The European is the Opposed Principal

Till the justice of the world is awakened, such as these will go on, without admonition, and without provocation, to every extremity. Those who have made the exhibition of the 14th of July, are capable of every evil. They do not commit crimes for their designs; but they form designs that they may commit crimes. It is not their necessity, but their nature, that impels them. They are modern philosophers, which when you say of them, you express every thing that is ignoble, savage, and hard-hearted. –Burke


Whenever an antique European expresses outrage and anger at a liberal-sponsored colored atrocity, such as the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, the response of the liberals and the colored barbarians is, “Cry me a river.” The negro barbarian newspaper columnist who made that remark, after some whites expressed outrage over the torture murders, was simply expressing the collective opinion of the liberals and the colored barbarians: White people are not human beings, and they should be exterminated like vermin. In point of fact, vermin have more of a right to life than white people, because many species of vermin are on the protected list, while no white person is on any protected list. Quite the opposite is the case: white people are on the list to be murdered in the name of diversity.

Liberals do cry their own rivers, they just don’t cry over the same things that antique Europeans do. For example, I saw the liberals cry just the other day. It happened like this: two Mexican parents came to this country on a tourists’ visa. Disregarding their tourist status, they enrolled their little el beano child in the local school. Then something rare and wonderful occurred, El Beano and his parents were deported for violating the immigration laws. This opened up the liberals’ tear ducts, which are dry when babies are murdered in their mothers’ wombs and white people are butchered by Aztec savages. But the liberals won’t have to cry for El Beano for very long. El Beano’s classmates, an assortment of blacks, Mexicans, and Orientals, are sending a petition to The Obama to have El Beano and his parents returned to the United States. Standing in front of a giant poster of Martin Luther King Jr., El Beano’s hard-eyed, feminist teacher was televised saying, “We’re sending the message that a person is still a person no matter what country he comes from.” Hmm, is the child in the womb not a person? Are not white people persons who have a right to not be overrun by Aztecs? No, the hard-eyed feminist tells us. But we are supposed to cry a river because one Aztec child is sent back to live in his native land. And what is so bad about sending El Beano back to Mexico? Shouldn’t Mexico, by the liberals’ doctrine, be heaven on earth? Haven’t we been told ad nauseum that a nation of vital, organic, colored people is good, and a nation with inorganic, tired white people in it is bad? I grant you that the United States is fast becoming a colored nation, but isn’t it better to live in a completely colored nation than in a nation that still has some evil white people in it? So don’t weep for El Beano. Besides, every child, no matter what their color, is better off without an American education. Better to be raised and taught in a regular run-of-the-mill whorehouse than to go through the whoredom of an American education.

The weeping liberal will tell us that the El Beanos of the world need to come to America and other European nations so they can have a better standard of living. “Would you deny them that chance?” Yes, of course I would if I had the power. Why does the liberal, whose heart is hardened against the slaughter of his own people but bleeds over the deportation of the stranger, not ask himself why Mexicans and other colored tribesmen want to come to European countries? It is not because the colored loves Europeans – their murderous behavior upon arrival in the white nations gives the lie to that hypothesis. They come because there is nothing left to loot in their own countries. They persist in thinking that white men somehow stole money from the gods intended for the colored people of the earth. The colored barbarians seem incapable of understanding that white people worked for their wealth, and when a white nation becomes a colored nation, the once wealthy nation becomes an impoverished third world nation. Nor do the liberals, who worship the colored barbarians, grasp that fact. They think everything will go on as before, only better because the white people, such as you and I, will not be around to stop the completion of the new Tower of Babel.

Throughout the Western world, the concern of the liberals is to preserve, defend, and advance the colored races while destroying the white race. It’s as if all the liberals throughout the world have the same script to which they religiously adhere every time a colored atrocity so egregious it cannot be ignored comes to the attention of the mainstream media. When the British soldier was beheaded in public by homegrown Nigerian Moslems, the liberal government officials warned that they would retaliate against any whites who used the “unfortunate” incident to protest against the presence of Moslems in Britain. When the Moslems rioted in Sweden, it was the protests against the rioters that brought down the wrath of the Swedish government. Throughout the European world, it is always the white people protesting against the atrocities of the colored barbarians who are considered the “real danger” to the West. And why is that? Because white people who protest against colored violence impede the onward march to the brave new world of diversity. “Britain must become multi-cultural in order to survive,” Tony Blair proclaimed. And liberals in every nation of Europe make the same proclamation. The reality is quite different from what the diversity-mongers insist on. European nations must become completely non-diverse: they must become completely and wholly white if the European people are to survive. Blair and his ilk when they say European nations must be multi-cultural are referring to the survival of the new Babylonian states that have nothing in common religiously, racially, or culturally with the old European nation states. These new anti-nations, and the people who created them, must be utterly destroyed and replaced with the older traditional European nation states inhabited by white Europeans who reject the new Babylon and adhere to the values and ethos of old Europe.

White conservatives who suggest a “pragmatic” compromise – “We will have a limit on colored immigration” – or – “We will only allow educated, hardworking coloreds into our nation” – do not understand the nature of liberalism. Satan is the driving force behind liberalism. He will not compromise. It is a war to the death, and diversity is his ultimate weapon. Through diversity he defiles the image of God in man and strikes out at the God he hates. The only “pragmatic” solution to the problem of “racial diversity” (which means black dominance) is the moral solution: the defeat of liberalism and the restoration of white, segregated Europe.

Something else always happens, besides the liberals’ condemnation of white protesters, when a colored atrocity too heinous and obvious to be ignored by the media occurs. There is always a group of white conservatives and/or white nationalists who say, “This event will wake the people of ___ up.” Fill in the blank with the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, etc. But the heinous colored bloodletting never does “wake up” white people. Why doesn’t it? It doesn’t wake them up because white people have accepted the satanic premises of egalitarian democracy. Let us go back to Burke again. He fought with might and main to awaken the English people to the horrors of the French Revolution. And he, more than any other man in Britain, helped to turn the English people against Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. But Burke also fought with his whole heart and soul to show the English people and all peoples of Europe that the principles of Jacobinism were still alive and well after Robespierre’s death. In that endeavor he was unsuccessful. He faced the same entrenched support for the democratic egalitarian heresy that the white counter-revolutionary faces today. The more colorful, heinous crimes of the Jacobin-supported mob, be they French sans-culottes or colored savages, are noted and regretted, but the ongoing war against the white European under the banner of liberty, equality, and diversity, is never regretted or condemned. And the regret expressed over the more blatant atrocities is feigned, because the essence of satanic democracy is the hatred of the European. The late Jacobin pope, John XXIII, was a textbook case of satanic, democratic, egalitarian liberalism in action:

It turned out that in Kongolo nineteen missionary priests had been massacred by the Congolese troops, and that African student priests had been commanded to throw the bodies into the river. One of the student priests related that the bodies had been stripped and “their hands cut off, eyes stabbed, and other unmentionable mutilations as well as arrows planted in their bodies.” On hearing of this massacre the late Pope John said his heart was full of grief but that he had “no feeling of hatred – only loving charity and forgiveness.” No doubt he felt the same way about the outrages inflicted on the nuns, forced to dance naked and sing hymns in praise of the Messiah Lumumba before being taken and ravished and subjected to bestial tortures. It appears that nothing, absolutely nothing the black man does will ever open the eyes of the people in Europe. They are determined not to see because if they do see it will mean that they will have to discard their ‘humanism’ and find another philosophy. To deprive them of their liberalism will be like cutting off their hands and feet. – Anthony Jacob

When reading that quote from the satanic Pope John, one thinks of a statement by Edmund Burke, Anthony Jacob’s 19th century counterpart: “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” Pope John did not hate the colored minions of Satan, because he loved democracy more than Christ and Christ’s people. When the European grazers cease to love democracy, they will hate the colored invaders and the liberals who turned the white nations over to the colored strangers. But until the Europeans’ love affair with democracy ends, we will continue to see the endless cycle of “regretful” atrocities, which spawn the “white people are beginning to wake up” theories, which in turn lead to government crackdowns on white protesters and then a return to “business as usual,” which is the destruction of the white race.

The democratic nationalists such as the late John Tyndall of Britain and the late Samuel Francis of the U.S. never came to terms with the egalitarian, democratic rhinoceros in the European living room. The coalition of hardcore liberals and colored barbarians cannot be defeated electorally. The white grazers do not have enough votes to defeat that coalition. So why not end the cycle of futility? Instead of trying to win the liberals over – which cannot be done: did Antonio win Shylock over? – why not attack the liberals’ democratic oligarchy from outside the democratic structure? If the grazers follow our lead, all the better, but if they don’t, we are enough to defend our people and fight for that charity of honor which distinguishes the white man from the colored tribesmen.

The white grazers play by the rules of Jacobin democracy despite the fact it means their destruction. What is so compelling about this unholy ideology that makes men adhere to it, even those men who are being sent to the slaughter houses in the name of democracy, diversity, and equality? French Jacobinism, Russian Communism, and democratic egalitarianism all stem from the same utopian roots. And all utopian states are based on the hatred of non-utopian, Christian Europe. The utopians might be sexually frustrated, like Rousseau; they might be second-rate lawyers, like Robespierre, who feel that the existing world order does not recognize their talents; or they might be power-mad lunatics, like the Jesuits in Paraguay, who feel that only when they control everything can people be truly happy. But whatever the underlying motivation, the utopians must destroy the Europeans’ Christian faith so that their utopia can flourish. A people who believe that life on this earth is inherently flawed because of original sin will not fall prey to utopian schemers who promise paradise on earth. But once faith in Christ diminishes, once the sacred story of mankind’s fall and redemption from sin through Christ is shaken or denied entirely, the white grazer is a reed for every uptopian wind that blows through Liberaldom. Foul becomes fair, and fair becomes foul. The blasphemy of race-mixing becomes benevolent “diversity” and sexual depravity becomes “releasing our inhibitions.”

And all utopian depravities are backed by science: “Perhaps science can give us an inter-racial, sensual, guilt-free world,” the grazer muses to himself. “And if horses were wishes, then beggars would ride,” replies the antique European. Utopias always lead to hell, because all utopias deny the Son of God. It is up to the remnant band of Europeans to stand as a sign of contradiction to democratic, utopian, Babylonian Europe by standing firm for Christian Europe despite the mocking ridicule of the Voltaires and Rousseaus, and despite the menacing spearpoints of the barbarous colored hordes. If we love and hate with all our hearts, eschewing democracy, and holding as naught the laws of Liberaldom, the liberals and their colored allies will not prevail. +

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