The Dear Land of Storybooks

Yet as I saw it, I see it again
The kirk and the palace, the ships and the men,
And as long as I live and where’er I may be
I’ll always remember my town by the sea

–Robert Louis Stevenson


Let us begin with Hippolyte Taine:

In every doctrine which wins men over to it, the sophistry it contains is less potent than the promises it makes; its power over them is greater through their sensibility than through their intelligence; for, if the heart is often the dupe of the head, the latter is much more frequently the dupe of the former. We do not accept a system because we deem it a true one, but because the truth we find in it suits us. Political or religious fanaticism, any theological or philosophical channel in which truth flows, always has its source in some ardent longing, some secret passion, some accumulation of intense, painful desire to which a theory affords an outlet;…

Taine, the poet, has shown us Liberaldom from within the liberals’ twisted souls. Their hearts have become corrupted with a sick, illicit passion. And they use their reason to defend the passion of their hearts, not to examine their hearts in order to see if what they feel inside can stand up to the test of reality. In fact, quite the opposite is true; the liberals must constantly deny reality so they can maintain their liberalism. No appeal to reason has any effect on the liberals, because the liberals’ evil hearts govern their brains. It is impossible to have a “dialogue” with a liberal, because the liberals have denounced all their humanity for an inhuman, satanic faith.

The liberals’ passion for abstraction stems from their illicit desire for a multiracial, Eden-like Babylon, presided over by a benevolent negro god. They must abstract such a utopian kingdom because it has no basis in reality. Babylon is hell, not paradise, and the negro is a cruel barbarian despot, not a benevolent ruler. Only in the abstract world of the liberals’ brains is there a multiracial paradise. And because the liberals’ paradise has no basis in reality, the dream of a liberal paradise must be maintained by murder. “In fixing his mind on abstract formulas, he is no longer able to see men as they are; through self-admiration he finally comes to viewing his adversaries, and even his rivals, as miscreants deserving of death.”

Deserving of death? Does that only describe the Jacobins’ feelings about the French aristocrats? I hope there are no Europeans, who still feel themselves to be Europeans, that think “the Jacobins were just a French phenomenon back then” and are not present today throughout all of Europe. If you think that then you are morally blind. Liberalism is the expansion of the Jacobin Reign of Terror. Only now it is not confined to French aristocrats; it has been extended to all white people. And just as Robespierre thought his special ‘elect’ status would save him from the bloody terror he instituted, so do the liberals think their special elect status as the founding fathers of the Babylonian Terror will keep them from the bloody deaths they plan for the rest of the white race.

During the height of the Reign of Terror no one within France dared to speak out against the Terror. To do so was death. And very few men outside of France –Burke was the exception – spoke out against the Terror because they wanted to have dealings with the new government. The modern European whose heart is with old Europe is in a similar situation vis-à-vis his government, as the throne and altar Frenchman was vis-à-vis his government during the Reign of Terror. He dare not speak out, but whether he speaks out or not he is marked to die. In modern Liberaldom, there are no nations outside of Liberaldom from which a Burke can launch an attack, because all of what was once Christendom is now part of Liberaldom.

Liberaldom is maintained by lying abstractions, so every lying abstraction feeds the liberal leviathan. This is why ‘getting out the vote’ tactics and ‘dialoging’ with liberals is beneficial to liberals and very self-defeating for antique Europeans. The democratic process in Liberaldom consists of a competition between rival sects of negro-worshipping Jacobins. They often hate each other like Robespierre hated Danton, but they are all striving for the same goal: a democratic, multiracial state devoid of white people. And how can there be a dialogue with a group of people who have made an a priori assumption that you, and your people, need to be eradicated so Babylon can survive and thrive?

“The pity of men is that they forget.” Only the great soldiers of the spirit see with blinding sight, while the rest of mankind see only momentary flashes of light and then forget what it was they saw. Burke saw that the Jacobin ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity meant death to Christian Europe. Time has proven Burke right. Jacobinism has spread throughout Christendom and is now the ruling ideology of Liberaldom. Once the Ancient Mariner’s shipmates gave their consent to the murder of the albatross, they also inherited the curse:

Nor dim nor red, like God’s own head,    
The glorious Sun uprist:
Then all averr’d, I had kill’d the bird
That brought the fog and mist.
‘Twas right, said they, such birds to slay,
That bring the fog and mist.

One by one the European nations gave their consent to the murder of old Europe. They justified their murders with god words such as ‘democracy,’ ‘racial equality,’ ‘evolving beyond,’ and ‘truth and justice,’ but the high-sounding words were only used to cloak a cowardly betrayal of His Europe in order to return to the Egyptian night of the colored races.

We are in the midst of a Reign of Terror. The slightest opposition to black atrocities, by word or deed, will be severely punished by the liberal Jacobins. For the white man, all seems cheerless, dark, and deadly. Like the Ancient Mariner, he is alone on a wide, wide sea. But he is only alone because he refuses to remember that he is the Christ-bearer. If he would remember, he would realize what it means to have a people and a God:

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. –
Psalm 91:5-14

In the midst of the Reign of Terror, our people and our God are with us.

The war for the extermination of the white race is a stage, quite possibly the final stage, in a war that began in the Garden of Eden. Sinful man wanted to impose his Satan-inspired, abstracted vision of existence on God. The issue has always been one of boundaries. The man connected to the heart of God looks on boundaries of race, sex, nation, and hearth as part of God’s benevolent ordering of the world; God’s boundaries are sacred boundaries meant to help men know the living God. But the man, the liberal, whose heart is a knot of vipers, looks on God’s boundaries as prison walls. He will not be confined by them. He belongs to a universal race, a universal nation, a universal sex, and a universal family. And as a consequence of his universalism, he belongs to a nondescript, impersonal, cosmic god who is no God at all.

Speaking only for myself (but I suspect others who have made the long trek back to bardic Europe might have similar feelings) I feel as one with the Ancient Mariner. I grew up in Babylon and accepted the premises of Babylon until I saw the beauty of the European Albatross that was slain. Now I stoppeth whomever I can and tell them the tale of the European Albatross, the bird of good omen that leads us to the Christ. We must believe that every heartfelt defense of the antique European people puts a spiritual dent in the liberals’ ideological wall of satanic abstractions. The old English proverb is apropos: “Brag is a good dog, but Hold-fast is better.” If we hold fast to the hearth and people of old Europe we will see, at the last trump, in the twinkling of the eye, the demise of Liberaldom.

It will be as it is in the fairy tales: when the sword of the hero plunges deep into the heart of the sorcerer or sorceress, the kingdom built upon the evil heart perishes as well. I love the scene in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, when Prince Phillip hurls the sword of truth into Maleficent’s heart (she has assumed the form of a dragon). All that remains is the sword of truth. Christian Europe is truth, Liberaldom is falsehood. Ultimately only the sword of Europe will be left when Liberaldom is ashes.

One of the most remarkable works of literature ever penned was Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. The verses, taken in their entirety, give us a uniquely European view of existence. We see in Stevenson’s verses the romance of the European hearth fire. The European home is of the spirit. All love, all charity, all things rich and rare center around the European hearth fire. That is the vision of Stevenson, and it is the vision of all Europeans prior to the coming of the defilers of all things European. But that sacred world invoked by Stevenson, of our European hearth fire, where we learned to love God and man through the little things, still exists in the racial memory of the European people. We must recover our memories of our European childhood, because without that childhood we are lost souls doomed to wander alone and sightless through the darkness of Liberaldom.

It seems like an easy thing to remember our European childhood, much easier than forming a think-tank or electing a politician to office, but it is very difficult to maintain a memory of a sacred childhood when all the machinery of church and state have banned together to eradicate the memory of our sacred past. They want us to believe that our European childhood was a sickness from which we need to recover. The honor, the love, the faith, and the charity that existed in the story book land of Europe must be eviscerated so that Liberaldom can survive. But Liberaldom won’t survive; our refusal to leave our childhood memories of Europe in the dustbins of history will ensure the death of Liberaldom.

Home I return across the sea,
And go to bed with backward looks
At my dear Land of Story-books. +

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