The Liberals’ Utopian Hell

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man. –Letters on a Regicide Peace by Edmund Burke


All of the nations of Europe have been under the thrall of utopian ‘ideals’ since the original utopian state, the United States of America, reared its reptilian head in 1788. Most of the European nations prior to the 21st century, with the exception of Russia, rejected Robespierre’s ‘Utopia Now’ model of massive bloody purges, in favor of the American utopian model of a gradual purging of the non-illuminated white people who were not fit for utopia. (1) In an ironic twist we have seen, in the 21st century, a shift toward Robespierre’s model of utopia in the Western European nations while the Russians and many of the other formerly communist nations have shifted to the old American model of utopia. But the dominant theme in the European nations in the 20th and 21st centuries (in France and the U.S. it was the dominant theme since the 1700s) has been utopia.

The one essential in utopia is the illuminated mind, free from the prejudices and superstitions of the past. The ‘myth’ of the golden age in which the past is idealized is a pre-Christian ideal of the pagans. Plato is the one exception to the pagans, because the pagan Greek philosopher was ‘advanced’ in his philosophy: he was imbued with a pride of science that scorned the past before the Christian theologians made it their raison d’être .

The secular, totalitarian utopias of the modern era were made possible by the utopian thinking of the Christian theologians in the ranks of the clergy and the illuminated members of the laity. What seems obvious to the non-enlightened laymen such as I — namely that utopian states which always exclude the Christian God and institute laws violating the values stemming from a faith in Jesus Christ are not the type of incorporate unions that I or any other Christian should support — is not obvious to the ‘enlightened’ Christians, both clerical and lay. Let Hilaire Belloc speak for the entire pack of Christian utopians. He maintained to his dying day that the French Revolution was a necessary purging of the insufficiently Christian monarchy of France. He justified his monstrous, blasphemous credo by pointing out the imperfections of the Christian Frenchman of the 1700s. That is the great advantage the utopians have over every non-utopian regime: There are always major imperfections in a reality-based government, because human beings are imperfect. But a utopian government, which is always in the future, has no imperfections since a utopian nation does not consist of actual human beings; it consists of fantasy human beings who are born, as Athena was born from the brain of Zeus, from the illuminated brains of the utopian thinkers. The utopians have a perfect record, because their utopia is always in the future where the imperfections of the past will be eliminated.

What happens when the utopians come to power? Why are they not held accountable for the imperfections of their utopias when the imperfections become apparent? Why, for instance, did Belloc support Robespierre’s purges despite the fact that he killed good Christians as well as ‘bad’ Christians? Why wasn’t Robespierre’s regime of terror and the regimes of the utopian regicides that followed in his utopian train condemned for their sins as the Christian aristocrats who went to the guillotine were condemned? The answer lies in the illuminated minds of the utopians. They have no humanity themselves, so they do not think that the elimination of imperfect, non-illuminated human beings is wrong. Everything is lawful if it contributes to the construction of the perfect world of the future. But the perfect worlds are always built on the slaughtered bodies of actual flesh and blood human beings, in the name of an abstract ‘humanity’ of the future. How can the inhumane, the men without human hearts, build a perfect, humane world? They can’t. They can only build Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. (2)

The ‘sins’ of the non-utopian people of the past and the idea of the ‘transition period’ keep the utopians’ kingdoms of hell on earth in order. Robespierre was an anti-capital punishment zealot before he came to power, and he remained an anti-capital punishment zealot when he was in power. But it was necessary to purge the impure, the French aristocrats, before the perfect France, a France where capital punishment was unnecessary, could be built. So it goes with all the utopias of the European nations – the liberals told us that abortion had to be legal until we had a nation where abortion was unnecessary, because enlightened human beings, human beings devoid of the prejudices of their Christian past, would use the proper birth control. And every atrocity that is possible to be visited upon a people can and should be permitted in South Africa if the atrocities are committed against the sinful, ‘racist’ whites. No matter that their ‘sinful’ world was a heaven for black and whites compared to modern South Africa. No, they were racists and impure, therefore we must allow the new black rulers their transition period. But such transition periods are not temporary, they represent the incarnation of Satan into the body politic of formerly Christian nations. Utopian states will not become something other than what they are until white Christians repudiate utopian thinking and return to their Christian past with a determination to take that past into the future.

All utopian thinking, with the exception of Plato, has its origins, whether the utopians are aware of it or not, in Christ’s injunction to, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) But there is a very big difference, the difference between heaven and hell, in looking at your own sins with the eyes of the heart in order to live the life that our Savior wants us to live, and looking at the sins of others with an illuminated mind in order to condemn those others, the original sinners of the past, so that you can proceed to build a future devoid of all non-illuminated humans. The ‘illuminated’ thinking is the product of the inhumane minds of post-Christian liberals. John Paul II was fond of apologizing, not for his own sins, but for the sins of the European Christians of the past. His apologies dovetailed with the secular liberals’ condemnations of all things European and Christian. How can a Christian leader support the purveyors of a ‘utopian’ hell on earth? It’s easy, if you make the Christ story into an illuminated philosophy. Then you can be one with the secular Illuminati of Liberaldom while still holding a position in organized Christian Jewry.

When the European people took Christ into their hearts and placed Him at the center of their culture, it almost seemed, if you looked at their culture through and not with the eye, that they were a race of people completely distinct and separate from the heathens of color. And now? The European people seem to be a race of people completely separate and distinct from the Christian Europeans, and they also still seem to be a race of people completely separate and distinct from the heathens of color, but no longer separate and distinct for the same reason as the Christian Europeans.

The modern Europeans have taken utopian thinking, which is nothing less than a denial of the sovereignty of God, into their souls, and as a consequence they do not have, for all practical purposes, any soul left to call their own. They have only their illuminated minds to rely upon. And their illuminated minds are at the mercy of Satan, who cannot defeat the heart connected to our Lord but who can easily defeat men and women who have traded their hearts of flesh for illuminated minds. The ‘purge’ mentality of the modern liberals is the result of utopian thinking that has no room for individual human beings. The slaughter of the white people will continue so long as there is no Christian reaction against the utopian thinking of the liberals, the conservatives, and the neo-pagans.

Must we then become unenlightened? Must we become prejudiced reactionaries? Yes, we must. We must become so reactionary and so prejudiced that we come to believe that charity is greater than illumination. “But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.” (Matthew 12:7) The utopian illuminati must sacrifice millions on the altars of their utopian states while the knights of charity, the antique Europeans, fought to extend His reign of charity over the entire world. To whom shall we give our allegiance and our love?

In the confrontation between Alyosha and Ivan in Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, we see the contrast between the utopian and the Christian. Ivan asks Alyosha if he would consent to the torture of one innocent child if a perfect world without suffering could be built upon the suffering of that one innocent child. Alyosha’s reply always makes my heart soar: “No, I would not.” The modern Europeans have repudiated Alyosha’s Christian response to the utopian mandate of the liberals: “Yes, we do consent to the slaughter of the unborn, the enfeebled, and the non-illuminated whites if it will lead to the kingdom of God on earth.” But even if such a kingdom could be built, how can it be a kingdom of God on earth? Does our God sanction the ethos of the Grand Inquisitors of Liberaldom? Does He sanction the slaughter of the innocent in the name of a utopian multitude of the future?

The utopians, who are legion, whether they are ‘Christian’ utopians or secularized utopians, are joined in one incorporate union of hatred for the God who took flesh and dwelt among us and for the people with hearts of flesh who still feel connected to that God. Even the elect – there is always an elect – whom the utopians claim they are striving to serve, have no real value in the cold, merciless eyes of the utopian metaphysicians. Look at our modern American utopians. Trump, a man with some humanity, a man not completely tainted with utopian ideals, has done much to improve the economic welfare of the blacks whom utopian liberals such as Nancy Pelosi claim they serve. But what has been her reaction to Trump? “Better that every single black starve to death rather than one single non-utopian note be struck on the celestial harp of liberalism.”

An abstract love is not love. The liberals hate the white race, but they also hate the colored races to the extent that the colored races exhibit any humanity, because in the end game of liberalism all that is human must be destroyed so that a perfect inhuman world can be built over the ruins of humanity. The Word made flesh gives the lie to the liberals’ world. Is this the final battle? We know neither the day nor the hour, but we do know that the liberals and all their works come from Satan. That is all we need to know in order to rise and ride against the utopians of Liberaldom. +


(1) From 1860 to 1874, the liberals in the United States government shifted from a gradual utopian state to a Robespierre-utopian state in their attempt to eliminate the undesirable, non-utopian element in their nation, namely the white people of the South. After 1874, the liberals shifted back to a gradual, incremental attack on the white Europeans in their midst. Should there ever be an anti-utopian uprising again, the liberals stand ready to out-Robespierre Robespierre as they did once before during the Civil War and the “Reconstruction Era.”

(2) The shedding of innocent blood never bothers the utopians —

From this sleep the queen was first startled by the voice of the sentinel at her door, who cried out to her, to save herself by flight—that this was the last proof of fidelity he could give—that they were upon him, and he was dead. Instantly he was cut down. A band of cruel ruffians and assassins, reeking with his blood, rushed into the chamber of the queen, and pierced with an hundred strokes of bayonets and poniards the bed, from whence this persecuted woman had but just had time to fly almost naked, and through ways unknown to the murderers had escaped to seek refuge at the feet of a king and husband, not secure of his own life for a moment.

This king, to say no more of him, and this queen, and their infant children (who once would have been the pride and hope of a great and generous people) were then forced to abandon the sanctuary of the most splendid palace in the world, which they left swimming in blood, polluted by massacre, and strewed with scattered limbs and mutilated carcases. Thence they were conducted into the capital of their kingdom.

Two had been selected from the unprovoked, unresisted, promiscuous slaughter, which was made of the gentlemen of birth and family who composed the king’s body guard. These two gentlemen, with all the parade of an execution of justice, were cruelly and publicly dragged to the block, and beheaded in the great court of the palace. Their heads were stuck upon spears, and led the procession; whilst the royal captives who followed in the train were slowly moved along, amidst the horrid yells, and shrilling screams, and frantic dances, and infamous contumelies, and all the unutterable abominations of the furies of hell, in the abused shape of the vilest of women. –Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke

One cannot help but think of women such as Nancy Pelosi and the legions of feminist harpies that now dominate the American political scene when we read Burke’s description of “the vilest of women.” History does indeed repeat itself. Men and women, and the women even more so than the men, become in the absence of any Christian restraints the most cruel, bloody, and inhuman creatures on the face of the earth. They rival Satan in their demonism. And in that equality, they have “become as gods” – they have become like unto the demigod of evil, the archangel Satan.

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