Reclaiming the Lost Children of Europe

… And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. –Matthew 15: 14


I have dwelt ‘neath southern skies
Where the summer never dies
But my heart is in the mountains of my home.-

Welsh song


I recently viewed a video by Paul Joseph Watson, the self-professed classical liberal, in which he described the tragic Islamization of Germany. Watson concluded the video with the comment that a people who will not defend their culture will be replaced by a people who are willing to impose their will on those who will not defend their people. That is undeniably true. Germany is closer to annihilation than most of the other European nations, but all the European nations are in the process of abandoning their culture and ceding their nations to the Moslems and the colored heathens.

Watson is one of the best of the classical liberals. His commentaries are accurate and insightful, but is classical liberalism the antidote for the poison that has gone into the soul of the European people? No, it is not, because classical liberalism is still liberalism. It is a cancer in its early stages, in contrast to mad-dog liberalism, which is the advanced stage of the cancer, but it is still a cancer. Why is it a cancer? Because it is not enough to refer to our culture or our traditions without reference to Christ, who is the all in all of our culture and our traditions. Classical liberals acknowledge the debt our European culture owes to Christianity, and the greater debt, in the eyes of the classical liberals, that we owe to pagan Greece and Rome. But that type of respect is without depth, it is without passion, and unfortunately, it is without the faith that is necessary to defend European culture from the onslaught of the heathens without and the mad-dog liberals from within. It’s not enough to invoke Christ as an important symbol of the Greco-Roman, Christian tradition. He must be more than that to us. The European people, when they were a people, looked to Christ as their Savior. He was a God who loved them. In life and death, He loved them. “Well, of course, now, let’s get on to the real issue – how can rational men, men who do not believe in fairy tales, save the European people?” That is the problem – the rational, classical liberal does not really believe in the fairy tale of Christ the Lord. But our ancestors did believe. They staked their lives on Christ, and they fought for the culture that stemmed from their faith in Christ. Only that type of faith, faith in Him as distinct from faith in the Church, can provide the promethean fire to save the European people.

In Acts 19, St. Luke describes a group of vagabond Jews who tried to invoke Jesus’s name without having a passionate, heartfelt faith in Christ as the Son of the living God:

Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. –Acts 19: 13-16

The classical liberals, who are the modern day conservatives, will always be defeated by the mad-dog liberals because the mad-dog liberals are possessed by the devil, who passionately hates Christ and His people. How can the rational, clear-thinking conservative combat that hate? He can’t overcome such a hatred with rational analysis. He can only defeat it if he is possessed by a passionate love for the devil’s antagonist. But the rational conservative eschews such extremes. And that is the tragic flaw of the modern conservatives, they are heirs of the medieval scholastics who saw no limits to rational analysis.

Richard Weaver ends his brilliant book Ideas Have Consequences with the recommendation that we take our stand against liberalism by defending the last metaphysical right that is left – the right of private property. Therein lies the weakness of classical, democratic liberalism. We cannot take our stand on a metaphysical right, independent of the spiritual fount of that metaphysical right. All the metaphysical rights of the European people were rooted in Christ. It’s not possible to sever ourselves from Him and still expect to maintain any of those rights. The whole concept of ‘rights’ is a derivation of the European people’s faith in Jesus Christ. We have the right, given to us by the Savior, to regard ourselves as human beings created in His image. If we reject Him, then we have no rights except those accorded to us by the devil. He has given us the right to live like beasts and die in despair.

Conservatives often make reference to the cultural war between themselves, who defend classical liberalism, and the mad-dog liberals who want to take classical liberalism to its logical conclusion. The conservatives never seem to understand why they always lose every battle in the cultural war. They lose because you cannot have just a little bit of liberalism. If we believe, with Burke, that the first liberal was the devil, then how can we allow the devil to have a place, even if it is just a small place in the corner, in our culture? Let me reference a debate William F. Buckley Jr., the classical liberal, had with the feminist Germaine Greer. Buckley made it clear from the onset that it was not women’s rights he was against, he was disputing Greer’s assertion that a revolution was necessary to obtain “women’s rights.” But a true conservative, a Burkean conservative, would have disputed the premise that a woman has any rights outside of the rights she is entitled to as a woman living in a Christian society. And that is the right to bear children and to raise them. There is no right to indulge in politics or any other activity that is contrary to the duties and obligations of a woman who is part of a Christian commonwealth.

Once God is viewed as pure intellect, we are back with the pagan Greeks who mocked St. Paul when he told them of the resurrection of the dead. Intellectual Christianity destroys the Christian faith. This is why we must never go up against the mad-dog liberals with the papier-mâché armor of classical liberalism. One well-placed arrow from the bow of a mad-dog liberal can demolish classical liberalism, which is why the culture war between the classical liberals and the mad-dog liberals is over. The mad-dog liberals have won. The outcome was inevitable once the European intelligentsia became too smart to believe in a God who enters human hearts.

The culture war that is not yet over is the war between the mad-dog liberals and the colored heathens. Whether the colored heathens are Moslem or some other variety of heathenism, the battle is the same. The post-Christian, mad-dog liberal thinks he can convert the Moslems and the colored heathens to liberalism. The classical liberals, such as Geert Wilders in Holland, keep telling the mad-dog liberals that the Moslems cannot be converted to liberalism. But the Wilders-type conservatives never include blacks in their ‘cannot be converted’ scenarios, nor do they equate the West with Christianity. When they say ‘Western values’ they are talking about the democratic traditions of a kinder, enlightened Jacobinism. Such reasoning shows us that the classical liberals are just as delusional as the mad-dog liberals. There cannot be an enlightened, kinder Jacobinism any more than there can be an enlightened, kinder Islam.

The mad-dog liberals will lose the cultural war with the colored heathens because liberalism is not a sustainable faith. But liberalism is not a death wish; we will always believe a lie when we use the science of liberalism to diagnose the ills of liberalism. Let us look at liberalism through the eyes of a Christian. The liberals are like unto the swine in the Gospel. They must, at all costs, flee from Jesus Christ. And they will join with any force that is opposed to Jesus Christ. Certainly this will lead to the liberals’ destruction, but that is not what they hope for. They see themselves, in defiance of reality, as Atticus Finch leading a group of devoted blacks, Moslems, or some other tribe of colored heathens into the enlightened paradise of liberalism. The photo opps with Angela Merkel hugging adoring Moslems show us the liberals’ fantasy of what their brave new world will be like. Nothing will convince them that the reality will be quite different, because their hatred of the light blinds them to all reality.

The classical liberals led the European people into the ditch of mad-dog liberalism because they were blinded by their love of their God-given reason. When any gift of God is elevated above God, Satan enters in. The same classical liberal vs. mad-dog liberal scenario has been acted out in the organized Christian churches. In the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, the traditionalists, who are the classical liberals, want to restore the Catholic faith by restoring an older Latin rite. But they are blind to the fact that the rite is not a substitute for faith in Christ. When Pope Francis scolded the people who talked about Christ instead of the Church, he showed his affinity with the traditionalists at the deepest level. Their differences over rites is of no consequence compared to their agreement on the central issue – faith in Christ or faith in an organized, rational system called ‘the Church.’ The mini-Romes of organized Protestantism have followed the same path as the Roman Catholics; they have made a God of the system called the church and left Christ outside of that church. (1)

The age of prophecy is dead; there is no need for new prophets since He of whom the prophets spoke has come. But what has happened to the prophets’ vision of a God who enters human hearts? Has that vision died with the prophets? It was St. Paul’s mission to keep the prophetic vision before our eyes. Faith in Christ comes to us through, and is sustained by, the vision of our hearts. The circumcised heart, not the enlightened brain, unites us to God. If we ignore that vision, we deny the mystic vision of our people who saw that the living God was not a by-product of man’s reason, He was the beginning and the end of our heart’s desire for a God of mercy and love.

After a life spent in fear and trembling, under the merciless reign of Wackford Squeers of Dotheboys Hall, Smike is rescued by Nicholas Nickleby [hyperlink], the only man that ever showed him kindness and mercy. As they begin their lives in exile, Smike tells Nicholas that, “You are my home.” The European people took upon themselves the mantle of the prophets and said to Christ, “You are our home.” That intimate connection to God that is derided by the mad-dog liberals and dismissed as sentimental mush by the classical liberals is what is missing in the modern culture wars. It is the task of the Christian European to bring that intimacy with Christ, that vision of the love which passeth the understanding of the mind, back into the Europeans’ story.

The liberals, mad-dog and classical, believe that our home is a philosophical abstraction without a local habitation or name. That abstract home is missing our Savior, whom we know through the love that is engendered at our familial and racial hearth fire. As the darkness deepens, we can better appreciate the light. In order to share the prophets’ vision of the living God we must live in exile from our people; we must be among them but not of them until they leave the Babylonian night and return home. If we stay with St. Paul’s vision, which is the poetic vision of the antique Europeans, we can be a sign of contradiction to the Babylonian Europeans and a sign of hope for the wayward and lost children of Europe. +


(1) Caiaphas wanted Christ to die so that the system of organized Jewry, of which he was the head, could live. The clergy men of modern Christian Jewry have followed the same road as Caiaphas. They must kill the image of Christ in the hearts of His people so that their organizations can survive.

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