Two Separate Worlds

In the liberals’ bible there is a Satan just like there is in the Christians’ Bible, but the liberals have a different version of the Genesis story. The liberals claim that the earth was once a wonderful paradise, a self-sustaining paradise, where the rule of nature was the rule of the earth. Everyone in paradise was natural, loving, giving, and non-white. The black man ruled a multi-colored people of red, yellow, black, and brown. Then one day an evil white man appeared in the garden. He cunningly subverted the good and noble black rulers and gained control of paradise. He then brought other white people, who had been hiding in Bogeyland, into paradise and set up a new and unnatural kingdom over the ruins of the black man’s paradisiacal kingdom of nature. No longer could the loving, caring, sharing people of color continue their natural practices of murder, rape, cannibalism, and free unbridled sex. The white bogeyman curtailed those natural practices and introduced an unnatural, heinous religion. The white bogeyman told the wonderful, natural people of color that there was a God above nature who looked on their natural practices as abominations. They were, the white bogeyman insisted, in a state of sin. We know the rest of the story. Despite the fact that the white bogeyman told the people of color that there was a savior who would save them from their sins and the death which was a consequence of sin, the colored people fled from the white bogeyman’s world and created their own purer, more natural worlds where rape, murder, cannibalism, and unbridled sexual license were the norm.

So two separate cultures existed, that of the white bogeymen and that of the natural men and women of color. Then the wonderful thing happened. In the cruel oppressive land of the white bogeymen, a magnificent new type of man emerged, a sport of nature, a mutant. This new man was called The Liberal…       -CWNY


In America we have twice elected a negro president of the United States. And every January we have a national holiday to celebrate the life of an infamously immoral and degenerate negro named Martin Luther King Jr. In France, that great land of liberty, equality, and fraternity, the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking in 2009, said with pride that France was a regicide nation. And in Britain, formerly the mother of the free, now the mother of radical Islam and the Mau Mau, the government pays reparations to the satanic followers of Mau Mau who raped, tortured, and murdered British citizens. All the aforementioned events, which occurred without a whimper of protest from white Europeans, signify just how deeply utopian liberalism has sunk into the soul of the European people.

If the European people were a Christian people, then death would be the price for those who supported negro worship, regicide, and Mau Mau. But since the European people are not a Christian people, there is nothing to prevent negro worship, regicide, and Mau Mau from being supported and lauded. We have supped full of horrors, the most dire deeds of blood perpetrated against white people go unavenged by white Europeans whose ancestors once went into battle to protect His reign of charity. The new cowardly faith came to fruition at the time of the French Revolution:

It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the queen of France, then the dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision. I saw her just above the horizon, decorating and cheering the elevated sphere she just began to move in,–glittering like the morning-star, full of life, and splendor, and joy. Oh! What a revolution! And what a heart must I have to contemplate without emotion that elevation and that fall! Little did I dream when she added titles of veneration to those of enthusiastic, distant, respectful love, that she could ever be obliged to carry the sharp antidote against disgrace concealed in that bosom; little did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fallen upon her in a nation of gallant men, in a nation of men of honour, and of cavaliers. I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. But the age of chivalry is gone. – Burke

The age of chivalry is gone indeed, but how could it be otherwise? When the Christian faith is drained from the blood of the Europeans so are the virtues that go with that faith: courage, honor, and charity. We have only Christian utopians left in the ranks of those who adhere to organized Christianity. They are false Christians who ape the utopianism of the secular liberals like a junior executive apes the big boss in a large corporate network by going around saying, “Yes, J.B.,” to everything Mr. Big says. “Yes, the Europeans were racist; Yes, we must integrate; Yes, we must encourage miscegenation; And Yes, Yes, Yes, we must all love the negro with our whole heart, mind, and soul, and hate the white man and all his works.” Such is the never-ending new and improved “Hallelujah Chorus” of the utopian Christians, whom we can “see everywhere, any time of the day,” unlike the “everyday housewife,” who seems to have gone the way of chivalry and charity, into the dustbin of history.

The French Revolution, the Haitian revolution, and rebellions such as the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s all stem from Satan, and they all follow the same predictable pattern:

(1) Liberals from a distance all support the revolution – Price, Kingsley, Shelley, Keats, Byron, etc.

(2) Some liberals, who see the bloodshed first hand, condemn the bloodshed and claim people such as Robespierre, Jean Francois, and Kenyatta have perverted the revolution, but those same liberals never abandon their precious revolutionary ideals. When the Kenyattas and Robespierres pass from the scene, they support the ongoing revolutionary movement toward the light.

(3) The vast majority of whites in France, in Haiti, and in Kenya are not in favor of their own extermination, but their natures are “so far from doing harm that they expect none,” which makes them believe the liberals’ lies that say democracy and diversity do not mean the extermination of white people.

(4) Over time, the bloodbaths are forgotten, and the revolutions, especially the black revolutions, are sanctified and accepted as the model for the whole world. Butchery and savagery are accepted if they are attached to high sounding words such as civil rights, national independence, racial equality, or democracy.

(5) All opposition to the new world order can be squashed because the new world order is based on the new religion of mankind. Heretics must be crushed in the name of the common good.

“All means are justifiable and meritorious with traitors; now that the Jacobin has made his slaughtering canonical, he slays through philanthropy.” – Taine

Taine is precisely correct when he attaches the word ‘canonical’ to the utopians. The French Jacobins and their spiritual descendants, the negro-worshipping Europeans of the modern era, are bloody in their designs and more fervent in the execution of their designs than the worst of the Grand Inquisitors and the worst of the Puritan witch hunters. Christian orthodoxy is heresy and satanic negro worship is orthodoxy in modern utopian Europe. Opposition to liberal orthodoxy is not tolerated, but because of the success of the liberal organs of propaganda the liberals seldom have to deal with opposition. When enough Europeans cease to swallow the liberals’ party line and stop voluntarily offering themselves up for sacrifice, the liberals will have to become more overtly bloody and violent. This will be a step up, because it will be a sign that the silent slaughter has become a battle. God cannot defend the right if the right refuse to fight.

Most men, when pushed to a wall, will fight. But the modern European man does not feel that he has been pushed to the wall. He sees that other whites have been pushed to the wall and crushed, but he thinks that will never happen to him because he is not racist; he is a firm believer in democracy, which (he believes) stands for freedom, equality, and diversity. And since he is a rational man, he does not listen to the naysayers, the underground men who tell him that freedom, equality, and diversity mean only one thing – the death of everything white and Christian.

A man living on the mathematical surface of life cannot see the heights or the depths. But the Europeans must start to look to the heights and see what their honored dead saw in their lifetimes, or else they will be pulled down to the hellish world of the liberals where the absence of light will make them forget there ever was an overworld of light. It’s not a case of “we must act now or it will be too late.” It’s already too late if we judge success by elections and eleventh hour political movements. Such movements are only on the mathematical surface of life. In the spiritual realm, it is never too late. The liberals were and are committed to building utopia over the dead bodies and dead culture of the white Europeans. When the Europeans break away from the mathematical endgame of utopianism and start to love and hate with all their heart, they will finally begin to fight back, and such a fight, the fight for God, race, and hearth, is what we were born for.

In a movie called The Music Man (1962), there is a wonderful scene near the beginning of the film in which a con man tries to create a need in a small turn-of-the-century Iowa town for a boys’ band. Of course the con man plans to sell the band instruments and uniforms to the townspeople. In order to sell the townspeople on the band, he has to convince them the town is in “trouble.” He is told, “River City doesn’t have any trouble.” But that doesn’t deter the con man; he very cleverly creates trouble, by informing the townspeople of the dangers of a pool table in their town, which is so evil that there is only one surefire remedy: a boys’ band.

What Professor Harold Hill does is what all advertising men do: they create a need where there was no need before in order to sell what they want to sell in order to enrich themselves. The liberals first destroyed the Christian God with philosophical speculation, thus creating a need for a new god. Then they supplied the new god: first it was the “working class people,” and then “the people” became the colored people of the world with the negro at the top of the heap, and the working class whites were cast into outer darkness with the middle and upper class whites. In fact, the working class whites usually are the first to suffer the effects of the worldwide Mau Mau revolution as they cannot afford to retreat to non-occupied territories; they must stand and die where they live. Bereft of their racial hearth fire, they live and die without ever knowing what it means to be connected to the living God through one’s people.

It didn’t happen overnight, this liberal distilling process, but gradually, over time, the white man has been drained of his heart’s blood. Liberal theorists tell him that he doesn’t need his heart’s blood; his mind will serve him just fine. But will it? Has it? No, it hasn’t. The white man became hopelessly lost in a maze of philosophical speculation. Having abandoned his own people for an abstract people, he now can only experience life second-hand through the negro. So long as white men worship negroes they will be mere shadows with no real existence.

A friend who detested French cooking once described it to me as a process whereby the French drain all flavor out of their food in order to put their own flavored sauces into the food. I’ve never really tasted French cuisine, so I can’t speak to the truth of my friend’s assertion, but I can attest to that alleged process of French cooking as it pertains to white Christians. The liberals drained all the Christian blood from them in order to leave them with only the ideals the liberals forced into their pygmy brains. Chivalry, faith, honor, charity, the love of kith and kin, and the love of God are virtues that come from the heart and the blood of a man. When there is no heart and blood, there are no Christian virtues, only liberal ‘virtues.’ And what are the ‘virtues’ of the liberals? Pride of intellect, and a loving, worshipful adulation of the negro as the one true man-god.

The fight against the liberal ‘virtues’ and the fight for the virtues of the heart and the blood, the virtues of our honored dead, constitutes the only true happiness in this world. The romance of Christian Europe is not over. Since life, at least the white man’s life, is ultimately of the spirit, the eternal romance of Christian Europe will continue to inspire men of blood who will conquer the desolate, barren wastes of the liberals’ mind-forged utopia. +

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