An Alternative Vision to Liberalism and Neo-Paganism

Your soul deserves the place to which it came,
If having entered Hell, you feel no flame.

-Adam Mickiewicz


I read the Manifesto of Brenton Terrant the New Zealand mosque shooter. There is a certain nobility in that young man. He has a heart, which is more than can be said of the liberals and their Christian allies, who are not Christian. But I still stand by my initial response to the killings in the mosque, which I wrote last week before I knew there was only one shooter and before I read the Manifesto. It is not wrong to resist the onslaught of merciless enemies who rape and murder your people. The fact that Terrant wanted to do something about the rape and murder of his people places him far above the liberals and the false Christians of organized Christian Jewry, who see the destruction of the white race as a necessary step on the road to Utopia, which is the kingdom of hell on earth. Having said all that, I must add that the neo-paganism of the Mosleys and the Identitarians disgusts me. How can a European proceed in any action of great enterprise without taking the Man of Sorrows into account? It is true that the code of chivalry, which stems from the antique Europeans’ connection to Christ, has often been more honored in the breach than the observance, but nevertheless it was real, just as Christ’s presence in the European people was real. We can’t become virtuous pagans again, without becoming like our enemies, who are beasts of prey. The Europeans have shown themselves to be more proficient at killing then the other races, but is that ultimately our pride and glory? No, it can’t be. Our pride and glory should be in Him who saves our people from being mere biological entities fit to slaughter or be slaughtered in the biological arena. Do we belong to Him or to the dung heap? That question cannot be put aside as a poetical side issue, fit for parlor talk and playtime. It must be decided upon. If we belong only to nature as the men and women of the nature-based religions of Islam, liberalism, Judaism, and the rest posit, then let us all proceed to act like beasts, let us kill or be killed. But if, as the condemned and forgotten antique Europeans believed, condemned by the liberals and forgotten by the neo-pagans, we belong to Christ then we must proceed according to His charity of honor which tells us that we must fight as He would have us fight, extending mercy to an enemy who has no mercy.

When hell is empty and all the devils are here on earth, it becomes imperative that we follow Edgar’s injunction to speak what we feel and not what we ought to say. I feel a hatred beyond hatred for the liberals and their anti-Christian Christian allies, who have created a hell on earth that makes young men such as Brenton Terrant feel compelled to respond in kind to the deviltry of the liberals and their colored allies. And I feel a sadness and disgust that the only resistance to the deviltry of the liberals is coming from young whites who have no faith in the Christ they have never known, because the church men won’t preach Christ crucified, Christ risen, and have given themselves over to a non-faith in cosmic nothingness. Brenton Terrant is not a terrorist, he is a brave young man who responded to Islamic terrorism without the aid and guidance of the Christ of old Europe. Let us pray not only for his physical well-being as he faces the wrath of the liberals, but let us also pray that he finds the God of His people, the God who made the lame to walk and the blind to see. Christ still comes to all those who call on Him by name. (1)

If there is only going to be two forces in the world, the liberals and the colored heathens vs. the neo-pagans, with whom does the Christian side? With neither. Of what good does it avail us to gain the whole world if we lose our souls? If the liberals win, the Christian loses, and if the neo-pagans win, the Christian loses. The Christian European must not make the same mistake as the halfway house Christians. They were afraid of going it alone with Christ as their only support, so they attached themselves to the liberals who seemed to be the rulers of this world. We can’t seek to ally ourselves with the neo-pagans in the hopes that they will fight the liberals and their colored minions for us. We must fight them ourselves, in His name. If we do that, the neo-pagans with hearts of flesh will convert and bend their knees to Christ. The ones who have hardened their hearts and trust only in their minds will ultimately be absorbed by liberalism.
One thing I’ve noted when reading the literature of the neo-pagans is that they have an inordinate confidence in their ability to control history. The Christian is concerned with, “What does God want me to do?” Then he acts on that belief, leaving God to determine the results of his action. But the neo-pagan thinks that his own mind is providence. “As I think, so the world shall be ordered.” But the world will never be ordered as the neo-pagan wills it to be ordered, because existence is too complicated to be “figured out” by the human mind. We must give our wills up to Him.

The neo-pagan believes in the Father, which is his own intellect, and he believes in the Holy Ghost, which is science, but he has no Savior. The triune God is eternally part of the fabric of the European people’s history. Even when they reject Christ to form a new religion, their new religion is constructed in a perverse imitation of Christianity. The liberals have a Savior, and the neo-pagans do not. I have often wondered why the neo-pagans are so obsessed with linking their cause with Hitler. I think it is their hope that he can be the Messiah that they seek. But the liberals’ messiah, the noble black savage, seems to resonate with the European people more than Hitler does. Hitler made some noise for a time, but the egalitarians, the Jacobins of democracy, ultimately brought him down. All neo-pagans will go the way of Hitler unless they return home and embrace the Christ of eternal Europe.

St. Paul said that the last enemy which shall be destroyed is death. And yet the liberals and the neo-pagans both proceed as if they have conquered death without the aid of Christ. They both look on the survival of the species on this earth as the only realistic victory over death that is possible. The liberals want a kingdom of God on earth controlled by God the Father, which is their intellects, a kingdom which is made possible by the Savior, which is the sacred negro, and a kingdom sustained by the Holy Ghost, which is science. But can I or you or any of our loved ones be saved from death by the liberals’ religion? And the neo-pagans who tell the white man that fertility, white fertility, is necessary to rout the colored barbarians, do they tell us why we should be fertile? Our people once believed that children were a blessing, the fruits of a Christian union. If Christ be not risen, then why should we procreate? To extend our miserable lives as a species a few more years here on earth? We can’t have the fruits of faith in Christ without faith in Christ. We must have a childlike faith in “our Jesus” in order to form the type of union that results in children. Children are not weaponry to be used against the enemy, they are blessings from God. They help us to share in the sorrow of His crucifixion and the joy of His resurrection. Liberalism and neo-paganism come together on the issue of procreation. Both “religious” groups seek to wrest from God the procreative blessings which are His, and His alone, to give. And He wills that our children should be conceived and loved in and through Him. Let us leave, forever, the stink of the science laboratory and animal breeding programs to once again conceive Christian children consecrated to Christ the Lord.

While the neo-pagans either embrace the rotting corpse of Hitler, hoping that somehow he can be a savior, or while they look for another Messiah, the liberals have found their Savior. And the book of their Savior is To Kill a Mockingbird. “Stand up, your father is passing,” is the liberals’ fantasy. They are the Father, they are the great and benevolent Atticus Finch who loves his only begotten son of the spirit, who is Tom Robinson. With the support of science, which is free of prejudice, provincialism, and everything suggesting that there is anything or anyone that is above nature, the Father and the Son are worshipped and glorified. The liberals are so lost in their love of themselves and their abstract negro gods that they do not take note of the fact that the negroes hate them in their assumed role of the great Atticus Finch. They know nothing of the white man’s flight from Christ through them. All they know is that the white man is weak and does not care about his own people. So they will smite the white man and his children, even Atticus Finch and his children. The Moslems and the other non-whites also fall under the liberals’ protective mantle, so long as they hate the devil, which is the unredeemed whites. But they too will not accept the liberals’ vision of liberal greatness, and like the blacks they will kill the whites, liberal and non-liberal, with a maniacal hatred that is rooted in Satan’s hatred of Christ.

The liberals have created hell on earth, and they order us to live in it while they torture, maim, and murder us. The neo-pagans offer us a different version of hell on earth. They offer us a science laboratory devoid of light, devoid of love and devoid of God. I reject both worlds and both visions. My heart belongs to old Europe. I don’t see how it is possible to commit to any other world. When Christ asks His apostles if they too will leave Him, Peter replies, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou has the words of eternal life.” We can’t leave old Europe, because He resides there. He does not live in the liberals’ hell on earth or in the hellish science lab of the neo-pagans. In the old Anglo-Saxon poem called “Daniel,” the author bids us —

Consider now the holy might and wondrous works of God. We saw how He shielded the young men in the furnace from death and the leaping flames, because they served Him.

The Messiah that the prophets heralded came to us as the Suffering Servant. Our people saw their salvation in His crucifixion and resurrection. If we look at existence through their hearts, we will see that our salvation does not come to us through the sacred negro or through the minds of great white thinkers. Are we really too intelligent to believe that He is still our only hope? +


(1) Pray for Brenton Terrant. Pray as Henry Lyte prayed: “Help of the helpless, Lord abide with me.” Please Lord, abide with Brenton Terrant, in life and death, abide with him as we hope and pray that you will abide with us.

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