The Cross is Beauty, the Cross is Truth

“Herein constitutes the great blasphemy of the negro-worshipping, halfway-house Christian: he flies in the face of the time-honored prejudices of the Christian European people. The modern, halfway-house Christian self-righteously takes it as a given that the Europeans of the past were insufficiently Christian because they placed a wall between the races and punished those who tried to breach the wall. Why would you assume such a time-honored prejudice was wrong? Was God wrong to discriminate against Ham and his descendants? Were millions of Christian Europeans wrong for century after century because they discriminated in favor of the white Christian civilization against the black barbarian civilization? If we are looking for diseased souls, we will find more than enough in the ranks of the halfway-house Christians. They see, when they look at the Europeans of the past, nothing but shameful prejudices, when (if they had eyes to see) they should see the image of the God they have forsaken for the Negro and the gods of the inclusive Christian churches.” – CWNY


I have no quarrel with Keats’ famous poetic assertion,

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

What I quarrel with is Keats’ inability to see beauty on the Cross. Scott did and so did all the European poets of depth. The superficial triumvirate of Shelly, Keats, and Byron could not see past the outward beauty of nature to the inner beauty of the Son of God. 

Our modern liberals, the spiritual descendants of Shelley, Keats, and Byron (even though they can no longer quote them) have given a local habitation and a name to truth and beauty:

“Beauty is the noble black savage, truth the noble black savage,”- that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

I’m being unfair to Keats. He died young. Possibly had he lived longer, he would have found his way to the foot of the cross and seen truth and beauty when he looked up. And at least Keats left the question of what is truth and what is beauty unanswered. The liberals have supplied us with a hideous loathsome answer. Do I exaggerate to make a point? Unfortunately I do not. The liberal literally worships the black race. Their recent hysteria over a Puerto Rican’s self-defense slaying of a black thug is just one more example of the liberals’ intense religious devotion to their black gods. The father of the Puerto Rican boy is pathetically trying to explain that his son is not white, but once the liberal-colored barbarian mob has decided there has been a sacrilege committed, there is no mercy, no extenuating circumstances. We think of Cinna the poet. He tried to explain to the crazed mob that he was not Cinna the conspirator, but the mob would have his blood.

Cin. I am not Cinna the conspirator.

4th Pleb. It is no matter, his name’s Cinna. Pluck but his name out of his heart, and turn him going.

3rd Pleb. Tear him, tear him! Come, brands, Ho! Fire brands!

Despite being Puerto Rican, George Zimmerman has been labeled a white man who has committed blasphemy; he has struck the liberals’ god. The liberals have decreed that he must die. 

There is a twin dynamic at work in every self-defense killing of a black man. The liberals respond to the crisis with religious fervor. Their faith has been attacked and they feel called to defend, not to debate. On the other hand, the black barbarians who could care less about the death of a black man – they kill their own at an incredible rate – react to the self-defense slaying of a black with animal cunning. They know that if whites were to start defending themselves, the blacks’ reign of terror would come to an end. So they call all their white devotees to rally around their gods whenever there is a blasphemous act of sacrilege committed. And they are never disappointed; the whites always answer the call to man the walls of the “Africa in Europe” fort. It is significant that George Zimmerman was Puerto Rican. Had he been white he would never have defended himself against a black man. The white will not attack his god. As it stands now I fear that the young Puerto Rican will either commit suicide or be sent to jail, which is tragic because the young man was merely trying to defend his neighborhood from the criminal element, a noble instinct. 

The worship of the negro in the European nations is a direct result of the triumph of rationalism in the European world. Christ replaced the gods of the mystery cults because He loved with a passionate intensity which Cybele and Mithras could not come close to equaling. And He replaced the gods of the Greek and Roman sages because He was a living God, not an abstraction. Therein lays the key to the death of Christianity in Europe. A small group of medieval scholastics made reason the judge of revelation which opened the Descartian floodgates that made Christianity into a philosophy rather than a faith. First only a few, tired, burnt-out rationalists, such as Voltaire and Rousseau, sought refuge from their own minds by worshipping the bodies of the negroes. But as the small cabal of rationalists grew into a vast majority in state and church the stage was set for negro worship. When God becomes merely an end product of a rational, scientific process His people will go whoring after other more vital gods. Why did the European people settle on the negro gods? Because they are the exact opposite of the Christian God. Christ is light, they are darkness. Christ is merciful, the negro gods are cruel and without mercy. Christ is the Son of God, the negroes and their liberal devotees are the minions of Satan. 

Modern European paganism is a syncretic paganism that combines the rationalism of the pagan philosophers with the savage orgiastic rites of the most primitive tribesmen. And the central blasphemy of the new paganism is its emphasis on sacrifice rather than mercy. How many whites must die in order to propitiate the black gods? There is no finite number because the pagan religions are cyclic; they do not have a beginning and an end. That eschatology was part of the Christian faith. The liberals do hold out a hope for a kingdom of their black gods here on earth, but that can only come about when the cyclical sacrifice of whites ceases to produce any more whites to sacrifice. At that point the liberal will have ceased to exist as well and only the eternal night of Babylon will remain. 

Leaving aside the question of whether the Europeans are the original Hebrews of the Old Testament, I think it is perfectly clear that our history mirrors that of the ancient Hebrews. When God became an abstraction to the Hebrew people, because the Hebrews failed to keep faith with Him in their hearts, they went whoring after the gods of nature. Haven’t the modern Europeans done the same thing? What is the European deification of science if not another manifestation of a nature religion? And what is the worship of the negro other than nature worship taken to its most primitive degenerate level? 

Every branch of the Christian Church tells us that the Christian faith is not embodied in a people. We are told that a special expeditor of the faith gives us a rational explanation of Christ’s death and resurrection and by our mere adherence to the expeditor’s rational system we can know God. And if the faith is a rational system, then it is not necessary to pass the faith on through a particular people. The system is all; everybody can gain access to God through the system. But such a bloodless, rationalistic method of transmitting the faith doesn’t work. When rationalism enters a Christian Church the people go to the gods of the pagans. And then the expeditors invite the pagan gods into their churches in order to stay “relevant” and get more people back in the pews. If the European churches returned to the European Christ they would be able to take the negro gods from the altar and they could once again worship the living God in spirit and in truth. 

You can’t stay connected to the past by merely preserving a document from the past or a system from the past. You have to have a burning desire to know the past through your people. By an act of imagination and vision you have to put yourself in a position to see what they saw and feel what they felt. And you certainly won’t go through that necessary bonding with your ancestors if you come to believe they are irrelevant or evil. What do the halfway house Christians, and it’s a stretch to call them halfway-house Christians, think is worth preserving from the European past? It appears that they think there is nothing worth preserving because the Europeans of the past were sexist, homophobic, imperialist, and above all racist. “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” If you really think there is one single redeemable element in modern Babylon you are truly insane. White insanity, which stems from a loss of faith in the Christ of the antique Europeans, is the bone and sinew of multiracial, multicultural Babylon. If the white man ever regains his sanity the era of European Babylon will come to an end. 

Modern psychology has taught us that insanity is in the mind, and the cure for it is rationality. But if we step away from the superficiality of psychology and look at life from a more integral, poetic perspective, the way Europeans looked at life before the advent of Satanic psychology, we can see the true origins of insanity. Men are driven insane when they live only in the mind. The nihilistic father in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, keeps telling his son that the tragedy of life is secondhand, it is an intellectual construct. When his son comes to believe that life is second-hand, he commits suicide. 

The basic premise of psychology, that a man has a mind but no soul, is the basic premise of Liberaldom. But the mere assertion, even if it is a codified, institutionalized assertion, that a man has no soul, cannot change reality. Man does have a soul. The modern European needs his negro gods because without those gods he is left alone in a room with his own mind-forged nothingness. His mind has rejected the reality of Christian Europe so he needs something else to fill the void. Once we grasp the religious nature of the liberals’ love for the black savage we will not be deceived into thinking that we can get the liberals to keep black savagery in check. They will not go against their gods. 

Liberaldom was founded on a belief in the supremacy of reason unfettered. But the liberal could not live with reason alone, so he added the negro. And he propitiates his negro gods in public ceremonies throughout the European lands. It’s ironic that only the white man, who the negro despises, treats the black man as a god. No other race, including the black race, worships the negro as a god. But there is a chink in the liberals’ religious worshipping armor. Only the upper echelon of liberals truly worships and adores the negro; the rock stars, the movie stars, the academics, and the young who want to be rock stars, movie stars and academics. The great unwashed are not so much in a state of belief in the negro as they are in a state of disbelief in anything else. They are easily led because the liberals are full of passionate intensity about the sanctity of the negroes while the grazers are bewildered and confused. If the grazers could be roused… I know the response: “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.” 

Is there any sign that a revival of the European is any more than wish? Yes, there is one sign; it is the sign of the cross, the cross Europeans once honored. They did not hold any of the modern whited sepulchers of modernity as sacred; not the democratic process, not science, and not the negro. They cried from the depths for contact with the living God, and He responded to them. That sign of contradiction to the modern world, the Christ-centered culture of the antique Europeans, is still there. It is in our hearts and our blood. Only one people, as a people, saw beauty and truth on a cross. Look past the purple-robed priests and priestesses of cosmic modernity that bid us come to worship the negro, and see the living God who dwelt in the hearts of a people who loved much. “See how they love one another.” 

A man must have a local habitation, within a particular family and race or else he will never know the true God. The antique Europeans knew the true God, the modern Europeans do not. The difference between now and then is the difference between the Tower of Babel and the Cross. The modern liberals are forever building the Tower of Babel, which is supposed, when finished, to represent beauty and truth. We still have our defiant ‘no.’ We will stay with our own people who saw beauty and truth on The Cross. +

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