Our God Has Sent His Angel

Rembrandt. Vision of Daniel

And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. And they call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee. –Mark 10: 49


So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. – Revelations 2: 15-16


One of the mistakes a man of my age often makes is to judge events and people according to what his experiences were when he was growing up. In other words, older men often fail to ‘adjust the typewriter.’ And the mere fact that I use the term ‘typewriter’ rather than computer indicates that I have failed to adjust. But let me give another ‘for instance’: when I was young, the mainstream churches had gone over to liberalism, but the smaller, fringe churches were much more Christian in their orientation. After all, they had come into being because of the liberalism of the mainstream churches. But some fifteen years ago I discovered, to my horror, just how far the fringe churches had shifted to the left. I encountered ‘born again Christians’ and ‘conservative’ Catholics who had very little knowledge of (nor did they adhere to) the faith of the European people. An incredible shift to the left had occurred even in the fringe churches. That leftward shift caught me by surprise.

The same thing has occurred in politics. I was the only one in my family who thought that Hillary would lose to Trump, because I remembered that when Reagan ran he always did better than the polls showed. And I also remembered the days of George McGovern, who was too blatant with his left wing views, which spelled disaster for him, and Hillary was very blatant in her leftism, much more so than her husband and Obama had been. But I was wrong; Hillary won the popular vote and would have won the electoral vote if Pennsylvania had allowed mail-in voting, which they are now allowing in this election. What was the change I had not taken into consideration? I had not taken into account Burke’s assertion about the twelvemonth of indoctrination. The relentless liberal indoctrination process in our schools, our churches, and the media had taken its toll. What seemed left wing in McGovern’s day has become mainstream. That is why I no longer have any confidence that the blatant leftism of the Biden-Harris demon-crats will bring them the defeat they would have been handed forty years ago. “The times they are a-changin’.”

This past weekend I went to a shooting range with some of my sons. The range was out in the country, away from the rich folk with their luxury houses and their “Biden Harris” signs; there were no Biden supporters at the gun range. The men there were the ‘deplorable’ men that Hillary Clinton spit on; they had Trump stickers and ‘God and Guns’ stickers on their four-wheel drive vehicles. They would look on me as a man-from-Mars if I brought up European Christianity, but still those white grazers are an infinitely better breed of men than you’ll find within academia or in any of the other centers of Liberaldom. But as I talked with the men, I became incredibly sad, because they are all “so far from doing harm that they suspect none.” They see that the radical left – the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter creatures – hate them, but they do not see that their churches and their schools and the entire democratic structure which they revere as part of their American-exceptionalism heritage has been designed to destroy them. They believe, like the pro-lifers, that the evil entity called liberalism is a subversion of the American democratic process, rather than the inevitable result of the American democratic process. Hence they look to democracy to save them. Should Trump lose, they have no Plan B. That is why it is sad to be among these decent men whom the liberals have designated for extermination. They will grumble and cry unfair if the Biden-Harris leftists win, but they will not take up arms against the Philistines of Liberaldom, because there is no spirit of counterrevolution in their American hearts. They cannot see any life outside the perimeters of democracy. That is a terrible tragedy, because in reality there is no life for the white European within the framework of democracy.

I am not a Thomist; I do not view existence with a Buddhistic-Thomistic quietude, which is why I hope and pray for a Trump victory this fall. Individual white lives will be saved, and white jobs will be saved if Trump wins, so we can never say that this election is of no consequence. But we should see that even a Trump victory, which is doubtful, will only slow down the onward march of the liberals toward… toward what? Where would the leftists of Liberaldom have us go? “We shall bring you hell!” the Antifaers scream. That is the promised end of liberalism. We will find ourselves in hell on earth while we still live on this earth, and we will spend all eternity in hell after our lives here on earth end if we take the spirit of liberalism into our hearts.

If we adjust the typewriter (or computer), what has changed in the last four years to make a Biden-Harris victory more likely than four years ago? First, there will be a whole host of new, younger voters who will vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. In school and church, if they go to church, our young people hear the leftists’ lies, and they will vote in accordance with the Jacobin-Marxist party line. Secondly, the ‘news’ outlets have clamped down on free speech to an incredible degree, and even the more moderate news channels, such as Fox, have shifted to the left. The conservatives’ response to the clamp-down – they call for more civility and politeness – is woefully inadequate. Let us pause there. One last remaining ‘conservative’ outlet, News Max, runs specials lauding Martin Luther King Jr. and George Bush, who now supports Biden. And their support of the police is a non-support. They condemn ‘rogue cops’ who are not rogue cops while supporting a theoretical police force that never gets their hands dirty by arresting black criminals. That policy of non-support for white policemen, who actually do their jobs and try to arrest black criminals, is right in line with their non-support of the antique Europeans. They routinely condemn the ‘racists’ of the old South while proudly proclaiming their non-racist Americanism. Small wonder that the white grazers are holding a losing hand as the election approaches.

The Covid-19 gambit of the liberals’ ally, the Chinese communists, has also been very successful. The Chinese didn’t succeed in completely destroying the American economy, but they did hand the liberals a very great weapon, a reason for the mail-in ballot which will enable them to steal electoral votes in key states. A disputed election, an election which goes to the courts, will result in a Biden-Harris victory, because our courts always decide in favor of liberalism for the simple reason that they are liberal.

Four years ago if the Antifaers and the BLM creatures from hell had openly committed the atrocities they are currently engaged in, I would have said they had destroyed the demon-crats’ chances for an electoral victory. I would have said that the extreme violence of the leftists had turned the electoral tide toward the Republicans. But now, I’m not so sure about that. Decent people are appalled by the violence in cities like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago, and decent people are buying guns at a record pace in order to protect themselves and their families from the colored hordes. But are there enough decent people left who will vote for Trump? Again, I must refer you to the liberal propaganda onslaught in church, state, and academy. The prospects for white people seem quite grim.

If we look at the electoral scale it appears to be weighted in favor of the demon-crats. But is there not one thing to which we cannot assign an exact weight? “If ye ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” We can give what money we can afford to Trump’s campaign, and we can vote for him, but we can also pray that somehow our Lord will aid us in this war against the devil and his minions. What if we pray, and our prayers are not answered? I don’t know the answer to that question. It seems that the side that should win, if we look at European history, often does not win. Still, I believe we should call on Him by name and ask Him to intervene in this upcoming election. We are not praying for riches when we pray for a Trump victory, we are asking our Lord to help us begin the long journey back to His Europe and away from Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. Of course if we do not have the humility of the prodigal son in our hearts, if we do not want to return to a land where unborn babies are protected and the old virtues of faith, hope, and charity are revered, our prayers will not be answered. The Philistines of Liberaldom will triumph.

A Trump victory will not change the fact that we live in Liberaldom, which is a kingdom diametrically opposed to the image-of-God-in-man culture of old Europe, but there still are very good Christian reasons for hoping and praying for Trump’s re-election. Currently in many democratic cities, the forces of evil, the Antifaers and the BLM creatures from hell, are being given free rein to rape, pillage, and murder, while the police are ordered to ‘stand down.’ If Biden-Harris are elected, the police will no longer stand down, they will join the Antifa and BLM rebellions because they will be ordered to do so by the Federal government. The liberals, under Biden and Harris, will switch from States’ Righters back to Federalists. It will be the same with the military as it is with the police. The military currently is not intervening in the wars in our cities. In a Biden-Harris regime, the military, along with the police, will be used to crack down on white gun owners and whites who try to defend themselves against the onslaught of Antifa and the colored barbarians.

We can’t walk away from our Christian heritage. The liberals will side with the Jews, the Moslems, the blacks, the Asians, and every other non-white entity against the white race, because the white race is the image-of-God-in-man race. The liberals can’t, as Burke tells us, strike God directly, so they must attack His image in man. I pray for a Trump victory because I love my kith and kin, but if we place our hopes in democracy alone we will be betrayed in deepest consequence. Our covenant is with a personal God, not with an abstract theory of the rights of man. If we are given breathing room because of a Trump victory, let us use that victory to start on the road back, not to the land of liberty, but to the land of the covenant, to Christian Europe. +

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