Thy People

To come to the point at once, I beg to say that I have not the least belief in the Noble Savage.  –Charles Dickens


Shows like House Hunters are enormously popular with women, which makes sense: women have a natural born homing instinct. In House Hunters, which my wife watches unless the couple looking for a house is too offensive (an interracial or homosexual couple), the viewer follows a couple in search of a house. The realtor shows them three different houses, and we are left to guess which house the ‘house hunters’ are going to pick. The house hunters are all much wealthier than I am – they can afford quite expensive houses, but I have yet to be envious of the house hunters because in the shows I’ve seen no house hunter has bought my dream house. Have you ever seen the movie called The Uninvited (1944), starring Ray Milland and Gail Russell? That house, minus the ghosts, is my dream house, a Victorian-styled home, overlooking the ocean, in a small English village. What more could an antique European ask for? Of course, since it is my dream house, the inhabitants of the village are all white people. No house, no matter how beautiful, could be a dream house if it was in an integrated neighborhood, which is why I’ve never had any desire to live or vacation in the tropics. I prefer to be around white people for the simple reason that I am white, “good my countryman.” 

Which brings me, in a very roundabout way, to the subject of this essay. One House Hunter show recently featured a white couple seeking a home on a tropical island. They found it. And as they were walking about the island, the white female declared, “I love the natives here. They are so authentic.” There is a whole world in that statement, and it is not a good world. It took over 200 years for the hate-filled anti-European meanderings of Jean Jacques Rousseau to become the faith of the European people, but his faith is now their faith. 

The liberals’ worship of the ‘Noble Black Savage’ comes from their dissatisfaction with the European civilization. They thought the older, now defunct, European civilization was moribund because of being sexist, racist, and sexually repressive. The new order will have “authentic” non-white, godded people who will restore all people to their true natural state of innocence. It sounds very, very silly when it is stated flat-out, but there is no denying the reality, or the intensity, of the liberals’ religious faith; they believe in the ‘Noble Black Savage.’ 

The European people could not have shifted from a Christ-worshipping people to a negro-worshipping people without the support, or at least the acquiescence, of organized Christianity. So we need to ask how ostensibly Christian organizations could accept the deification of the ‘Noble Black Savage,’ when their stated belief in original sin and Jesus Christ would seem to dictate that they should reject the deification of the negro.  I think, when you look at the capitulation of organized Christianity to negro worship, it becomes apparent that the church men fell victim to the Caiaphas syndrome. Caiaphas thought it expedient that Christ should die so that his organization and his generic people connected to that organization should live. The modern Christian church men thought it expedient that faith in Christ Crucified and Christ Risen, which was embodied in the culture of the antique Europeans, should die so that their church organizations and their generic people can live. 

In my younger days I was shocked when I read an article by a seemingly devout Thomist who proclaimed the new Catholicism would be “sexier and more earthy” because of the blacks that would fill up the church pews. But that was years ago. I am no longer shocked by such blasphemies from the mouths of ornamental Christians, because such blasphemies have become the religious orthodoxy of organized Christianity. And it was inevitable that ornamental Christianity would become tied to liberalism; the ornamental Christian knows only the exterior trappings of religious worship. He does not know of the spirit within a European man that passeth outward show and seeks communion with the living God. 

The Sadducees were atheists; they didn’t believe in a God who could bring the dead to life. And the Pharisees were hypocrites; they professed to believe in a God who could raise the dead, but when their faith was put to the test they sided with Caiaphas, the Sadducee, and demanded that Christ be crucified for the good of organized Jewry. Isn’t the same process occurring today? The ornamental Christians who celebrate Christmas and Easter have joined with the liberal Sadducees in an effort to kill Christ by destroying His image in His people. For if there is no longer a European people, past or present, from whence comes a vision of the true God, who can only be known through His people? 

Let me dwell for a moment longer on the Pharisaical branch of Liberaldom, the ornamental Christians. They play a game of false humility. By ascribing all virtues to the emerging “sexy and earthy” black “Christians” while denigrating the antique, racist Europeans, the ornamental Christians cozy up to the liberal Sadducees while simultaneously making themselves out to be saints who have overcome their prejudices. Need I quote Burke again?  (1) Our prejudices are our touchstones of reality. It is sinful not to be prejudiced in favor of the older European civilization over and against the colored heathens’ anti-civilizations. If you really prefer the “authentic” ‘Noble Black Savage’ civilization to Walter Scott’s Europe, you are a debauched, inhuman monstrosity that no true European can tolerate. This brave, wonderful paradise that the Sadducees and Pharisees of Liberaldom are preparing for us is a world devoid of those three antiquated virtues – antiquated in the opinion of the liberals, that is – faith, hope, and charity. The liberals tell us that in their brave new world we need only to have faith in the negro, to have hope in science, to show kindness toward the negro and charity toward none. 

In the 1950’s we were living on Christian fumes, and by the late 1960’s there were no Christian fumes left. There was only a very lethal gas, the gas of liberalism. I’ve lived long enough to see the end of charity. What was only an “if these shadows are not altered” scenario in the early 20th century has become part of the fabric of our daily lives. The colored tribes, be they black, red, yellow, or brown, have never had Christian charity, and white liberals, who are legion, have hardened their hearts against their own people, who are being murdered and tortured at an astonishing rate by colored barbarians. And the liberals have hardened their hearts against children of all colors, who are being murdered in their mothers’ wombs. What kind of madmen are liberals who call this new world that has not charity a ‘paradise’ and condemn the Christian civilization which preceded this monstrous new world? They are the spawn of Satan. 

God touched the hearts of the Europeans through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The Europeans who responded to God’s divine Son were imbued with a divine charity, which became a benevolent flame of charity that had never been seen on earth before. The magic talisman culture of the colored tribes, in which earthly power and might were the penultimate, was replaced by the burning flame of charity of the Europeans, whose heroes and heroines were those who imitated, on a deep level, Christ’s divine charity. So much mud has been thrown on the antique European culture during the liberals’ satanic reign that people have lost sight of the one stunning, glaring truth staring us in the face: There was no true charity on earth until the coming of Christ, and the flame of charity was not embodied in a people until the Europeans welcomed Christ into their hearts and their homes. When the realization of what was lost by the liberals’ replacing faith, hope, and above all charity, with science and negro worship comes to the confused European, who has not yet fully turned his soul over to Liberaldom, he will set his face against the world and he will strike home: “Between us the battle is joined henceforward.” 

In the upcoming Presidential election in this country, the rights of all sorts of colored people will be discussed ad nauseum. But one people whose rights will not be discussed are the people who have no rights: the white people. Such will always be the case in Babylon. The only race that could reestablish a link between this world and His world shall not be allowed to establish a foothold in Babylon. I liken the plight of the white race to that of a boxer who has been knocked down in the ring. The referee, who hates the downed fighter, does not send the opposing fighter to a neutral corner but instead allows the opposing fighter to stand over his opponent and knock him down every time he tries to get up. There is only one rule in Liberaldom: the white race must die. How could it be otherwise? In a world that has not charity, there is no room for the Christ-bearing people. 

The seemingly invincible coalition of forces arrayed against the antique European will disappear when the European rejects the magic talisman culture of science with its accompanying worship of the negro, and returns to the real world, the fairy tale world of old Europe. Modern heroes such as Superman, Doc Savage, and Adolph Hitler all look to a future, devoid of Christ, for the salvation of their people. But in the European fairy tale, the hero eschews magic talismans and the worship of heathen deities. Armed only with those three virtues of the Red Cross Knight – faith, hope, and charity – the European fights and defeats the multitudinous armies of darkness arrayed against him. I know fairy tale Christianity with its quests and dragon-slaying is sneered at by the liberals, but that is the first step in the return of the European hero. Can he overcome his fear of being sneered at and labeled an imbecile or worse, in modern terms, a racist? Perfect love casteth out fear. The European hero sees that his European ancestors are being denigrated and that his people yet living are in danger of being exterminated. A sword pierces his heart, a sword of charity, and he sets his face against a world of liberals and colored barbarians. Certainly we should all use what intelligence we have to further His Kingdom Come, but ultimately it is hearts of fire connected to His Sacred Heart that will bring Babylon down. + 


(1) “I am bold enough to confess, that we are generally men of untaught feelings; that instead of casting away all our old prejudices, we cherish them to a very considerable degree, and, to take more shame to ourselves, we cherish them because they are prejudices; and the longer they have lasted, and the more generally they have prevailed, the more we cherish them.” -Edmund Burke in Reflections on the Revolution in France

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