As the Systems Fail, the Light of Europe Remains

Abide with me! Fast falls the Eventide;
The darkness thickens, Lord with me abide
When other helpers fail, and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me!

-Henry Francis Lyte


An old friend of many years standing called me recently to lament the decline of virtually everything decent. My friend is some fifteen years older than I, so she has some memories of a time when common decency still existed on the face of the earth. Some people might say my “friend” is not a friend, since there are several topics that I cannot speak to her about. Perhaps those people are right, but I am fond of Mrs._____, and I admire her for not going with the times and making her peace with debauchery and vileness.

There are two topics I cannot bring up with my friend. One is the Roman Catholic Church’s complicity with the indecency of the times – she must look on the church as the one institution that a person can trust. And the second topic is the negro – she hates what they do, but she would never denounce the ethos of To Kill a Mockingbird. She believes blacks are “basically good, it’s only a few bad ones…”

The other day I discovered a third topic that I could not bring up with the woman who I claim is a friend. She was horrified when I mentioned, with no intent to shock her, that I had no use for the Moslems of Hamas or the Jews of Israel. “But Israel is a democracy,” was her reply. “The wholesale slaughter of civilians is still the wholesale slaughter of civilians no matter if it comes from a so-called democracy or a terrorist organization,” was my reply.

I should have known not to bring up the subject of Israel and democracy, because the same people who weep for Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird and attend their local Christian fusionist churches are usually Gung ho Israel and Gung ho democracy. Why is this? How did church attendance, negro worship, the support of Israel, and the support of democracy become synonymous with Christianity? It starts with the pagan concept of ‘support your local clergy’ because they are the Illuminati; they and they alone possess the secret wisdom. Over and against the pagan priest-craft system is Chaucer’s humble village priest and Dickens’ real life hero, the Rev. Stephen Roose Hughes, who preached Christ crucified, Christ risen and loved God through their kith and kin.

The negro worshipping heresy, the Christian Jewish heresy, and the democratic heresy all stem from the clerical, speculative heresy that says Christ is the end product of a philosophical system passed on from God through a long chain of great minds; He is not the Man of Sorrows who enters human hearts. Men and women who have been trained to look for their salvation in systems, even if those systems include Christ, will naturally gravitate toward a system about God rather than a faith in the living God. Hence, the blending of negro worship and Christianity, Israel and Christianity, and democracy and Christianity.

There are nuanced differences between the speculative Christian sects. The Roman Catholic favors Israel because Israel is a democracy, while the Evangelical Protestant favors Israel because of his distorted view of what he calls the “Rapture.” Against the Bible he reportedly believes in, and against the traditional faith of the European people, the modern Evangelical religiously holds onto his faith in the unrepentant Jew as mankind’s only hope in an unbelieving world. And both the Roman Catholic and the Evangelical Protestant blend their esoteric systems with the liberals’ worship of the negro. The Roman Catholic fusionist, the Evangelical Protestant fusionist, and the liberal: between the three of them they have destroyed the “unbought grace of life.”

What binds the liberal, the Roman Catholic, and the Evangelical Protestant together (the latter two in a subordinate position to the liberal) is contempt for the Christian faith of the antique Europeans. The liberals say the antique Europeans were racist and sexist, and the fusionist sects agree with them because they do not feel the need to know God through their people. They know God through their theories, so what do they need with ‘a people’? The ongoing slaughter of the Christ-bearing people continues unabated because white people impede the liberals’ negrophile paradise, the Roman Catholics’ multi-racial, multi-religious world, and the rapture of the Evangelical Protestants.

Let’s go back to the days of the Ayatollah Khomeini, when those wild, fun-loving, mad-cap Iranian “students” took the Americans in the embassy hostage. Do you recall the hostages who were released before Reagan negotiated the final release? I certainly do. The Iranians released the black hostages, stating that they had the deepest respect for black people, unlike white European people, who did not respect black people. Of course the Iranians did not have any respect for black people or any other race of people for that matter, but what they correctly surmised from their observations of the West was that liberals were the powers that be in the Western world and liberals worshipped black people. The best way, they reasoned, to gain liberal support was to play on their sympathy for blacks. Unlike those Iranians of yesterday, the Roman Catholic fusionists and the Evangelical Protestants fusionists do share the liberals’ love of the sacred black. But they also, like the Iranian students, make an ostentatious display of their negro worship in the hopes that the liberals’ will allow them the freedom – in the case of the Roman Pontiffs – to kiss the Koran and visit foreign nations and campaign for the abolition “of all boundaries between peoples,” and – in the case of the Evangelical Protestant – to campaign for the continual bombing of all Israel’s enemies in the name of “The Rapture.” What is missing in the various European ideologies is a sense of original sin and a corresponding charity and humility that makes a man feel that, “there are events and circumstances beyond my ken, but in the midst of the battle against principalities and powers, I can muddle through so long as I stay connected to His reign of charity, which exists on earth at my familial and racial hearth fire.” Such quaint notions, if followed, would keep a man close to his racial hearth fire, worshipping God in spirit and in truth while avoiding dreams of rapturous, Christian Zionism, a multi-religious, multi-racial utopia, and a negro-ruled Kingdom of Babylon.

The French Jacobins took what they received in the Catholic Church, a system which explained God instead of a Gospel that showed us God’s face, and spread the new gospel throughout France and the European world. Man as a social being, united to a common social core of kith, kin, and God, disappeared. A new man emerged, who was an abstract entity without a core. He became whatever abstract theory he latched onto. The negro discovered that he had become the white man’s savage god, while the white fusionist Christians tried to live their lives secondhand through the negro, through the Jews, through the Moslems, etc. The Christian blood that once flowed through the European’s heart has congealed. He needs a fairytale revival before he can become, like Pinocchio, a real human being.

Even though many learned theologians have told us there is no such thing as a Christian culture, we know that such a culture once existed. Thousands upon thousands of silken threads reached from the European’s hearth fire to His heavenly throne. It was not the work of a day to cut those threads; it was the work of centuries. Now that all the threads leading us to His kingdom have been severed, what is our hope? Is it the negro? The Jew? Or do we place our hope in democracy? Despair and die is written on all those modern medicines. If those severed threads of the past could be reconnected – and they can be reconnected by hearts of flesh – then the Europe of charity, honor, and faith will be a living reality again, instead of a dead ember.

If you believe as Spengler and the scientific historians believed, that civilizations are biological entities that are born, mature, decay, and die according to the inexorable laws of nature, then you will not have any hope in a European revival. I believe such thinking is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Believing existence is only determined by biology, the moderns have become mesmerized by the material façade of existence, and they passively submit to what the liberals tell them is inevitable. “White nations must become multi-racial and multi-cultural, whites must give way to the colored hordes, men must give women ‘choice,’ and we must all worship the noble savage.” Why must we do these things? Because we are progressing; somehow we are supposed to believe that perversion and blasphemy are part of the ongoing, biologically predetermined movement toward the light. What light? Light is a Christian word, a word connected to a spiritual realm that the liberals and the fusionists Christians deny. They only believe in what they see with the material eye, which is why they revere the negro man-god and look on the modern Jews as God’s chosen people.

The “conservatives” of the 20th century tried to compete with the modernism of science, psychiatry, democracy, feminism, and negro worship by claiming there was no ultimate conflict between conservative values and modernist values; they claimed the differences were simply over the means to achieve female equality, an integrated society, and a mentally healthy populace. But from a Christian European perspective it is more than a difference about the means to achieve the same ends. All the modern –isms are satanic. Christian Europeans do not deal with Satan. We look to Tell, to Roland, to Arthur, and to Alfred. There is no progression beyond the European hero. He is our exemplar now and always, because he fights and dies for the people of his house and his race in the sight of, and connected to, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Sweet vale of Christian Europe, so long as we stay with thee, we shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever. +

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