Be Not Afraid

But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid. –John 6: 20


The Pope’s recent denial of the immortality of the soul and the existence of hell was not particularly shocking to anyone familiar with the present Pope’s desire to be a good liberal. Such sentiments are perfectly in keeping with liberal orthodoxy. And that is what being a good Catholic consists of — keeping on good terms with liberals. That is also what constitutes being a good Protestant. When the survival of your church organization becomes, in your mind, synonymous with the survival of the Christian faith, you will do anything – you will even sup with the devil – in order to keep your church organization afloat.

Let us be clear about the consequence of placing the survival of the organized churches above the survival of the word of God, which took flesh in the hearts of the antique Europeans. The consequence is that we are now ruled by a merciless cabal of Shylockian liberals, who hate the white race, the Christ-bearing race, with a religious zeal that is fueled by Satan. When the Duke of Venice asks Shylock to extend mercy to Antonio, the merchant, Shylock refuses: “by our holy Sabbath have I sworn, To have the due and forfeit of my bond.” That explains liberalism: It is institutionalized hatred. The neo-pagans, who like to stay on the material surface of life, sum up the decline of the European people with one proclamation: “The Jews!” But the decline of the West has deeper roots. The spiritual malady of the Jewish people, in the main, was that they rejected their prophets and succumbed to an organizational vision of God that obscured their vision of the true God. But we cannot just scream ‘Jew’ and hope to reverse the decline of the European people. We cannot do that for the obvious reason that the Christian Europeans have become spiritual Jews. They have placed organizational Christianity, which is a return to pharisaical Judaism, above the faith of the antique Europeans who took Him, of whom the prophets spoke, into their hearts.

When an entire people makes hate the primary focus of their faith, they become a very dangerous people. Caiaphas and his followers hated Christ so much that they crucified Him, despite Pilate’s failure to find any fault in Christ. We must see that the secular liberal and the Pope-Francis-organizational Christian have picked up Caiaphas’s mantle of hatred. What kind of religion is it that has the hatred of the Light of the world at its source? A Christian European hates the devil and his works, and the liberals are the work of the devil, but that is not the basis of his religion. The basis of his religion is the love of Christ. As we have lost the intimacy with Christ that the European people once enjoyed, so have we lost the ability to distinguish good from evil. The liberals persecute the white race under the mantle of anti-racism, and the downtrodden whites accept that hatred as their due. Their only hope is that somehow they can expiate their racist sins and become part of Liberaldom. But that shall never be. The Shylockian liberals will have their pound of flesh. Who will say them nay?

There will be no opposition to liberalism from within the ranks of democracy because modern democracy is rooted in Jacobinism. Jacobinism was the first attempt by post-Christian Europeans to institutionalize the hatred of the Light, which was already the religion of the Jews who rejected the Savior. The death of Robespierre did not end Jacobinism. Far from it. All of the Western democracies are Jacobin states whose people have lost the intimacy with Christ that is necessary to combat the devil and his minions. If He does not dwell within, from whence comes our strength in the day of battle? The European people have no strength to resist liberalism, because they do not believe that liberalism is from the devil. How could liberalism be from the devil when liberalism preaches the great universalisms, such as racial and sexual equality? It is from the devil precisely because it preaches racial and sexual equality. The racial equality gambit is a subterfuge for a return to the worship of Baal, and the sexual equality gambit is a ruse for the destruction of the Christian patriarchal family.

The reason a liberal churchman such as Pope Francis can play fast and loose with revealed truth is because he has lost that intimacy with Christ, which can only come to a people who have made His word a part of their soul. If we read through the European bards, who are the true chroniclers of the European people, we are struck with the deep spiritual connection between the European people and Christ. The written testimony of the bards and the Gospel of Christ are so interwoven that one is often hard-pressed to see where the separation is. And that is how it should be with a truly Christian people. His word should be so engrained in the hearts of His people that they instinctively refer all questions of moment to Him who is at the center of their culture. Do you think Pope Francis would deny the existence of hell and the immortality of the soul if the Word had taken flesh in his heart? Christ, in the Gospels, is very explicit about the existence of hell and the immortality of the soul. Only a man thoroughly unconcerned with the Word which was made flesh could possibly hold opinions so much in conflict with God’s word. But that is the case with all the modern sacred cows of liberalism. There is no place for negro worship, feminism, or Jacobinism in the Gospels, but there is a place for all three in Christ-hating Liberaldom.

Modern conservatives, who are not conservative in the Burkean sense, always try to combat mad-dog liberalism by showing the liberals that such things as the Islamification of the West and/or the complete colorization of the West go against their self-interest. What the conservatives fail to grasp is the religious dynamic behind all the seemingly suicidal policies of the liberals. If you can only feel alive when you are attacking the object of your hate, then all people who hate what you hate are welcome allies. That poor young British woman, Jayda Fransen, is currently in jail in Britain because she assumed that liberals would want to know about and take action against the Moslem rapists in their midst. But instead of taking action against the Moslem rapists, the liberals took action against Jayda Fransen. How could it be otherwise? The Moslems are the liberals’ co-religionists; they both hate the white Christ-bearing race.

If you seek to co-exist with liberals, or worse yet, if you become a liberal, you will not love where you should love and hate where you should hate. You will not love the people who gave the world a vision of the living God and you will not hate all those who try to destroy His image in man. When Wackford Squeers proceeds to beat the poor disabled Smike, Nicholas Nickleby cries, “Stop! This must not go on!” Then Nicholas proceeds to beat Wackford Squeers. There is no demand of “Stop, this must not go on” from the European people, because they have no heart for the suffering servant; He no longer appeals to them. Liberalism has, in its many different guises, become not only the faith of the passionate upper echelon of Liberaldom, it has become the faith of the masses.

Yeats, who saw that Western man had lost his Christian moorings, asked,

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

The rough beast did not turn out to be the genial Irish paganism of Yeats’ fantasies, nor did it become the happy land of multi-culturalism. The rough beast turned out to be Satan, who now rules the Western nations with a hatred that will brook no opposition. Should resistance come, it will come from Europeans who have taken the Word of God into their hearts. But at present the men and women of Europe have erected altars consecrated to the image of the beast in man. We can’t maintain those altars and our faith in Christ. So long as churchmen such as Pope Francis espouse an intellectual faith in a theoretical God while worshipping at the altars consecrated to the image of the beast in man, whether that beast takes the form of a rain forest savage or Nelson Mandela, the European people will continue to live in a Europe diametrically opposed to all things bright and beautiful. Where there was light now there is darkness, where there was Christ now there are heathen gods.

Liberaldom consists of a vast network of organizations both large and small that exist to serve and protect Liberaldom. Our schools, our universities, our churches, our military, and the various news organizations all help to maintain Liberaldom. There is no organized resistance to Liberaldom within Liberaldom. How about the unorganized resistance? That is the key. The liberals and their followers, men like Pope Francis, have decided to go it alone without the Christ who enters human hearts. And to insure that such a God will never enter human hearts again they have made war on the white hearth fire. There is nothing Christian about negro worship. It is a convenient tool of the great haters, the Shylockian liberals. Every time a white man with a heart of flesh attacks Liberaldom in the name of Christian Europe, he is branded a racist and dealt with. And it is generally the church men who are the first to cast stones because they are scared to death of standing contra mundum vis-à-vis Liberaldom. But is it really so terrible to stand alone against Liberaldom? Yes, it is terrible if we are truly alone. But if Christ dwells within us, and the testimony of our European ancestors tells us that He will come to us if we call on Him by name, then we are not alone.

Pope Francis is not some isolated monstrosity. He is modern man. One moment he might say something positive about Christ and the next moment he’ll be back in the slime pits of liberalism uttering blasphemy. His faith is a hop-toad intellectual faith, which is no faith at all. The man’s heart belongs to liberalism. And the liberal’s heart has room only for that which feeds his hatred for all things white and Christian. When facing such a hatred, we have only one hope. I quoted John Donne on Easter because I loved the way he described the Savior as “Our Jesus.” Yes, let us make this a personal matter between those who believe that He abides with us by our racial hearth fire and those who have placed God in a cosmic box to be brought out of mothballs every other month in order to condemn racism, sexism, homophobia, and national boundaries. Our Jesus shall prevail against all the armies of the night arrayed against us. We need only remember that He does not live in the abstract intellect. He lives in hearts of flesh. +

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