The Cross

Men must endure
Their going hence even as their coming hither;
Ripeness is all. Come on.

-from King Lear


While in the midst of untold bloodshed and slaughter, perpetuated by blacks against whites, the white people of the European nations are intensifying their worship of blacks. Why? We go against God and every human instinct in the human heart when we worship the negroes, yet white people continue to worship them. Certainly negro worship represents a return to Baal, but it is also something much worse than mere paganism. White negro worship is a blending, the type of blending that is condemned in The Revelation of St. John, of Christianity and paganism.

A Christ-less Christianity provides a religious energy to negro worship that mere paganism could never equal. For example, I recently saw a four-year old film clip of a young white woman weeping when she learned the news that a particular negro basketball player was leaving her city to play for another city. She wept at the foot of the cross for her savior who was dead. The clip was run in conjunction with recent film of fans welcoming this same negro basketball player’s return to their city. “The King has returned”: he rose from the dead, and came home, where he will sit on the right hand of god the father almighty, to judge the living and the dead for their sins of racism. One news commentator said it outright: “If this story does not stir your heart, you are a racist.” But aren’t all white people racist; haven’t we all sinned against the negro gods? Even white people who don’t think they are racist are really racist, the liberals now tell us, because in fact, “the most dangerous racist is a white who doesn’t even know he is racist”. In lieu of that terrible new finding of the liberal experts, it’s best, when worshipping at the feet of the negro gods, to say that one is truly sorry not only for every overt racist thought and action, but also for the unknown sins of racism. “For these racist sins and the racist sins of my entire life, I am heartily sorry. Please forgive me my sins.” That perverse, blasphemous prayer is the prayer of the new and improved white man.

There are two basic white responses to the atrocities committed by negroes. The mad-dog liberal simply goes on the attack against anyone who opposes the atrocities, because the mad-dog liberal desires the extermination of white people: anything that hurts them is good. And the second response comes in the form of “loving forgiveness” and “they’re not all like that.” Both responses, even though the second one usually comes from someone connected to a Christian church, stink of negro worship, which is blasphemy.

Of course if Christ is not who He said He was, the white man needs a new god, so why shouldn’t it be the negro? “It should and must be the negro,” the liberal tells us, “because he alone is natural, he alone is untainted by the filth of Christian Europe.” There are no “evening lingerings” in the negro’s soul; there is only a merciless thirst for the white man’s blood, which has intensified over the years because of the liberals’ and their “loving-forgiveness” cousins’ constant litany of abuse against the white man. There is no one even remotely connected to any of the traditional powers that be – church, press, state, and academy – in the European nations who will defend the white man’s right to exist in the here and now or defend and champion the white man’s cultural heritage. The white man has been found guilty in the great tribunal of liberalism, and he must, so the liberals tell us, be destroyed.

There is no way back to white Christian Europe through the fusionist Christian churches. If you reject God’s channels of grace, our blood ties to our kith and kin, you will become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. You will perform the biological functions of a human being, but you will have no spiritual life of your own. You will only come alive to serve and worship the negro gods. This is the reason the secular and Church-going liberals cling so tenaciously to the negro. Without him they do not feel alive. They have placed God’s channel of grace, the European’s racial hearth fire, in the realm of “prejudice,” and such a realm is to be avoided in deference to the realm of “enlightenment,” which is the realm of the negro, who is a conduit to Satan.

You can’t hand a negro-worshipper a Bible or a great work of literature from Europe’s Christian era and expect he will turn into a European again. Even if he chose to read the Bible or the great work of literature, he would derive nothing from either, because his heart is closed; he has given it to his satanic abstracted world of Babylon regained.

The liberal and the fusionist Christian don’t react to things of the spirit, because they have moral blinders on. They see only prejudice in European Christianity, and they see only beauty and grace in the worship of the negro. Can such people be converted? We don’t know, but we don’t have to – in fact we must not – worship at their shrine. If every white man bows his knee to the negro gods, there will be no sign of contradiction to Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego speak for the remnant band of Europeans: “… be it known unto thee, O King, that we will not serve thy gods…”

In a world based on statistics and numbers, one man’s refusal or a half dozen men’s refusal to worship the negro gods of the liberals and the fusionist Christians might seem like nothing, but our refusal has eternal significance. He enters this world through charity: if there is no charity of honor, the type of charity that can only be known and fanned into a roaring fire at our racial hearth fire, then He cannot enter this world. So our refusal to worship the negro gods by remaining true to our racial hearth fire, allows the dear Christ to enter into this world by the only pathway He has ever chosen to take – the pathway through the human heart.

Christ told Thomas, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” Christ was thinking of us when he spoke to Thomas. We would never be blessed to see Him on this earth as the apostles did, but still He came to us. We don’t actually hold His hands and touch His side nor do we lay our head upon His Sacred Heart, as John the beloved did at the Last Supper, but we do see and touch Him through the heart of His people. He abides with us in our European home, the dwelling of our Fathers who rest in the arms of the Lord. The modern Europeans must worship the negroes of Babylon because they have fled from their racial homes to wander in the multi-racial, soulless world created by the demon who prowls the world seeking the ruin of souls. He is their new master, and they hope to remain secure and protected in his care.

I once, because I didn’t want to go to work anesthetized, had a dentist pull my tooth without any anesthetic. It was very stupid of me to go without an anesthetic, because I suffered a great deal of pain for no particular reason; I could have been late for work or taken a day off with no consequences. But there is another type of pain, a necessary pain, that the European flees from which has resulted in the loss of his soul. This is the pain of having deep, heartfelt attachments to our kith and kin. The pangs of dispriz’d love, the pain of watching your loved ones suffer and die, the parent’s sorrow over an ungrateful child, the child’s sorrow at an abusive parent, all this and more is the pain of a mortal man who lives his life within the confines of the racial and familial home that our Lord has provided for us. All the Jacobins’ blather about liberty, fraternity, and equality, the Marxists’ raptures about a workers’ paradise, and the modern liberals’ paean to the sacred negro all amount to one common desire: “I hate existence in this world, so whatever takes me away from reality and furthers my utopian fantasies is good, and whatever brings me close to reality is bad.” Our Lord was crucified because He asked the Jewish leaders to accept the reality of a loving incarnate God rather than an abstract dream of a cruel Jewish state presided over by a malevolent god who would reward them and punish all their enemies. And so it has always been, since Christ left this earth. The liberal, be he Jew or judaized Christian, hates the truth and will punish home when someone defends Christian Europe, because the truth became incarnate in that civilization. Edmund Burke was not hated by the English liberals because he told lies about the French Jacobins, he was hated because he spoke the truth. If the liberals had accepted Burke’s truth, they would have had to give up their utopian fantasies. Likewise the negro-worshipping liberals of our day, secular and churched: Anthony Jacob is not hated because what he says is false, he is hated because what he says is true. If negroes really are not sacred creatures, devoid of original sin, then we must consider that the racist Europeans were essentially right about existence – “This world is a vale of tears, but Christ is Risen. He has redeemed our suffering and conquered the world. Let us take up our cross and follow Him.” What is so terrible about the European vision? Why this vast network of subterfuge, lies, and violence to suppress the vision? It is the cross of Christ: the liberals want no part of it. The sign of our salvation, our common hope, has no place in utopia. But it has the central place in the hearts and homes of the antique, racist Europeans. Never the twain shall meet. We will always be at odds with the liberals who have forsaken the cross of Christ for the negro gods, whom they believe will provide them with a pain-free life of pleasure in the new Babylon.

Right now the utopian faith of the liberals has conquered the European world. But can the worship of the negro, which is the cornerstone of the liberals’ malevolent utopia, be maintained forever? The rigid, draconian measures used to enforce negro worship seem to suggest that even the liberals fear their faith does not rest on solid ground. The counter-revolution begins with the refusal to worship the negro gods. What is essential is that we refuse to bend our knees to Satan and his minions: “… be it known unto thee, O King, that we will not serve thy gods.” +

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