To Begin Again

‘Tis still a dream or else such stuff as madmen
Tongue and brain not; either both or nothing;
Or senseless speaking, or a speaking such
As sense cannot untie. Be what it is,
The action of my life is like it, which
I’ll keep, if but for sympathy.



Every once in awhile, about once a month, I check out the television news stations to see what they’re lying about now. What I witnessed on this occasion was a group of conservative-liberals, the Fox News variety, debating a group of Obama-loving liberals. The debaters were focused on the Malaysian airliner tragedy and the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. There wasn’t any real disagreement among the two liberal groups. Both wanted to blame Russia for the bombing and Hamas for the war.  What the liberal debaters differed on was whether The Obama had “done enough.”

It struck me while listening to the liberal blather that the lack of any European Christian presence in the major institutions (church, government, press, academy) of the European nations not only has had a disastrous effect on the European democracies, but also has had a disastrous effect on the non-European nations, because in the absence of a Christian-European ethos the modern world consists of a myriad of competing factions – the Jewish faction, the Moslem faction, the neo-pagan faction, the Christian-fusionist faction, etc. – none of whose members have within them that which makes them act according to His dictates of charity and mercy. When they proceed to make political decisions upon which the fate of nations depends, they make their decisions in a moral vacuum.

Now the liberal and Christian utopians are the first to tell us loudly and clearly that European people once made decisions that stemmed from their Christian faith: “And what was the result? They couldn’t agree on anything, and they fought wars, beat their wives, and enslaved and exploited the colored nations of the world.” But what has been the result of a Europe, of a world, without any Christian European influence? We have seen the big wars, the wars without any charitable license. In fact, we have seen no end to war because daily life in every European nation has become like life in the colored nations, an unremitting war against the light in which “humanity must perforce prey on itself, like monsters from the deep.” We haven’t progressed to utopia since we left Christian Europe, we have descended into hell. “We have no compass to govern us; nor can we know distinctly to what port we steer.”

The Father of all heresy is the abstracted intellect of man, inspired by Satan’s promise, “You shall be as gods.” The French Jacobins added the Son, which was ‘the people,’ and the Holy Ghost, which was science. Karl Marx was not an original; he simply followed the Jacobins’ model that was based on an inversion of the Christian faith. The modern, democracy-crazed European liberals have streamlined the Jacobins’ model. Now the people of color and only the people of color can be the Sons of God.

There has not been any Christian European opposition to the ongoing implementation of what the liberals call a ‘benevolent evolution toward utopia.’ And there has not been any opposition because the European people lost their blood faith in Jesus Christ. The same blood-draining disease that made French Catholics too spiritually anemic to defend their Christian King and Queen also overtook the other European peoples, through their clergymen, and made them incapable of defending their nations against the new religion of the negro man-gods.

Burnet says, that when he was in France, in the year 1683, “the method which carried over the men of the finest parts to Popery was this—they brought themselves to doubt of the whole Christian religion. When that was once done, it seemed a more indifferent thing of what side or form they continued outwardly.” If this was then the ecclesiastical policy of France, it is what they have since but too much reason to repent of. They preferred atheism to a form of religion not agreeable to their ideas. They succeeded in destroying that form; and atheism has succeeded in destroying them. I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story; because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves. – Burke

This clerical shortcut, in which faith consists of a belief in the intellectual acumen of a few religious experts rather than in the passionate blood faith of a people for their God, rechanneled the Christian faith back into pagan streams and tributaries. Long John Silver found it hard to accept that it was Ben Gunn who did him in: “Ben, Ben… to think as you’ve that done me!” Well might the European everyman say to the hooded men of God, “To think that it was you that robbed me of my Christian faith.”

If the faith is an intellectual system that can be passed on from generation to generation on computer printouts, then the clergy of the various denominations have not “done us wrong”; but if the Christian faith is meant to be passed from hearts of flesh to other hearts of flesh, then the clergymen have done us wrong. If the first way to God, the way of the computer printout, is correct, then there is no need for the European people. Indeed, there is no need for any people at all. We can all exist as one big blob of anti-humanity that lives only to read the printouts given to us by the godded men.

But what if the second way to God is the true pathway to the living God? What if European Christianity, in which the European people responded to Christ’s heart of flesh with the passion of their hearts, is the only accurate vision of the Christian faith that the world possesses? The message of the Bible, the message of the church documents, can only be made clear by those who took the message to heart, because the divine love must have human hearts to dwell in.

The true image of Christ appeared in the antique European culture. Defame and demean that culture with might and main, as the liberals certainly will do and have done, and still that culture will nourish those of us who refuse to let the liberals keep us from our European past. We don’t know any Christ other than the European Christ. He is the Christ that the apostles saw on the way to Emmaus and the Christ who appeared to St. Paul on the road to Damascus. This idea that there can be another Christ hiding somewhere in the civil rights movement, or in Asia, or in the Jewish nation is what is keeping Europeans in line, begging for living space in the satanic kingdom of Babylon.

In Scott’s The Lay of the Last Minstrel, an evil dwarf assumes the outward appearance of a child of Scottish royalty. In that guise the dwarf manages to wreak havoc within the Scottish royal family. Isn’t that what the churchmen have done? They have assumed the outward garments of Christ in order to cloak their anti-Christian hearts. The dwarf is finally recognized because his evil behavior is radically different from the young prince’s behavior. So it is with the Christian clergy: their “loving forgiveness” of black torture-murderers, their love for radical Israel and the unrepentant Jew, and their deep and abiding love of the negro and hatred of the white man all indicate that they are white Christians on the outside, but black-hearted Satanists on the inside.

If we ask why the European people abandoned European Christianity we need look no further than the Grand Inquisitor scene in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. The Inquisitor gave Europeans the means to live and he gave them certain easy-to-follow rules to live by. In return for those gifts the Inquisitor demanded that the European people give up the white moments of existence, those moments of life when a man has the vision, when he sees the living God with a heart that has been enflamed by the divine love which passeth the understanding of the intellect. The living God does not give us utopia, He sends us pain and suffering, but in that ever moaning spiritual battle in the mists our Lord sends us vision, He sends us white moments of the soul. Christianity without white moments is a dry, untenable religion. Its adherents must graft their desiccated Christianity onto other faiths in order for it to survive. But even then they walk as men walk among the dead because pagan faiths cannot sustain men and women who once had dreams and saw visions. The true Faith, the faith that creates white moments, could revive the Europeans, but the modern death-in-life fusionist Christianity will crush the European people under an unbearable weight of superficiality and meaninglessness.

It’s difficult to believe now that liberalism, a synthesis of all the pagan ‘isms’ under the mantle of an inverted Christianity, has conquered the European world, and that Christianity was once triumphant over paganism. The mystery cults fulfilled man’s need for a personal God, but they did not fulfill his heed for a personal God of mercy and love. That need, a desire for a personal God whose love passeth the understanding of the Greek rationalists and the devotees of the ecstatic sects, was what drew the Europeans to Jesus Christ. But if Christ is not the European Christ, the God of charity and mercy who rose again from the dead on the third day, who or what does He become? He becomes a second-rate god who cannot provide the comforts of the pagan gods. The new European goes to the various gods of liberalism for his daily sustenance. The evangelical goes to the Jews and the negroes; the Roman Catholic goes to the Jews, Moslems, and the negro; while the completely secularized European holds onto his negro gods and maintains their divinity against all those who oppose them, which is unfortunately very few people. No one seeks the European Christ, the Christ of white moments, because He has been buried beneath a mountain of Babylonian filth along with the antique Europeans. If some spiritual excavationist could uncover that civilization, the civilization of Christ and His people, there might just be a few Europeans who would leave the darkness of Babylon to pursue the white moments of Christian Europe. And then it will begin all over again, the story that is so ancient and so new. +

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