The Devils in our Midst

Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war,
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.



The recent public execution in Britain of a British soldier by homegrown Nigerian Moslems is only the beginning of horrors. The spawns of Satan sneered at the horrified onlookers: “Your government won’t protect you.” They are right. Throughout the European world the governments of Europe are inviting foreigners – Mexicans, Negroes, Moslems of all colors, Indians, Orientals, etc. — into their countries to slaughter the whites who live there. No democratic measures will halt the slaughter of whites, which has begun in earnest and will accelerate as the colored hordes grow even more numerous, because coalitions of colored immigrants and satanic liberals will always outvote the confused and terrified grazers. You can’t seek redemption from the devil. He will just sneer at you. The European liberal oligarchies only care about the colored strangers, who they consider to be their people. Whites are the hated aliens who must be exterminated. This is not an exaggeration: the everyday horrors before our eyes, perpetrated by colored savages with heathen faiths, is all the proof we need of the criminal intent of the liberals who have welcomed the spawns of Satan into the European nations.

The more colorful acts of barbarous cruelty, such as the recent public beheading of the British soldier, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom make the news, but most of the inhuman acts of cruelty performed by the colored strangers go unnoticed, because the press doesn’t report them and for one other reason: we have supped full of horrors. What once appeared horrific to the white man now seems normal. “We must expect a certain colored rage because after all…” And, “This is the price we must pay to have a diverse society.”

The satanic liberal governments all have the same formulaic reaction when one of their colored children go a little too public with their blood—letting and are a little too truthful about it. “Your government won’t protect you.” The formulaic reaction is a feigned, half-hearted regret that the atrocity occurred and a stern warning to “racists” that they had better not become violet. “The government will crack down on right-wing extremists.” And who are the right-wing extremists? They are white people who do not think Moslems, negroes, and other savages of color should be allowed to murder white people. That is not an acceptable stance to take, in the opinion of the ruling liberals. White people must be exterminated, and they must not protest against or resist the liberal governments and the colored barbarians who are determined to destroy them. That would be tantamount to resisting the will of God. And the Jacobin god is a savage god who will brook no opposition.

There was a time in the European nations (1965 in the U.S.) when it might have been possible for white men, animated by a love for their kith and kin, to turn back the colored tide by non-extraordinary measures. But that time has passed. We now must adopt extraordinary measures to deal with the incarnation of Satan within the European nations:

It is not a hazarded assertion, it is a great truth, that when once things are gone out of their ordinary course, it is by acts out of the ordinary course they can alone be re-established. Republican spirit can only be combated by a spirit of the same nature: of the same nature, but informed with another principle and pointing to another end. Burke

Therein lies the problem with the European everyman. He is quite genuinely appalled at public executions of white people. But he doesn’t have a spirit that is diametrically opposed to the liberals and equal in its opposed force to the liberals. His principles are the same as the liberals. Having consented to be ruled by Satan, the European grazer wants to reserve the right to protest when Satan becomes too blatantly satanic: “It’s all right to murder, rape, and plunder white people in moderation, particularly those bad whites in South Africa and Rhodesia, but let’s not get carried away.” What an insane protest! Once Satan gains control of a nation, he will not let go of his power unless a greater power than his wrests that power away from him. If we won’t call on that greater power, then we will remain in the Babylonian darkness.

At present the white protests of the extermination of whites are couched in Satan-friendly terms: “We call on all people, white, black, Moslem, and Christian to renounce violence.” “We are not against Moslems, we are against Moslem terrorists.” And on and on it goes. Such pathetic protests are exactly what the liberals want: they ensure that no serious damage to Satania will occur. What the liberals and their colored allies do not want is a genuine, full-blooded, prejudiced response from an integral European. Such a man will realize that all Moslems are terrorists and do not belong in European countries. He will feel the same way about the colored tribesmen: they don’t belong in European countries. It only seems impossible to remove the Babylonian hordes because the Europeans do not have the will to remove them. Once the opposing principle is established in European hearts — and that principle has a name – the Europeans will take the extraordinary measures necessary to make Europe a green and pleasant land again.

Everything of importance that happens to the Europeans for good or evil can be traced back to their acceptance of Christianity. Their civilization stood above and apart from the colored peoples’ anti-civilizations because of their faith in Jesus Christ, who was at the heart of their civilization. And the Europeans are committing suicide now, in the 21st century, because they were once Christian. The Christian faith is a mountain that the colored tribesmen refused to climb. The path to the top seemed too arduous, and they could not see the risen Lord in the clouds at the top of the mountain. Not so with the Europeans. They climbed the mountain and embraced their Lord and kinsman. But every generation of Europeans had to climb the mountain, and the covenant of the mountains had to be renewed in the hearts of each succeeding generation of Europeans. There was not one magic “Pouf – the European people are no longer Christian” moment, but the date 1914 is a significant date. Surely such a hideously destructive, soul killing war within the bowels of Europe indicated that a degenerative, spiritual sickness, a sickness unto death, had taken hold of the European people. And the most visible manifestation of the sickness unto death was the European intellectuals’ hatred of their own race. The subsequent history of the European people, as chronicled by our poets, all points to one conclusion: the Europeans lost their vision of the risen Lord at the top of the mountain.

By the 21st century, the mountain top was seen as a fantasy perpetuated by an evil race of people about to become – and deservingly so – extinct. The mark of the beast which indicated that whites were ripe for slaughter was the mark put upon their foreheads by speculative theology. The Roman Catholic clergy in France prior to the French Revolution were not so much concerned about atheism within their ranks; they were concerned about losing their adherents to other Christian sects. Thus, they let the seeds of religious indifference grow while fighting any attempt, by the laity, to stay close to the God of their ascending race. Every Protestant sect, following the Roman Catholic lead, pursued the letter of their own man-made sectarian law while paying no heed to the heart of the Christian faith, which is a passionate love for the Savior, enkindled at our racial hearth fires. It is no coincidence that as the Europeans abandoned their love of a provincial God they also abandoned their love for their own race. A speculative, universalist God results in a speculative, universalist people who will not have the will to survive as a people: they will succumb to the worst – the liberals and the colored hordes who are full of passionate intensity.

A self-styled leader of the British Nationalists once told me that these were not the times for metaphysical bull—-. But it is because Europeans have no spiritual principle with which to oppose the liberals’ spiritual principles that the Europeans no longer fight for their people. It is the seemingly insignificant things like Dickens’ Christmas Carol and Ratty’s love for his river that enkindle the fire that will stop at nothing, bear any burden, in order to drive the colored heathen from the white nations. These are extraordinary times requiring extraordinary measures. And I don’t see how a European can garner the extraordinary strength necessary to defeat the thoroughly entrenched liberals and their colored allies unless he invokes that extraordinary God of the ancient Europeans, Jesus Christ.

The Christian God comes to us through the blood. If we deny our blood, we deny the God of our blood. The triumph of speculative philosophy within the formerly Christian organizations called churches has led to the triumph of Satan within the churches.

Race mixing and every abomination under the sun are now considered Christian because Christianity has become multi-racial and universal rather than European and provincial. Those “Christians” who tell us that God is a race-mixing universalist need to explain to us why the light died in Europe and in the dark nations (what light they could see) when the Europeans ceased to be a segregated, provincial people. The church of Christ does not consist of buildings or organizations in which the people say, “Lord, Lord”: it consists of His people who know Him through their blood ties to their kith and kin.

They, the liberals, will never be moved by civil disobedience or petitions. In fact, nothing will move them. They have chosen to side with the devil and his people, the colored minions of the Babylonian night. “Your government won’t protect you,” the negro Moslem sneered. Don’t we see and hear the face and voice of the devil when we see the atrocities the colored minions commit and hear their sneering, boastful pride in their cowardly deeds of slaughter? Of course we do. If we are Europeans our blood knows who these colored strangers serve and what must be done to protect our people from them. Every European counter-revolution needs must be provincial and local: no one form fits all nations. But the counter-revolutions must come from the European people and they must be diametrically opposed in their underlying principles to the satanic principles of the rulers of Liberaldom. Above all let us not be reasonable and dispassionate while the colored minions bathe in white blood and Satan laughs triumphantly. +

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