To This Battle Field: Counterrevolution in Babylon

How must we feel, if the pride and flower of the English Nobility and Gentry, who might escape the pestilential clime, and the devouring sword, should, if taken prisoners, be delivered over as rebel subjects, to be condemned as rebels, as traitors, as the vilest of all criminals, by tribunals formed of Maroon negro slaves, covered over with the blood of their masters, who were made free and organized into judges, for their robberies and murders?  — Edmund Burke in Letters on a Regicide Peace


One of the nice things about traveling through Britain in the early 1970’s was that you could hitchhike and get picked up by perfectly respectable people. What was foolhardy in the States was considered quite safe in the United Kingdom. I have every one of the Brits who stopped and gave me a lift filed away somewhere in my memory banks. And every once and a while one or two of them pop up in my puppet show of memory. The other day I found myself remembering an Englishman who picked me up somewhere in Lancashire. I was on my way to the Lake District, and he was on his way home with his wife and two children from an outing in the resort town of Blackpool. At least I think it was Blackpool, but don’t hold me to that detail.

I don’t remember how many miles I traveled with the family, but I do remember that we stopped and had some tea and crackers at some sort of roadside refreshment stand. Of course it was useless to offer to pay; my money was never accepted by any of those wonderful, hospitable Brits. Naturally when someone is kind enough to give you a ride and welcome you into their family for part of a day you want to reciprocate your host’s kindness by being an agreeable companion and talking about what he is interested in. My host was passionately fond of hunting and football. As regards football – I couldn’t talk very intelligently about their English football, but I could and did talk about the differences between American and European football. Nor could I claim great expertise in hunting. I was a city boy without any practical knowledge of field and stream sports. But it was the talk of hunting that shifted the conversation into deeper waters. My host was not pleased with the red tape he had to go through to get a permit for a hunting shotgun. Nor was he pleased that once the permit was obtained he could not use lead pellets; he had to use the steel bullets. This was before Britain banned every kind of firearm. Without any premonition of impending doom I asked my friend if he thought Britain was moving toward a total ban on all firearms. “That will never happen,” he said, “It would be unthinkable.”

 Every time I see the Hound of the Baskervilles movie starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, I think of that good-natured, kindly Brit. I think of him because at a crucial point in the movie, when the Lord of Baskerville Hall is about to be killed by the hound, Holmes and Watson kill the hound with their revolvers. In modern Britain where the unthinkable happened, Lord Baskerville is a dead man under the same circumstances. That is what the mad-dog rulers of Britain want. They want to exterminate the native-born white Brits and replace them with colored barbarians, who are infinitely more evil and merciless than a savage hound. And no European, whose nation’s gun laws might not be quite as strict as Britain’s, can feel smug about his own country. The ruling elite in every European nation have the same goal as the British rulers, that is, the extermination of the native-born whites. Even without banning gun ownership, the liberals can demonize, isolate, and destroy. Witness the fate of Randy Weaver’s family and the Branch Davidians in this country. We should hold onto our guns as long as we can, but gun ownership is not a magic talisman. When white people do not believe they are a people, they will succumb to liberalism whether they own guns or not. And if they believe themselves to be a people with a special destiny, as the antique Europeans once believed, they will fight with or without guns, and they will prevail.

I often wonder what happened to that genial Brit, just as I wonder what happened to all the Southern segregationists of the 1960’s. Did they all go underground? Most likely. The “democratic” leaders of European nations, in the true spirit of democracy, never consult the governed on any radical shift in policy. The native-born Brits where not asked if they wanted to give up their right of self-defense nor were the Southern whites asked if they wanted to integrate. The liberal governments did not consult their people on such questions because they knew the people would have said, “No, we don’t want to give up our firearms,” and “No, we don’t want to integrate.”

After radical changes by fiat the liberals start the retraining process. School, church, and media attack racism, sexism, and gun ownership as something evil from the bad old days when white Europeans ruled the roost. But the retraining process only applies to white youths. The colored people own and use guns, much less constructively than white people. The colored people are allowed to be sexist. And the colored people are not only allowed, but encouraged to be rabid racists. It is only the white people, never the colored people, who need to be retrained into oblivion.

Democracy-loving conservatives are fond of scolding white people after the fact when they are deprived of their liberties. “You should have voted,” they say. “You should have formed committees, and sent petitions to Washington,” they scold. But it is completely ahistorical to say such things. Democracies are oligarchies in which all decisions are made by a select few who then impose their will on the people. All resistance from within the confines of the democratic system is futile, because the liberal rulers of the democratic oligarchy make up the rules for the democratic oligarchy. You can’t vote against integration, because that is a major tenet of the liberal oligarchy. You can’t vote against the systemic elimination of white Europeans through massive colored immigration, because the extermination of the white race is the raison d’être of the liberals. And on it goes — nothing that would alter the existing liberal power structure is ever subject to a vote. All committees and think-tanks that are created by “conservatives” with the stated intent to “have an influence” are just so much gas. They accomplish nothing because they are adjuncts of Liberaldom. You can’t destroy Liberaldom from within Liberaldom, any more than you can paint the outside of your house from the inside. 

I go back to Burke who said, “It is a great evil, that of a civil war. But in that state of things a civil war which would give to good men and a good cause some means of struggle, is a blessing…” Precisely, the liberals have created a demon-cratic state religion with a whole pantheon of greater and lesser colored gods. Every aspect of the pagan nature religions, including human sacrifice, has been re-created by the liberals with the addition of a few Christian symbols, perverted to stand for something diametrically opposed to Christianity. A civil war waged against such a satanic theocracy would indeed be a blessing. 

Whenever a man brings up the topic of counter-revolution – attacking the Western democracies from outside the framework of democracy – that man is called impractical. What could be more practical than fighting against demonic foes who will not rest until they have your heart’s blood? Most naysayers are infected with the democratic virus. They really believe that the democratic process in and of itself is a quasi-divine thing that all men must worship. And a small number of naysayers are against counterrevolution because they see no hope for its success. The latter have a narrow view of counterrevolution. Just because an immediate, full-scale military assault would not be successful does not mean the antique European has to embrace institutionalized Satanism. Far from it! We fight a war of spiritual preparation from within the bowels of Liberaldom until the day of a final reckoning comes. And if it never comes in our lifetime? Well, then we will have lived and struggled for “the good cause” and we will go to our house justified. Would you have it otherwise and die having served Liberaldom? What is Christian is always what is practical. If Satan rules Liberaldom, then we should stop worshipping the democratic process and fight against Liberaldom. 

I hear the dissenting chorus: “Democracy is the Christian way, multiculturalism is Christian tolerance, and miscegenation is Christian love and brotherhood.” Is it really so difficult to decide whether the modern Christian churchmen or the antique Europeans got it right? If you live only in the theoretical realm your faith will be a reed blowing in the winds of modernity. But if you have a heart that still lives you will see where the truth lies. Our minds can be blinded by an intellectual shell game, but not our hearts. 

When I read the history of the European settlements in this country and other countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, I am struck by the fact that those white settlers took it as a given that they had to fight to carve out European homes while surrounded by colored barbarians who wanted their blood. And by a miracle of God’s grace and human beings cooperating with God’s grace, those white settlers of the colored lands, who are now called the spoilers of the colored lands, turned what had once been heathen lands into Christian lands. Now we are witnessing, throughout every European nation, the reversal of the European expansion into the heathen lands. The colored barbarians have driven the whites from their lands, and they are well on their way to making the formerly white European nations into colored barbarian nations. This is supposed to be a good thing. “We must be multiracial and multicultural if we are to survive,” liberals such as Tony Blair tell us. But no multiracial, multicultural nation ever survived. And the European nations will not be the exceptions. They will either be white Christian nations, because the whites finally rose up and drove the colored heathen into the sea, or they will be colored, barbarian nations. 

A demonic character in the Alfred Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train brags that, “I’m a very clever fellow.” And so is the devil a very clever fellow. The devil didn’t attack God head-on; instead he made Him of no consequence by trivializing Him. That is the striking thing about the new feel-good, fusionist Christianity of the Christian churches. It is astonishingly superficial and trivial because it is liberal, and liberalism is superficial and trivial. The Europeans have forsaken the spiritual depths of European Christianity in order to be multicultural. If blacks can’t relate to Christ as the Son of God, then make Him into a great civil rights advocate on a slightly lower level than Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Similar accommodations have been made for every other non-white race. But when inclusiveness replaces spiritual depth, there is no real faith left in the organized churches; they become houses of desolation. The Christian faith is the bulwark of the Europeans. If they wallow in the superficial pig sty of inclusive, multicultural Christianity, they will not be able to mount an attack against Liberaldom, because they will not see any difference between themselves and the colored barbarians. They will have renounced the non-blended God of the antique Europeans in order to worship in the new inclusive Church of Satan, in which the negro always receives the greatest adulation and homage. 

At age thirty, Richard Weaver found that he had to rethink the basic assumptions of his twenties, because he had come to the realization that his basic assumptions had been wrong. I found myself in a similar position at age 24. I came to the conclusion that everything I had been taught for the past six years in the unhallowed halls of academia was fundamentally wrong. And I would sum up the fundamental error at the heart of my education and the education of all modern Europeans by citing Descartes’ belief that a man could only come to know reality by divesting himself of all that he had been brought up to believe. If such a dictate were to be followed, and it has been followed, the European would be cut off from his past where Christ dwells, and he would be cut off from his heartfelt sentiments about the nature of reality. And as a consequence the European is at the mercy of the abstract philosophers and their psychological descendants. I remember, toward the end of my purgatory in academia, asking my Shakespearean studies “teacher,” who insisted on forcing a Freudian interpretation on Shakespeare’s plays, how a second-rate philosopher-psychologist could tell us anything about a first-rate poet. Is our existence here on earth a poetic drama, as St. Paul and the European poets tell us? Or is it a problem in Logic 101? “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in our philosophy.” Indeed there are! There is no God of love in ‘our philosophy.’ There is no personal God in all of feel-good, “I’m okay, you’re okay,” Jungian psychology. The European must seek the depths where his people reside because there He resides as well. All is cheerless, dark, and deadly, because the modern European is no longer connected to the fairy tale, Christian world of old Europe. He has embraced the oblivion of multicultural, racially diverse Babylon. 

A “mere” feeling is ultimately at the heart of our resistance to the mind-forged Babylon of the liberals. I recall a moment in my life that turned me into a raging anti-liberal. I was reading Bertrand Russell for a philosophy course. He stated with mathematical certainty that we lived in a godless, loveless universe. My heart rebelled against Russell’s cold, mathematical atheism. In a brief moment of illumination, I saw the image of God in man in the honored dead of Europe and in those still living who were connected to His Europe. I knew Russell was wrong. There is a deeper knowledge that is hidden from the philosophers and the Pharisees. Our sacred civilization was rooted in a faith in the personal God who St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus. When we see with St. Paul’s eyes again, having cast off the blindness of superficial, Descartian logic, we will be men again, and we will do what our ancestors did so well. We will champion the true European fairy tale of Christ crucified, Christ risen, against all the world. +

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