The Sentinels of the Lord

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?


I concur with the historians such as Herbert Butterfield, who believed that the scientific revolution occurring between the approximate dates of 1660-1715 was the most significant transition in the history of the European people. Prior to the scientific revolution, the religious debate had been between Christian sects, the Protestant side claiming the Catholics were insufficiently scriptural and the Catholic side claiming the Protestants were breaking up the hierarchical system which Christ had left for the benefit of mankind. But that internecine warfare between Christians was a petty squabble in comparison to the real conflict between the religion of science/nature and the religion of the God-Man. Was the natural world, which could be dissected and examined, the real world or was it only the outward manifestation of a spiritual world created by a God who took flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ? From that time on, the period of the scientific revolution, the war began. The post-Christian Europeans, the men whose ancestors heard and believed, reared their ugly heads and rejected Christ for the natural world revealed by science. The pseudo-intellectual verbiage of Voltaire and Rousseau and the pseudo-poetical garbage of Byron and Shelly all amounted to one naturalistic attack on Christ’s reign of charity. What kind of man prefers impersonal nature to the Christ who presides over and above nature? What kind of man works with might and main to destroy the incorporate union between God and the Europeans? The answer: a man who has given his soul to Satan.

The Christian churches’ reaction to the scientific revolution was always one of compromise, but compromise on one side, the Christian side, and never on the side of science. Science kept claiming more and more of the spiritual realm until there was virtually no spiritual realm left in the churches. By the latter half of the 20th century the church men merely gave the new natural religion with the sacred negro as its focal point their blessing and begged leave to hold on to the old buildings and their tax-exempt status.

Nowhere was the schism between atheistic science and Christianity more pronounced than in France of the 1700’s. The French Revolution was the manifestation of that schism. Only Burke saw the spirit behind the French Revolution. He knew that the battle was Christian Europe against a new utopian religion based on science, naturalism, and reason. Halfway-house Christians failed to see the satanic nature of the new religion while the liberals such as Dr. Price and Priestly openly followed the new philosophy of nature and reason in which Christian monarchs and the Christian faith were regulated to the garbage heap of history.

The poison took a long time to spread, and there were Christian counter-attacks. In the late 18th century Walter Scott took up the cudgels for true romance, the romance of the Christian faith, and in the 19th century the Christian counter-revolution to utopian naturalism was even stronger. There was Scott, who bridged the latter half of the 18th century and the early half of the 19th century, and there was Austen, Dickens, Tennyson, Browning, Thomas Hughes, Ian Maclaren, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Thomas Nelson Page, to name a few. Those authors articulated a faith that was still alive in the hearts and souls of the European people. A clean, pure faith still existed as something more than a shadow on the wall that fades from sight as soon as you try to get near to it to ascertain its reality.

By the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of t he 21st century, the forces of scientific naturalism had gained total ascendancy over the European people and made Christianity an irrelevancy to the great majority of Europeans and a thing of ridicule to the intelligentsia. If the Christian faith is false, then its irrelevancy and its lack of adherents in positions of leadership is not a tragedy. But has the Christian faith been proven false? Why do Newton’s laws of motion or Einstein’s theory of relativity make Christ’s resurrection from the dead an impossibility? It is because Christ’s incarnation and resurrection contradict what we know, from a scientific standpoint, about what is natural. It is natural that we die and we rot; that is the way of nature. Has anyone ever observed a dead man rise? There does not seem to be any empirical, scientific evidence of such a phenomenon. But there was once a time – we were very young – when we did not regard the natural world as the sum total of existence. Buried in the mists of time is a people who saw a different reality. They looked on the natural world as a pale mirror of a greater spiritual world that was within. Which brings us back to our present reality, the reality of the maniacal hatred of the liberal technocrats and the black savages for the white race. A ‘this world only’ kingdom of the negro cannot be built if Europeans love their own kind with a love that passeth the understanding of the scientific, empirical mind. Such a love can withstand the onslaughts of the liberal technocrats and the colored barbarians. But if you kill the Europeans’ feeling of pietas by redirecting it to a universalist compost heap, you will have effectively killed the Europeans, and by doing so you will keep the dear Christ out and the negro in.

There are still Christian churches everywhere, and the Christ story is told at Christmas and Easter. But this new ‘Churchianity’ is a naturalized Christianity. Christ is a quasi-divine, mythic figure to the grazers and a second-class social worker to the liberals. We can’t love such a Christ as the true God because He is not a God who enters human hearts. Our heart belongs to our kith and kin; if a universalist Pied Piper tells us to leave our kith and kin for his universalist candy land, we shall not heed him, because such a Pied Piper god cannot be the true God. The God of our people, the people of the European mists, is Christ the redeemer, not Christ the Pied Piper of universalism or a fusion of Carl Jung and Nelson Mandela.

The liberal and the neo-pagan tell us that Christ be not risen, so let’s redefine Him as a negrophile (so says the liberal), or let’s jettison Him (so says the neo-pagan). But the halfway-house Christians tell us something different. They want a happy blending of negro-worshipping liberalism and Christ the Redeemer Christianity. What is wrong with that? What does race matter so long as we worship the Lord? It matters because our race is our spiritual backbone, and without it we cannot stand upright for long. My grandfather, born in the latter half of the 19th century, was an old school European. He grew up in a small, provincial, coal town where everyone was white and held what would now be considered racist opinions. My grandfather was not deceived during the 1960s by the ‘new, improved’ Christianity that was being spouted from the pulpit. His faith remained fundamental and provincially racist in that he did not equate faith in Christ with race-mixing and white genocide. (1)

My father was decidedly more liberal than my grandfather. He considered himself a liberal for most of his life. He loved his father but always denigrated his father’s racism and his Christian provincialism. Toward the end of his life, my father, having accepted the fusion of Babylon and Christianity, started to revert back to his father’s faith. The cause? He witnessed the implementation of the last phase of Babylonian Christianity, which starts with race-mixing, proceeds to feminism, and ends with the acceptance of homosexuality. That last phase of the new Christianity was too much for my father. He started using ‘liberal’ as a pejorative term and taking seriously the ‘mythic’ parts of the Bible that he had formerly scoffed at. By the end of his long life, he believed as his father believed. In my view, from inside and from outside that father-son relationship, it was my grandfather’s racial backbone, his refusal to betray his race, that gave my father a spiritual home to return to. My father saw no nebulous, remote god of Liberaldom at his deathbed, he saw the European Christ, the Son of the living God.

When my father was a young boy, he was bitten by a rattlesnake. My grandfather took him in his arms and ran with him five miles to the hospital over rough terrain so that the medical staff could administer anti-venom to save his life. And so it happened again at the latter stage of my father’s life. His father took him in his arms and placed him at the foot of the cross so that Christ could take all the liberal venom from his soul and envelope him in His arms. The faith of our fathers, their fidelity to their own people, in and through Jesus Christ, is what sustains the Church of Christ here on earth. God bless the fathers who protect their racial hearth fires. They are the sentinels of the Lord, the true Europeans. +


(1) An old folk tale, which I’ll paraphrase from memory, illustrates the faith of our ancestors who stayed close to their racial hearth fire:

A man dies, along with his beloved dog. He approaches a gate to the next world, and the gate keeper tells him the gate leads to heaven. “You can come in,” the gatekeeper tells him, “but your dog can’t come in.”

“Then I reckon I won’t come in,” the man replies. “What kind of heaven is it where a man has to leave his best friend behind?”

The man proceeds down the road until he comes to another gate. At this gate the man is told that he and his dog are welcome, “because this gate is the gate to heaven.”

“Then why do you let those other people claim their gate is the heavenly gate?”

“Because they help us filter out the bad ones. We don’t want the type of men who would betray their best friend.”

If someone, no matter whether a church man, a teacher, or a psychiatrist, tells us in order to become more Christian, more humane, or more wise, we must abandon the people of our own race, then they are from the devil. Stay close to the faith of our fathers, loving and hating with all your heart.

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