It Shall Not Be Business As Usual

Dore. Ezra in prayer

Trump entered hell when he became President. Did we expect him to convert Satan’s minions and transform the hell on earth that the liberals have been building for centuries into heaven on earth? He battled mightily against the devil and his minions, and because he had the moral courage to do battle with them, they chained him to the Promethean rock and pecked away at his entrails. He has earned the respect and love of every man and woman who still has a heart that loves. Like Alfred, like Lee, like Forrest, he has given his life’s blood for his people. I love and honor him for that.

If, as it appears, that the demon-crats have stolen the election by liberal chicanery and Trump has been removed from office, what is to be done? Should we despair and die? No, we should not, because that is what he, the archangel Satan, and his minions, the liberals, want. They hate all things noble and Christian, and they think they now have destroyed the last tiny remnants of Christian humanity. Is that true? They have certainly destroyed the last remnants of Christian humanity within the framework of democracy. But is our hope bound up with the fortunes of democracy? Remember it was the democratic process that produced, “Give us Barabbas.” – CWNY


Since the days of our fathers have we been in a great trespass unto this day; and for our iniquities have we, our kings, and our priests, been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands, to the sword, to captivity, and to a spoil, and to confusion of face, as it is this day. And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage. –Ezra 9: 7-8


AOC’s call to make a list of all who supported Trump and hunt them down was an accurate summation of the Demoncrats’ major policy concern: The white race must be eliminated. And why was it no surprise when the conservative pundits who told us it was the end of the everything if Trump lost, immediately fell in line and became part of the loyal opposition? Why, if it was the end of everything, didn’t they tell us to grab pitchforks, rifles, and shotguns and take to the streets rather than submit peacefully to the liberals who openly tell us they are coming for us? The reason is quite simple – The conservative pundits are liberals. They believe the most important thing in life is that the great American talk show – the show where clever Republican liberals try to out-wisecrack Democratic liberals in order to prove that they are the smart guys – shall continue on into eternity. Most of the conservative pundits, Limbaugh being the exception, seem happy that Biden has won since he gives them more chances to make sarcastic comments about his gaffes and his senility. But I don’t find their jokes very funny, nor do the ‘deplorables,’ the white grazers who voted for Trump and have now been designated for slaughter. In 2016 Hillary’s supporters laid down in the street and foamed at the mouth because Trump threatened to limit their abortion rights, and he was opposed to the extermination of the white race. Trump’s supporters are not lying down in the street or foaming at the mouth, but they are very depressed and some are suicidal. But isn’t turn-about fair play? Isn’t that part of the democratic process? It is part of the demon-cratic process, a process which tells us that the agony of white grazers is a good thing while the slightest tummy upset of a liberal is a bad thing. When Trump won, the liberals wept because they wanted to kill babies and kill whites. They thought Trump would stifle them, so they opposed him in everything, and eventually brought him down by making common cause with the Chinese communists. The white grazers, whom the liberals want to eliminate, are depressed because more babies will be killed and they will be killed as well. Whom should we be concerned about?

Every Trump supporter was not on the side of the angels — they were a mixed group — but every Biden-Harris voter was and is on the side of Satan. That is why the demon-crats ‘won’ the election and why they have won the cultural war. They have faith; they worship the devil through the sacred negro, while the white grazers are still groping for a faith they can call their own. They can’t turn to the organized churches, because the churchmen have embraced liberalism. So where do they go? A romance is often, as John Buchan points out in his novel Huntingtower, quite crude and earthy in its beginnings:

Dickon groaned. What had become of his dream of idylls, his gentle bookish romance? Vanished before a reality which smacked horribly of crude melodrama and possibly of sordid crime. His gorge rose at the picture, but a thought troubled him. Perhaps all romance in its hour of happening was rough and ugly like this, and only shone rosy in the retrospect. Was he being false to his deepest faith?

But then a romance can grow, if there is genuine humanity in its inception, to something of great constancy, to something that is noble and good. The “simple fools” with their MAGA hats and Trump banners had something inside them which the conservative intellectuals lacked. They had a feeling for a leader who loved them and sought to protect them from the wickedness and snares of the demon-crats.

And that type of love is the stuff of romance. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” The white grazers’ dreams, when they voted for Trump, were not completely divorced from the hearth-fire faith of the antique Europeans. For that reason, and that reason alone, the demon-crats bared their fangs and attacked with satanic fury. The break with old Europe must be complete. There must be no European hearth fire in the liberals’ utopian world. The Bush-Romney Republicans are not the objects of the liberals’ hatred because they believe, like the liberals, in the destruction of the white race. Neither Trump nor the white grazers who supported him ever advocated anything resembling what the liberals’ call ‘white supremacy.’ But merely being white makes you a white supremacist in the demonic ideology of the liberals. We can’t escape this issue of white pietas. If we give up our racial hearth fire, if we march behind the banner of ‘We are not racist,’ we will continue to lose to the liberals.

When Trump won in 2016 without cheating, the liberals treated his election as an illegal usurpation. The election was supposed to be a mere formality, like the elections in the Soviet Union used to be. This time around the liberals made certain that there would be no repeat of 2016. The Biden-Harris ticket got fewer votes than Hillary the witch got, yet they won, because the liberals were quite willing to break every electoral rule in order to win, just as they were quite willing to commit murder, through the communist Chinses virus, and through the Antifa/Black Lives Matter barbarians, in order to eliminate their enemies, the white Trump supporters. And as is always the case with liberals, they didn’t care if thousands of non-whites, the collateral damage, were killed as well. The liberals adhere to only one law – their will is sacred because their will is God’s will. And who is their God? It is Satan, whom they worship in and through the sacred negro.

Solzhenitsyn asked himself the question, when he was imprisoned in the Gulag Archipelago, why didn’t we resist when they came for us? Why didn’t we get whatever weapons we could lay our hands on and fight as a united group? I think the answer to Solzhenitsyn’s question can be found in Dostoevsky’s book, The House of the Dead. In that book Dostoyevsky writes about his experience in prison, during which he got a chance to observe first-hand men who were imprisoned for murder. And he noted that once they had transgressed that moral barrier of ‘thou shalt not kill,’ the second, third, and fourth murders became quite easy. The murderers had become a moral authority unto themselves, and that made them able to kill again and again. But such men are unusual; most men need some moral authority in order to justify the killing of their fellow men. A soldier finds his moral authority for killing in the State, and so do the bulk of the European people. And that is the tragedy of the European people. The mad-dog liberals believe that they are the State, whether they are elected to power or whether they are not elected; they believe themselves to be the State. And their religion of State is the worship of Satan through the sacred negro. Anything is lawful in the defense and advancement of that State. This places the white grazer in an impossible position. He believes that the modern democratic states are sacred and cannot be violently opposed, just as the Soviet citizens believed that the Soviet State could not and should not be violently opposed. The white grazer will defend his home from burglars, he will support state-sanctioned wars and his local police, but he will not fight against the State, because he has retained half of the Christianity of Alfred the Great, while the mad-dog liberals have embraced the entire dogmatic theology of the devil. Let us go back to Alfred.

Alfred started the reclamation of his kingdom with just a few acres of land in the hinterlands of Britain. That was his Christian kingdom. And then, because he was truly Alfred the Great, he reclaimed all of Britain from the Danes. And he so impressed the pagan Danes when he showed mercy to them after he defeated them, that they made a genuine conversion to the true faith. Now we come to the crucial point that is of such significance to modern Europeans. On his death bed Alfred enjoined his sons to ‘keep the law.’ Alfred was right of course, he was always in the right. It was imperative that his sons should adhere to the Christian laws that he had laid down for all Britons. But what if Alfred had lost to the Danes? What if he was forced to live in the hinterlands of pagan Britain? Would he have commanded his sons to ‘keep the law’? Of course not. He would have commanded them to keep fighting until Christ was King over all of Britain.(1)

The liberals, the men and women who voted for Biden, are totally committed to Satan; that is why they were prepared to violently resist Trump’s reelection if their mail-in ballot subterfuge failed. But the white grazers, the men and women who voted for Trump, are in limbo. They have a certain preference for Christian things, but they do not have an “Onward, Christian Soldiers” faith in the Christ of the Gospels, the Christ of old Europe. And when you only retain a partial faith, you will be annihilated by the demon-possessed liberal swine who have made Satan their god. The grazers have retained the Christian Europeans’ respect for the law, but they are incapable of seeing that the law, once it is no longer Christian, is not the law that Alfred, the exemplar of Christian rulers, told his sons to adhere to. The exact opposite is the case. Our law is grounded in Satan’s will. Alfred would have told us – he is telling us still – to oppose that law with our whole heart, mind, and soul.

With the exception of the House of the Dead type of murderers, the Ted Bundies, the white Europeans need State sanction when they kill. The exemplar for all liberals is Robespierre, who made man’s reason into a god, and in the name of that god started his purge. That purge still continues in the European nations. In the name of reason, the sacred negro, and science, the non-illuminated whites must be eliminated. AOC and her ilk have told us outright, the liberals are coming for thee and me.

It would seem that the colored barbarians, particularly the black barbarians, do not need state sanction to kill. But when they kill whites, do they not kill with the state sanction of the liberals? And when they kill each other, isn’t it in adherence to their ancient barbaric faith in bloody sacrifice? Civil rights for blacks, in a white Christian society, must of necessity involve a suppression of the blacks’ barbaric faith in bloody sacrifice. They must be forced to adhere to Christian precepts of law and morality. In a post-Christian society, a society based on man’s reason, the black barbarians are encouraged to practice their ancient faith. Of course the illuminated whites never anticipate that the blacks might not always distinguish between illuminated whites and non-illuminated whites; Atticus Finch is only admired by the white liberals.

We must fully understand why the liberals hated Trump. He was opposed, unlike his Republican predecessors, to their religion of bloody sacrifice. He did not want infants to be slaughtered on the liberals’ altars (other Republican presidents merely gave lip service to the anti-abortion cause), and he wanted white people to be included in the American dream, and not exterminated. The liberals will always oppose such a politician, they will eliminate him by whatever means necessary. Where does that leave the white Europeans? It leaves us in the demon-cratic slaughterhouse. We can stay within the perimeters of demon-cracy and wait to be slaughtered, or we can oppose the liberals, as Forrest opposed them. But how can we fight without state sanction? How can we not fight? If we remain passive, haven’t we chosen to support Satan over Christ? Is it noble to brag about your acceptance of the law if that law is the liberals’ law, a law based on the slaughter of the innocents and the ritual murder of the white race?

If this election has not taught us that we cannot reason with the devil, then we are of all men most to be pitied, because we will remain in thralldom to the devil and his minions during our lives here on earth. And the next world? It is my hope and prayer that I and the white grazers will not give up our hope for another world, even while under the heel of Satan in this world. But it will be better for us, the white Europeans, if we fight for His reign of charity here on earth. That fight is what gave our European ancestors a sure and certain hope in His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. If we don’t fight, if we follow the conservative pundits and make peace with our liberal overlords, we will endanger our own souls and the souls of generations of Europeans still to be born. The Witch of the Green Kirtle just about convinces Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb that there never was a Narnia or an Aslan until Puddleglum breaks the hellish spell and defies the Witch:

“No, I suppose that other world must be all dream.”

“Yes. It is all a dream,” said the Witch, always thrumming.

“Yes, all a dream,” said Jill.

“There never was such a world,” said the Witch.

“No,” said Jill and Scrubb, “never was such a world.”

“There never was any world but mine,” said the Witch.

“There never was any world but yours,” said they.

Puddleglum was still fighting hard. “I don’t know rightly what you all mean by a world,” he said, talking like a man who hasn’t enough air. “But you can play that fiddle till your fingers drop off, and still you won’t make me forget Narnia, and the whole Overworld too. We’ll never see it again, I shouldn’t wonder. You may have blotted it out and turned it dark like this, for all I know. Nothing more likely. But I know I was there once. I’ve seen the sky full of stars. I’ve seen the sun coming up out of the sea of a morning and sinking behind the mountains at night. And I’ve seen him up in the midday sky when I couldn’t look at him for brightness.”

Puddleglum’s words had a very rousing effect. The other three all breathed again and looked on one another like people newly awaked.

“Why, there it is!” cried the Prince. “Of course! The blessing of Aslan upon this honest Marshwiggle. We have all been dreaming, these last few minutes. How could we have forgotten it? Of course we’ve all seen the sun.”

The Silver Chair

Our schools, our churches, and every major institution in our nation support the Underworld of the Witch of the Green Kirtle. They tell us that there never was an Overworld, a world in which men and women looked to a Suffering Servant who came to redeem mankind from sin and death. What are the liberals celebrating when they celebrate the death of one tiny instance of Christian humanity in their Underworld? They are celebrating the total victory of darkness over light. Right now our greatest enemies are the conservative pundits who tell us to get back to business as usual. It shall not be business as usual. In the name of God, we must reject the ‘non-resistance to evil’ policy of the conservative Quakers and act like European men who actually believe in Christ the King and oppose the devil and all his works – and the devil’s proudest work is the liberal who hates Christ as the devil hates Christ.

Biden will reinstate the anti-white propaganda throughout our military, he will re-establish the United States’ subservience to communist China, and he will put in motion the legal machinery to have Trump and his family prosecuted for crimes against the satanic state. When the State is satanic, to oppose Satan is treason. Then they, the demon-crats, and the conservative shadows of the demon-crats, will come for the white grazers. The white grazers will have one more season to hunt deer before the liberals shall order the militia to hunt them. And while the purge is going on, the conservative pundits will tell us to sit tight and wait for a Bush or a Pence to come along and save us through the demon-cratic process.

When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we need our ancient faith, which is a revelatory faith, not an intellectual faith, in Christ the Lord. We are helpless and hopeless if we stay within the confines of demon-cracy. But outside of those hellish confines there is faith, hope, and that charity of honor. That charity and that honor, which are grounded in His love, shall see us safely home. +


(1) Biden will legalize some ten million colored infidels because that is the essence of liberalism – a satanic coalition of post-Christian Europeans allied with the barbarians of color. It will take another Alfred, supported by a remnant band of Christians, to drive the liberals and the colored barbarians from the European nations that once called themselves Christian. The United States, the exceptionalist nation, is indeed an exception. Our anti-nation is exceptionally satanic because we had less of a Christian tradition to throw off. When David was hiding in the cave from his enemies, he asked the Lord to, “Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name: the righteous shall compass me about: for thou shalt deal bountifully with me.” So shall it be with us when we reject democracy and turn to the God of David and the God of Alfred, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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