And the Trumpet Shall Sound

But if the whole space to the firmament were filled with sand, and we had before us Clavius number, how many thousands would be; If all that space were filled with water, and so joyned the waters above with the waters below the Firmament, and we had the number of all those drops of water; And then had every single sand, and every single drop multiplied by the whole number of both, we were still short of numbering the benefits of God, as God; But then, of God in Christ, infinitely, super-infinitely short. To have been once nothing, and to be now co-heire with the Son of God, is such a Circle, such a Compasse, as that no revolutions in this world, to rise from the lowest to the highest, or to fall from the highest to the lowest, can be called or thought any Segment, any Arch, any Point in respect of this Circle; To have once been nothing, and now to be co-heires with the Son of God: That Son of God, who if there had been but one soule to have been saved, would have died for that; nay, if all souls had been to be saved, but one, and that that onely had sinned, he would not have contented himselfe with all the rest, but would have died for that. And there is the goodnesse, the liberality of our King, our God, our Christ, our Jesus. –John Donne


When I went to college in the 1970’s, the study of comparative religions was all the rage. And the conclusion of the assortment of anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists who presided over the study of religion was that all religions were the same, except for one. That one exception was Christianity. But it was not considered exceptional because it was true, it was considered exceptional because it was unnatural and sick. Every other religion was natural, and therefore healthy, but Christianity was unnatural and therefore unhealthy. Its adherents were sick. I had a professor who faced the issue head on. “Take away the empty tomb, and Christianity can be a nature religion.”

Ah, there’s the rub. We can’t take away the empty tomb because Christ did rise from the dead on the third day. How do we know this? Because the Son of God took flesh and dwelt among us. And when He left this world after rising from the dead, He left us a Comforter. That Comforter, who lives in hearts of flesh, is our blessed assurance that Christ is with us always, even unto the ending of the world. If we look at the historical record, we can see that the European people once believed in the Christ who enters human hearts. Now, in our ‘enlightened’ age, the European people are divided between a ruling class that rejects the unnatural religion of the Suffering Servant and a clerical class that asserts (because they want to retain their jobs) that Christianity is compatible with the nature religions. They tell us that Baal and Christ are one. This is why the European churchmen welcome Moslems and colored heathens into the churches but reject the Europeans who cling to the faith of their non-diverse European ancestors. But if we reject our ancestors’ Christian faith, do we have faith? Baal cannot resurrect the dead. There are so many heathen faiths we can turn to in modern Liberaldom. And the blended Christian-Heathenism of the clerical apostates is the worst. We can’t be saved by a rain-forest god. There is only one Savior; He is the Christ of old Europe. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are one with Handel, who always, so long as there are Christian Europeans, shall be the true voice of Easter. Christ is Risen! +

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