The Return of the Heroic European

O boundless heart, kept fresh by pity’s dews! – John Sterling


I want to use the Gentle Bard as a metaphor for the European people and the power of a spiritual force animated by the King of Kings. At the time of World War I Britain had been the premier nation in Christendom for approximately 200 years. We can point to many visible material things (isolated island, dominance at sea, etc.) that led to the Pax Britannia. But material things must be animated by the spirit. Do we ever give sufficient weight to the animating spirit behind the historical event? The better historians do, many years after the fact, but to discern things of the spirit a man must have something in his heart that allows him to see past the visible material world to the spiritual world above and beyond the material world.

Seen through the eyes of the heart, it becomes apparent that Britain’s preeminence in Christendom was the result of one man’s influence. His heart was in tune with the sacred heart that animated the world, and the spiritual force that such a man possesses can move mountains and make a nation:

Shakespeare’s dust beneath our footsteps lies,
His spirit breathes amid his native skies;
With meaning won from him for ever glows
Each air that England feels, and star it knows;
His whispered words from many a mother’s voice
Can make her sleeping child in dreams rejoice;
And gleams from spheres he first conjoined to earth
Are blent with rays of each new morning’s birth.
Amid the sights and tales of common things,
Leaf, flower, and bird, and wars, and death of Kings,–
Of shore, and sea, and nature’s daily round,
Of life that tills, and tombs that load, the ground,
His visions mingle, swell, command, pace by,
And haunt with living presence heart and eye:
And tones from him, by other bosoms caught,
Awaken flush and stir of mounting thought:
And the long sigh, and deep impassioned thrill,
Rouse custom’s trance and spur the faltering will.

Shakespeare loved his native land, but he didn’t say, “I am going to write some plays that will make England the premier nation in Christendom some 200 years hence.” If that had been his intention, his work would have been worthless. Shakespeare, like every true European, simply tried to express the passion of his heart through the work of his hands. I have often been struck by the Pauline nature of Shakespeare’s work, for like St. Paul Shakespeare is not afraid of the human heart. There are passions therein that can lead a man to damnation, but it is the passion of our hearts – and only the passion of our hearts – that can lead us to Him. Charity never faileth, and that charity which never faileth comes from Christ, who can only be reached through the human heart.

Shakespeare was not one with the theologians, found in the Roman Catholic and the Protestant camps, who told the Europeans they mustn’t be passionate about anything because the passions of the heart lead to damnation. They bade us look to that which was outside of man, to nature, to the cosmos, and to speculative theology. But if we eschew the Shakespearean way to God, through the human heart, we will be alone in the universe. Our touchstone of reality becomes as nothing, as thin air. If God does not have a local habitation in our hearts, we can never know Him intimately enough to call on Him by name.

I have spoken thus much of Shakespeare and the heart in an attempt to redirect the eyes of the Europeans, those who still have eyes to see, toward the Christendom within that is the birthright of every European. Christ is the spiritual animator of Shakespeare and every true European. Once our hearts are reacquainted with that essential part of our spiritual history, the material obstacles that seem so formidable, such as the liberal oligarchy and the massive armies of hostile colored tribesmen, will become obstacles that we are capable of dealing with. As the old hymn suggests, having once been blind, blinded by our materialist eyes, we now shall see through our visionary eyes.

And what shall we see? We shall see that we can’t seek redemption from the devil. We shall see we can’t succeed by forming political parties whose express goal is to secure respect for the rights of white people within multi-cultural Babylon. Such a stated purpose indicates a lack of understanding of the spiritual battle taking place. We are involved in a battle between good and evil. The liberals, who stand with Satan, do not acknowledge the existence of white people as a separate, distinct people with the same rights as the colored tribesmen. The liberals tell us straight out that white people have no rights as a people, except the right to be exterminated. The second materialist flaw in the “I’ll respect your culture and you respect mine” is that the colored tribesmen do not believe in respecting other cultures. Their idea of culture is, “We shall destroy your culture.” This is true of every colored tribe: red, yellow, black, and brown. An awareness of the spiritual battle will allow the European to see that he cannot compromise with the colored barbarians or the liberals. There cannot be just a little bit of race-mixing or just a tiny infusion of colored people into the European nations. There must be no people of color in any of the white nations, because the raison d’être of the liberal-backed colored people is the destruction of white people. The early apologists for race-mixing told us that no harm would come from a small influx of colored tribesmen. Has that turned out to be true? The proof of the liberals’ evil intent behind their friendly words is that they never — once colored mayhem proved their “no harm” theory false — tried to make amends for their mistakes by removing the colored tribesmen from the European nations. Instead, they insisted on more coloreds and less whites, acting as if evil was good and good was evil. And in point of fact that is what liberals believe, that Satan is good and Christ is evil.

The liberals have their own eschatology based on a bastardized Christianity. There is a god, but he is the noble black savage. There is a devil – the white race – and there is salvation for all colored mankind at the end of history when the white man is eliminated. And, as in all utopias, Christian morality is changed to the morality of Satan. I saw an old liberal on the television the other day. Nothing unusual about that. He was getting all teary-eyed over his many battles on behalf of liberalism. “If it wasn’t for liberals,” he intoned, “we wouldn’t have had equal rights for Afro-Americans, women, or gays.” There, in a very concise summary, is the ethos of Satan. Race-mixing opens the door to Babylon and the demonization of white, Christian Europe, which leads to institutionalized sexual depravity in the form of legalized abortion, sexual promiscuity, and homosexuality. Such perversities must be institutionalized in a satanic society, because such things are the bone and sinew of Satania. And they are permitted and lauded, because liberals sprinkle the pixie dust of democracy, diversity, and equality over them.

All of us are called to do what Shakespeare did, whether we ever write a sonnet, paint a picture, or fight at Ashdown. We are called to fight our way through the human heart until we reach that essential core where He resides. In a play by Tennessee Williams titled Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the main character explains to his wife that he drinks until he feels the “click.” At that moment the world he hates doesn’t exist anymore. There is also a click for the European pilgrim of the heart, only it is not an alcohol-induced click. When he has done what is needful, sought the Kingdom of God that is within, something inside him ‘clicks’ and he sees the world of Liberaldom for what it is: the work of the devil. And he then sees Christian Europe for what it was – the work of loving hearts reaching out to their creator. Once the European sees through the eye to the real Europe he will never be “of them” again. He will be of his people and their God.

When a man is of Europe he enters the dear land of storybooks, which is sustained by the animating spirit of all European storybooks, Jesus Christ. If we go through the Europeans’ history, not by way of their philosophy or their scientific achievements but by way of their moral imagination, and see what they saw as morally beautiful, we see the same ultimate vision of moral beauty in the Europeans’ history as we see in the Bible: the sign of the cross, the spirit of above the dust. In contrast, the liberals see beauty in science, in the noble black savage, and in their utopian visions of a Christ-less, Babylonian world devoid of the Light that came into the world to save the world.

Bassanio rejected the gold and silver caskets, because he saw that true beauty, moral beauty, was to be found in the leaden casket, which “rather threat’nest than dost promise aught, Thy plainness moves me more than eloquence.” The ancient Europeans chose the same leaden casket as Bassanio, and joy was the consequence. But just as the walls of a seemingly impregnable fort can deteriorate over time and become weak and accessible to the enemy, so can a spiritual wall built around a people to protect them from the lesser breeds without the law deteriorate over time and become useless in defense when there is no one left who knows why the spiritual walls were built in the first place.

It is my contention that when a European finally feels that “click” he will want to burn Liberaldom to the ground and rebuild the spiritual walls around the people of his own race. Until that moment comes we are not talking about a white counter-revolution, we are talking about a white death march. Currently, when whites protest against any of the liberal atrocities, such as the colored attacks on the whites, legalized abortion, or homosexuality, to whom do they appeal? The very people who institutionalized the worship of negroes, legalized abortion, and gay rights. Look at the history of the European people. Has non-violent protest ever succeeded when used against a hierarchy that had institutionalized what the protesters were protesting against? The answer is no. The British establishment wanted to get out of India, so they didn’t fight Gandhi and his non-violent protesters. It was the same with Martin Luther King Jr’s non-violent protests: the liberal establishment supported negro worship against the local southern authorities. Civil disobedience only works when the powers that be secretly or openly agree with the stated goals of those who break the letter of the law in order to fulfill the spirit of the law. The spirit of British law at the time of Gandhi’s protests was, “Let’s dump the white man’s burden and get the hell out of India.” And the spirit of American law at the time of Martin Luther King Jr’s protest marches was, “Let us make the negro the god of Babylon.”

I go back to Edmund Burke’s impassioned plea to his countrymen. He urged them to fight Jacobinism with the same passion with which the Jacobins fought, but he urged them to fight for a principle diametrically opposed to Jacobinism. The white man must oppose liberals with a Shakespearean passion and in the name of Christ, who was and always shall be the opposing principle to liberalism. Men who have invoked Satan will not be defeated by men who invoke egalitarian democracy: “Please, Mr. Liberal, won’t you grant whites a small piece of the egalitarian pie of life?” or, “I’m protesting so politely and so non-violently, won’t you please stop killing babies?”. Such pleas to the people who have not charity, to the men and women of the hardened hearts, will be of no avail. With them there can be no peaceful diplomatic solution. (1) They have shown their intentions and they are acting upon those intentions. They intend to destroy the white race so that the ethos of racial and sexual diversity will be the ruling ethos in a Babylonian kingdom of Satan. Only when the passionate European, the European with a heart that still lives, awakes from his death-in-life sleep will the reign of the liberals and the colored barbarians end, giving way to the new Europe, which will be like the old Europe in which that charity of honor was at the heart of our culture. +


(1) We can’t literally copy the tactics of successful counter revolutionaries such as the way Nathan Bedford Forrest led Ku Klux Klansmen because circumstances change over time. But we can imbibe the same spirit as our European ancestors who would stop at nothing, provided it did not go against that charity of honor, to protect their people from the liberal Jacobins who sought their destruction. “Whatever it takes, legal or illegal, non-violent or violent, we shall survive as a people.” That should be the passionate vow of all Europeans.

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