Rights of Memory

A fairy tale-esque appreciation of the Christian faith as expounded by our Lord in the Gospels and by St. Paul in his epistles, a charity of honor that comes from that faith, a provincialism that nurtures that faith, and a love for the hero who embodies and champions that faith, are all woven into one exquisitely beautiful tapestry (and I speak of the highest form of beauty, moral beauty) by my European kinsman and hero, Sir Walter Scott. Just as words cannot do justice to Scott’s vision of Christ’s people, the Europeans, there are also no words that can adequately describe the moral separation between our modern Europe and Scott’s Europe. To hate the former and love the latter is essential if we are ever to be worthy of the people and the God championed by Walter Scott. – CWNY


Pirandello once wrote a play called Six Characters in Search of an Author. Such is the plight of the European people. They passed from pagan to Christian and then from Christian to … That is the question: what have the Europeans passed to now that they no longer see the Christian God as the author of their being?

It’s obvious that the mad-dog liberal segment of the European people, the ruling elite, have latched on to the negro as their new Christ figure and they have used the old rites and the old documents of the Christian churches to buttress up their new religion. The liberals’ new faith is not something that can be refuted by reason; their need to worship the negro transcends reason. They view dumb nature as their author, and who but the negro, the most natural creation of dumb nature, should sit upon the throne of nature? The liberals must blot out whiteness so that mankind can return to a state of nature, which translates to a kingdom of the negro and for the negro.

But let us return to the hoi polloi, the grazers, who are neither fish nor fowl. They lack the mad-dog liberals intense love of the negro, but they are all enslaved by some aspect of liberalism, be it science, blood sport, democracy, the sexual revolution, or some other adjunct of the liberals’ new paradisiacal state. The grazers lack an author, a god, so they are at the mercy of the liberals who do have a god. They are like the Hebrew people during their captivity in Egypt, because they are enslaved by a powerful elite who worship heathen gods, but they are also unlike the captive Hebrews, because they are unaware that they are enslaved by a powerful elite that worships heathen gods just as they are unaware of the existence of the true God. Hence the European people remain in a kind of spiritual limbo like Pirandello’s six characters in search of an author.

The satanic essence of liberalism is that it enslaves men and women without their knowing they are enslaved, and it erases the memory of the true God from their hearts, so that they must either wander aimlessly over the desert of modernity searching for God or else embrace the liberals’ god. Resistance to liberalism is almost non-existent, because of the Yeats’ factor, the mad-dog liberals, who are the worst, can do what they like with the best, the wanderers in search of an author, because the wandering grazers have no God.

There are illnesses we get that make us think, if we are young, “this feels like death, but hopefully I’m young and vital enough to survive it.” And when we are older we think, “I hope I can survive this one.” But young or old, when the fever breaks, when we feel health returning, it is a magnificent feeling. Even though we are still much weaker than we were before becoming ill, we feel better than when we were in complete health, because the fever has broken and a body that was beginning to take sickness as its norm now feels that health is its normal state. This is the way a man feels deep down in his soul when he purges the liberal fever from his blood. He is in health again! He’s weak from the battle, but his spirit is now functioning. He knows the author of his being, and he knows who his enemy is: the ancient foe and his liberal minions.

Of course there are those long sicknesses when a man’s body forgets that there ever was something called health. This is the present state of the European’s soul. Deep in his soul he feels that sickness is normal. He thinks to live amidst negroes who are worshipped by the very people they kill and rape with impunity, to live amongst creatures called feminists who slaughter their children in the womb and have female bodies but no femininity, to look on existence as a closed, predetermined biological endgame, is normal living. “This is the life for a man,” is the European’s response to modernity.

Something called the grace of God is needed, but who shall be the conduit for that grace? There are no appeals to God, because God has been found wanting. The utopians have rejected God and gone on to a new life of eternal spiritual sickness that a vast network of demonically inspired sycophants are desperately trying to peddle as health. Our world has been narrowed down to academia; the academic mentality rules the European people. And academia is an exact replica of hell. In those unhallowed halls the abstracted intellects of men and women filled with satanic hatred for all things connected to the Son of God and His people preach the glory of the noble black savage, the wonder and magnificence of feminism, and the triumph of all things bestial, inhumane and blasphemous. When the citadels of academia come tumbling down, the end of liberalism is nigh, but until that day the European people will suffer that sickness unto death, which can only be cured by the forgotten God of the European mists.

August 15th will mark Walter Scott’s birthday. The European world will take no notice of it. Why should we take notice of a dead white man when we have the martyred Martin Luther King Jr. and the sainted Nelson Mandela to honor? We should honor Walter Scott’s birthday because he represented all that was good and pure and noble in the European people. Scott was the poet laureate of spiritual chivalry, the type of chivalry that beareth all things and hopeth all things because it is grounded in charity, that indefinable essence of life that can only be found in the people of the mists, the Europeans who honored and revered the God who took flesh and dwelt by the racial hearth fires of the European people. The villains in Scott’s novels are the Louis XIs of France and the Lord Dalgarnos of Britain, men who intellectualized their souls and made themselves the servants of Satan, the archangel of intellectual pride. Those villains are the minority in Scott’s Europe, and their existence in high places was seen as a tragedy by Scott and his readers. Not so today, the men with the intellectualized souls rule with the assent of an intellectualized peasantry. This has been the great triumph of Satan: there is no spiritual chivalry left in the European people. They have absorbed the intellectualized spirit of the satanic men of intellect who mock and scorn the Man of Sorrows in the derisive spirit of the Roman soldiers of ancient times. Draw the sword and throw the sheath away, because the men with the intellectualized souls are legion and they will not rest until every last vestige of Scott’s Europe, which is His Europe, is blotted from the face of the earth.

Do we have any rights of memory in the European lands? Yes, we, the Europeans that remain faithful to Scott’s Europe, are the only Europeans who have the right to rule in Europe. In fact we must rule, because the men of the intellectualized souls have turned Europe into a third world whorehouse where spiritual syphilis is seen as health and a passionate faith in the European Christ is seen as a fatal illness.

All totalitarian regimes institute universal education, so it should be no surprise to us that the liberals have universalized education beyond the dreams of the totalitarian oligarchies of the past. “Education” has engulfed every aspect of the Europeans’ lives. There is now pre-pre-kindergarten classes so that white children can learn to hate themselves and their past at the earliest age possible. And every aspect of the grazers’ lives, particularly sports, is educational. All the sporting rituals are accompanied by educational lectures against anti-social behavior, which translates to prejudice, which translates to a refusal to worship the colored and hate the white. There are never any violations of the liberals’ code of conduct, because white people have been very carefully educated.

The white man who wishes to remain a white man is an outcast man. What the outcast white man must become is an outlaw. The outcast is a passive creature waiting for the slaughter, while the outlaw strikes back at the world he hates. William Tell and Robin Hood are my favorite of the European outlaws, but the modern white man has no Swiss mountains and no Sherwood Forest from which to launch a counterattack against the liberals. The modern counter-revolutionary is more in the position of Zorro or the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. He must go amongst the liberals disguised as an educated, non-prejudiced white man, content to passively submit to his own extermination. But inside he is a blazing inferno, a man who hates and loves with all his heart. He will do everything he can to undermine the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth.

Baptista tells Petrucchio that gaining Katherina’s love is “all in all.” That the white man should love his people enough to hate Liberaldom with all his heart, mind, and soul is also all in all. On the surface the monstrosity we call Liberaldom seems like an invincible super structure with its vast network of communications, monolithic educational system, and its powerful military. But that entire super structure of Liberaldom was built brick by brick by individual souls filled with hatred for Christ and His people. Shouldn’t it then be possible for individuals who love Him and His people to tear down Liberaldom? The European counter-revolution is not manifest at present, but it has begun and it will continue, because there are always a few who see Christ in His people and respond to His divine charity with hearts of fire. At the last trump, at the twinkling of an eye, we shall see the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth toppled and His eternal European restored. +

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