Our European Hearth

A stable place sufficed
The Lord God almighty,
Incarnate, Jesus Christ

-Christina Rossetti


The Rev. Blagdon-Gamlen was in the minority amount his fellow clergymen when he spoke out against the colorization of England in the early 1960s. Nowadays he would be a minority of one, and he would most probably be jailed or executed for his sentiments:

Prevention is better than cure. We do not want a Congo situation in this country, Mau-Mau, and witchcraft, signs of the latter not being already lacking. I think that many of us in this country are changing from animosity to sympathy with the government of South Africa.

Christ died for all, black, white, and yellow, and we must love them as individuals, but that does not mean that there must be intermarriage, or, to quote the words of Mr Charles Royle, Labour M.P., Salford West, in the Immigration Debates, ‘I say that world peace will not be assured until everybody in the world is coffee coloured. We may be getting somewhere when that happens.’ Am I a Fascist because I think those words, if correctly reported, terrible, and that the Will of God is that He made some white, and some black, and that He meant it that way, and not willed a coffee-coloured humanity?

What has happened in the European nations to make such sane, Christian sentiments as those expressed by Rev. Blagdon-Gamlen an anathema to the ruling elites in both church and state? The satanic revolt has come to fruition; that is what has happened. Satan strikes back at God by effacing His image in man. But it is only the European man that Satan is interested in destroying. The colored tribesmen have always belonged to Satan, except when the much-maligned whites have snatched a few colored souls from Satan’s grasp, so he attacks God by effacing His image in the European people. It seems as though he has succeeded, but if I still see the face of Jesus Christ in the culture of the antique Europeans then there must be others who see that sacred image as well.

Our Lord prefers a few over many when His people go into battle against the heathen. Gideon was told to cut his army down to a chosen few before he led them into battle against the Midianites. We few, we Christian Europeans, should cut our numbers as well, because “Christians” of the new age are on the side of the liberals. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Roman Catholic clergyman who views the Church documents as interpreted by the Pope as God’s truth, or whether it is a Protestant clergyman who views the Bible as interpreted by him as God’s truth. Both men view reason, unconnected to the source of all true wisdom, the human heart, as the final arbiter of revelation. ‘Tis not so, ‘tis not so. The reality of our history as a people and our own personal histories tell us something quite different. No human mind, no matter how great, has ever comprehended God. But millions upon millions of European people with hearts of flesh have known the living God. The wizard ‘Reason’ and his twin brother ‘Science’ have lured the Europeans away from the living God, the God of the hearth fire who comes into our hearts through our love of our kith and kin. The wizards have led the Europeans to the African jungle where the dark gods dwell. The liberals progressed to the negro gods by the usual pathway to Satan, by the path of intellectual pride. We know the litany: ‘Primitive man believed that God was lightning and thunder because he was very superstitious. Then came ethical man, the Christian, who invented an anthropomorphic God who was kind and gentler than the gods of the primitive man.’ Then came science and rationalism. They were to be man’s final gods.(1) But they couldn’t sustain mankind, so the liberals, without abandoning reason and science, added a personal god to their impersonal duo of science and abstract reason. Enter the negro, and all was right. The negro, buttressed up by reason and science, has become the focal point of the liberals’ hatred for the light of Christian Europe and their love of Satan’s kingdom of darkness.

It is not only the secular utopians who are possessed by the spirit of Robespierre, the ardent opponent of capital punishment who killed thousands in the name of “the people,” it is also the Christian utopians such as John Paul II and Francis Schaeffer, who are possessed with a demonic utopian spirit. In order to build their perfect Christian world, they were willing to jettison the European people. But how can we live if we contemn our origins, the people who taught us to love and cherish the living God? And what type of intellectualized monster calmly stands by while his own people are slaughtered in the name of an abstract god who shares center stage with the abstract negro gods? Certainly not a Christian European. Don’t be deceived by the fancy dress up parties of the John Paul II’s and the scripture-quoting evangelicals such as Francis Schaeffer (“The devil can quote scripture to his purpose”). They, like their spiritual counterpart, the devilish Robespierre, are so taken up with their theories about God that they have totally forgotten His nature. He is a God who imparts to human hearts. If you damn all those people who have a heartfelt connection to their own race and their own familial hearth fire as racists outside the ken of humanity, then you have effectively cut not only the European people off from God, but you have also cut off the colored people from God, because their racial history and the Bible tell us that the colored tribesmen need the white people to be their conduit to the living God. So who is being served by Christian utopianism, which condemns the Christian Europeans for their racism and defies the noble savage? No one is being served except the egomaniacs who love their abstract theories of God while denying the living God and condemning His people.

There has been no Christian counterattack against either the secularized Jacobins or the Christian Jacobins. It is primarily the atrocity story that is used to keep Christians in line, particularly the pre-Civil War atrocity stories and the white South Africa atrocity stories. But such stories, when they are not entirely made up, which is generally the case, are never placed where they belong. They are aberrations, unlike the real life atrocities committed in black states which are an intrinsic part of black rule.  Did the South African whites approve of brutality against the blacks? Did the Southern aristocrats, as a whole, countenance brutal, senseless acts of violence against their black slaves? In both cases the answer is no. And if you’re a white person and do not believe that the white South Africans and the white Southerners, being Christian, did not nobly adhere to the code of chivalry when dealing with the lesser breeds without the law, I want to know why you don’t believe in their nobility. Why would you believe the worst about your own people? I think I’ve lived long enough in Liberaldom to answer that question. It is because of intellectual pride. The liberals want to believe that they are better than the antique Europeans. And since they can’t match them in courage, fidelity to the cross of Christ, or charity toward their fellow men, they, the liberals, call their cowardice ‘enlightenment,’ their apostasy becomes the new, purer Christianity, and their lack of charity towards their own people is considered virtuous to the highest degree, because one must, if he loves the negro, hate the white man with his whole heart, mind, and soul.

St. John tells us that if we say we love God but hate our brother we are liars. So let us call the liberals, those self-professed lovers of humanity, whether they are inside or outside the church, what they are. They are liars, they hate their white brothers, their own people, and they hate their God, who lives at the racial hearth fire of the Europeans who still keep a place for Him there. And they hate in the name of the negro. All sins can be washed away if you love the negro. Are such creatures fit to govern us? Macduff supplies the answer: “Fit to govern? Not fit to live!”

The existentialist writers in France in the middle of the 20th century claimed to have discovered that existence precedes essence. But they didn’t discover existentialism. Our people, the Christian Europeans, were the true existentialists. Their God entered human hearts and shattered all the universalist philosophies forever. Christ was the existential God: He was incarnate in human hearts. Why the birth in a stable, why the death on the cross? Why did Christ do all those human things if it was not to impress upon us that we can only know God through our humanity? The people who took the incarnate God into their hearts, our people, the antique Europeans, should not be singled out for extermination because of their racism, they should be singled out as the shining light of the world because they bore witness, through their fidelity to the cross of Christ and the people of their own racial hearth fire, to the living God.

This black plague of the soul that the white man is suffering from has done more damage to the European people than all the natural plagues and all the wars they have ever suffered through. This plague has taken away the white man’s soul, he has given up his spiritual life in order to receive the blessing of the cosmic utopians who promise him a place in their multi-racial utopia. But it is a lie, put forward by the king of liars. There is no place being prepared for the white man in the liberals’ gilded palace of colors. Far better to cling to His promise: “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”

In the Gospels when the woman with the issue of blood touched Christ, He felt a healing power go out from His person. When He asked who had touched Him, the apostles were confused because many people had touched Him. But only one person had touched Him spiritually. She believed in Christ, she believed in His power to heal, and spiritually she called on Him by name. When the church men set up a rational system that places a liberal Christ figure in a subordinate position to the negro gods of the secular liberals, there is no real contact between Christ and the Europeans. They have ceased to call on Him by name. The old hymn tells us that there is power in the blood of the Lamb. Yes, there is, but only if we are men of blood determined to keep the channels of grace open. If we leave our racial hearth fire and allow the colored stranger to destroy it, we will not have a place for Him to dwell. We will be left out in the desolate wastes with the carrion birds groaning for burial.

It starts with a vague feeling of disgust and then builds to a passionate hatred. Some men, those who hold sacred Europe in their blood, cannot stomach the new Christ-less world order of the liberal Jacobins. Though they are buffeted by the strong winds of Liberaldom and attacked from within and without by the liberal pestilence and the colored barbarians’ arrows, the remnant band, the Europeans who have called on Him by name, will be the leaders who restore Europe. Death-in-life liberalism will perish, but His people will survive, because they have called on Him from the depths, and He has heard their prayer. +


(1) The chief difference between the neo-pagan liberal and the mad-dog liberal is that the neo-pagan wants to stay with science and reason only, while the mad-dog liberal has realized the need for a personal God, which is why the mad-dog liberals have trumped the neo-pagan liberals. Only Christ can conquer negro worship, the science and rationalism of the neo-pagans is helpless against it.

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