White Genocide

“Love, like charity, not only begins at home but perishes without one.” – Anthony Jacob


Like Badger in The Wind in the Willows I’ve always been fond of children. A few days ago I saw two cute, blond and blue-eyed children accompanying their father on a trip to the food store. They were Disney-type kids, a girl about five and a boy about seven; by ‘Disney-type’ I mean the type of kids Walt Disney might have cast in a Mary Poppins or a Swiss Family Robinson movie. The father was also a ‘regular guy’ type of fellow who looked like he could have played a father in one of Mr. Disney’s Absent Minded Professor movies.

Now here’s the kicker – I finished my shopping at the same time as the white poster family finished theirs and our cars were parked next to each other. When I saw the children up close I saw that they both were wearing tee shirts that said “This time for Africa.” And the car the regular guy drove had two prominent bumper stickers, one of which said “Obama in ‘08” and the other said something about loving Jesus. Is this the promised end for the white race? A soulless, mindless white man polluting his children with soul-killing drivel? I don’t usually engage such creatures in conversation, but this time I did. I asked the man-without-a-soul what his children’s tee shirts stood for. He told me the words “This time for Africa” were the theme of the World Cup which was held in South Africa. He also told me the words meant we should all fight racism.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“We must fight racism,” he repeated.

“But, what do you mean by that?” I repeated.

“We should fight for Africa and fight racism,” he said with a rising note of anger in his voice.

“Does fighting racism mean you must destroy your children? Because that is what you are doing to them by teaching them to hate white people and love black people.”

“You’re a racist,” he said with all the righteous indignation of a Puritan condemning a witch. And that is where it ended. What did I accomplish by confronting the soulless man? Well, I certainly didn’t convert him. But then I didn’t think I could convert him. I’ve seen so many of those lost white souls that, just once, I thought I’d try to see if there was even a glimmer of light in the soul of one of the dead-to-life white men. There wasn’t.

That soulless man with the two unfortunate children is a sad, tragic sign of the times. I can’t help but think of the millions of white children growing up with such parents. A father and mother like the evil Murdstones in Dickens’ David Copperfield would be better parents for a white child than the modern, white-hating parents of today. I think of our Lord’s words when I meet such parents. “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

The Christian hangover phase of the European’s history was from approximately 1914 to 1965. During that time period the bulk of Europeans still adhered to the ethical standards of Christianity, despite the fact that they no longer believed in the major tenets of the Christian faith. But in the late 1960’s young Europeans began to act on the premises of their secularized parents. During the last 45 years we have seen the complete dissolution of Christian ethical standards and the institutionalization of a new religious orthodoxy based on secular, utopian liberalism. At the beginning of the revolution in the late 1960’s you only saw long-haired rock stars, who named their children “Free” and “Starflower,” supporting radical African causes. Some 40 years later crew-cut good old boys adopt black children and have their white children wear tee shirts that say “This time for Africa.” The white expansion into Africa is now called black genocide. But it was in reality the charitable outreach of a Christian people to the lesser breeds without the law. Men like Edmund Hodgson and Elton Knauf were not the only ones who gave everything in an attempt to bring the negro out of his bondage to Satan. Even the hated “imperialists” such as Cecil Rhodes did more for the negro than could possibly be repaid in ten lifetimes. The white man never asked for thanks for being charitable to the black race, because noblesse oblige toward the lesser breeds was bred into the white man’s bones. He performed charitable deeds by instinct.

Black genocide is the genocide that never was. What should concern every white European is the white genocide that is taking place right now. European countries are simply collective farms in which white people are trained to serve the black gods of the European nations. And if white people do not care about white genocide, or – as is more often the case – if they encourage white genocide, there will be no one who cares to stop white genocide. There will be no one to stop the genocide of white people because it is only the whites who ever tried to stop the genocide of other peoples. The orientals never cared about their own as much as the whites did. Nor did the Aztec or the black. It was always the white race that tried to stop the genocide of other races. Now that the white liberal has turned on his own people there is no one to prevent the extermination of the white race.

We must always have before our eyes the enemy with whom we have to deal. The utopian liberal is the most cold-hearted creature on the face of the earth. He can remain unmoved in the face of bloodshed that would have sickened Genghis Khan, so long as the blood is spilled for the future happiness of mankind. The closest a liberal ever comes to condemning a black atrocity is the Pope John XXIII dictum of “regrettable” or the utopian white nation builders’ refrain of “growing pains.” “Yes,” the liberals intone, “they butchered thousands upon thousands of white people, but we need to understand their rage. And we have no doubt that in the long run…” The long run is here. The utopians have been in power for over forty years. White children grow up with no connection to their own past and no hope for any future but the future honor of being absorbed and destroyed by the black race. Every time one of the more blatant manifestations of black thuggery emerges, such as the atrocities in the New Orleans Superdome, the liberals find a way to blame the black atrocities on a remnant “culture of racism.” The liberals will never hold themselves accountable for the failure of utopia because they will never admit that utopia has arrived. It is always about to come to fruition, as soon as the last racist Europeans are destroyed. When there are no more racist whites, blacks will no longer be forced to commit atrocities, and harmony and understanding will reign supreme in Babylon. Such a belief is the holy writ of the liberal.

In a truly hideous funeral ritual white people are voluntarily digging their own and their children’s graves. Every week white people parade into churches and schools to hear the new gospel of liberalism: “Thou shalt love the black man with all thy heart and soul, and thou shalt hate the white man with all thy heart and soul.” In the 1960’s the new gospel was preached in the more modern up-dated churches and at the university level of “higher education.” Now even the “conservative churches” preach the new gospel of the negro, and every kindergarten student is taught how to hate white people and love the black. A friend of mine reported that at a recent conference on home schooling, a black journalist stood up during a question and answer period and asked, “How do we know that white homeschooled white children will be taught about slavery?” They – the techno-barbarians and the black barbarians – want to get them all. They want no one to escape to tell thee. And who ultimately will rule in the ruins of white civilization? The black barbarians can destroy but they will never rule.

Every person in your country, in a situation to be actuated by a principle of honour, is disgraced and degraded, and can entertain no sensation of life, except in a mortified and humiliated indignation. But this generation will quickly pass away. The next generation of the nobility will resemble the artificers and clowns, and money-jobbers, usurers, and Jews, who will be always their fellows, sometimes their masters.  — Edmund Burke

In every white church there is the mainstream church, and then splinter groups that have left the mainstream church and formed a new group they claim is purer and truer to the old doctrine of their former church. In the Roman Catholic Church the fight centered on the liturgy, with the more conservative groups calling themselves traditionalists and sticking with the Latin liturgy. In the Anglican Church the dispute was over the radical changes in the Book of Common Prayer and the ordination of women. The more conservative group, calling themselves Orthodox Anglicans, refused to ordain women and radicalize the Book of Common Prayer. In the Protestant churches and the churches that refuse the label ‘Protestant’ and prefer the term ‘Christian,’ the dispute was over the Bible. Is it God’s word or a bunch of fables? Obviously, any decent white man always inclines to the more conservative side in any religious dispute. But haven’t the white “conservative Christians” been fooled by Satan’s shell game? While the Catholic traditionalist looks for God in the properly performed ritual with the correct words, and the conservative Protestants look for Him in the proper interpretation of Scripture, haven’t they and all the conservative Christians abandoned the primary source of God’s grace, which is His people? The human heart is the conduit for God’s grace. Conservative and liberal Christians have determined that God does not impart to human hearts the blessings of His heaven. They believe God reveals himself through abstract thought. Such a belief places the conservative and the liberal outside of the European Christian tradition. The seemingly sudden emergence of the “race issue” in every branch of the modern propositional churches is the sign of the death of Christianity in those churches. The true faith can only be passed on through the little human things that cosmic philosophers ignore. We learn to love in small units: family, race, community, nation, and then mankind. If you deprive a person of those vital units of love, then you deprive him of his soul, because without those vital human vessels of grace he cannot be connected to anything but an intellectual concept of God, which is meaningless. Satan wants an endless debate between two groups of Gnostics, the conservatives and the liberals.

We must ask ourselves why Christianity is currently a meaningless word. It is meaningless because it can be anything; it is an airy nothing without a local habitation. But Christianity once did mean something when it had a local habitation in the European people. Is it just a coincidence that the Christian faith has become a propositional faith at the same time the European people have become a propositional people? No, it is not. Whenever cosmic, universalist, multiracial Christianity is preached and practiced, the image of God in His people is effaced and the world is plunged into darkness. The modern European is afraid to face the people of Nineveh. But he won’t admit that he is afraid. He labels his fear “growth” and calls himself courageous for overcoming his prejudices. But the raging tempest of modernity that surrounds us gives the lie to the modern European Jonahs. The tempest won’t cease until the European becomes, once again, what God has ordained him to be – the Christ bearer.

We are not meant to bandy words with God and make Him conform to our Grand Inquisitorial, intellectual concepts of the way He should be. We are meant to love Him and obey Him. Very few Europeans in any age equaled the Welsh pastor, Rev. Stephen Roose Hughes, that Dickens writes about in The Uncommercial Traveler, but the ‘racist’, kinist Europeans of old did show us the true faith. Their faith stemmed from a love for the Son of God that was engendered by their love for their own kind. If we can’t love our own particular people over all other people, how can we love Christ, the God who revealed His love for mankind through a particular people? This is not an esoteric theory that I have invented. Look at the collective face of the antique Europeans. And now look at the collective face of the modern liberals. On whose face do we see the image of the Son of God? Instead of supporting white genocide, which is the prerequisite for eternal Babylon, the European should love his people and their God with the fierce and abiding love that casteth out all fear. The liberal and the colored barbarian have not charity. Knowing that fact and knowing that the antique Europeans did have charity, because they knew the living God, should steel us in the day of battle. +

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