The Sweet Vale of Europe

Oh, well for the world when the white men join
To prove their faith again!



In one of W.C. Fields’ classic movies, The Man on the Flying Trapeze, his wife sends him downstairs to investigate the sounds emanating from the basement. When he arrives in the basement, he comes upon two burglars who have been distracted from their main task – burglary – by Fields’ homemade apple jack. W.C. is not one to let his ‘guests’ drink alone, so he joins them in what soon becomes a drunken revelry. The song fest brings the police, who arrest the two burglars and take W.C. along as a witness.

At the trial the charges against the crooks are dropped, and W.C. ends up in jail for making apple jack without a license. What then ensues is one of the funniest scenes in the W.C. Fields canon of films. He is thrown in jail with a murderer whom he must mollify or risk being murdered himself.

Murderer: “I had three wives, and this is the first one I have killed in all my life.”

W.C.: “Oh, that’s in your favor, yes. They have no more case against you than the sheep has against the butcher.”

It’s superb comedy, because back then it was an absurd anomaly to depict the government as aggressively prosecuting its own citizens, under the guise of a bureaucratic regulation, while allowing criminals to go scot free. However, when such absurd anomalies become the law of the land, they are no longer funny but cross the line from comedy to tragedy.

We now see, on a daily basis, the tragedy of white governments supporting black murderers, rapists, and looters while prosecuting decent white citizens. Recently in Manchester, England, for instance, a group of white Englishmen intervened to stop some black Muslims from assaulting a white woman. The English police have vowed to “investigate.” Who will they investigate? It won’t be the black Muslims. Whites defending themselves against black barbarian violence or whites defending other whites from black barbarian violence is considered, by our liberal overlords, to be “bad violence.” Nevertheless, despite what the white-hating establishment says, let us applaud those white Englishmen for acting like white men should act. When the hatred of black barbarianism and the desire to protect innocence, as exemplified by the Manchester men, is once again bred into the bone of white men, the colored tide will recede from Europe. But in order to make that “charity of honor” a sustained, continual effort, the Europeans must believe, once again, in Him, for He is the source of that “charity of honor,” which separates the European from the rest of the non-European world.

Before the liberals secured complete ascendancy in the European nations, they used to preach that, “I might disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” That was a tactical lie. What the liberals meant when they preached tolerance was: “We have not yet made negro worship, feminism, and homosexual marriage the law of the land: we still have some selling to do, and a few more Donahue shows should do it.” Once the liberals had total power, the new dictum became: “There are certain things too sacred to allow for open discussion. We must not allow the sacred status of the negro and other people of color to be challenged.” The liberals are tactically correct: there are certain things a nation should not allow to be discussed. White Christians should have refused to even discuss, let alone allow, the integration of the races, the equality of the sexes, or the legalization of homosexuality. When such things are discussed, they eventually will be permitted. This is why the liberals, now that such things are law, no longer permit them to be discussed. The book is closed on opposition to negro worship, feminism, and homosexual marriage: so it is written, so it shall be.

White men cannot be part of the new society; it is written they shall not enter the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is useless for white men to plead for equal rights, justice under the law, or punishment for those who kill and murder whites. All those words – equality, justice, compassion, etc. – were merely subterfuges to place the liberals in power. They were magic words when invoked by the liberals, but now they have no power when invoked by the white Europeans. Upon what ground does the European stand? If he stands on liberal ground and pleads for his “rights” he will be given his rights: he will be slaughtered. That is the only right a white European in Liberaldom has.

There is only one place, one homeland, where a European can make his stand against the liberals and the colored barbarians. That homeland is Christian Europe. The theologians tell us we never had a homeland, and the liberals tell us that which is dead can never be brought back to life. Both groups of speculators are wrong. That which is eternal never dies: Christian Europe is an historical reality, just as Christ’s resurrection is an historical reality, and Christian Europe is an ever present spiritual reality, just as He is an ever present spiritual reality. It is only when we make the antique Europeans and their God a philosophical proposition that we lose sight of the reality of both. The antidote for the modern European’s dislocation from his people and his God can be found in the works of Sir Walter Scott. Heroism, which stems from charity, from the deep and abiding love that can only be nurtured and enkindled at the hearth fires of our kith and kin, is what takes a man away from the abstract love of the colored stranger and the intellectual pride that goes with that kind of abstract love. There is a sympathy of poetic vision between Burke and Scott. Burke gave the European ethos a name; he called it “that charity of honor.” And Scott’s heroes, whom the liberals scorn, had it, the charity that never faileth. We all die: science cannot change that. But we don’t really die if we retain our European charity of honor. That is what we have lost, and it is why we live as though we were dead and why we die in despair.

There is no need for Europeans to live and die in despair. That is what the liberal wish, to inculcate the Europeans with a death-in-life despair. But there is life abundant in the battle to defend the European hearth fire. When a man loves enough to defend his sweet vale of Avoca, he knows what he is and to whom he belongs. The struggle doth availeth: it is the liberal, backed by the devil, who tells us that the fight for home, faith, and race does not availeth.

Who is served by the integration of the negro throughout the European world? Is it a self-evident good that there shall be no more Europeans who love their God and their people with all their heart, mind, and soul? If it is, then I’m morally blind, because I see the demise of the white man and the rise of the colored masses as the triumph of darkness over the light. We have only our trembling faith in the European Christ, the Christ of the Gospels and St. Paul, which gives us hope that darkness will not ultimately triumph.

A trembling faith doesn’t seem like much to put up against the satanic liberal leviathan, but faith, when it is the right kind, can indeed move mountains. But it must be the faith of the European people, our blood faith. Let me digress. In my early twenties, while in Rome, I got a chance to see the Pietà of Michelangelo. Of course I had seen photos of the sculpture, but I had never seen the actual sculpture in the flesh before. I’m not an aesthete — I don’t enjoy art for art’s sake. For instance, the Mona Lisa does not move me at all. I have to have a sympathy with the subject of the artist before I can appreciate the work. As I approached the Pietà, I no longer felt I was in the presence of a work of art, I felt like I was in the presence of the blessed mother and Christ. Through some divine infusion of grace, Michelangelo had managed to put the heart and soul of the living God into stone. My European instincts took over, and I went to my knees and wept. As Christ wept for Lazarus, so we weep for our Lord. The God-Man and His people are one in heart, because both have hearts of flesh. We will fight any foe, no matter how superior in strength and number, bear any burden, no matter how heavy, in order to maintain our blood ties to the God who weeps for us and with us. That is what Burke called for when he urged all Europeans to be true to their instincts, to that charity of honor, and fight the Jacobins.

The colored people, if they ever hope to become anything other than barbarians, must surpass their instincts for blood and try to understand and then imitate the spirit within the European people that makes them worship a God who weeps. The exact opposite is the case with the modern European. He must cease his intellectual meanderings through the desert of modernity and return to his instinctual life, to his racial home, where his people and their God, the God who requires mercy rather than sacrifice, dwells.

Popes kiss the Koran and attend voodoo masses while Protestant clergymen preach the adoration of the negro and the fusion of Judaism and Christianity. This is called moral evolution, where heathenism and blasphemy are joined with a perverted form of intellectual Christianity to form the satanic Christ-less faith of the modern Europeans. It will not be reason that makes us turn from the liberals’ satanic, blended faith of all that is antithetical to the Christian faith of the antique Europeans. It will be instinct that calls us home, away from the filth of negro worship, to that sweet vale of Christian Europe where our kith and kin and the God who weeps dwell. +

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