Isn’t that title the classic example of an oxymoron? In the book, Kreeft argued for an alliance of Jews, Moslems, and Christians against the liberals. That type of blasphemy has two root causes. The first cause was years and years of outward-ritual-and-learned-men Christianity. “So long as we pass down the proper rituals and the documents of the learned men to each successive generation of generic men and women, we are preserving the Christian faith.” Such was and is the belief of the rationalist Christians. But what about the circumcision of the heart that needs to take place before a man can have a genuine faith in the living God? Saul had an outward faith once, but he needed an interior conversion before he could become St. Paul. Intellectual Christianity ignores the channels of grace, our familial and racial hearth fires, that give us the inwardness to truly understand and love the God-man. The intellectual Christians who bid us make common cause with other religions read like those cold obituaries of our loved ones that we see in the paper. “You never knew him,” we say with sorrow, “those were only the externals of his life. To his loved ones, he was so much more.”

Can European hearts, hearts that love, accept any other God than the incarnate Lord who enters human hearts? What kind of victory do we achieve over the liberals if it is achieved in the name of Christian Zionism or Islamic Catholicism? The victory would be just as fruitless as a victory achieved over Zionism or Islam while we were allied with the liberals. The Christian Europeans must stand alone, separate from the Jews, the Moslems, and the liberals.

The second cause of the Ecumenical Jihadist disease among intellectual Christians is the complete triumph of liberalism and the total absence of any opposition to liberalism from the organized Christian churches. The rationalist Christian, partly because he feels bound by a false idea of non-violence and primarily because he is afraid to act alone, wants somebody, he doesn’t care who, to strike out against the liberals. This won’t do. It is Christian Europeans, heart, blood, and soul Europeans, who must do battle with the liberals. If there is any killing to be done, we, not the heathen and the colored strangers, should do it. Who else can be entrusted with the task? Why should those who have no concept of charity or mercy, because they have no faith in the God of charity and mercy, decide who should live and who should die? A Jewish or Moslem state would be just as devoid of Christian charity as the liberal states we now live in. And for the people of the West a liberal state is preferable, not because it is any less immoral than a Jewish or Moslem state, but for the reason that Kipling articulates in his poem, “The Stranger”:

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy and sell.

“Wait,” you say, “the liberals hate the men of their own stock.” Yes, they do, which is why we should fight them with might and main just as we should fight the Jews and the Moslems. But the liberals are of our own stock. We should not look for outsiders to fight what should be our battle against the liberals. It sickens me to hear the self-righteous intellectual Christians say we should tolerate Islamic terrorism or even applaud it, because the West is decadent. Do such people have children? Do they trust the Moslems to only kill people of the West who deserve to be killed? And again, why should white Christians let the Moslems or the Jews decide who is to be killed in the lands that should belong to Christian Europeans?

What is missing in the propositional Christians is a love and respect for the people of their own race. They are mad at the people of the white race for their refusal to listen to their theories. So like petulant children who can’t make the other children play by their rules, they try to get some neighborhood bully to come in and punish the children who won’t play by their rules. But the bully isn’t going to stop with the destruction of the children who won’t play by the rules, he will destroy the petulant children who invited him into the house as well.

Christian utopianism is just as deadly as secular utopianism. Belloc viewed the French Revolution as a necessary purging of bad Catholics. Even if we accepted that satanic the-ends-justify-the-means ideology (which I do not), we need to ask, did we see a great Catholic age envelope France after the blood-letting? And if we look at our own benighted Europe, we see a liberal minority ruling over a majority of European grazers. Are all the grazers to be put to the sword because they are insufficiently Christian to cast out their liberal rulers? The intellectual Christians who have foisted a bloodless, multicultural, multiracial, anti-incarnational Christianity on the grazers are responsible for their stupefied indifference to all things Christian. And now those same intellectual Christians want the grazers punished and replaced by the merciless strangers of Islam, Africa, and Jewry. They live by the ethos of Freddy Spineless: “Let me see blood, so long as it is not my own.”

The intellectual Christians have more in common with the liberals than with the antique Europeans. What they have in common is a propositional view of existence. They only acknowledge their own abstractions as real. The liberals envision a world of natural, black and brown noble savages presided over by an all-knowing and all-wise white liberal. The rationalist Christians envision a world of strong, vital people of strong, vital faiths. Some dream of the people of Israel, some of the “sexy, earthy” blacks, or the intelligent, inscrutable but oh-so-mystical yellow people. And others dream of Islamic Christians (another oxymoron) who will fight all the enemies of the rationalist Christians’ propositional Christianity. The central tenet of the propositional faith, be it utopian liberal, or utopian Christian, is an incredible hatred for the European people past and present, because they are not and were not perfect specimens of humanity. No, they were not, and they are still not, perfect. But they were the only people that loved and championed the incarnate Lord, who was crucified, died, and was buried, and on the third day rose from the dead. And in their fallen, stupefied state, the white grazers still remain the Christ-bearers. They need to shake off the liberals’ and the propositional Christians’ vision of a intellectualized world devoid of the living God, the Christ, who, when worshipped in the fullness of His God-Manhood, can stir hearts and raise up men of blood who are not vital as the devil would have us be vital, but are vital according to His laws of charity and mercy.

Propositional Christianity is the Achilles’ heel of the white man. It spawned propositional liberalism and turned brave and honorable white men into grazers who only come alive during natural disasters and liberal-sponsored wars. Two men mark the dividing line between the antique European world, in which God’s only begotten Son entered human hearts, and the modern world, which champions a propositional God created by the minds of men. Those two men are Edmund Burke and Hilaire Belloc. Burke saw every sin of commission and omission of the French royalty and the French aristocrats, and yet he loved them and supported them against the French Jacobins. He supported them because he knew that no ruling aristocracy can stand if they must be perfect, and he supported them because he took them for “all in all.” And taken for all in all, they were noble souls, who were spiritually superior to the Jacobins. In contrast, Hilaire Belloc saw only imperfect Catholics, far below his abstract ideal of what a true Catholic should be, when he looked at the French royalty and aristocracy. They had to be purged so a noble, pure Catholicism could be built on their unhallowed bones.

I hate Belloc and his ilk with all the hate of a Christian Goth, and I love Burke and the Europeans of his stripe, Europeans with that charity of honor, with all my heart, mind, and soul. Among those aristocrats slaughtered by the Jacobins were Belloc’s fellow Catholics, thousands of priests who refused to take the oath of allegiance to the Jacobins. Only the non-Catholic, Burke, who looked for Christian hearts, not at Christian sects, had sympathy and support for the Catholic French aristocrats that Belloc consigned to posthumous infamy and damnation.

This Burke/Belloc conflict is alive today. All my life I have heard my people demonized by propositional Christians and propositional liberals: They were and are insufficiently Christian or else they were and are racist. In both cases they are damned, so say the propositional Christians and the liberals. From an overflowing heart the tongue speaks – I don’t accept their filthy condemnations of my people, past and present. I see my peoples’ real sins much more clearly than the liberals and the propositional Christians, who are so blinded with their hatred of white people for not living up to their abstract utopian ideals that they make up false sins to hurl at them. Despite their real sins, my people are the only people that reflect the image of God in man. I see them for all in all and I love them. Let the propositional Christians and the liberals take their anti-white, anti-human calumnies with them to hell. And let us stay, through our fidelity to our people, at the foot of the Cross, our only hope in this world and the next. +

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