The Blood Royal

How often has public calamity been arrested on the very brink of ruin by the seasonable energy of a single man? Have we no such man amongst us? I am as sure as I am of my being, that one vigorous mind without office, without situation, without public functions of any kind (at a time when the want of such a thing is felt, as I am sure it is) I say, one such man, confiding in the aid of God, and full of just reliance in his own fortitude, vigour, enterprize and perseverance, would first draw to him some few like himself, and then that multitudes, hardly thought to be in existence, would appear and troop about him. – Edmund Burke


A few American conservatives, who are not conservatives in the Burkean sense of the word, have discovered, in the wake of Romney’s defeat, the colored immigration issue. Those few are trying to explain to Republicans what has been obvious for the last fifty years: colored people vote democratic because the Democrats promise unlimited welfare benefits. So conservative Republicans who want to win elections should try to stem, or better yet, turn back the colored tide. But those new anti-colored immigration conservatives are a tiny minority. The great majority of conservatives have decided to “win the colored people over to their side.” They talk of making “aggressive inroads” into the Hispanic and black communities by explaining to them that conservatives are pro-family and hard-working, values which, the conservatives constantly tell us, are shared by the family-oriented Mexicans and blacks. I think the old Westerns and the old jungle movies had a more realistic view of the Mexicans and the blacks than the modern Republication conservatives. In the old movies, the Mexicans were slimy banditos who would kill, rape, and plunder white people for the sheer perverse pleasure of murder, rape, and plunder. Likewise the blacks, in the old politically incorrect jungle movies, captured the whites in order to torture, rape, and murder them. No amount of liberal or conservative gibberish about prejudice will change the fact that the old stereotypes are true and the new utopian theories of the noble black savage and the hard-working pro-family Mexican are false.

Closely allied to and often one and the same as the conservatives are the members of the Christian right. I would not call them Christian or rightist, but the liberal media who calls anyone to the right of themselves Christian right-wingers does call them that. The Roman Catholic Church and the mainstream Protestant churches have been in favor of white genocide through massive colored immigration and inter-racial marriage for quite some time. The “Christian right” has only jumped on board in recent years, becoming more militantly anti-white and pro-colored since Romney’s defeat. What are we to make of such goings on amongst the Christian right? In this case the obvious answer is the correct answer. The Christian right is not Christian. Let’s go through this carefully.

The European governments have all institutionalized the principles of the French Jacobins, which were (1) regicide, (2) democracy, and (3) atheism. We won’t quibble over whether a nation killed their monarchs outright as in France or divested them of all power as in England, the end result was the same: the monarchy as a preserver of the Christian traditions of the nation was eliminated in every European country. And the democratic heresy, which states “all government, not being a democracy, is an usurpation,” was institutionalized throughout the European countries. The end result of the new anti-traditional, pro-democracy governments was atheistic governments. Most followed the American model of a proclaimed neutrality toward Christianity while in reality maintaining a rigid anti-Christian bias. After the victory of the North in the Civil War, the American government became more and more openly anti-European and anti-Christian right up to the present day in which European Christians are a proscribed people. And every European nation has followed a path similar to the United States. Jacobinism, based on regicide, democracy, and atheism, is the ruling ideology of the European countries.

Part and parcel of liberal Jacobinism is negro worship, because “the people” must replace the Christian God. The white proletariat eventually had to give way to the negro, because even a white from the working class had a Christian taint upon him. How can you destroy the image of God in man if you don’t destroy the Christ-bearing white race? You can’t, which is why the more advanced Jacobins of the 20th century shifted their allegiance from working class whites to colored barbarians: “Hope for the future has been transferred to the peoples of the developing countries, to disaffected national minorities, for example, the blacks in the U.S.A…”

When you dissolve all ties to the past, as the European Jacobins have, you must build your society of the future completely by theory. This enables the liberal to attack all Christian Europeans with impunity because all who impede the future theoretical happiness of mankind must be eliminated. The Christian right-wingers and the conservatives are part of the liberal conglomerate that wants the blood of the antique Europeans as badly as the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk wanted the blood of an Englishman. The Christian right-wingers and the conservatives are like the European liberals in Britain and on the continent who were quite willing to deal with the Jacobins once they deposed of Robespierre. Never mind that every single member of the new anti-Robespierre, Jacobin government had approved of the execution of the King, the Queen, and their children. The European liberals didn’t mind dealing with the regicides so long as they espoused democracy and refrained from the overt, bloody executions of Robespierre. Our modern conservatives and their “Christian” counterpart also stay within the Jacobin fold so long as their liberal cousins execute white people at a moderate rate and allow the Christian right-wingers to worship a theoretical Christ, who is subordinate to the negro gods of Liberaldom. It’s a great deal for the secular and religious conservatives. They can wave flags and attend church while betraying their nation, which is their race, and their God, who is Jesus Christ. In spirit and intent the modern liberals are in perfect accord with the French Jacobins. They are motivated by a maniacal hatred of Christ, and their hatred drives them to strike out against Christ’s people. Like the Jacobins who deposed Robespierre, they have learned that you can get the lukewarm Christians to hang themselves and kill their more steadfast countrymen by using the former channels of grace, such as the churches, as channels of satanic hate. This tactic is more effective than the wholesale destruction of Christian churches and Christian symbols.

What we always need to keep before us is the essential battle between good and evil. Life, at its deepest level, is a fairy tale. The liberals’ hearts are full of a malignant hatred for everything that stems from Christ. They will not permit any person connected to Christian Europe to become part of Liberaldom. The conservatives and the Christian right-wingers have grasped that truth. And because they want to survive they have become part of Liberaldom. But he that would save his life must be prepared to lose it for His sake. The pagan gods who demand sacrifice always end up consuming their devotees. The negro will demand more and more sacrifice from the white man until he has consumed the white man. Better to stand with Christ, the God who demands mercy rather than sacrifice, and set one’s life in His merciful hands.

What is missing in the fairy tale that we have ever before our eyes – if we have eyes to see – is the good. The evil kingdom of Liberaldom remains standing because no Europeans have attacked it. Fortress Liberaldom is not impregnable: we need only remove our materialist glasses and see life through the eyes of the spirit, which are located in the human heart. The liberals built Liberaldom on a theory of a future state of existence where there are no white Europeans and there is no Jesus Christ. The baseless fabric of their vision can be destroyed by Europeans who have not let go of their Christian past. Such men will have sacred ground to stand on, from which to launch an attack on Liberaldom that will result in the destruction of Liberaldom.

The story of the modern European is not a drama, because in a drama we need a protagonist and an antagonist. We have the liberals, the antagonists who are determined to destroy God by destroying His image in His people, but where is the hero, the protagonist, who will step forward and defend his people and his God? One hero will spawn others once the initial break with Spenglerian logic is made. Civilizations that are of the spirit are not subject to the same laws of biological determinism as the human body. Burke, anticipating the Spenglerian mindset, refuted him in his rallying cry to his country man, William Elliot:

I am not of opinion that the race of men, and the commonwealths they create, like the bodies of individuals, grow effete and languid and bloodless, and ossify by the necessities of their own conformation, and the fatal operation of longevity and time. These analogies between bodies natural and politick, though they may some times illustrate arguments, furnish no argument of themselves. They are but too often used under the colour of a specious philosophy, to find apologies for the despair of laziness, pusillanimity, and to excuse the want of all manly efforts, when the exigencies of our country call them the more loudly.

Bravo! Such words, written by such a man, stand in stark contrast to the words and spirit of defeat that we hear and feel everywhere in the anti-European world of Liberaldom. “The Europeans must diversity.” “The Europeans must repudiate their racist past.” “The Europeans must give way…” etc. etc. There will always be someone who will pick up Burke’s mantle, the mantle of Christian Europe, and cry havoc in the very bowels of the liberal leviathan. Let the cowardly conservatives and the new anti-Christian, anti-European Christian theorists ride their “specious philosophy” of despair to the liberal hell that they so covet, the European hero will stay true to his people and his blood, and in doing so, he will become the missing protagonist in the drama of the European people.

The modern world has institutionalized biological determinism, which is the complete antithesis of the antique European’s vision of existence. The outward pageantry of nature can overwhelm a man if he sees only nature in nature. If the natural world is the world, and not a symbol of the spiritual world behind nature, animated by the living God, then religion becomes psychiatry, love becomes sex, and honor, chivalry, courage and charity become outmoded relics of the unscientific period of the Europeans’ history. The ethos of Rousseau which leads to the worship of the noble black savage replaces the religion of Jesus Christ:

Your rulers were well aware of this; and in their system of changing your manners to accommodate them to their politics, they found nothing so convenient as Rousseau. Through him they teach men to love after the fashion of philosophers; that is, they teach to men, to Frenchmen, a love without gallantry; a love without any thing of that fine flower of youthfulness and gentility, which places it, if not among the virtues, among the ornaments of life. Instead of this passion, naturally allied to grace and manners, they infuse into their youth an unfashioned, indelicate, sour, gloomy, ferocious medley of pedantry and lewdness; of metaphysical speculations, blended with the coarsest sensuality. Such is the general morality of the passions to be found in their famous philosopher, in his famous work of philosophic gallantry, the Nouvelle Eloise.

Carl Sandburg, the poet laureate of capitalism, wanted to be a rivet in a skyscraper. Such a desire is typical of the European without faith in the God of the European people. Such a man seeks oblivion in the forces of dumb nature. In Sandburg’s case it was the skyscraper, in the case of his modern descendants it is the great colored horde that the liberals and their conservative cousins desire to be one with, so that their souls, which they despise because they are white, can be obliterated in the dark colored hordes of Babylon. Opposed to this liberalism, this monumental malignant hatred of the Christian European, is the protagonist of the European drama, the Christian hero. One Tell, one Alfred, has always been enough to defeat the multitudinous hordes of heathendom, just as He was more than enough to defeat Satan and all his legions. +

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