The Darkness Deepens

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But let us take care. The moral sentiments, so nearly connected with early prejudice as to be almost one and the same thing, will assuredly not live long under a discipline, which has for its basis the destruction of all prejudices, and the making the mind proof against all dread of consequences flowing from the pretended truths that are taught by their philosophy. – Edmund Burke, Further Reflections on the Revolution in France

The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity; the rest is crime. – Edmund Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace

Let me begin with Edmund Burke:

Men are rarely without some sympathy in the sufferings of others; but in the immense and diversified mass of human misery, which may be pitied, but cannot be relieved, in the gross, the mind must make a choice. Our sympathy is always more forcibly attracted towards the misfortunes of certain persons, and in certain descriptions: and this sympathetic attraction discovers, beyond a possibility of mistake, our mental affinities, and elective affections.

The liberals are holding all sorts of sympathy ceremonies for the victims who were killed in the New Zealand mosque. In my area there was a huge ecumenical ‘religious’ ceremony in which all the female clergy and most of the female laity wore some sort of Moslem headgear. Do the liberals really feel pity for the Moslems who were killed by Brenton Terrant? No, they don’t, because the liberals have separated themselves from the font of pity and mercy, they have separated themselves from Christ. Men and women who kill babies in their mothers’ wombs and then throw them on the trash heap are not, I repeat, are not full of pity for the victims in the New Zealand mosque. What the liberals are doing, laity and clerical, is showing the liberal world how virtuous they are. When white Christians are murdered by Moslems and/or black barbarians, there is no outpouring of sympathy for the victims, because when the victims are white, they are justly killed for the sin of whiteness, according to the dictates of liberalism. And when dark-skinned Christian Nigerians are killed by Moslems, there is no outpouring of sympathy for those victims, because they are considered Uncle Remuses, who have adopted a white man’s religion.

Brenton Terrant was responding to the merciless assault on his people by a merciless enemy. Where he went wrong was in responding to a merciless enemy with the same tactics used by his enemies. When Rogers, of Rogers’ Rangers fame, attacked the Abnaki Indians, this is what he told his men: “You all know what these Indians have done to New England. For near a hundred years they’ve been sneaking up on our towns and farms, cutting folks to pieces while they were still alive, roasting ‘em alive, torturing ‘em every way a sick mind could think of. Well, we’re going to put an end to that. Remember our orders – kill every fighting man among ‘em, but let the women and children alone even though they’ve killed and captured ours.” When the Christian kills, his actions must be motivated, as they most certainly were in the case of Rogers and his men, by love. And the killings that must be done in defense of those we love must be done within the confines of chivalry: “let the women and children alone.” From a purely pagan, pragmatic standpoint, it is good policy to kill the children, because they are savage warriors in the making, and it is good practice to kill the women, because they are the breeders of savage warriors. But the code of chivalry forbids pagan pragmatism. (1) The Christian does not advocate the abortion of black babies because there is a good chance that they will grow up to be black murderers, nor does he advocate the indiscriminate killing of Moslems regardless of their age, sex, or degree of culpability in the Moslem invasion of the West. I do not believe that any good can come from a response to Islamic terrorism rooted in neo-paganism, because neo-paganism, like liberalism, lacks that “charity of honor.”

Who is to blame for the shootings in New Zealand? First and foremost it is the liberals. They are allowing the Moslems to enter the white nations in the hopes that the Moslems will kill off the whites. And secondly I blame the Moslem invaders. I am against bombing them over there, in their own countries, but I am in favor of banning Moslems from the white nations. I find it astounding that the pro-Israel ‘Christians’ throughout the European nations, especially in this country, are adamantly opposed to violence against domestic Islamic terrorists and liberals who defend the terrorists, yet they have no compunction about bombing innocent Moslems over there. And they are relatively innocent when they are over there, unless you think a Christian can kill a Moslem just for being a Moslem.

It shouldn’t be hard to see that any killing that does not stem from pietas — “I will defend my own” – is evil. But the modern ‘Christians’ have reversed that simple Christian precept — It is all right to kill if the killings are state-sanctioned wars of conquest, but it is wrong to kill in defense of our loved ones. The end result of that kind of twisted theology is that white Christians have become hypocritical Quakers. They will not fight the colored barbarians or the liberals, who have ordered the destruction of the white race, but they will fight, through the state, to destroy all enemies of atheistic, Jacobin democracy.

The magnificent hymn “In the Garden” speaks of an intimacy with Christ that can only come when His heart unites with our hearts. “He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own.” Yes, we are sinful, yes, we are imperfect, but He felt that we had something inside us worthy of redemption. The intellectual Christian puts God ‘out there,’ because ‘out there’ he can control God by keeping Him away from human hearts. That Semipelagianism has destroyed Western man. “Our intellects are pure, but our hearts are sinful.” The European Christian rejects that Gnostic perversion of the faith:

Now with zeal we must search our breasts shrewdly, the vices within, with the eyes of the heart. With the other eyes, the jewels of the head, we cannot at all see through the spirit of the thought, whether good or evil dwells beneath, so that it may be pleasing unto God at the dread time. – Anglo-Saxon Poetry

We are creatures of the heart. If we are not allowed to come to the garden alone to commune with the living God because our hearts are impure, but must only approach Him through the great wizards of the intellect because their minds are pure, then we are lost souls. We have no touchstone of reality. The non-whites still have a reality, they have never left their nature gods. But the white man cannot go back. He must have a heart-to-heart connection to the God above nature, or else he must be an outcast man, doomed to wander through the arid wastes of a mind divorced from the human heart. (2)

And in order to fortify his dried-up soul, he will worship, second-hand, the gods of nature. The liberal worships the gods of color while the neo-pagan tries, like Hitler, to revive the pagan gods of the ancient Europeans. The liberals have been more successful than the neo-pagans because their ‘noble black savage’ has a contemporary historical presence that the ancient Vikings lack. If and when the European people come to see Christ, once again, as a God who enters human hearts, they will be renewed as a people and will not acquiesce to their own destruction because the wizards of intellectual Christianity have turned them away from the living God.

Something very old and something very new has become institutionalized in the European nations. The something old is paganism, and the something new is post-Christian paganism. The old paganism was cyclic, it did not progress, it simply, like nature, repeated itself over and over. But post-Christian paganism, which is liberalism, views the historical process as an ever-evolving, ever-advancing process. History is moving, under the guidance of the liberals, toward something magnificent:

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

In the fullness of time, the fusion of liberalism and paganism has given birth to the Prince of Darkness. He has become the ruler of the European nations by luring the churchmen away from the Christ whom we encounter in our hearts, and toward the Christ that can only be known through the minds of the philosophers and theologians. It wasn’t necessary for Satan to attack the laity directly, because once he turned the clergymen away from the living God it was only a matter of sitting back and letting nature, and nature’s God, the noble black savage, take its course. What have they, the clergymen, wrought? They have given us darkness where there was light – they have taught us that the highest form of love is the abandonment of our kith and kin, they have taught us that only great minds can know God, and they have taught us that there never was a Christian people, it was all a lie. But it was those people who said, without qualification or equivocation, that Christ rose from the dead on the third day. If those people were not Christian, if they were the source of all evil, to whom do we turn to in this world? To the modern clergymen who have blended liberalism and paganism? To the liberals who bid us worship nature and nature’s god, the noble black savage? Or do we turn to the neo-pagans who bid us worship our white genes? (3)

The conservatives in church and state, who are not conservative, have joined with the liberals in that which is essential – our apprehension of the living God. They have both placed God out there and have forbidden access to Him except through them. That is paganism:

From these things, I began to instruct him in the knowledge of the true God; I told him that the great Maker of all things lived up there, pointing up towards heaven; that He governed the world by the same power and providence by which He made it; that He was omnipotent, and could do everything for us, give everything to us, take everything from us; and thus, by degrees, I opened his eyes. He listened with great attention, and received with pleasure the notion of Jesus Christ being sent to redeem us; and of the manner of making our prayers to God, and His being able to hear us, even in heaven. He told me one day, that if our God could hear us, up beyond the sun, he must needs be a greater God than their Benamuckee, who lived but a little way off, and yet could not hear till they went up to the great mountains where he dwelt to speak to them. I asked him if ever he went thither to speak to him. He said, “No; they never went that were young men; none went thither but the old men,” whom he called their Oowokakee; that is, as I made him explain to me, their religious, or clergy; and that they went to say O (so he called saying prayers), and then came back and told them what Benamuckee said.Robinson Crusoe

The ‘conservatives’ tell us that Benamuckee is Christ, but we must wait till they do more research and study before we can know anything about Him. And the liberals tell us that Benamuckee is the noble black savage, the Messiah, whom the prophet Jesus Christ prepared the way for. Thus the mad-dog liberal branch of the new paganism trumps the classical liberal branch of neo-paganism because the mad-dog liberals have a flesh and blood savior that they can call their own. But that god is a false God; his dethronement will come about when the European people fight their way through the wizardry of the experts and return to the God of their people. Until that time, they will be at the mercy of the liberals’ god, a god who has no mercy.

The editor of National Review magazine recently published a rousing defense of Google’s internet monopoly. Isn’t that a betrayal of the magazine’s original intent? No, it is not. National Review was always a modernist, liberal magazine just as 20th century conservatism was always a modernist, liberal movement, Gnostic in origin in that it championed a process over the reason for the process. Mary fell down at her Savior’s feet and was upbraided by Martha for a lack of respect for the process of hospitality consisting of kitchen work. For what end was kitchen work intended? It was for Christ, who bid us come to Him in the garden. If the system is all, we shall end up with Benamuckee as our god, because Benamuckee only requires external assent and sacrifice. But if we step away from the systems and seek Him in the garden, we will understand with our hearts and we will serve the living God of mercy and love. That is not a little distinction – the distinction between the gods of sacrifice and the God of mercy. It was our people who made that distinction crystal clear, and it is the modern church men and their secular partners in crime who want to blur that distinction. To what end? To go with the demon-possessed swine who went over the cliff. +


(1) I have learned since I wrote my first article on the subject of Brenton Terrant that he did indeed target women and children along with Moslem men. We must, as Christians, condemn such actions. But that should not make us become hypocritical Quakers. And let us not be too sanctimonious. In my mid-twenties I went to visit a Roman Catholic conservative writer whom I admired. He was of Eastern European extraction and he had suffered much under the communists. During the course of a long conversation, he asserted quite casually that you had to target the communists’ women and children because they were targeting your women and children. I went away from that conversation in a state of shock. This was not the Walter Scott ethos that I expected to hear from my idol. When I had time to think over what my idol had said, I asked myself how I would have felt had I been under the communist yoke and/or I had members of my family killed by the communists. It becomes a messy business, doesn’t it? Still, in the end, my idol was no longer my guiding light. I don’t believe in going outside that charity of honor, which the best of our blood adhered to.

The Moslem mayor of London has told us that the soaring murder rate in that once peaceful city is the price we must pay for diversity. In the face of that hideous ideology of violence, and now that the major cities of the United States have become like unto Africa, we should look at how a Christian people once fought heathenism without becoming like unto the heathens.

To the credit of the British soldier be it said, that infuriated as they were by the thirst for vengeance, the thought of the murdered women, and the heat of battle, not a single case occurred, so far as is known, of a woman being ill-treated, insulted, or fired upon—although the women had been present in the massacres, and had constantly accompanied and cheered on the sorties of the mutineers. To the Sepoys met with in Delhi no mercy was shown; every man taken was at once bayoneted, and the same fate befell all townsmen found fighting against us. The rest of the men, as well as the women and children, were, after the fighting was over, permitted to leave the city unmolested, although large numbers of them had taken share in the sack of the white inhabitants’ houses, and the murder of every Christian, British or native, in the town. It would, however, have been impossible to separate the innocent from the guilty; consequently all were allowed to go free.–In Times of Peril by G. A. Henty

Let us reject genocidal policies of the liberals and the neo-paganism of Brenton Terrant for the faith and courage of the European people when they were Christian in spirit and blood.

(2) The countries of Eastern Europe and Iceland still have a chance, if they reject diversity and democracy, to avoid the bloody consequences of diversity and democracy. But they must return to their non-democratic Christian roots. That is a warning from a man who lives in the hellish pit of diversity to the men and women who are at the top of the pit: “Don’t enter the pit.” As for the rest of us? We must remain faithful while suffering through our Babylonian captivity.

(3) I realize that when a Christian European rejects the fusion of liberalism and Christianity in the organized churches and also rejects neo-paganism, he has no place to lay his head. I suppose that is why there are so few Christian Europeans. But the Son of Man also had no place to lay his head.

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