The Liberals’ Kingdom of Malice

Still, it is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invaders’ hearth. – Winston Churchill


When Shylock refuses Bassanio’s offer of ten times the original amount of his loan, Bassanio says, “If this will not suffice, it must appear, That malice bears down truth.” And of course that is what is ultimately decided:

For it appears, by manifest proceedings,
That indirectly and directly too,
Thou has contriv’d against the very life
Of the defendant; and thou has incurr’d
The danger formerly by me rehears’d.
Down therefore and beg mercy of the Duke.

We can and must say the same thing to the liberals and the colored barbarians which Portia said to Shylock. It is obvious by manifest proceeding, that indirectly and directly too, the liberals and the colored barbarians seek to exterminate the white race. We should regard anyone who tries to convince us otherwise as our enemy, because it is not possible to say, “I didn’t realize civil rights meant the extermination of the white race,” or, “We are simply treating black people as children of God, what could be wrong with that?” Those who do not see the maniacal hatred the liberals and the colored barbarians have for the white race, which is manifested every day in the streets of the European and American cities and in the daily newspapers and media outlets of every European and American city, do not want to see because they are in sympathy with the ongoing slaughter of white people. The whites who laud and encourage the extermination of white people and the whites who “forgive” the slaughter of white people in the name of a new Christianity heretofore unknown to the Europeans, view themselves as the elect who will be spared the fate of the racist non-elect.

The liberals have a death wish: they wish for your death and mine, not their own. No one, be he priest, minister, or born-again zealot, can claim to be Christian who chooses to ignore the colored onslaught against the white race, or, worse yet, who chooses to countenance the extermination of the white race. Our Lord said that we were not to be deceived by false messiahs. Isn’t the Christ figure of the universalists a false messiah? Would Christ really countenance the massacre of the white race? Would He approve of negro worship? We are facing a new religion, under the guise of an improved and purified Christianity, in which white people are the original sinners, an elect shall be saved, and the negroes and the lesser gods of color are the gods who must be appeased with blood. Need I run through the now familiar litany of blood? The torture murder of Jonathan Foster is always before our eyes as the sign of the manifest evil of the colored barbarians and the satanic nature of the new Churchianity that countenances that evil.

It is not up to us to judge the souls of the mad-dog liberals and the new order of Christians who go along with the mad-dog liberals, but it is up to us to judge and condemn the religion of liberalism and the deeds of those who act upon liberal principles, as well as those who lend support to any part of the liberal agenda. Burke laid bare the spirit of liberalism when he said the French Jacobins sought to attack God by defacing His image in man. The defacing process has been going on for centuries. Has it reached its lowest, most debased form now that the negro man-god has replaced the God-Man? Who can say? All we know is that what the secular liberals and the new-church Christians hold to be sacred is from the devil. What reason created, reason cannot cure. Only hearts of flesh can cure the white man’s sickness unto death.

I recently read that Harvard University was going to allow a satanic black mass to be said on campus and that the State of Oklahoma has authorized a satanic statue to be erected next to a Ten Commandments display in the State House. I think such overt support of Satanism is proper, because all our major institutions are satanic in everything but name so why not put the correct name on the satanic rites of the European people? Whatever is above ground in the European nations is satanic. The old Europe only exists in the underground of the soul. There are still some white men who privately, in their hearts, reject all the liberals’ satanic agenda. The liberals fear such men might exist, so they are ever watchful, ever vigilant, and prefer to attack those innocent of any white sympathies, such as the billionaire Jew who uttered a “racist” remark, rather than risk letting a single guilty racist slip through their fingers.

But looming over and against the Kingdom of Liberaldom is the Christ of the antique Europeans. The tragedy of life is that we mortal men must die. If we don’t carry the image of the true Christ in our hearts during our lives, how can we hope to see Him at the hour of our death? There are deathbed miracles, but if we all forsake the God of our ascending race what will happen to the God who comes to us via the human heart? If we don’t seek Him we shall not find Him now or at the hour of our death.

That life is a journey toward something magnificent is embedded in the folklore of all people. But that life is a journey of the soul toward Someone, a God of infinite love and mercy, is uniquely European. Why do the liberals want to destroy that European vision and replace it with a new vision of a world that is built on hatred, a world without charity or mercy, moving ever onward to nothingness? The liberals’ wish for a consummation, a consummation of nature and nothingness, is born from the same maniacal hatred of Jesus Christ that motivated the swine to plunge headlong off the cliff. And the church men who want to fuse negro worship and Christianity are siding with the devilish swine against Christ.

Burke correctly labeled the devil as the first liberal. And what is the modus operandi of the devil? He uses his abstract reason to separate men from their filial loyalty to God. When the great scholastic separated reason from original sin, he was cutting the ties that bind us to the living God. Reason, as Taine so eloquently put it, supports the passions of our hearts, but it does not replace them.(1) Separate reason from original sin, and reason runs amuck. Every evil under the sun can be countenanced because it is rational and therefore good. Love is from the heart; it is irrational, so it must be evil, but fornication is rational and natural, so it must be good. Liberals instituted cradle-to-grave sexual freedom, because it is rational to allow nature to have full sway. And since the negro is the most natural of all men on earth, it is reasonable and correct to worship the negro and allow him to indulge his natural appetite for blood and sex. From the liberals’ point of view, negro worship is a faith that reconciles reason and nature. Hence the liberals’ hatred for the people who claim there is a God above nature, whose love transcends reason.

European civilization was based on a provincial God of a provincial people. True faith is always at war with universalism because there is no depth of feeling in a universal faith. The great lovers of humanity in the aggregate – the Robespierres, the Trotskys – are always great haters of individual human beings. Our universal kingdom of heaven on earth is supposed to be the most advanced, the most humane civilization ever, based on the universal principles of a Coke commercial. Yet babies are aborted, the blood red tide of color is obliterating the white race, and the church men sing hosannas to the great, universal god of color. If the European people had not been systematically de-souled during the past century, they would not be able to live in a world so devoid of spiritual sustenance. As it is now, they are not living. The liberals live second-hand lives through the negroes, and the grazers graze on the various anesthetizers, such as blood sports and porno, which the liberals provide.

What kind of ideology can sustain a people only if the people do not fully conform to it? Liberalism says there is no incarnate God, and yet liberals bow down before the negro god. Liberalism tells us that death is natural, we need not weep over a pain-free death, and yet my mad-dog liberal sister wept at my father’s death bed. Why weep for an accumulation of atoms? And why, since what is provincial is evil and what is universal is good, do liberals encourage the grazers to become passionately connected to “their team”? The emperor has no clothes: the liberal utopia is based on a lie, the unreality of a rational, natural, guilt-free world, devoid of Europeans who worship the living God, the God of charity and mercy. The consistent liberal will go off the cliff with the swine, because liberalism is a satanic negation of everything good and pure and noble.

Whoever bids us leave our racial hearth fire, even if they wear clerical garb, to warm ourselves at the stranger’s hearth fire is bidding us warm ourselves at the devil’s fires of hell. We are not permitted to sup with or seek comfort from the devil.  The liberals have flown their colors. They hate with the malice of Satan. We need to fly our sovereign’s colors, the Sovereign whose love transcends reason and nature. +


(1) In every doctrine which wins men over to it, the sophistry it contains is less potent than the promises it makes; its power over them is greater through their sensibility than through their intelligence; for if the heart is often the dupe of the head, the latter is much more frequently the dupe of the former. We do not accept a system because we deem it a true one, but because the truth we find in it suits us. Political or religious fanaticism, any theological or philosophical channel in which truth flows, always has its source in some ardent longing, some secret passion, some accumulation of intense, painful desire to which a theory affords an outlet…  -Taine

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