Our Kindred Faith

Count, count your hopes, heirs of immortality and love;
And hear my kindred faith, and turn again to bless me.

Martin Farquhar Tupper


Picture a liberal household on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Two quality children, one girl, seven years old, one boy, five years old, and one liberal father and one liberal mother are in attendance.

Girl: Mother, why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate him every day of the year?

Mother: Yes, dear, we should keep Martin Luther King Jr. and the sacred blacks in our hearts 365 days of the year, but we need to have a special day to take time off and celebrate the wonderful goodness of Martin Luther King Jr. Do you understand that, dear?

Girl: Yes, mother.

Mother: Do you understand why we must always love Martin Luther King Jr. and the black race?

Girl: Yes, mother, like teacher says, we must love the blacks with our whole heart, mind, and soul so that we can share heaven on earth with them once the white males are eliminated from the face of the earth.

Mother: That is right.

Girl: But Mother?

Mother: Yes, dear?

Girl: Aren’t Daddy and little Joey white males? Must they be destroyed?

Mother: Daddy has been trained not to be white and not to be a male. And little Joey will be trained not to be white and not to be a male. So it’s quite possible that neither Daddy nor Joey will have to be destroyed. But don’t get to loving Joey or Daddy too much, because they are white males, and white males are mostly evil, even when they have been retrained not to be white and male.

Girl: But Mommy (she starts to tear up), I really do love Joey and Daddy.

Mommy: You mustn’t use terms like ‘love’ when speaking of white males. They can be tolerated when they behave properly, but you must never love them. Our love must be reserved for the black race. You cannot love black and white; that would be a betrayal of the black race, which we must love and revere. Now wipe your tears and light the candles on the Martin Luther King Jr. altar.

Girl: Will there be presents on the altar in the morning?

Mother (smiling): I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many presents. Say your prayers to Martin Luther King Jr. tonight and see what happens tomorrow morning.

[The children go up to bed.]

Father: I’ll start putting the presents on the altar.

Mother: Yes, you do that.

Father: Shall we attend the 9 o’clock service or the 11 o’clock?

Mother: The children will be up early – they’ll be so excited – so let’s attend the 9 o’clock service. And this time, don’t embarrass me by trying to sit with me in the front pew.

Father: I wasn’t trying to sit with you in the front pew. I know that white males must sit in the back of the church. But you forgot your pocketbook – I was just trying to give it to you. I intended to go right back to my assigned seat.

Mother: Just don’t let it happen again.

Father: Yes, dear. Do you have any final instructions?

Mother: No.

Father: Then I’ll say goodnight.

Mother: Not until you’ve said your prayers.

[The father kneels before the altar.]

Father: Yes, dear.


The liberals worship the negro, that is obvious. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is much more important to them than Christmas. They will tolerate any and all attacks on Christ during the Christmas season, but they will brook no opposition to the deification of Martin Luther King Jr. or any of the sacred negroes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – or on any other day of the year. If I were a learned academic, who published an article on the absurdity of the incarnation and birth of Christ, there would be no hostile comments from the liberals. In fact, I would be lauded for publishing a thoughtful scholarly work that demythologized the Christ story. But if I were to publish an article stating that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Marxist and a degenerate, Nelson Mandela was a vicious terrorist, and the black race was not to be worshipped, the liberals would have me destroyed. So we must ask ourselves in this special week that the liberals have set aside for religious festivals why the liberals worship the black race.

The movie Rebel Without a Cause was considered liberal in its day but is now condemned because it suggested that juvenile delinquency was caused by absentee fathers and fathers who yielded their authority to the female of the species. The liberals have moved on from such antiquated notions, but there is a line in that otherwise unremarkable movie that I want to highlight. When the hero, James Dean’s character, is about to play ‘chicken’ with his automobile against another boy’s automobile, Dean’s character asks his opponent, “Why are we doing this?” The other boy replies, “You got to do something.” The liberals no longer believe in Christ, but men and women must believe in something, so they have turned to the sacred negro. Do they love the sacred negro? No, they don’t; they worship him. What is the difference? A pagan does not love his gods, he propitiates them with sacrifices. That is the great difference between the Christian God and the pagan gods. Christ wants mercy, not sacrifice; He wants our love and He wants us to love our fellow men in and through Him. The post-Christian liberal worships as a pagan: he is incapable of a deep, heartfelt love because he has cut himself off from the font of love, but he can worship in the old pagan style, he can propitiate his gods through sacrifices. And whom does the liberal sacrifice to his heathen gods? He sacrifices other whites in the hope that his sacrifices will be acceptable to the sacred negroes, who will then allow him to be with them in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

There simply are not enough whites to fulfill the sacrificial needs of the negro gods, whose need for white blood seems to be insatiable. So the liberal must look for racism everywhere. If he can’t find it, he must invent it, in order to send more whites to the sacrificial altars of the negro gods. Already the liberals are turning on each other in order to keep the sacrificial altars supplied with fresh white blood.

God will judge the hearts of the various missionaries who tried to convert the black heathens. No doubt there were some who were sincere Christians, but at some point the attempt of white Christians to convert the colored heathens became a new religion opposed to Christianity. It was the whites who converted — they began to worship the negroes, giving them the reverence and adoration that was meant for Christ. Now the new religion has been institutionalized throughout the Western world. The liberal rulers, the Grand Inquisitors, will only permit state-sponsored churches to exist, churches that preach a blended Christianity that speaks of Christ the civil rights champion, but not of Christ the Savior.

In our modern democracies we have mock elections in which the outcome is already predetermined. Every candidate agrees to acquiesce to the extermination of the white race in the name of liberty, equality, and diversity. Trump, as off this stage we have shown, was a throwback to the 1950’s liberal, who wanted the whites to be part of the brave new world. The liberals only permitted him to run because they were certain he would lose. Once he won, the liberals made sure that he was kept in check. There is absolutely no political discourse in our anti-nation. Our young people have nothing inside them but hatred for a God they never knew and for their own people whom they only see through the liberals’ eyes. Their discourse consists of screaming obscenities at Trump and every white male who opposes any part of the liberal agenda, an agenda that has brought us hell on earth.

The great shift from Christianity to negro worship took place because of the failure of the Christian churches to preach Christ Crucified, Christ Risen, as St. Paul preached Christ Crucified, Christ Risen, with an inner certainty that Christ was who He said He was. When Christ became an abstract philosophical God, He was rejected, just as the abstract philosophies of the Greeks were rejected by the devotees of the mystery religions. The spiritual vacuum created by intellectual Christianity allowed Satan to enter the heart of Christendom and construct Satandom over the ruins of Christendom.

The new religion, the worship of the negro and the other gods of color, has revolutionized every aspect of European culture. The new culture can be seen in its most horrific aspect when we look at the cruel feminist matriarchy that has replaced the Christian patriarchal family structures of old Europe. The feminist movement sprang up from the civil rights movement. Liberal white women who spent all their time demonizing white males for their ‘oppression’ of blacks decided they too were oppressed by the evil white males. And if white males were evil, then the culture that white males built was evil. So it became necessary for white females to take charge of the construction of a brave new world devoid of white men and the white man’s God. All the evils that stem from Lady Macbeth feminism – “Come you spirits, That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty” – such as legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and transgenderism, come from the initial break from the oppressive white ‘racist’ culture created by the unredeemable original sinners – white males. You can’t go back to anything good and decent because any opposition to the perversions of liberalism is deemed racist. The churches will not champion the Christ of old Europe, because He was the God of racist white males. But they will support the savages of color and the horrific unsexed feminists because they are the chosen ones – they are not white racist males. So where does that leave the white Christian? Will he renounce his ancestors and step into a future in which he can only survive if he worships the noble black savage and consents to live according to the dictates of the feminist harpies? Or will he become like unto the hero in Thomas Nelson Page’s story “The Goth”? Will he hew his way, sword in hand, through the legions of academics, feminists, and colored heathens and return to his racial hearth fire? It seems as if he has chosen the former course; he has chosen to worship the sacred negro and follow the dictates of the feminist Lady Macbeths. He has chosen to break the great bond of mercy, which connected him to his God and his European ancestors, and pursue instead the path of merciless sacrifice.

The bond must be renewed, or humanity as it once was will be no more. Only the demonized Europeans, who established a sympathetic tie to Christ the Savior, truly became human beings. Our Lord told us that we were not born to die, we are immortal, with personalities who belong to an immortal God. That is too great an inheritance to be sacrificed on the altars of negro worship and feminism:

Count, count your hopes, heirs of immortality and love;
And hear my kindred faith, and turn again to bless me.
For lo, my trust is strong to dwell in many worlds,
And cull of many brethren there, sweet knowledge ever new:
I yearn for realms where fancy shall be filled, and the ecstasies of freedom shall be felt,
And the soul reign gloriously, risen to its royal destinies:
I look to recognize again, through the beautiful mask of their perfection,
The dear familiar faces I have somewhile loved on earth:
I long to talk with grateful tongue of storms and perils past,
And praise the mighty Pilot that hath steered us through the rapids:
He shall be the focus of it all, the very heart of gladness,—
My soul is athirst for God, the God who dwelt in Man!
Prophet, priest, and king, the sacrifice, the substitute, the Saviour,
Rapture of the blessed in the hunted One of earth, the Pardoner in the victim;
How many centuries of joy concentrate in that theme;

Once the sympathetic bond is renewed, miracles will occur, that is certain. Will the European people renew that tie? We can’t reason our way back to Christian Europe. But we can love much and kneel before His sacred cross, which is the sign of contradiction to the unholy altars consecrated to the liberals’ merciless gods, who require the bloody sacrifice of the European people. Those men on the sinking Titanic, those men of Europe, are our guiding lights. They went to their deaths singing “Nearer My God to Thee.”

In the Gospel according to John, we are told that “many of the people believed on Him, and said, When Christ cometh, will He do more miracles than these which this man hath done?” What miracles do the liberals expect from reason, the negro, and science, their unholy trinity? They expect to build the kingdom of God on earth without the cross of Christ. That is the impetus that drives the liberals. They, like the Jews who rejected Christ, want an earthly kingdom.

If Christ was God, the liberals tell us, He would have come down off the cross and built Liberaldom. And since He didn’t do as they willed, they have rejected Him and turned to the sacred negro gods. In opposition to the liberals’ celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. and the negro gods, let us celebrate this week, and every week of the year, the European people who loved the Man of Sorrows, who promised us a cross in this world and a place in His kingdom come in the next world. +

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