Cross & Sword

Firmer he grasp’d the Cross of strife,
Until the opposing bank he gain’d.—

Walter Scott


In our beleaguered Western fortress we are not only closely infested from without but increasingly infested from within. To triumph we shall need all our courage and wits about us – and our own wits, not somebody else’s wits. A brainwashed man is as much shamed as a violated woman; more defiled than the defiler. He is like a mentally circumcised Janissary in the forefront of the battle against his own white Christian kith and kin. – Anthony Jacob


There are currently no mainstream news outlets that are not in favor of the extermination of the white race. Fox News merely differs with its liberal rivals over the amount of megaton bombs to drop on non-democratic Arab nations and the tax rates. The survival of the white race is not their concern. It has been thus for quite some time, at least since the 1960s: the news media is against the white Europeans even though they themselves are white Europeans. What has changed is the availability of information about the techno-barbarian and colored war against white people. There is currently much more information, via the internet, about the colored onslaught on the white race than there was in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. And yet, despite the greater availability of information about white genocide, the situation of whites has deteriorated mightily since the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Why?

The first reason is that white people are much more thoroughly indoctrinated with a sense of their own worthlessness than they were fifty years ago. When a white hears of colored atrocities against whites he – if he is a liberal – rejoices in the violence and labels it “good violence,” in contrast to bad violence which would be white retaliation against black savages. If a white is a grazer, he doesn’t rejoice in the colored atrocities against white people, but he does acquiesce to them because he has been trained to treat such atrocities as acts of God – the black god – whose ways are inscrutable and not to be questioned. The grazer simply hopes that he will be spared the fate of the slaughtered white cattle that used to graze next to him in the pasture.

The second reason that white genocide speeds steadily onward despite the greater availability of information about black atrocities is because human beings are very herd-like. They need someone to lead them. If the white grazers still trust the many headed hydra of Liberaldom – church, state, press, government – or even if they just trust one head of that many headed hydra, they will not be able to put the information about black-on-white crime to any use. Take the church-going grazer, for instance. Some years back a man of my acquaintance experienced one of those all too familiar negro-induced tragedies. His young son was shot and killed in front of his own house by some black barbarians who just wanted to kill a white boy. Once his son was buried, the father, his older sons, and a few of his friends wanted to kill the black scum that murdered his son. But the parish priest intervened. “You must forgive, you must understand their rage, etc…” The outraged whites were pacified, the young white boy was unavenged, and colored barbarities increased in the neighborhood of the murdered white boy. That story was told to me, with pride, by the liberal priest who talked the white men out of violent retribution. White grazers will make irreverent jokes about clergy, psychiatrists, military leaders, professors, politicians, and news men, but in the end they have a great deal of respect for such authority figures. And if those in authority do not see anything wrong with white genocide then the white grazers will not see anything wrong with white genocide, no matter how many atrocity stories appear on the internet.

Isn’t it good to respect authority; isn’t that the mark of the white man, that he respects the laws of his nation? No, blind respect for the powers that be, independent of their respect for the European people and their Christian faith, is not the mark of the white man. It is the mark of a coward, a dishonorable wretch and a loathsome toady. George Fitzhugh’s remarks are apropos:

Neither individuals nor societies can govern themselves, any more than the mouse can live in the exhausted receiver, or the clown lift himself by the lapel of his pantaloons. The South is governed by the necessity of keeping its negroes in order, which preserves a healthy conservative public opinion. Had the negroes votes, the necessity would be removed, because the interest of the governing class would cease to be conservative… We are the friend of popular government, but only so long as conservatism is the interest of the governing class.

It is quite obvious that the governing classes throughout the European nations are not interested in conserving the Christian traditions and culture of the European people, nor are they interested in conserving the European people. Quite the opposite is the case. The governing classes of the European nations are concerned mainly with the destruction of every last remnant of old Europe, including the white-skinned Europeans that are still left there. That they desire the complete annihilation of white Europeans is no longer kept a secret by the governing classes of Europe. Politicos such as Lord Mandelson tell us outright that they want to supplant the white Europeans and replace them with colored barbarians.

Is this a governing class that should be supported? It seems obvious to me that a governing class that wants the blood of its people should suffer the death that they seek to inflict on their people. Of course the liberals do not consider themselves as traitors to their people, because they do not look on white people as their people. They have only one people: the colored people of the earth. It is the duty of every liberal, and there are no non-liberals in the governing classes of the European nations, to work for the extermination of the white race.

If simply supplying white grazers with the information about black on white crime is ineffective, what will be effective? There is only one effective remedy for white genocide – white men must love their people. Until the spiritual obstruction which makes the white man incapable of love is removed from white hearts, the blood-soaked colored tide will continue to engulf and destroy the white race.

If it was simply a physical blockage of an artery, something that could be removed by an experienced surgeon, then we could have a quick fix. But a spiritual blockage of the arteries cannot be easily remedied. The men or women who have the blockage cannot see or feel it, so they go along with their lives, oblivious to the fact that their hearts are devoid of that spirit which makes them human beings instead of cattle. They must reclaim their hearts, because cattle just allow themselves to be passively led along to the slaughterhouse.

There is no doubt that the Catholic priests and the Protestant ministers of the Gospel of Christ have led and continue to lead white people to the slaughterhouses where black barbarians kill them without one touch of remorse or guilt. As cattle to the slaughterhouse professionals, are white people to their black gods who slay them for their sport. It’s no good to rescind the Europeans’ covenant with Christ in order to free them from their suicidal state of somnolent passivity in the face of evil, because in point of fact the Europeans’ current state of moral paralysis is the result of their broken covenant with Christ. Theologians are not God’s anointed. They stand athwart the path to God, which leads through the labyrinth of the human heart, and tell the Christian pilgrims that God is not to be found at the hearth fires of a man’s kith and kin, but in the abstractions of the theologians who know God through nature. Once the pilgrim steps away from the thorn-laden, arduous path through the labyrinths of the human heart and accepts the theologians smooth and easy way to God, he is on the road to suicidal death-in-life somnolence. Men of heart, Christian men who have seen Christ in the hearth fires of their kith and kin, in contrast to the hell-stoked rationalist fires of Unitarian theologians such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, do not suffer their kith and kin to be exterminated just because their local clergymen tells them that white people do not exist as a people or that the Christian concept of sacrificial love entails the base betrayal of one’s own kind.

We must apply the “you ride with them” principle to the church-going anti-European “Christians,” if we want to get past the mere reporting of the black atrocities against whites and move to a counter-revolutionary attack on the negro-worshipping liberals and their colored gods. Our Lord cut through all the Pharisaical red tape when He told us:

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

The false Christians found that loving one’s God with one’s whole heart was difficult. So they decided merely to affirm Him with their minds. Then, in the name of their abstract God, the false Christians invented an abstract neighbor to love. It is difficult to actually love our real neighbors, our kith and kin, because they are not perfect creatures who let us ‘help’ them so we can feel an ego-maniacal rush. ‘Better to love an abstract negro neighbor than my actual neighbor,’ says the treacherous, self-deceiving, spiritually bankrupt modern clergyman. So long as the European remains in spiritual servitude to such creatures, creatures who advise a man to hate his own kind in the name of an abstract, false Christ figure of their own invention, he will remain in a state of spiritual somnolence, incapable of responding to the fiery cross which bids him rise and ride in defense of his kith and kin. But once the white man renews his covenant with His people and the Christ who imparts to human hearts, not one single institution of negro-worshipping, Jacobin Europe will be left standing. +

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