Fairy Tale Europe vs. Jacobin Liberaldom

With the Jacobin, on the contrary, the first precept is not moral, but political; it is not his duties which he exaggerates but his rights, while his doctrine, instead of being a prick to his conscience, flatters his pride. Vast and insatiate as human pride may be, it is satisfied this time, for never before has it had so much to feed upon. 

– The French Revolution by Hippolyte Taine


If you spend one hour a week viewing a news source independent of the mainstream media, or even if you just watch the mainstream media’s attempts to cover up black atrocities, it soon becomes obvious there is a one-sided war going on. The liberals and the colored barbarians are in the process of exterminating the white race. 

In every war that ever was, there was first a pamphleteering phase, a period of time in which those who desired war made their case for war. The current war, the war fought for the extermination of the white race, had its roots in the type of ‘noble savage’ literature written by men like Rousseau and Addison, and in the ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ literature of the French Jacobins and men such as Joseph Priestly and Thomas Paine. What all the anti-white egalitarians and negro worshippers had in common was a hatred for white Christian Europeans and an exalted opinion of the greatness of their own intellects. And it was their exalted egotism that made them believe they could work for the destruction of the white race without any damage to themselves. The liberal ego-maniacs believed that they would rule over a kingdom of grateful noble savages who would allow great white intellectuals like themselves to be the power behind the throne and altar dedicated to the new, noble savage. That is how the mind of the utopian white works. The colored barbarian views life quite differently. He is at war with the white man because he is a barbarian who always plunders and murders those whom he perceives are weaker than himself. He doesn’t read books about the noble savage or pamphlets by Joseph Priestly; all he knows is that the existing white power structure will allow him to kill whites with impunity. And he does just that. 

It was inevitable, once white-hating liberals took control of the Christian churches, the schools, the government, and the major news outlets, that the constant stream of anti-European verbiage would start a war of extermination. And, also true to form, the propaganda war is continuing now that the real fighting has started, because it is always necessary to keep your troops in ideological fighting-trim. Whenever, which is seldom, a white man fights back, the propaganda wheels are set in motion in order to provide the ideological undergirding for whatever measures are taken against the offending white rebel. 

The great tragedy is that the white European cannot say, as the old Scottish clansman said, “All that can be done has been done, and all’s been done in vain.” Quite the opposite is the case with the European. All that can be done has not been done. In fact, nothing has been done. The Europeans surrendered before the enemy fired a shot. What Anthony Jacob wrote in 1965 remains true today:

As matters stand at present the white man is on the run. It is not the black man or the brown man who is on the march (they are not going anywhere, even if they think they are), it is the white man who is on the run.

Why is the white man on the run? He is on the run because he does not believe that his skin color is part of his soul. He thinks that his identity as a white perishes with the flesh, and all that perishes is of no consequence in the spiritual world. But did not our Lord bid His fearful and doubting disciples to see and feel that His flesh was part of His essential identity as the Son of Man?

Why are ye troubled? And why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

– Luke 24: 38-39

The God of love who was fully divine and fully human knew that mortal man needs a local habitation and a name in order to know the Divine Love. Europeans of old Europe knew this; the modern, European, ornamental Christians do not.

The human heart is the conduit for God’s grace. Conservative and liberal Christians have determined that God does not impart to human hearts the blessings of His heaven. They believe God reveals himself through abstract thought. Such a belief places the conservative and the liberal outside of the European Christian tradition. The seemingly sudden emergence of the “race issue” in every branch of the modern propositional churches is the sign of the death of Christianity in those churches. The true faith can only be passed on through the little human things that cosmic philosophers ignore. We learn to love in small units: family, race, community, nation, and then mankind. If you deprive a person of those vital units of love, then you deprive him of his soul, because without those vital human vessels of grace he cannot be connected to anything but an intellectual concept of God, which is meaningless. Satan wants an endless debate between two groups of Gnostics, the conservatives and the liberals. –CWNY

The great white flight from the unbearable burden of race is an attempt to escape from the Cross. If our body is an illusion, not to be considered part of our essential soul, then Christ’s suffering on the Cross is also an illusion; He placed His soul somewhere else while His body suffered. And we too, the liberals tell us, can avoid the Cross by imitating our Gnostic Lord and divorcing our bodies from our souls by making our minds part of the great universal mind of all mankind and worshipping the negro as the sign and symbol of the new universalism. Just as the French Jacobins made an actual flesh and blood prostitute the goddess of their new religion, so have the modern liberals made the negro the flesh and blood god of their new faithless faith. This new faith of the Europeans has made them into a faceless, soulless, dung heap devoid of humanity. 

The race war is a continuation of the French Revolution; it is an attack on God through His people. Taine’s descriptions of the French Jacobins describes our liberals and their negro henchmen:

They are joyous. They dance around each new corpse, and sing the carmagnole; they arouse the people of the quarter to amuse them, and that they may have their share of “the fine fete.” Benches are arranged for “gentlemen” and others for “ladies”; the latter, with greater curiosity, are additionally anxious to contemplate at their ease “the aristocrats” already slain; consequently, lights are required, and one is placed on the breast of each corpse.

It was the heirs of the apostles, the Europeans, who allowed us to handle and see the living God. It is the liberals of church and state who have taken Him away from us and bid us handle and see the living negro instead of the living God. By taking away our identity as a people, the liberals hope to forge a new world devoid of the old Christ and His people. 

If I say that the white nation will not ultimately succumb to multiracial liberalism, I can quite justly be accused of speaking from the heart, not the head. But the eyes of faith, which are in the heart, see much more than the eyes of the mind. There will be much suffering and travail, but in the end the few will fight the many and they will prevail, because they will have His image, which is embodied in His Europe, before their eyes. 

The end for Liberaldom will come when a remnant band of Europeans throws off the oppressive ideology of progressive intelligence. I use those words rather than ‘evolution,’ because evolution tends to be narrowly associated with Darwin, and I am talking about an ideology that encompasses Darwinian evolution, but is infinitely broader than Darwinian evolution. I define progressive intelligence as the modern notion that we have advanced beyond… Beyond what? Well, beyond everything. In the Church we have advanced beyond a simplistic concept of a personal savior who came to free us from sin and give us eternal life in His kingdom. And in church and state we have advanced beyond our “prejudices”; we no longer see black and white (unless we are discriminating against whites); we just see one universal people. I remember reading, a few months back, a liberal’s apologia for a multiracial world. The enlightened liberal informed his readers that the Greeks and the Romans, whom we all know were the most intelligent of people, were unconcerned about race. It was only those Germanic, Christian Europeans who became obsessed about race. The message of his heavy-handed editorial was quite clear. Intelligent people are not racist, only Europeans during the Christian European era were racist, because they believed in a stupid fairy tale God invented by a very stupid people. “Do you want to be stupid?,”  the progressive intelligence apologist asks us. And we are supposed to cry out, “Hell no! I’m not stupid, I’m not racist, I’m not Christian as they were. I’m a new age universalist Christian. Please, Mr. Liberal, don’t call me a racist; find me a black man and I’ll worship him!”  I wish I could remember the title of a book I once read to my children when they were young. (1) In the book a country boy (for some reason which I’ve also forgotten) goes to spend some time at the court of Queen Elizabeth. When the lad is asked to sing for the entertainment of the court, the boy sings a country ditty he learned at his mother’s knee. Despite the laughter and sneers of the men and women at court, the country boy finishes his song. One of the members of the court, who is world-weary and jaded, but not yet emptied of all humanity, applauds the boy and tells him, ‘Never be ashamed of the things you love.’ 

Our faith and the culture built around that faith is a fairy tale. The European people are currently imprisoned by evil enchanters called liberals. They keep their kingdom in order by the use of magic words such as ‘stupid’ and ‘racist.’ So long as those magic words keep Europeans from loving their people and their ancient bardic faith, the kingdom of the loathsome liberals will continue. But when a third dumb brother ventures forth because he loves old Europe for its own sake and not for anything he can get from it, the kingdom of the liberals will come crashing down. 

Fairy tale logic seems illogical, but His ways are different from the ways of the men of logic. What was Christ compared to Pilate? A mere nothing, a troublesome prisoner. But who prevailed? If history remembers Leonid Brezhnev, it will be only because he was the premier of Russia when Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived there. The European, if he is to be true to his God and his race, must always champion the spirit above the dust.  Throw all the statistical analyses about the death of the European away and view the movie, made before the demise of the story movies, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm. George Pal, the producer, was, like Walt Disney, the real director of all his films. He loved to make fairy tale pictures like Tom Thumb and The Naked Jungle (in which Charlton Heston battles a multitude of supposedly invincible ants). In The Brothers Grimm, one brother, Jacob, labors to write scholarly works on mathematics, logic, and Greek, while the other brother, Wilhelm, goes about the country collecting and recording fairy tales that have been part of the oral tradition of his nation for centuries. Toward the end of the picture, the scholarly brother goes to Berlin to receive a reward for his scholarly work. He is accompanied by Wilhelm, who writes the “silly fairy stories.” The final judgment on the worth of the “silly stories” is given by the children of Berlin, who greet the brothers as they get off the train. Completely ignoring Jacob, the children rush to Wilhelm and implore him to, “Tell us a story, Mr. Grimm! Please tell us a story!” The antique Europeans told me a story and I wept. They are my people and I love them with a love that cannot be adequately put into words. Burke is right; if you truly love your people, you will hate those who want to destroy them. The battle is joined; the war shall no longer be a one-sided war. And, praise be God, let us never yield to Liberaldom and never lose sight of Fairy Tale Europe. + 


(1) I believe the book was Master Skylark by John Bennett

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