The Dark Night of Ebola and the Light of Europe

Hell is empty
And all the devils are here.

The Tempest


Considering that Ebola has reached epidemic proportions in Liberia, it is criminally insane to allow tens of thousands of Liberian refugees into this country. But CNN recently aired an interview with the author of a book on Ebola who said we must let Liberians into the nation, “because of American slavery.” If you accept that obscene, twisted logic you are either a mad-dog liberal lay person or one of the legions of anti-Christian Christian clergymen who are busy making the churches fit for Satan to dwell in.

The American and European response to the Ebola “crisis” is what we would expect from liberals who regard negroes as sacred and their own people as vicious vermin that must be exterminated. If white people were a people again, we would never let one single Liberian into our nations: they would be prevented from entering by the only means colored barbarians are ever prevented from entering a nation. And that would be the Christian thing to do. When the survival of your own people is at stake, charity must begin at home. Once your family and home is secure, you can do what you can for others. But to turn your own people over to the colored barbarians, who can kill with Ebola just as easily as they kill with knives and guns, is to commit a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

There is no question that the European people, in the main, have lost their protective instincts. They do not feel connected enough to the people of their racial or familial hearth to fight for them. This is only something I can understand from the outside; I can’t understand it from inside. When I was attending the Police Academy, an older police chief, nearing retirement after almost 40 years on the force, taught the section of the criminal code that dealt with sex crimes. While talking about child molesters, the chief paused and made a brief comment: “I have to tell you what the law says about this, because I’m supposed to tell you about the criminal code, but if any of those animals [pedophiles] touched my grandchildren, they wouldn’t live to be tried in court.” I didn’t have grandchildren, but I did have children, and the chief expressed my sentiments exactly. I didn’t regard what he said as controversial or unusual. Later another student came up to me and expressed concern that a representative of the law would recommend going outside the law. I didn’t understand that student then, and I still don’t understand such sentiments even though I must acknowledge that virtually the entire white race feels that the instinct to kill in defense of your own and to strike home against those who have hurt your own, stems from some terrible prejudice best left behind in the unenlightened era of the European people.

Of course liberals do have a people for whom they will fight and kill, but ‘their’ people, the colored barbarians, are not their own as an antique European would define his own. But that is the point. The liberals consider themselves new, rarified human beings devoid of the prejudices of the evil white people of the past. In reality the liberals are subhuman creatures devoid of all humanity; their sole reason for being is to strike out against all things human. Like Satan, the great hater of humanity, the liberals have focused their attack on the people who bore witness to the God with a human heart, a God who bleeds. In Kipling’s short story, “The Man Who Would Be King,” the pagan tribesmen thought that the proof of a god’s divinity was that the god did not bleed. That always has been and always shall be the stumbling block for the pagan and the Jew – a God with humanity, a God who bleeds. The negro-worshipping liberals, who seek to destroy the white by helping the negro transmit negro diseases and negro spirituality to the white race do so to avoid the God who bleeds. Like the ancient pagans and the Jews who shouted, “Crucify him!” the liberals want a triumphant, natural God who will destroy their enemies and end all suffering in this world. They have no use for a God who does not end suffering on earth, but instead redeems our suffering by connecting it to the Cross, which is our salvation.

The devil has always, since Christ rose from the tomb, whispered in the ears of those who believe in Christ, “He is not risen; it is all a lie.” The liberal is someone who believes the devil. “Christ be not risen,” is at the heart of our negro-worshipping modern world. If Christ be not risen, we must look to another god, a more natural god. The liberal wants to return to Baal by blending with and worshipping the negro while demonizing the white. The white liberal’s refusal to fight the Ebola-bearing Liberians and the murderous negroes already amongst us stems from his religious faith: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

Try as he might, the post-Christian European, the liberal, cannot be like the barbarians of color. The colored barbarians never knew the God of the Europeans. Their blood is still barbarian blood. Their religion, no matter its local variants, always consists of sex and blood. The post-Christian European, whose people once worshipped the living God, cannot bring himself to participate first-hand in the barbarians’ sex-and-blood cults. So he participates in the colored barbarians’ religions second-hand by lending his technology to the colored gods in return for a voyeur’s privilege to watch the sex-and-blood rituals of the colored heathens.

After Macbeth caves into his wife’s ambition and kills Duncan, he has a moment of moral clarity:

Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had liv’d a blessed time; for, from this instant,
There’s nothing serious in mortality.
All is but toys; renown and grace is dead:
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Is left this vault to brag of.

The European Everyman stood on the heath with the weird sisters just as Macbeth did. In order to acquire a place in the new Babylon, the land of negro worship and free sex, the European had to purge his blood of all things Christian and invite Satan to come into his heart to stay. At first there was remorse: “All is but toys; renown and grace is dead.” But then the white man became hardened to his fate. He fights against the grace of God with the same satanic fury that drove Macbeth: “Lay on, Macduff, And damm’d be him that first cries ‘Hold enough.’”

The white man’s fall is a Shakespearean tragedy, but the final act has not yet been written. Europeans can, if they face the tragedy of King Lear, which means accepting the burden of race and faith, turn tragedy into a romance. The shipwrecked Prospero and St. Paul are one in vision. They both, amidst the ocean tempest, see the God of charity and mercy, and they call on Him to save. The mysticism of St. Paul and Prospero is the mysticism which never faileth, because it is rooted in charity, which begins at our racial and familial hearth fires and perishes without those hearth fires.

The liberals’ vision — really the absence of vision because their eyes see only the darkness of Babylon – is already losing its force. The older liberals (Chris Matthews is a good example) are still passionately attached to their utopian vision of a brave new world in which white Atticus Finches are loved and appreciated by the negro gods whom they serve. (1) The younger generations, whites who have grown up in the era of institutionalized negro worship, all know that you must fulfill your daily obligations and pay homage to the negro gods, but the passion is missing in the new generation of utopians. This doesn’t bode well for the future of liberalism, which is grounded in negro worship, because the poets are right about passion: it rules us all.

What will replace negro worshipping liberalism? That all depends upon the passion factor. Spengler thought that civilizations, once dead, never came back to life. But Spengler did not believe that Christ rose from the dead. Just as He rose from the dead, so can a dedicated body of European Christians, passionately attached to His Europe, bring the European nations back to life. Only those whose vision has been too long diverted by the cesspool culture of modern Babylon can fail to see the light still shining over our racial hearth fire.

Negro worship will continue in all its ugly, diseased manifestations, so long as white people are without a passionate faith in Him who is the antithesis of the negro god. No appeal to reason or science will halt the onward march to complete white annihilation. Already the rational, scientific negro-worshippers of the West are discussing how to treat the Ebola-carrying negroes when they come to the West. There is no discussion among the rational men of science about refusing to admit any negroes into the white nations. Only when the white man loves much, in and through His people, will the black plague in its spiritual and physical aspects be removed from the European nations. +


(1) In To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the liberals’ sacred books, there is no negro problem. The problem is with prejudiced whites. Black men only commit rapes in the prejudiced imaginations of white people. What is evil is the white man’s protective instincts toward his own. That essential commandment, “Thou shall not protect thy own people,” is what white school children learn from pre-kindergarten on through high school and into the unhallowed halls of academia.

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