Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together

Nation is a moral essence, not a geographical arrangement, or a denomination of the nomenclator. – Edmund Burke


Islam gives liberals, who like things kept simple, problems. I first noticed this some years ago when the Iranian “students” took the Americans in the embassy hostage. It took the liberals awhile to sort that crisis out. Had black South Africans taken white Americans or white South Africans hostage, the liberals would have known what side to root for. But in the Iranian hostage affair the liberals had a dilemma. On the one hand they viewed all anti-Western groups as good, but on the other hand they viewed all religious fundamentalist groups as bad. What to do? Most liberals solved the dilemma with the ‘bad Moslem’ gambit. Islam was good, my liberal professors all told me so; it was a much more sublime and healthy religion than Christianity. But some Moslems, a tiny minority, were ‘bad Moslems’ who were giving Islam a bad name. The conservatives, who of course were really liberals, concurred with their liberal brethren. Moslems were good; they just needed to adopt free enterprise and purge the ‘bad Moslems’ from their nations.

Islam has gained strength since the 1970’s, but the liberals’ and the conservatives’ attitude toward it has remained the same. The liberals are committed to their belief that the good Moslems can be blended into their multicultural, negro-worshipping democracy, and the conservatives are committed to their belief that the ‘good’ Moslems can be blended into their democratic, free enterprise system. This false ‘bad’ Moslem/’good’ Moslem dichotomy of the liberal-conservative coalition makes it necessary for the Western powers to bomb ‘bad’ Moslems over there, at the same time assuring the ‘good’ Moslems that the West loves Islam, while opening up their borders over here to Moslems. Thus multi-culturalist liberals and free-enterprise conservatives, by ignoring their Christian European heritage, give us the worst of all possible worlds. The people of the West are naked to their Moslem enemies at home while their liberal governments indulge in the inhumane practice of slaughtering Moslem civilians abroad.

Our Christian European forefathers–and I’m not talking about our inconsequential constitutional forefathers–knew that Islam was a militant anti-Christian and therefore anti-European force that had to be held in check. They kept Europe free of the Moslems and involved themselves in Moslem internal affairs to the extent their individual governments thought it necessary. They were not utopianly perfect in their internal meddling, but they were still superior in every way to our modern liberal governments.

The two opposed forces involved here are Christianity and liberalism. When Europeans were Christian they knew that the Moslems were their enemies. Now that they are liberal they will never concede that any nation, tribe, or religious sect that shares their hatred of the incarnate Lord is their enemy. And as a corollary, the liberals will always side with blacks, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Asians, Aztecs and so on against white Europeans, because the white Europeans were, and are still called to be, the Christ-bearers.

Despite their shared hatred of the white race and the Christian faith, the liberals will never come to a peaceful accord with the colored tribesmen or with the devotees of the non-Christian sects. The colored tribesmen are attracted to the blood, sex, and power faiths such as Islam and voodoo. Having never been Christian, the colored barbarians feel no attraction to the post-Christian faith of the liberals. Only the white man worships the negro, because having once believed in The Savior, the post-Christian liberal still needs a Messiah. But the post-Christian Messiah, the negro, is no longer an incarnate God, he is a natural god, the purest of nature’s children. The black barbarians will take advantage of their divine status in white cultures by raping and murdering whites with impunity, but they will not become converts to liberalism. Despite their lowly status in the Moslem world, it is to Islam, not Christianity, that the blacks are turning. D. P. Dugauquier tells us the reason for this phenomenon in her book Congo Cauldron:

Another film depicting in symbolic form the ending of the Arab slave trade by the white man was greeted with equal enthusiasm—each slash of the long whip on the wretched black man’s back was cheered wholeheartedly, and when in coming to grips with the Arab the white hero is momentarily thrown to the ground—their shouts reached a crescendo of support for the Arab—not as representing a race, creed or idea—but simply because he symbolized power and force.

Christianity has only been accepted in depth by one people. For over one thousand years the Christian faith was the moral essence of the European nations.

 The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The whole of the polity and oeconomy of every country in Europe has been derived from the same sources.

 – Letters on a Regicide Peace

In the wake of the recent Paris terrorist attack, all the retired U.S. generals went rushing onto the Fox News channel to tell us how we could go get the terrorists. But the retired generals, like Martha, have lost sight of that which is truly important. It makes no difference whether a nation whose moral essence is liberalism defeats a nation whose moral essence is Islam. Either way the white man loses. If Europe will not be Christian and fight Islam in the name of Christ, then there is nothing of any worth at stake in the battle. Islam is a blending of Judaism and paganism, and liberalism is a blending of Christianity and paganism. Which faith is preferable? A Christian European does not choose between two evils. He fights a two-front war in the name of Christ the King. There has been no Christian opposition to either liberalism or Islam. This is because whites have abandoned the living God of the European people for a theoretical, abstract god that is the end product of a syllogism.

Let us look at the organized “Christian” churches. The mainstream Catholic and Protestant churches are merely adjuncts of liberalism which makes them a fusion of Christianity and paganism. Nothing more needs to be said about them; they serve Satan. The Protestant fundamentalist and charismatic churches that have sprung up in response to the apostasy of the liberal churches have blended Christianity with Judaism; hence the fundamentalists’ obsession with Israel. And the traditionalist Roman Catholic sects, without actually adopting Moslem rituals, have blended Islamic spirituality, which is really an absence of spirituality, with Christianity; hence the traditionalists’ hatred of Christmas carols and all aspects of Christianity that suggest the living God possesses a divinely human heart which moves Him to impart the blessings of His heaven to human hearts. (1)

Where does this leave us in the year of 2015, still referred to by European Christians as the year of our Lord? It leaves us back with our people, the Europeans. The ideologues told us that Christ did not reside in His people; instead He came to us through the minds of specially designated men of learning. But Burke was right: what the men of intellect could not bring to light, the simple faith of the European people did bring to light. The moral essence of our people is grounded in the love of Christ. When the Europeans ceased to be one in faith and one in race, they lost that moral essence, which is their reason for being.

The great spiritual crisis that almost resulted in the destruction of the entire human race took place when the “sons of God,” who were demons, were captivated by the beauty of the “daughters of men” and desired to “come in unto” them. The result was that only Noah’s bloodlines remained free of demon blood. Do we not face a similar crisis today? God’s grace flowed through European bloodlines. If those bloodlines are contaminated with the blood of colored tribesmen who are connected to Satan, what will be the result? We have already seen, in the Arab world, what happens when the races mix. It produces a faith that is opposed to Christianity. Race-mixing always produces a spiritual crisis. How could it be otherwise? Our race is our spiritual armor; without it we are defenseless against The Enemy.

The minds of men cannot understand the sublime magnificence of the Incarnation. But men with hearts of flesh can and did understand the incarnation of Christ. Behold! A God who weeps for us and with us, because He too has a heart of flesh. All non-European people hold the divine condescension, the incarnation of our Lord, to be either a blasphemy or a fairy tale. And now the Europeans have joined the heathen chorus; they too have forsaken the God with the Heart of flesh. This is a new diaspora: the people of God, the Europeans, have no geographical nation. Wherever two or three Europeans are gathered together, true to their God and their race, there is the nation of Europe.

Despite their differences, all of the –isms (negrophile liberalism, Mohammedism, Judaism, Communism, Capitalism, etc.) are united in their hatred of Christ. Which makes it all the more necessary that we, the European remnant, should stay connected to the non-blended Christ who was worshipped in the fullness of His divinity and His humanity by our European ancestors. Instead of trying to discover the day and the hour, let us take comfort in the crystal clear message of St. John in the book of Revelation:

And behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

It is not a little thing to know that in the end the non-blended Christ will triumph and He will draw His people unto Himself. But will He have a people to draw unto Himself? Will there be faith left on earth? Only if the Christ-bearing people remain true to their blood. And if we are faithful unto death we will receive the benediction of the Christ, the only God for men with hearts of flesh. +


(1) The devil can assume a pleasing shape. Obviously the men and women who fill up the pews of the various Christian churches do not sign on to everything the hierarchies of their sects endorse. But the hierarchies of these churches do have a very definite anti-European, anti-Christian agenda. What kind of church is it where you have to resist the hierarchy of your church in order to remain Christian? And why do you need such a “church”?

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