The Fear of the Devil and his Minions

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. –The Tempest by Shakespeare

There is a courageous wisdom: there is also a false reptile prudence, the result not of caution but of fear. Under misfortunes it often happens that the nerves of the understanding are so relaxed, the pressing peril of the hour so completely confounds all the faculties, that no future danger can be properly provided for, can be justly estimated, can be so much as fully seen. The eye of the mind is dazzled and vanquished. An abject distrust of ourselves, an extravagant admiration of the enemy, present us with no hope but in a compromise with his pride, by a submission to his will. This short plan of policy is the only counsel which will obtain a hearing. We plunge into a dark gulph with all the rash precipitation of fear. The nature of courage is, without a question, to be conversant with danger: but in the palpable night of their terrors, men under consternation suppose, not that it is the danger, which, by a sure instinct, calls out the courage to resist it, but that it is the courage which produces the danger. They therefore seek for a refuge from their fears in the fears themselves, and consider a temporizing meanness as the only source of safety. –Letters on a Regicide Peace by Edmund Burke


Herman Melville once wrote that, “No utter surprise can come to him who reaches Shakespeare’s core – All that we seek and shun is there – Man’s final lore.” But apparently the conservative-liberals see no need to look to the Bard of Avon when they need to come to some understanding of their mad-dog liberal cousins. Recently I saw one of those pretty, female newscasters on the Fox News Network ask her audience why mad-dog liberals such as Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts were being so historically uncivil to the President of the United States. Is she serious? Has she no understanding of the nature of evil? When you make the break from God, the one true God, there is no going back. You must push that break to its ultimate conclusion: the worship of Satan and the annihilation of all things human. Shakespeare, in Macbeth, shows us the end result of the liberals’ break with God, and he shows us the only way we can deal with liberals who have made that break with God. Macbeth loves his wife, who has made Satan her soulmate, outside of God’s love, and as a result he becomes a bloody tyrant who is wedded, through his wife, to Satan. Ultimately Lady Macbeth self-destructs, and Macbeth is slain on the field of battle by a man who doesn’t believe that evil can be vanquished by civility.

The mad-dog liberals understand that there is a war going on between the liberals, the unmen and unwomen committed to the rule of Satan, and the European remnant who still remain connected to Christ’s Europe and the values stemming from that Europe. The conservative-liberals of Fox News and the alternative news sites do not understand that there is a war going on. They refuse to understand that obvious reality because they do not want to give up their faith in democracy as a panacea for all the problems of life. You can’t vote evil out of existence; that is what the conservative-liberals refuse to come to terms with. They keep calling for more civility and more democracy when what is necessary, what is imperative, is that we respond to the liberals’ attack on all things humane and Christian with the same will and passion in defense of Him and His people as the liberals have shown in defense of their satanic faith. The violent and passionate shall bear it away. Why do we meet the liberals’ incivility with the imbecilic fudge of democratic civility? And why do we greet their calls for a war of extermination with Emersonian platitudes about toleration and democracy?

If there are no Shakespearean depths to life, if Ralph Waldo was right that superficiality is truth, then we needn’t take the liberals’ assault on God through their assault on the white race as a serious matter, because if there is no depth to life, then there is no God who dwells in the depths of the human heart. (1) If the human heart is as superficial as the liberals tell us, then good and evil are mere artificial constructs that can be manipulated according to the whims of Emersonian minds. But if Shakespeare is right, if there is good and evil, if a man can choose between heaven or hell, then it is not prudent to respond to the passionate hatred of the minions of Satan with a tepid faith in superficial platitudes about democracy and civility.

If we leave aside the scholastics’ disputes over God’s grace and man’s free will and simply state that everything good stems from the grace of God and man’s free will response to God’s grace, we can proceed with the defense of the entity which the theologians tell us was an impossibility, namely, Christian Europe. That entity was a magnificent tapestry woven by the hand of God, using His people as the strands in the tapestry. It has been and remains Satan’s task to unweave the tapestry of Christian Europe one strand at a time until there is nothing left of Christian Europe. The conservative-liberals, represented by the previously mentioned newscaster who wanted to know why liberals were so uncivil, are people who want some of the strands of the Christian European tapestry to stay in place, strands such as civility, but they no longer want many of the other Christian strands, such as the patriarchal family, to remain in the tapestry. That cannot be. It is a case of all or nothing. If you don’t defend the entire European tapestry, which is held together by a non-fusionist faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ, you will eventually witness the destruction of every single strand of the European tapestry.

Bernie Sanders, the freeze-dried hippie, was right when he held up Denmark as a model for all nations, but only if he was talking about the Denmark of the 1950s. The Danes at that time were a white, ethnically homogeneous people who had not yet taken their Christian tapestry completely apart. But now, some 70 years later, they have nothing left. Where there once was a beautiful tapestry, there now is a liberal-Islamic hellhole. The true conservative must be a counter-revolutionary: he must commit to the arduous task of reasserting the truth of Christ crucified, Christ risen, and then he must re-strand the fabric of his nation in accordance with that new-old faith. A vague belief in an ecumenical God, civility, and diversity will not suffice. Quite the contrary – we must believe in the Christ, who is the beginning and the end, the first and the last, not in an ecumenical Mr. Softie, and we must not treat Satan’s minions with civility nor should we abandon white pietas in order to become racially diverse. We should be a non-diverse people with a diversity of gifts which we place at the service of the one true God.

From a Christian perspective, it is quite apparent – transparently apparent – that the liberals have totally given themselves over to the devil. Yet the ‘conservatives’ fail to see that the liberals are possessed by the devil. And in point of fact nothing will get you dismissed from the public debate quicker than an assertion that in dealing with liberals we are dealing with Satan. Ionesco’s rhinoceros in the bedroom can only be seen by those who are ‘stupid’ enough to believe, quite literally, in the devil and the devil’s Divine Antagonist. And that really is the key. Intellectual pride was slyly woven into the Christian European tapestry under the guise of ‘knowledge of God.’ That strand became the pretext for the removal of every single Christian strand of the tapestry. And once those Christian strands were replaced, once the patriarchal family was replaced by the worship of Cybele, once the code of chivalry was replaced by the law of the survival of the cruelest, and once that “charity of honor” was replaced by the merciless cruelty of democratic Jacobinism, then the ‘pride of intellect’ strand, disguised as the ‘knowledge of God’ strand, stood out in all its satanic splendor, surrounded by all the other supporting strands of a new satanic tapestry. The new tapestry is now complete. That other tapestry is only a memory, a memory that the liberals must attack whenever anyone dares to bring it up by advocating the restoration of even just one strand of that old European tapestry.

The reason Trump is hated by the liberals more than any Republican president has ever been hated before is because he is serious about removing the ‘legalized abortion’ strand from the liberals’ tapestry. He won’t succeed because it is necessary to first remove the ‘pride of intellect’ strand before any of the Christian strands can be rewoven back into the European tapestry, but the liberals still must oppose, with satanic fury, any and all attempts to regress to any of the customs, manners, and laws stemming from Christian Europe. Trump’s dilemma is the dilemma of all the democratically elected officials who do not accept all of the premises of liberalism. They will be crucified because the liberals will have all or nothing: they will not rest from satanic strife until they have made Satan’s law the only law on the face of the earth. They want war, a war without mercy, a war that will end with the victory of liberalism and the defeat of incarnate Europe. That is what liberalism is all about. We can’t be civil with warmongering liberals nor can we look to the democratic process, a process created by Satan, to save us from the slings and arrows of the liberals who want our blood, just as Dracula wants the blood of his victims. The pestilence that has enveloped Europe is the pestilence of liberalism unchecked and unchallenged by white Christians.

In his Letters on a Regicide Peace, Burke observes that as the evil of the Jacobins became more apparent, the Europeans’ reaction to that evil became less intense. Familiarity brought acceptance. That is the great danger of mistaking tolerance of evil with forbearance and charity. It is Christian to forbear and forgive those who trespass against us, but is cowardly and unchristian – it goes against that charity of honor – to be tolerant of merciless inhuman cruelty and blasphemy. The people of Europe do not see liberalism for what it is because their spiritual nerve endings are dead. First they tolerated liberalism, then they accepted it as the truth and the way. We have institutionalized the hatred of the white race, sodomy, abortion, and negro worship all in the name of tolerance and democratic civility. There are many people, perhaps a majority, who do not like one or more of the institutionalized evils of liberalism. My parents, for instance, were 1950s liberals who were uncomfortable with the legalization of homosexual marriage. But they had to accept it because it had become part of the liberals’ democratic imperative. Their rejection of homosexual marriage would have necessitated the rejection of democracy and the rights of man. And where would we be without the rights of man? We would be right back with the Dream of the Rood and that would be wrong… Why would it be wrong? When the Moslems went on a rape fest on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany three years ago, a Danish female journalist asked, after the riot, “Where were the men, why didn’t they do something?” Then she went on to say, however, that she didn’t want to go back to the bad old days when women were confined, horrors of horrors, to the kitchen and the hearth fire, but she did want males to act like males when Moslems assaulted women. Life doesn’t work that way. “Life is earnest, life is real,” you can’t breed men who will fight for the values of Christian Europe when you have institutionalized all the values opposed to His reign of charity.

In the end it all comes back to the words of St. Paul: “Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” It is the knights of charity who can see the true God above the hell of liberalism. If we have no such knights left to us, we are indeed lost. The vision of His love only seems lost because we are afraid to rip that satanic strand, the strand of intellectual pride, from the tapestry of liberalism. Once we conquer that fear, we will have conquered, through the grace of God, Satan and his minions. ‘Tis a consummation most devoutly to be wished. We can tear the liberals’ tapestry asunder. +


(1) For, in the mysteries of Mercy, the one fore-knowing Spirit
Outstrippeth reason’s halting choice, and winneth men to Him
Who shall sound the depths? Who shall reach the heights?

-Martin Farquhar Tupper

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