The Heroic Brood

I tremble for the cause of humanity, in the unpunished outrages of the most wicked of mankind. –Burke


When the Oklahoman, black Moslem was shot by a white male before he could chop a second woman’s head off, the liberals experienced one of their awkward moments. It is hard to defend public beheadings, but it is even harder to defend white males acting like knights errant, particularly when the knight errantry involves violent action against black barbarians. “So let’s just skip over that story and proceed to more important stories such as girls pitching on boys’ Little League teams and racist whites hiding out somewhere in the hinterlands of the United States.”

Once you know who a man’s heroes are you know what his faith is. And if a man has no heroes? Then he has no faith. He is the man Scott writes about in The Lay of the Last Minstrel – “The wretch, concentred all in self…” The Oklahoman, white, male protector cannot be accorded hero status in Liberaldom, because the heroes and heroines of Liberaldom are the people who move us upward and onward to a feminist, negro-worshipping utopia. The heroes of Liberaldom are always feminists and black men. A white male can only become part of the heroic march to utopia if he supports feminism and negro worship. This is why successful white athletes go to Haiti and adopt black children and give millions to important feminist causes. They want to be part of the brave new Babylonian world called Liberaldom.

In a thousand different ways, some subtle, most not so subtle, white children are told that the old heroes of Europe, men such as Forrest, Alfred, Havelock, my great grand sires, and your great grand sires, were not a heroic brood of men and women, they were in point of fact racists who must be condemned if mankind is going to proceed to the promised land. No man who loves the Lord God Jesus Christ, in and through the people of his own race, can enter the Kingdom of Liberaldom.

Simply saying that pure mind determines everything cannot change reality. The liberals, who condemn the antique Europeans for using human conduits – their kith and kin – to connect them to the living God, also use human conduits to connect them to their god. Through the unsexed, feminist harpies and the sacred negroes, the liberals enter their hellish holy of holies and come into the presence of their royal master, the archangel Satan, who, the liberals tell us, is not really satanic: that was an invention of the old racist Europeans. Sympathy for the devil? Yes indeed, the liberals love him and all of his works.

The hero culture of the antique Europeans is the culture of the Christ-bearing race. The new propositional culture of the modern Christians and their liberal brethren is the culture of Satan. Once you deny the divine link between a man’s racial home and his spiritual home, you have successfully separated a man from the living God. While affirming his intellectual faith in propositional Christianity, the New Age Christian forsakes his people, the people who kept him close to God. Pride of race? No, the colored tribesmen have pride of race. The antique Europeans accepted the burden of their race. They didn’t Gnostically affirm the existence of a divine force, they lived, loved, and died enveloped in the benevolent shadow of the Cross.

A hero comes from the heart of his people and acts according to the blood faith of his people. So long as we are ruled by liberals in church and state, who condemn every action that stems from the blood faith of the European people, the right kind of heroism will either be down-played, as was the case in the recent shooting of the black Moslem in Oklahoma, or demonized, as was the case when Paul Hill executed the abortion doctor. Whenever the hero goes forth he takes his people and the God of his people with him. Those two forces, comingled in his heart, help the hero to persevere against all the powers of hell that come against him. If the European does not have a people, or a God that comes to him through his people, he will not venture forth against the liberal or colored barbarian foe. Instead he will try to serve as an orderly or squire in the liberals’ army of colored barbarians and feminists.

The type of sustained heroism necessary to uproot and destroy liberalism can only come from heroes who are grounded in that charity-of-honor culture of the antique Europeans. Until that connection is restored, heroic acts against liberalism will be isolated and often tainted with the madness that comes from living and acting completely alone. White people today are in much more desperate straits than they were during the so-called Reconstruction period after the Civil War. The southern whites were disenfranchised from the official government, which was artificial and propositional, but they were not separated from their true nation, which was their race, nor were they separated from their God, who was the Man of Sorrows. The heroism of the original Ku Klux Klan members stemmed from the fact that they did not have to act in spiritual isolation from their people or their God. The modern white man, having lost a spirit-and-blood connection to his people and his God, finds himself unable to strike out against the liberals and their colored barbarian allies on a consistent basis, because he hasn’t the support from his God and his people that the white counter-revolutionaries of the Reconstruction Era South did have.

I just read about some white professor at a generic satanic institution of “higher learning” who claimed he was one in spirit with the black barbarian rapper shot and killed by a heroic white police officer. “We must do more to show our oneness with Michael Brown,” the great professor solemnly declared. And it struck me that the professor is right about one thing. He is one in spirit with the black barbarian rapper. Both men belong to Satan. The satanic armies of the abstracted-from-God-and-their-race academics and the barbarians of color are the satanic legions that must be defeated by Europeans with that charity of honor burning in their souls. St. Paul tells us that the last enemy who shall be destroyed is death. Shouldn’t we, so that we can encounter that last great enemy with hearts of faith, eliminate the great enemies of our people, the post-Christian, white-hating academics in church and state and the white-hating barbarians of color?

The academic germ has infected the European’s soul. The germ has grown into a virulent virus that destroys all things decent and honorable. Until that raging academic virus is purged, the white man will continue to follow the path of death-in-life oblivion all the way to his grave where he will reap the rewards of his pursuit of an academic paradise. There will be much less of a transition for the academic going from his soulless academic existence here on earth to his soulless academic existence in hell than there will be for the antique Christian going from this world, which is dominated by the ethos of hell, and the next world, which is dominated by His ethos, the ethos of eternal Europe. And that really is the issue. When we go to the core of their culture, were the Europeans of old right about the nature and the person of God? If they were not, we should look to another people and another culture. The liberals and the New Age Christians have done just that. But what if the antique Europeans were right? There is no ‘if’ about it: they were right, and we must defend that ancient Christian culture lest we become like unto the death-in-life academics of Liberaldom who, at the hour of their deaths, will defile hell with their presence.

I have no foreknowledge of the ending of the world. Our Lord said we know neither the day nor the hour, but what is glaringly apparent in our modern, post-Christian age is the openly satanic nature of the many modern, anti-European movements. It seems as if Satan, having destroyed the white Europeans’ connection to the living God, no longer feels like he has to hide his intentions to destroy everything good, noble, and Christian. If white people have lost all sense of who they are and who God is, then who is left to oppose Satan? Certainly not the colored tribesmen.

Everywhere we see the blood-red tide of Satanism in all its hideous, naked fury. Feminists openly avow their love of Satan and their hatred of life in the womb. Men like Lindsey Graham and John McCain support the invasion of the European nations through massive Moslem and colored immigration while they insist on the complete annihilation of the anti-democratic nations “over there.” The anti-Christian Protestant Evangelicals support the secularized Jewish state of Israel against their own people. The Roman Catholic Church insists upon uniting all the religions of the world into one, great, white-hating, Christ-hating faith. Militant Islam and militant Zionism are on the march, fully confident that since there are no European Christians left, there will be no resistance to them. Homosexuals have stopped asking for forgiveness; they now demand acceptance. And the colored tribesmen, always the enemies of the white Christians, with the certain knowledge that whites will not strike back, have resumed their ancient ways: the torture, murder, and rape of white people. Is this the promised end? No, it is not. White heroes were born to fight and conquer the blood-red tide of Satanism. Without Him, it is hopeless; with Him, and united to that heroic brood of men and women, the antique Europeans, we shall conquer. +

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