The Black Plague

But you are now looking at the England within England, the real England, just as this is the real Narnia. And in that inner England no good thing is destroyed. – The Last Battle


Life is good in the old Western films of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. The heroes are the white men who follow the code and keep the bad whites who do not follow the code and the colored barbarians who hate the code of the white man in line. Because the code is bred in the bone of the white cowboy heroes they don’t talk about it much. But it’s there, and it must be adhered to. In one of his magnificent later westerns, The Tall T, the great Western star, Randolph Scott, is taken prisoner by two white bad men and a half-breed. The head of the outlaw band “never dropped a hammer on a man” himself, but he lets his two henchmen do what killing needs to be done. Despite the fact that he plans on letting his henchmen kill Scott’s character, the head villain desires to separate himself in the hero’s eyes from the other two. “I’m not like those two,” the outlaw declares.

Scott’s character replies, “You ride with them.”

Well said. The Western hero has the poet’s gift of saying much with few words. Scott’s reply to his villainous captors (needless to say Scott turns the tables on his captors and kills them) is our reply to the forgiving Pope Johns of the white-hating Christian world, who tell us they are “full of grief” when whites are tortured and murdered by black barbarians but have only “loving charity and forgiveness” for the murderous black barbarians. Is this the type of charity that St. Paul writes about in 1st Corinthians 13? Hardly. Pope John’s concept of charity comes from the devil, and St. Paul’s comes from Christ. We can’t let the clerics and their soul-dead adherents deny responsibility for the torture murders of whites because they don’t actually wash their hands in the blood of the white victims, as the black barbarians do. “You ride with them, and my people’s blood is on your hands,” is our reply to the loathsome spawns of Satan who torture and murder by proxy.

There never was a proposal to exterminate the white race placed on any of the ballots in the democratic nations of European origin. And yet the extermination process is proceeding at a rapid pace. On the Brown vs. Topeka holy day of last week, we were treated to solemn black faces and solemn white faces scolding us and telling us that there were still some classrooms in the U.S. that were not diverse. Translation of that euphemism: “There are still a few white communities left. We must destroy them.” Don’t expect to see a place on your next ballot where you can vote against the extermination of the white race. That process is a given. All you’re permitted to vote for is the overseers of the extermination process.

What is occurring throughout the European nations is a horrific reenactment of the black death which claimed the lives of over one-fourth of the European people. But the medieval plague came in the form of a germ that was part of the material world. This new plague is of the soul. The executioners are very real and material, but the moral paralysis of white people, which renders them defenseless against the black barbarian plague, comes from a deeply rooted sickness of the soul. Is it a sickness unto death? Yes, it is.

An essential part of the extermination process is propaganda. We are constantly deluged with chants of “white privilege.” And many public schools feature anti-white privilege days (isn’t every day an anti-white privilege day?) where white students must do special acts of atonement for their whiteness. Some young whites, far too many, follow the anti-white advice given and take it to the logical conclusion. They commit suicide in order to save the black barbarians the trouble of murdering them. The liberals inwardly rejoice at the white suicides while the “Christian” pastors are full of “grief and sorrow” but never connect the alarming white suicide rates with their anti-“racist” diatribes and corresponding negro worship. But how could it be otherwise? We send white children to indoctrination factories, public and private, that are worse, much worse, than the old communist educational preserves. No wonder that right wing nationalist groups fail to stir up any righteous indignation or anger with their atrocity stories about black on white crime. To indoctrinated whites, the murder of white people is seen as justified “payback” for white crimes against the sacred colored races. They just keep on grazing until their time comes or commit suicide before their time comes.

Authors such as Ainsworth and Defoe have given us an inside look at the black death of Europe. Both authors mention a general, but not total, lapse in faith and corresponding lapse in morality during the plague. It is hard to believe in a loving God when the black death is an ever-present reality. And great charlatans appeared, promising deliverance from the plague if men would only adhere to their false vision of God. It’s a wonder that a few heroes of the inner life stayed faithful.

During our modern black plague, the charlatans are the church men. They tell white church-goers that they will be saved if they adhere to the church men’s vision of a new Christ who died on the cross so He could one day be supplanted by the great negro gods, the true lords of the earth. Only a few, of the same spiritual mettle as the faithful few during Europe’s other black plague, will remain constant while in the midst of this modern black plague. Churchianity will pass away, but His word will remain.

The rape, torture, and murder of white people at the hands of the barbarians of color has become so commonplace that even the most horrific of the atrocities are given no notice in the national news media. But even if the atrocities were reported, there would be no response to them in the white community, because there is no white community. Whites have accepted the Alice in Wonderland logic of the liberals. There is no such thing as a white person when whites try to band together in racial solidarity, but there is such a thing as a white person when liberals want to place the blame for all the evils of the world on a particular race of people.

White privilege? Whites have only the privilege to serve the colored races of the world. Throughout the European nations negro worship and the demonization of the white man is the ruling faith. The few remaining whites whose hearts within them burn at the sight of their people being sacrificed on the altars of negro worship are the whites who will be left to rebuild Christian Europe after the current black plague runs its course. There came a time when the old black plague no longer had the same power it once had. The survivors no longer feared it; most of them had suffered from the disease, some more than once, and they had finally developed an immunity to it. Will such be the case with the modern black plague? After an unremitting deluge of anti-white propaganda and black on white atrocities will the surviving whites finally say, “We have had enough, we are no longer afraid of being called racist. In fact, we welcome the term ‘racist’ – it describes us – we are racist, we love our own kind and we mean to protect and defend them against the liberal techno-barbarians and the savage hordes of color.”

Our starting point is 1st Corinthians 13. That is the European’s creed. The colored shock troops that stand against us are led by the utopians of science and nature: Voltaire, Rousseau, Robespierre, Einstein, Bryon, Shelley, Keats, Shaw, Russell, and every Christian clergyman who abandons the Christ of the European people in preference for a speculative theology that tells us in order to be Christian we must hate our own people and love the negro with all our heart, mind, and soul.

We all die, but if we die while connected to our own people in and through our Lord Jesus Christ, we do not really die. But to die in despair, to die as those who have the sickness unto death, is the fate of all whites who die believing the liberals are right, that there is no such thing as white people as a people. Then there never was a God who became incarnate in the European culture, and the black death is the only reality. Liberals do not ask Christ to come and abide with them. They ask for the comfort of science and the second-hand excitement of communing with the negro gods of nature. As the black plague, the negroization of the European nations, becomes a nightmarish reality with no end in sight, we need to go to the heart of what it means to be a European. So long as we maintain our charity of honor, we shall not be defeated. As we fight to drive every liberal and colored barbarian from the European lands we should remember there is also an eternal Europe, a spiritual Europe, which must be maintained even if this our temporal Europe is consumed by the black death. So long as we believe and act as Europeans, the light of Christ’s Europe will conquer the darkness of the black plague. +

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