Which Is In Christ

Dore. St. Paul Shipwrecked

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 8: 35-39


Without opening one new avenue to the understanding, they have succeeded in stopping up those that lead to the heart. They have perverted in themselves, and in those that attend to them, all the well-placed sympathies of the human breast. – Edmund Burke in Reflections on the Revolution in France


The ongoing Jacobin revolution throughout the European world is based on a purging of the European people from the European nations. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and Europe and its satellites must be African and Asian. Whither goeth the European? He must be exterminated. We know who is behind the great purge, it is the devil, but we do not know if the devil always approves of the tactics used by his minions. Currently, in the United States, and it also appears to be the same in most of the European nations, the devil’s minions have decided it is time for a direct assault on the white race. They no longer believe there is any need for subterfuge. Confident in their belief that there will be no serious opposition to any cause that flies the banner of the sacred negro, the devil’s minions have decided to kill the Cannon Hinnants, the Aaron Danielsons, and the Tommie Lindhs of the white nations until there are no longer any whites left to murder. What then? There will be heaven on earth. That is the vision of the illuminated liberals. They will be the benevolent caretakers of a blessed kingdom purged of all non-illuminated whites. Some non-illuminated whites might survive as lamp shades and facial creams, but they will no longer survive as a people. Will there be any opposition to the great purge? We can hope and pray there will be some resistance, but as things stand right now it looks like the purge will be successful.

What are the bad signs, the signs that there will be no resistance to the purge? The first bad sign is that there is still no resistance in the ranks of the white ‘conservatives’ to the deification of the sacred negro. Let us take the arrest and subsequent death of George Floyd as an example, since it seemed to be the incident the liberals used to start the last phase of the purge. I heard Lou Dobbs, and a former white republican governor of Virginia, and many other ‘conservatives’ use the word ‘murder’ in reference to the death of George Floyd. I do not believe, based on the evidence I have heard, that the officer who is now rotting in jail did anything wrong, but even if you believe that he should have researched the suspect’s medical condition before trying to arrest him, in order to ensure that the arrest would not be too hard on his drug-crazed nervous system, the arrest still cannot and should not be called murder by any stretch of the imagination. And when I hear so-called conservatives using the word ‘murder’ in order to show that they are not racist, I want those conservatives to be forced, in an urban setting, to answer every single call that involves the arrest of a black. I will give you one hundred to one odds that in less than a year, those conservatives, if they actually try to arrest the black criminals, will be in jail charged with brutality and/or murder. How do you arrest brutal criminals? If you “reimagine” police work and decide that you should simply chat with criminals who are black — maybe you can even give them a cookie — then you do not have a police force, you have a Society of Friends. I think the entire Quaker regalia would be a more fitting uniform for our modern police, at least the police that the liberals think we should have. But of course the Society of Friends’ approach to police work only applies to black criminals. If a white person goes unmasked in a public arena, or a pro-life protestor or a white gun owner is involved in a disturbance, then the liberals will inform the police they can now put on their Nazi uniforms and arrest the dirty, blankety-blank white ‘criminals.’

The second bad sign, which is linked to the first one, is that the conservatives are not conservative. They do not oppose the mad-dog liberals because the mad-dog liberals are against the Christian hearth-fire faith of the European people, they oppose the mad-dog liberals because they think that they, not the mad-dog liberals, are better equipped to build that “shining city on a hill” with a melting pot of all the peoples of the earth at the top of the hill. But is that “shining city on a hill” which Ronald Reagan made reference to in his Presidential campaign really something to be desired? Hasn’t that utopian dream become a nightmare? The melting pot has become a cauldron in which white victims are boiled alive as black savages and illuminated whites dance around the cauldron while keeping the coals beneath the cauldron at a white heat. The conservatives never defend white civilization. They do not defend the South’s attempt to resist the infusion of the black savage into the heart of European civilization, nor do they resist the ‘liberation’ of women, a ‘liberation’ which has resulted in legalized abortion and the death of the Christian patriarchal family. Yes, I equate Christian with patriarchal. Just as there can be no real faith in the Word made flesh if we do not have a racial hearth fire where we see the Word made flesh embodied, we cannot know our heavenly Father unless we see His love embodied in loving fathers.

“Up the farm-yard way. There—he is on the gravel-walk. He has stopped; I daresay it is to pull some of the jessamine that grows over the well. Now, fly away, dove! Father’s here.”

And the next minute a general shout echoed, “Father’s here!”

He stood in the doorway, lifting one after the other up in his arms; having a kiss and a merry word for all – this good father!

O solemn name, which Deity Himself claims and owns. Happy these children, who in its fullest sense could understand the word “father!” to whom, from the dawn of their little lives, their father was what all fathers should be—the truest representative here on earth of that Father in heaven, who is at once justice, wisdom, and perfect love.

-Miss Mulock, John Halifax, Gentleman

It is not any defense of that which should be defended, Christian Europe, to say that the antique Europeans were racist, but we, the good Europeans, are not racist. We must say what is true, that white pietas is sacred, and it is through the love of our kith and kin that we come to know the living God. Without that love we have nothing, we have not charity, not for our own people nor for the stranger. Without pietas, we are reeds blown in the wind, subject to whatever false universalist ideology comes our way, an ideology that is easily blown away by another ideology, so long as that ideology comes as a superficial, universalist ideology without spiritual substance. Thus the democratic capitalist ideology is blown away by democratic socialism, and democratic socialism is blown away by an universalist anarchy – a war of the utopians against whatever is not utopian, that which is Christian and white.

As it is with race – “We are not racist, but our white ancestors were” – so it is with women’s ‘rights’ – “We are not sexist, but our ancestors were.” That is the apologia of the modern conservatives. They will not defend the Christian patriarchy of old Europe, which ‘restricted’ women to home and child-rearing. Instead they cite the new woman, the woman who has the choice to become Lady Macbeth—“Unsex me here” – or a working mother combining business and home. That is always the non-vision of the modern conservatives. They think you can have a little bit of liberalism and a little bit of Christianity. You mix the two together and you get “My country ‘tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty.” Right? No, that is wrong. What you get is what Burke warned us about: you get utopian creatures from hell who must destroy everything human in order to move humanity to utopia:

They are ready to declare, that they do not think two thousand years too long a period for the good that they pursue. It is remarkable, that they never see any way to their projected good but by the road of some evil. Their imagination is not fatigued with the contemplation of human suffering through the wild waste of centuries added to centuries of misery and desolation. Their humanity is at their horizon—and, like the horizon, it always flies before them. The geometricians, and the chemists, bring, the one from the dry bones of their diagrams, and the other from the soot of their furnaces, dispositions that make them worse than indifferent about those feelings and habitudes, which are the support of the moral world.  – Burke, A Letter to a Noble Lord

The utopians are extremists; they can only be defeated by men and women who are more extreme in their defense of the good than the mad-dog liberals are in defense of evil. We need extremists, not conservative Quakers who believe we can ‘dialogue’ with Satan. What has been the result of that dialogue, of that attempt to debate that which cannot be debated? Whether we can or cannot abort – whether we should permit the existence of the white race or not – and whether we should allow heathen gods to be placed on Christian altars.

There are consequences when you try to fuse good and evil into a democratic synthesis. It can’t be done. Good must either defeat evil, or evil must triumph over good. Our European folk stories and fairy tales, the ones we have left behind in order to make room in our minds for ‘serious’ stuff, all tell us one essential thing – there is such a thing as good, and that good is embodied in Christ the Lord; and there is such a thing as evil, and that evil is embodied in the devil. We can either serve the good, which is Christ, or we can serve the devil; we cannot fuse the two together and call that fusion a “democracy.”

Right now we have reached the stage in which pure evil prances around the political stage, in the form of demon-crats such as Biden and Harris, and we have reached the stage where creatures from hell stalk our streets under the banner of Black Lives Matter. Such creatures riot, loot, and kill on a daily basis, and they intensify their murderous sprees (as they are currently doing in Philadelphia) every time a black criminal is killed or maimed. The conservatives’ response to the pure evil of the demon-crats, the Antifa and the BLM is more dialogue. That is the sickness of the fusionist mentality. The integral man, the Christian European, cannot abide the fusion of that which he loves, his kith and kin and his Savior, with a universalist people and a new deity, the sacred negro. That universalist fusion dilutes love. It makes the European a Quaker in his response to pure evil, and it makes him a dried-up lab scientist in his response to the one true God who is deserving of our passionate heartfelt love and adoration.

I long for a Trump victory for the same reason I longed for my father to survive just a few months more during his final illness. I couldn’t face his death, “at least not yet.” But I had to face his death, just as we must face the fact that the mad-dog liberals will not be stopped within the confines of modern demoncracy. They are an unrelenting, merciless, ungodly force that will kill everything good, everything noble, everything beautiful and innocent, without the slightest “compunctious visitings of nature.” In fact, it is their professed armed doctrine that man’s nature is Satan’s nature. They have re-created themselves in the image of Satan; therefore they must kill Christ by destroying His image in man. That it is Satan’s desire that the mad-dog liberals show their hands at this point in history is not something we can know for sure. What is certain is that his minions have decided it is no longer necessary to cloak their evil. They do not fear the white Europeans because they do not believe there are any Christian Europeans left on the field of battle; they have either been slain or neutered by the democratic faith of the conservatives, which is one with the faith of the Quakers: “Thou shall not defend one’s kith and kin.” If the Christian Europeans no longer have the will to fight the devil and his minions, who will stop the bloodletting? In the works of the great poets of our race and in our fairy tales and folk stories, we find a belief that was best expressed by Hansel’s and Gretel’s father: “When hope seems nearly gone, God’s relief to us will surely come.” That hope, that faith, is grounded in St. Paul’s sure and certain hope that “in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump,” we shall be saved by Him who died on the cross to save us from sin and death. The demon-crats, the Antifaers, and the BLM creatures are pushing the white Europeans to a final reckoning, a reckoning which they, Satan’s minions, think will result in the triumph of darkness over the light. But we have that within which tells us that it is His word that shall be the last word.

The mad-dog liberals must have legalized abortion because they must be as gods, and how can you be a god without controlling the act of procreation? And the liberals must worship the negro because a post-Christian people must have a savior diametrically opposed to the Christians’ Savior. The mad-dog liberals do not want to alleviate the ills of blacks, they want to increase whatever ills they suffer and invent other ills that have no basis in reality. All this they must do because the black race must be the suffering servant the post-Christian liberal worships and serves through his illuminated mind, a mind that has gone beyond pietas, beyond charity, to an inhuman monster of supernatural cruelty, rooted in Satan’s supernatural hatred of Christ and His people. The European fairy tales are true — there is Christ and there is the devil — and now the liberals have decided to make it clear whom they serve. We can’t dialogue with Satan, nor can we fight Satan without divine aid. Our Lord will not leave us defenseless if we call on Him by name. +

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