Unstudied from the Heart

Now as he was speaking with me, I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground: but he touched me, and set me upright. And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. – Daniel 8: 18-19

Some dwell in deserts; seek and inhabit of their own accord homes in dark places; they wait for the heavenly home. Often he who grudges them life brings hateful fear upon them, shows them terror, at times empty splendor; he, the crafty slayer, has power over both; he persecutes lone-dwellers. Angels stand before them ready with the weapons of the spirit; they forget not to give aid; they protect the lives of holy men; they know their gladness is with God. These are the tried warriors who serve the King who never withholds the reward from them who are faithful in love. –Guthlac

In his short story “Earth’s Holocaust,” Nathaniel Hawthorne depicts a community of Europeans – “but whether in the time past or time to come is a matter of little or no moment” – who decide that they want to rid themselves of all the “worn-out trumpery” of the past in order to build a more perfect world. In order to accomplish their “noble” end, they build a huge bonfire and start heaping the family crests, the military decorations, the great literary works, and everything else connected to old Europe into the bonfire. And finally they cast the Bible into the fire:

In the general destruction of books already described, a holy volume, that stood apart from the catalogue of human literature, and yet, in one sense, was at its head, had been spared. But the Titan of innovation,—angel or fiend, double in his nature, and capable of deeds befitting both characters,—at first shaking down only the old and rotten shapes of things, had now, as it appeared, laid his terrible hand upon the main pillars which supported the whole edifice of our moral and spiritual state. The inhabitants of the earth had grown too enlightened to define their faith within a form of words, or to limit the spiritual by any analogy to our material existence. Truths which the heavens trembled at were now but a fable of the world’s infancy. Therefore, as the final sacrifice of human error, what else remained to be thrown upon the embers of that awful pile, except the book which, though a celestial revelation to past ages, was but a voice from a lower sphere as regarded the present race of man? It was done! Upon the blazing heap of falsehood and worn-out truth—things that the earth had never needed, or had ceased to need, or had grown childishly weary of—fell the ponderous church Bible, the great old volume that had lain so long on the cushion of the pulpit, and whence the pastor’s solemn voice had given holy utterance on so many a Sabbath day. There, likewise, fell the family Bible, which the long-buried patriarch had read to his children,—in prosperity or sorrow, by the fireside and in the summer shade of trees,—and had bequeathed downward as the heirloom of generations. There fell the bosom Bible, the little volume that had been the soul’s friend of some sorely tried child of dust, who thence took courage, whether his trial were for life or death, steadfastly confronting both in the strong assurance of immortality.

All these were flung into the fierce and riotous blaze; and then a mighty wind came roaring across the plain with a desolate howl, as if it were the angry lamentation of the earth for the loss of heaven’s sunshine; and it shook the gigantic pyramid of flame and scattered the cinders of half-consumed abominations around upon the spectators. “Earth’s Holocaust”

The modern, scientized Europeans, clerical and lay, will respond to Hawthorne’s parable with ridicule: “We still have Bibles, we still have our faith — we have just progressed to a purer Christianity.” But we few who still see life as a parable can see that Hawthorne was describing liberalism. He saw the end result of the liberals’ progression to a ‘higher’ stage of existence: it leads to the dethronement of Christ the King and the enthronement of Satan. Our present anti-civilization is the embodiment of a “desolate howl.”

The fundamentalists, if there are any left, were and are right to oppose the liberals’ assertion that, “Man is a monkey, therefore we must all love one another.” But the liberals’ doctrine of progress entails so much more than Darwinian evolution. The same evangelicals who oppose evolution have accepted the liberals’ progressive view of democracy as part of mankind’s march to the light. And they have grafted the nation state of Israel onto their new and improved version of Christianity. So even the avowed “Biblical” Christians have decided to be very unbiblical in the face of liberal progress. And I need not mention the Catholic churchmen who wallow in the slough of liberalism like pigs in slop.

The modern European must be a repentant Samson in terms of his spiritual strength. He has the accumulated weight of over a century of liberal progress on his shoulders, which he must throw off and stand before the liberal world ready to do battle with the Philistines of liberalism. He must leave behind the cult of, “I am not a racist, please love me.” No matter how obsequious, no matter how subservient the white cultist is, the liberals and the colored barbarians will not love him. They haven’t the heart for love, because they have forsaken the God of love. If you join the liberals in their ‘progression’ toward the light of science, democracy, and the new and purer Christianity, you will join them in the darkness of the kingdom of eternal night where Satan dwells, prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

If we don’t consciously reject the liberals’ progressive view of history, we will be swept along with the liberals into hell. The liberal is neither Greek nor Christian; he rejects the cyclic history of the pagan Greeks as well as the Christian eschatology. The liberals’ doctrine of progress is, like every aspect of liberalism, a perversion of Christianity. The antique Christian believed that God entered human history at one particular date in history, and he believed that God would once again enter human history at the end of time. He did not believe, as the liberal believes, that mankind was evolving toward moral perfection, a moral perfection that would lead to the kingdom of God on earth. The hatred of all things white is connected with the two conflicting views of history, the Christian view and the liberal view. You cannot, as the 20th century and 21st century ‘Christians’ tried to do, and are still trying to do, blend the Christian view of history with the liberals’ view; you cannot progress toward Babylon and still hold on to your Christian faith. In order to live and thrive in our modern Babylon you must either completely renounce Christ, as the liberals have done, or you must reject the Christ of old Europe, claiming He was a false Aslan, and graft Christ onto the nation state of Israel, Islam, and the sacred Negro. If ‘racism’ becomes the unpardonable sin, which it has become in all Christian circles, then the modern Christian who wants to move with the liberal times can feel justified in rejecting the racist antique Europeans and their antiquated Christ, in order to embrace the new blended Christianity that our Lord condemns in the book of Revelation.

C. S. Lewis was groping toward the light when he wrote Pilgrim’s Regress. He realized that any man or woman born in the 20th century had to return to the faith of the European people prior to the 20th century, the century in which science triumphed over Christ. We can all, if we look at our racial history, see Satan’s myth of man’s progression toward moral perfection on this earth. Let me tell a tale of two grandmothers, my grandmothers. My paternal grandmother was a first generation American of Welsh descent. Her father started working in the mines at age 8 as a breaker boy and worked as a coal miner until his death at age 60. Her mother died before her father, and she, at age 14, became the woman of the house until she married at age 18. Her formative years were between 1900 and 1914, the years before World War I, which were culturally part of the 19th century. She never left that cultural milieu. When her church started preaching something different from what she had heard in her childhood, she stopped going to church. And she never — and this is essential — respected academia. Was her distrust of academia blind ignorance or was it a deeply ingrained prejudice against an alien ideology that attacked the hearth fire from which she derived her spiritual sustenance? I would say it was the latter. My grandmother had wise blood; she clung to her little Welsh hearth fire her entire life. I loved her then and now.

All that we know of faith and His divine charity we know because of the faith and love of men and women like my grandmother, who stood by the faith bequeathed to them at their racial and familial hearth fire, which was and is the faith of old Europe. My father went to college on the G.I. Bill, and the education he received separated him from his mother’s faith, but there was something vital he retained from his mother who refused to progress: “Whenever you pray, always pray in Jesus’s name.” That, more than anything else he ever learned in academic or in the modern churches, sustained my father in the hour of his death. One thinks of the words penned by Charles Mackay:

A nameless man, amid the crowd
That thronged the daily mart,
Let fall a word of hope and love,
Unstudied from the heart,
A whisper on the tumult thrown,
A transitory breath,
It raised a brother from the dust,
It saved a soul from death.
O germ! O fount! O word of love!
O thought at random cast!
Ye were but little at the first,
But mighty at the last.

The love that was “unstudied from the heart,” which came from our born of woman Savior, was the love bequeathed to our people in the days before the European people became too intelligent for the unstudied love from the heart. Everything must now be studied or it is not real. But that is contrary to reality. Traditionalist movements based on an intellectual adherence to abstract systems are not the type of tradition we need. We need a heartfelt faith, we need our Jesus, who lived in the hearts of the antique Europeans and will come to the hearts of the men and women who ‘regress’ to old Europe.

I won’t dwell on my other grandmother. She went the way of church and state, the way of the intelligent people. As the church shifted, so did her faith. She lacked something in her soul, the spiritual backbone to resist the intelligence gambit of the liberals. The way of the third dumb brother, who embraced the foolishness of God, not the modern way, was not the intelligent way, and my maternal grandmother, like so many de-souled Europeans, succumbed to the fear of being insufficiently progressive.

We of the second, third, and fourth generations removed from the turn of the 19th century cannot simply remain faithful to the faith we received. We must regress; we must place ourselves firmly in old Europe and remain rooted at the hearth fires of our honored dead, the Europeans who loved Christ, “unstudied from the heart.” A love that can be put under a microscope and examined is not love. The modern propensity to study God’s love until it has become a non-love, and the modern propensity to study human love until it becomes mere biology, is a spiritual sickness. The scientizing of God and man always results in the disappearance of God from human hearts and the dissolution of the human personality.

The liberals know Jesus Christ as the demons knew Christ: “Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.” What is lacking in the demons’ knowledge of Jesus Christ is what is lacking in the liberals’ knowledge of Jesus Christ. Both sets of demons lack hearts of flesh, because they desire, then and now, the power of the illuminated knowledge of the natural world, rather than intimacy with the living God who imparts, through His connection to hearts of flesh, a knowledge greater than intellectual knowledge. Having rejected that greater knowledge, the liberals must cast everything white and Christian into Hawthorne’s bonfire. And the intellectual Christians must join the liberals, they too must scream, “Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth?” If they don’t side with the liberals, they, who are like unto Caiaphas and Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, will be forced to give up their power, the power that comes with being the ‘God dispensers,’ the intelligent Illuminati who keep God enclosed in their golden box of knowledge. Hence the liberals and the Christian Illuminati are bound in wedlock, through the power of the abstract intellect, to science and the noble savage, and against the people that were connected to God, not through their enlightened intellects, but through their heartfelt love for the Savior who did not despise the Virgin’s womb.

The bonfire of liberalism is still burning. The liberals have thrown everything directly connected to Christian Europe into the bonfire. Now they are proceeding to throw everything even tangentially connected to Christian Europe into the fire. The more conservative, democracy-loving liberals, whose hearts belong to the new order, men such as Geert Wilders and Donald Trump, are being thrown on the bonfire as well, because the liberals must destroy every semblance of a link between modern Europe and Christian Europe.

We must regress. The maxim, “You can’t go back in time,” is a maxim of liberalism. It refers to the material realm: it means that our scientific progress is the same as our moral progress. That is a lie. Morally we have ‘progressed’ beyond the morally depraved anti-civilizations of Babylon, Sodom, and Gomorrah. We must go back to incarnate Europe, the Europe that honored the Word made flesh.

I see no signs of any moral awakening of the European people. The love that once was there is gone. Is it really possible that the European people prefer the Babylonian night over the light of Christian Europe? Is the fear of that word ‘racist’ so great that it can separate us from the love of our own people and the love of our divine Savior? We need the strength of the repentant Samson and the faith of Daniel. Let us pray for that strength and that faith. +

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