Depth Speaks to Depth

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16


Look to thy soul, O man, for none can be surety for his brother:
Behold, for heaven—or for hell,—thou canst not escape from Immortality.

-Martin Farquhar Tupper


Let us begin with John:

Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. –1 John 4: 2-3

John does not focus on a belief in a generic God; he wants to place the one true God before our eyes. And he emphasizes that the one true God is Jesus Christ, who came to us “in the flesh.” That belief, that Jesus Christ was true God and true man, became part of the collective soul of the European people. The true Gospel commentary is not the rationalized, scientized clap-trap called Biblical studies, it is the testimony of the European bards, who show us Christ interacting with His people. And His people believed as St. John and St. Paul believed, that Jesus Christ came to us in the flesh because He loved us. He was and is:

Prophet, priest, and king, the sacrifice, the substitute, the Savior,
Rapture of the blessed in the hunted one of earth, the pardoner in the victim:

George Bernard Shaw, the quintessential liberal whom the modern liberals either ignore or condemn, gave us the reason, in Back to Methuselah, for the European people’s loss of faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ. The reason was called ’science.’ The rational, scientized mind cannot believe in the Word made flesh. That the spirit of God took flesh and dwelt among us is an anathema to the Jew, the Moslem, the philosopher, and the scientist. The philosophers and theologians in the church set the stage for the scientists, and then the scientists took command of the religious life of the European people. In the early 20th century, the Christian churches were on the defensive; they tried to show that Christianity and science were compatible, and by the end of the 20th century science had triumphed. The Word made flesh, our Lord and Savior, was turned into a Gnostic God who could be all things to all people. And that type of faith is of the anti-Christ whom the apostle warns us about.

Something vital is lost when we approach our God from a purely rational and scientific standpoint. Something vital is lost because depth speaks to depth. I majored in English literature in college because I liked English literature. That sounds like the logical thing to do, but it wasn’t. I discovered that the professors of literature had no understanding of the great authors. Why was that? It was because the professors did not approach the great poets with visionary hearts, they approached the European bards through the analytical minds of psychologists and philosophers. How can superficiality, which is what the science of psychology and the discipline of philosophy are, deal with depth? It can’t. The same process, the process of turning depth into superficiality, which took place in the study of literature, also took place in the religious sphere. The churchmen jettisoned the European people’s vision of the Word made flesh, which came from a heart to heart encounter with Christ, in favor of rationalized systems that were more in accord with science, which translates to superficiality. I once read a book by a “conservative” Catholic theologian that was advertised as an orthodox defense of the major tenets of the Christian faith. But when I came to the chapter on eternal life, I discovered that the author was not as advertised; he was not an orthodox Christian. He ridiculed the antiquated notion of the resurrection of the body and posited, in place of that doctrine, a new scientized version of formless specks of spiritualized matter comingled with each other after their lives were ended here on earth. Why is such a doctrine more compatible with science than my belief and the antique Europeans’ belief that we shall meet our loved ones in the flesh in His heavenly kingdom?

I look to recognize again, through the beautiful mask of their perfection,
The dear familiar faces I have somewhile loved on earth.

But of course I am being unscientific, while the theologian who believes that our immortal souls become a pixie dust that is scattered throughout the cosmos is scientific. Unamuno was right when he referred to the resurrection of the dead: “All or nothing.” Either science is wrong, and Christ is the Savior who gives us eternal life, or science is right and we return to the compost heap. There is no in-between, no quasi-resurrection of human particles. There can be no compromise with science; it is all or nothing.

Jesus Christ is the heart of God. He can only be found in the depths of hearts who love much. That was the triumph of the antique Europeans. The Europe they built was in response to His love: “We love Him because He first loved us.” The Christian utopian, speaking from a diseased mind devoid of a heart for God, hurls anathemas at the antique Europeans for failing to build the kingdom of God on earth according to the dictates of his rationalism. The liberal hurls anathemas and condemnations at the antique Europeans because (we know the litany): “They were racist, sexist, etc.” We cannot stay wedded to the superficiality of nature/science-based systems in church and state and still maintain a connection to the Word made flesh. The spiritual abortion of the antique Europeans from the womb of Europe has been performed in the name of a new nature/science-based faith that places the noble black savage at its unholy center. We can’t compromise with the regicides who performed that abortion, whether they be Christian Jews, neo-pagans, or liberals — they all have the blood of our people and our Lord on their hands.

Shaw correctly identified the cause of the European people’s loss of faith. But he, as a science-based man whose heroes were all scientists, did not think that the loss of Christ the Lord was a tragedy. He suggested that men should create a new religion that was more compatible with science. Therein lies the incredible superficiality of the Western intellectuals who have lost their connection to Jesus Christ. Can faith be created in a test tube? Is it that easy? Do you just pour in a few chemical ingredients and then say some psychological mumbo-jumbo over the ingredients, and then presto-chango, you have a new religion! That is what Nietzsche and the modern neo-pagans think you can do. And that is what Shaw thought as well. Thus science doth make superficial, heartless idiots of us all, if we accept science as the truth and the way.

Neither Shaw nor Nietzsche nor any of the other members of the European intelligentsia who bid us turn away from Christ and look to science saw the final outcome of their apostasy. We now, in the scientific 21st century, can see the end result. If the European people refuse to worship the God-Man, they will worship the beast in man. Thus the liberals worship the negro, and the neo-pagans worship their genetically superior intellects. Is this the final end? Yes, it is if we deny that Jesus Christ came to us in the flesh. “Nearer, My God, to Thee,” is a beautiful hymn, but “Nearer, My Genes, to Thee,” and/or “Nearer, My Negro Gods, to Thee” are not beautiful hymns, they are blasphemous odes to a science-based faith that has no room for the Light of the world.

The French Jacobins replaced an older spirit-based government with a nature/science-based government. All the nations of Europe gradually adopted similar atheistic Jacobin governments under the guise of democracy. The human spirit cannot survive under such regimes. A Trump or an Orbán might inject a certain element of discord by using rhetoric from the Christian era of Europe, but such rhetoric will not change the fact that the devil has become the ruler of the democracies of the European people. The European people became a people because they joined their hearts to His heart – they cannot become a people again by blending intellectual Christianity with nature and nature’s gods. Those gods and the people who worship them belong to Satan.

Superficiality is the linchpin that holds all of Liberaldom together. There can be no depth in a liberal society because if men and women plunge to the depths of their hearts, they will discover an incredible longing there that cannot be filled by the modern –isms. All the nature/science-based systems have not been able to change the tragedy of life here on earth. The tragedy is that we, who feel immortal longings, must die. To perish in the nature-science compost heap? Or to die in this world and go unto eternal life in His Kingdom come? Life is unbearable without faith in His promise of eternal life. What are the alternative visions of the various branches of liberalism? The mad-dog liberals tell us we can be part of the kingdom of God on earth if we will worship the negro and support the movement to end global warming. The neo-pagans tell us we can create a kingdom of great minds that shall not survive their short term on earth. And the churchmen who want to blend Christ with nature and science make Christ subordinate to nature and science. He too becomes subject to extinction. Against the superficiality of modernity stands the antique Europeans who plunged to the depths with the sure and certain hope that He was there. Christ descended into hell and on the third day He rose from the dead. If we make His tragedy our tragedy He will make His triumph our triumph. We must turn from the dung-heap un-civilization of superficiality and embrace the people who believed that Christ is the grave where buried love doth live. +

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