The Humanity of God and the Inhumanity of the Liberals

Can I then be so cold-hearted,
think that under this same roof
heartless men should play the master,
daily give of evil proof,
and baptize in worldly oceans
human clay to devil’s wiles,
off’ring wine at Jesus’ table
to the god of murderous lies,
who will bless the loss of souls?

-N. F. S. Grundtvig

The devil has chosen to attack Christ through liberalism. “If I can liberalize the European people, I can remove Christ from their hearts, and then I will have triumphed over Christ.” Satan has triumphed over Christ in the cultural wars. His people, not Christ’s people, rule Europe and the world. It is our task, the remnant band, to restore Christ the King to His rightful place. And failing that, it is our task to die faithful, fighting to the last man. Surely we can fight for Christ just as nobly and as fiercely as our ancestors fought for Odin.

It is the noble savage, championed by such ‘lights’ as Rousseau and Addison, that has given liberalism the anti-Savior that was and is necessary to keep Christ away from the European people. Christ is now a king in exile, forsaken by His people, who have tossed Him aside for new kings and new gods.

The ideologies of humanity which always necessitate the destruction of the greater part of white humanity need a Savior diametrically opposed to the Savior once championed by white Europeans. Christianity is the one and only faith that holds to the belief that the living God entered human history. The European people, when they accepted Christ, became a people with a Christian past. The story of Christ’s presence in history became the history of the European people. The new ideologies, the Jacobin and communist ideologies, the ideologies of liberalism, must oppose the white race because the ideologues of liberalism believe in a future kingdom on earth purged of the evil ones, the people who championed an evil religion which poisoned the hearts and minds of the European people and impeded the liberals’ march to the new enlightened world of humanity unchained.

If you demonize the European Christians in the name of a liberal future, be it a Christless future or a future with a purer, more radiant Christ cleansed of His European trappings, you have killed the image of the living God in His people and created a new God, made in the image of Satan. It is now a given amongst the liberals who rule the European nations that whites must be replaced by the people of color, because the people of color are noble and pure while the whites are evil and impure. And it is now a given in Christian circles that Christianity and white pietas, which the ‘Christians’ call racism, are incompatible. So the people who constituted the heart of the Christian church, the antique Europeans, are shoved aside as bad Christians. But who then are the ‘good’ Christians? Francis the Blasphemer? The new age advocates of Christian Judaism? Or is it the theological Christians who bid us look to their systems, which rent asunder our heart to heart connection to the living God so that we could know Him better through their enlightened minds?

In modern Europe, even in conservative circles, it is forbidden to link Christianity to Europe. That is racist. It is racist because… Why is it racist to state the truth? The liberals never tell us why. They don’t have to give a reason for their liberalism because they are in power. Jefferson Davis wanted, after the war, to have his day in court, because he thought he would win in court. But the liberals were not about to give up a victory won on the battlefield in a court of justice. So it is with the modern liberals. They have won the cultural war, they don’t have to explain why every white man who opposes any aspect of liberalism is damned as a racist. It is simply a given, a sacred given more mathematically certain, in the liberals’ minds, than the givens in geometry.

What are we to make of the Christians who inhabit the buildings called churches? Why do they foam at the mouth like vicious attack dogs every time Europe and Christ are linked together? Is it because they have reached a higher, more purified state of being, have they ascended to heaven while still on earth? That is what they believe. But the truth of the matter is not what the purified Christians tell us it is. The modern purified Christians want all the benefits of a Christian culture without the sacrifices that are necessary to maintain a Christian culture. You cannot have liberalism and Christ. The modern anti-European Christians claim they reject European Christianity because the antique Europeans were racist. Were they racist because they loved their own people? Yes, the modern European Christians tell us, it is racist to love your own people — that is the meaning of the parable of the Good Samaritan. But is that the meaning of the parable? No, of course not. The post-Christian liberals, such as Francis the Blasphemer, interpret the Good Samaritan parable in the light of liberal ideology because they want the liberals to love them. The Good Samaritan does not invite the stranger on the road into his own house, he takes care of him on the road and leaves him at an inn. Nor does he seek out the muggers in order to invite them into his home so that he can worship them as they rob, rape, and murder his family members. But of course the professed Christians are not interested in Christ’s truth. They want the love of the world, and the powers that be in the liberal world hate Christ and his people. The anti-Christian churchmen are the Amen chorus for the liberals. The liberals scream, ‘racist’ at the antique Europeans, and the churchmen scream, ‘Amen.’

If the members of the liberals’ Amen chorus were really Christian they would support the people who made the Incarnate Word part of their culture. Did the people of color ever know mercy or love before they were exposed to European culture? No, they did not. Yet in the name of their alleged love for the colored heathen, the Amen chorus wants to join with the liberals in order to eradicate the culture of the antique Europeans and destroy any and all whites who are still determined to stand by that cultural heritage. The Amen-ers and the liberals are constantly attacking the ‘haters’, which translates to people who hate the rule of Satan, who was, is, and ever shall be, the great hater. Liberalism is a religion of hate dedicated to the destruction of all things ‘great and beautiful’ that came from the antique Europeans’ covenant with the God of love. There is no love in Liberaldom, there is only hatred for Christ and His people. Feminism, gay pride, negro worship, and so many other perversions have become sacred rights in Liberaldom, so again, I ask, do the rulers of such a world and their Amen chorus of ‘Christians’ have a right to condemn the antique Europeans for their alleged ‘racism’? No, they do not have that right. Their heaven on earth is hell, and they are the hounds of hell, because they have denied their humanity and that denial makes them worse than beasts, it makes them devils.

Devils both then and also now,
when face to face with Jesus,
say, ‘Yes, we know you are God’s Son,
O, please do not destroy us!’
But what they know they cannot trust,
and with the Prince of Darkness must
dwell, for he is their Father!

Human comes first and Christian next;
on this truth they, misguided,
both beasts and devils long baptized,
themselves on Moors they prided,
they called them ‘wise,’ though lost to Christ,
and, while they mere right answers prized,
left heathens to damnation!

N. F. S. Grundtvig

The antique Europeans did not leave heathens to damnation because they loved their own people at their racial hearth fire, and the warmth of that European hearth fire extended to the hearth fires of the colored races. Without white pietas, there is only damnation for the whites and the people of color. Walt Disney’s granddaughter recently condemned her grandfather as a racist. It is precisely that type of cowardly impiety, the hatred for white pietas, that has made white people and their new colored gods into the slaves of Satan. Those who truly love will endure to the end. We must counter the liberals’ hatred of the white race with our love of our people in and through the Savior. If we cling to our humanity, the humanity revealed to us by the God who took on human flesh and dwelt among us, we will not go over the cliff with the demon-possessed liberals, nor will we be overwhelmed by the barbarians of color.

It is not possible to prove to the liberals or their Amen chorus of purified Christians that you are not racist, because they are not concerned with the truth. They use the term ‘racist’ as an enemy pilot uses a bomb. The bomb is dropped because war has commenced after all diplomatic options have been exhausted. Trotsky coined the term ‘racist’ to deal with his enemies, the white Christians, he did not coin the term as a means of aiding colored heathens or making peace with whites. When whites stop condemning white pietas, when they stop desecrating their white progenitors, then, and only then, will they be on the road to recovery. Recovery from what? Recovery from the sickness unto death, the denial of their humanity and the denial of His divine humanity.

Samuel Johnson’s dictum that a man who is not a liberal when he is young has no heart, and a man who is not a conservative when he is old has no head, is false. The mark of a Burkean conservative, who is the only true conservative, is that he has a heart. He does not permit the murder of his people for the sake of an abstract concept of humanity. It was Burke the conservative who cared about the victims of Robespierre’s purges to cleanse the French Republic by killing everyone connected to Christian Europe. It is always the heartless creatures of liberalism, who love their mind-forged systems and hate humanity, who murder millions in the name of humanity.

The followers of Odin bent their knees to Christ because they saw, with the eyes of the heart, that the humanity of Odin was their link to the God who was greater than Odin, not because He was smarter than Odin, but because His heart was greater than even Odin’s great heart. We are the people who love Christ because of His divinely human heart. We will fight to the last man for our racial hearth fire because He dwells there with our people. We must be what the liberals call racist, because we must love the human first, before we can know and love the living God, whose divine humanity sustains us in this world and the next. +

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