The Prejudiced European

But let us take care. The moral sentiments, so nearly connected with early prejudice as to be almost one and the same things, will assuredly not live long under a discipline, which has for its basis the destruction of all prejudices, and the making the mind proof against all dread of consequences flowing from the pretended truths that are taught by their philosophy. –Edmund Burke


I don’t remember the exact year, but I do remember that I was near the end of my tenure as a police officer when I arrested a negro for simple assault, disorderly conduct and ethnic intimidation. I tacked on the third charge to comply with a new law that had been enacted (we all attended classes in which we were told about the new law) which basically stated that a regular crime, such as a simple assault (a punch in the nose) became a much greater crime if you insulted a person’s ethnicity while committing the crime. The negro I arrested and charged had gone into a coffee shop where a group of white people were, not surprisingly, drinking coffee. Upon entry the negro shouted that he hated all white people. (I’m sanitizing his language.) He then proceeded to kick and hit several of the people in the coffee shop, for which he was arrested and charged.

I thought, because I had checked with a senior officer, I was completely in compliance with the new hate crime laws when I added the ‘ethnic intimidation’ charge. No instructor at any of the classes I attended on the new law had told me that it didn’t apply to the ethnic intimidation of whites. Apparently, as I found out, that was implicit in the law, because the next morning I was told to take out the ethnic intimidation charge and stick to the disorderly conduct and simple assault charges.

I’m sure that minor incident will shock no one who reads kinist web sites. But I mention the incident because it speaks directly to this issue of white genocide.

No colored person is ever guilty of ethnic intimidation. Only whites can be guilty of such a crime. Prejudices are good if they stem from colored peoples’ prejudices against whites, but they are evil if they stem from whites’ prejudices against colored people. The long and short of the whole business of race, as the liberals have set it up, is that the white man is evil, and the colored tribesmen, particularly the blacks, are good. And since prejudice is connected to our moral sentiments, the liberals think it is good that blacks and other colored tribesmen should indulge their prejudices because nothing but good can come from them. And it is wrong for white people to indulge their prejudices since white people are evil. So in order to fight evil we all must fight against prejudice, but only one kind of prejudice, the prejudice of white people.

Every governing institution throughout the European nations, in what was once called Christendom, exists for one purpose: to eliminate the prejudice of white people. This crusade against white prejudice has been a huge success. There are virtually no prejudiced white people left in the European countries. This should make the liberals happy, because after all, does not the end of white prejudice mean that utopia has arrived? Ah, there’s the rub. If the liberals were to concede that white prejudice no longer existed, then what would they do with their lives? Even liberals cannot live on hedonism alone. If there are no prejudiced whites left to hand down prejudiced rulings against Tom Robinson, why would there be any need for Atticus Finch to defend Tom Robinson? And what would a liberal do with himself if he couldn’t play Atticus Finch? No, that just won’t do. The liberals need prejudiced whites to hunt down and exterminate. So they create non-existent prejudiced whites to give them their reason for living.

As is always the case the liberals have completely reversed the proper order of things. It is necessary that whites should regain their prejudices, which are so closely allied to their moral sentiments, and that colored people, whose prejudices are closely allied to their amoral sentiments, should be separated from white society so they can’t indulge their amoral sentiments in favor of murder, rape, and plunder. Such a separation would be a blessed separation, but it will necessitate the removal of the ruling, liberal, godded men and a restoration of the men with European prejudices.

The Europeans are the only race of people who have become a non-people. By removing their prejudices they have removed their moral backbone which kept them upright. Now they crawl on the ground like slimy worms rather than human beings. The prejudiced European preferred Christianity to heathenism, the white over the colored, reverence over sacrilege, charity over cruelty, and honor over dishonor. Without his prejudices the European abandons Christianity, favors the colored over the white, rejoices in sacrilege, despises charity, and institutionalizes the cruel inhuman slaughter of the innocents. All of which makes dishonor his guiding light rather than honor.

The satanically inspired liberals saw that it was only the instinctual European, the man with prejudices, who stood in the way of Satania. So they made it their business to destroy the Europeans’ instinctual life by a constant barrage of propaganda. Substitute the word ‘media’ for newspapers and we see, in the propaganda of the French Jacobins the exact methods of our modern liberal Jacobins:

What direction the French spirit of proselytism is likely to take, and in what order it is likely to prevail in the several parts of Europe, it is not easy to determine. The seeds are sown almost every where, chiefly by newspaper circulations, infinitely more efficacious and extensive than ever they were. And they are a more important instrument than generally is imagined. They are a part of the reading of all, they are the whole of the reading of the far greater number. There are thirty of them in Paris alone. The language diffuses them more widely than the English, though the English too are much read. The writers of these papers indeed, for the greater part, are either unknown or in contempt, but they are like a battery in which the stroke of any one ball produces no great effect, but the amount of continual repetition is decisive. Let us only suffer any person to tell us his story, morning and evening, but for one twelvemonth, and he will become our master.

Haven’t we heard the story of the evil white man and the sacred black savage for an infinitude of years? And what has been the result? The European doesn’t exist as a European. He is the great nothing who only comes to life to serve his master, the oh-so-noble, oh-so-good black savage.

Quentin Compson in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury desperately tries to believe that his father’s nihilistic vision of existence is false. “You don’t know, you can’t know,” Quentin asserts.

“I do know, from the moment tragedy becomes second-hand,” Quentin’s father asserts, with the mathematical finality of death. And when tragedy becomes second-hand, when we abandon our prejudices for the solecisms, we are indeed dead.

The white man committed suicide at the behest of the liberal philosophers, but it was the anti-Christian Christian theologians who left the European everyman naked and defenseless against the liberal Jacobins. The theologians turned the European away from the heart, where his prejudices and moral sentiments resided, and bade him look to the great universal mind of the cosmos. Does wisdom reside in the heart or the head? The prophets, St. Paul, and our Lord Himself told us wisdom resides in the heart. Why then did the theologians bid us disregard the heart?

Satan is delighted when white men fall victim to the Aquinas syndrome. When men view life secondhand, through the prism of speculative philosophy, it doesn’t matter whether they profess to believe in God or not: the end result is Godlessness, because God does not live in speculative philosophy. Rousseau professed to be a good Catholic, yet he espoused a Christ-hating philosophy. How can such a dichotomy exist within a man? Quite easily. When your Christian faith is a speculative faith you can make Christ into whatever type of god you want Him to be. Rousseau made Christ into a god who did not believe in original sin, who sanctioned adultery, and who loved the noble savage. Hmm, that is much like the Christ of the modern liberals.

This speculative sin is the original sin, man’s pride of reason, enflamed by Satan, bids him to break his covenant with his liege lord, his Father and his kinsman, and place all his hopes on a satanically inspired speculative philosophy, “Ye shall not die,” in which God is subordinate to man’s reason and Satan’s will.

Speculative philosophy is death. And it has always been the sacred duty of the European to defy speculative philosophy. From the earliest days of European Christianity there were always the godded men who wanted the Europeans to break their blood covenant, connecting them to the living God, in the name of a “higher loyalty” to a theoretical government presided over by a theoretical God.

Be it known to you, that we consider it our duty to obey and submit to the church of God, to the pope of Rome, and to every good Christian – to love them in every situation and in all circumstances, and to assist all both by word and deed, in becoming children of the Lord. We know of no other obedience to him you call pope, or father, and this we are prepared to render to him and to every Christian for ever. Beyond this, we are subject to the archbishop of Caerleon, who is a guide and an overseer, under God, to direct and keep us in the spiritual path.

A man who severs his blood ties to his people and his God, a man who divests himself of his prejudices, is a nothing man fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. The speculators start out as religious speculators, but they are soon consumed by the more secular, hard-bitten speculators. Look around us today. The modern church men are now mere puppets for the secular, liberal Jacobins. The liberals say ‘dance’ and the church men dance. And it is always the racist tune the liberals play, because the Europeans must be told, night and day, that they must divest themselves of their prejudices. They simply must. Yet it is only the Europeans’ prejudices that can save the Europeans.

The winners write history, so in our modern world the liberal literary critics tell us who is a great author and who is not. They ascribe greatness to men and women of their own ilk, nihilists, degenerates, and Jacobins. Thus Faulkner is a great writer because he writes realistic novels of nihilistic fathers sipping from the whiskey decanter as he urges his son to blow his brains out, while Thomas Nelson Page is deemed, when he is taken note of at all, as a third rate hack who wrote nostalgia pieces about the ‘racist’ South. But if a man sees Christ in and through his blood ties to his kith and kin, and then writes about it, why is he deemed unrealistic and racist? Because unrealistic, utopian Jacobins write literary criticism. And unrealistic, liberal Jacobins govern the European world and command the Europeans to divest themselves of their prejudices so that they can become shadows without substances.

When the white man — and I do not know the day or the hour of this momentous event – regains his prejudices the day of the liberals and the colored jackals will end. In my anti-Martin Luther King Jr. dream I see a cringing, crawling white man coming before a liberal tribunal. The white man begs to be allowed a tiny shack on the outer fringes of Liberaldom. “Request denied. We sentence you to death. Loose the colored hounds on him.”

The white man runs from the colored hounds who are hot for his blood, while the liberal horsemen scream in delight to see the fear-stricken white man running for his life.

Finally, the white man is treed. The colored hounds are in a frenzy, for soon they will have their meal. And the liberals also are enjoying the spectacle, for soon they will see the white man torn to pieces. But an extraordinary thing happened to the white man when he sought out the refuge of the tree. When he put his arms around the tree, memories of his God, who died upon the Holy Rood, and of his people who worshipped that God with their whole heart and soul, came rushing back to him. He was transformed into a man again: he became a man of prejudice, a Goth, “fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart – a Goth.” The white man tore a limb from the tree, which was a tree of life for the white man, and leapt upon his enemies. The hounds fell before him like wheat before the scythe, and the liberals turned their horses around and rode, panic-stricken, back to their liberal dwellings seeking safety. But it was not to be. One man of prejudice spawned other men of prejudice, and the liberals’ worst nightmare became a reality. The Europeans, the prejudiced Europeans, were upon them. There was no escape.

Just a dream? That is what prejudiced Europeans do: they dream dreams and see visions – the dream of Christian Europe and the vision of the risen Lord. They believe, even more surely than the turning of the earth, that His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, through the last of the Europeans, the men of prejudice. +

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