The Moral Vision

When men once turn to brutes, the trifle of men’s wit that remains in them adds tenfold to their brutality.

Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne


The mad-dog liberals have given themselves over to Satan. They are the academics, the Antifaers, the members of the Democratic Party, the Labour Party, and the various leftist-Marxist parties throughout Europe. They represent a large minority of white people, but they still do not, in my judgement, make up the majority of white people. The majority of white people throughout the world are what I call grazers. They graze in the mad-dog liberals’ pastures and dutifully follow the mad-dog liberals’ orders, but they do not share the mad-dog liberals’ hatred for all things white and Christian. Nor do they realize that they are being fattened up for execution in the liberals’ slaughterhouse. Why do the white grazers believe that there is a place for them in Liberaldom? They believe there is a place for them in Liberaldom for the same reason the narrator in Melville’s short story “Benito Cereno” believed that blood-thirsty negro savages were kindly natives who meant the white captain on the ship no harm.

The grazers cannot see evil clearly, because they have no vision of the good. If the grazers believed in the European Christ, as distinct from the cosmic Christ of the churchmen who is all things to all people, they would not continue to graze in the pastures of Liberaldom without fighting back against the liberals. They would know that when they, the liberals, do these things and say these things they are not the friends of white people. When they institutionalize race-mixing, abortion, sodomy, and negro worship, they are evil men and women who must be opposed, just as Charles Martel opposed the Moslems. You can only deal democratically with people with whom you share a common set of values. You can’t have any peaceful dealings with people who want your heart’s blood. But of course the grazer does not believe that the liberals want his heart’s blood. “That’s so silly, why would a liberal want our blood? It doesn’t make any sense.” But the liberals’ agenda does make sense, it makes perfect sense in the spiritual realm, which is the realm that governs all of our lives whether we acknowledge its existence or not. What could be more logical, from Satan’s perspective, than the destruction of the Christ-bearing race? In a war, you destroy the breeding ground of the enemy. And Christ’s breeding ground was and is the hearts of the European people. The liberals are coldly, maniacally doing the will of Satan by destroying all things white.

When Edgar sees his blinded father poorly led and determined to fling himself over a precipice, he must think of some way to give his father a will to live. We know the stratagem he uses, and that stratagem works:

Hadst thou been aught but gossamer, feathers, air,
So many fathom down precipitating,
Thou ’dst shiver’d like an egg: but thou dost breathe;
Hast heavy substances; bleeed’st not; speak’st; art sound.
Ten masts at each make not the altitude
Which thou hast perpendicularly fell.
Thy life’s a miracle. Speak yet again.

The white people of modern Europe must believe that the civilization of old Europe was a miracle before they will take up arms against the liberals. If they make that realization, they will know the good and be prepared to fight evil, and they will survive as a people. But so long as they believe that Christian Europe was evil, and that modern, multi-racial, multi-cultural, democratic Europe is good, they will continue to be a hopeless, helpless, captive people.

Recently a group of scientists got together to tell us how we could save the planet from destruction. Did the scientists recommend we fall onto our knees and invite Christ into our hearts while expelling all liberals and colored barbarians from our nations? No, they did not. They listed a whole series of problems to be addressed, none of which was the problem of Liberalism. Instead, the number one problem, according to the scientists, was overpopulation. Let me translate the liberal double-speak. When scientists of the West tell ‘mankind’ that we have a population problem, they are really telling the world that we must eliminate white people, because there is no overpopulation problem in the Western nations unless you mean the Moslem and colored barbarians who are overrunning Europe and the United States. That is an overpopulation problem the West should deal with, but the learned men of science were not referring to the colored heathen, they were talking to the people of the West. They want the people of the West, the white Europeans, to self-destruct. And the white Europeans will do what they are told, unless they believe that Christian Europe was a miracle that has to be maintained and perpetuated. As it stands now, the liberals are hell-bent on destroying the white race, and the intellectual Christians think that a good Christian must hasten the end of the white race by repudiating the European Christians’ vision of Christ and supporting the enthronement of the negro as the savior of the West.

Every Sunday throughout the Western world we see the tragedy of intellectual Christianity. Churches with many of the art works and iconic images from old Europe lining their Church walls feature modern clergymen who preach about the evils of old racist Europe and the wonders of the new multi-racial, multi-cultural Europe. What has the new church of the cosmic Christ produced? It has produced the aforementioned evils of race-mixing, abortion, sodomy and negro worship. But somehow by a strange metamorphosis the culture that has spawned all those evils, our modern liberal culture, is supposed to be good while the culture that produced Christian men and women who opposed all of the modern evils, the culture of the antique Europeans, is now supposed to be the most evil culture that has ever existed on the face of the earth. And no one will defend that culture or the people who created that culture in response to God’s grace. Churchmen who owe their position in the church to their Christian forefathers will not say one good word for their spiritual fathers. “Faith of our Fathers, Living Still,” has become, “Let our Racist Fathers Rot in the Grave While We Look to the Negro Who is Living Now.” Is their abhorrence of the antique Europeans’ ‘racism’ really the reason the secular liberals and their kissing cousins in the churches have demonized the whites who lived during the Christian era in Europe? No, it is not. The race card is a stratagem that works. The great haters of humanity, the liberals, do not really care about the black man or any other human being. They are incapable of love, all they can do is hate. And the generic black man is a convenient weapon which they use to subdue the white Christ-bearing race. The liberals will use that weapon so long as it is effective.

It’s difficult to envision a 21st century nation of whites who do not fear the racist label. We can look to the past and see whites who were not afraid to love their own people and maintain a white, provincial culture set apart from the colored heathens, but it doesn’t seem like whites will ever again become like unto those men and women of old Europe. It will take a miracle, but we once were the people who believed in the one great Miracle that began in a manger in Bethlehem.

At the center of Satan’s kingdom on earth in every European nation are the universities. It is in Academia that we see pure evil undiluted by anything good. And if we recall to mind that the universities were originally spawned by the various churches we see a great tragedy. How could something so evil come from something so well-intended? Was it really well-intended, or was it the second fall of man? Was it an attempt to replace God’s word with man’s will? Perhaps in the beginning there were well-intentioned men who exaggerated the capacity of the human intellect and devalued the capacity of the human heart. But once that tragic error was made, Satan was able to use man’s pride of intellect, what Chateaubriand called the pride of science, to place a barrier between God and man. That barrier must be taken down. So long as it remains, the world will be in the hands of intellectualized beasts of prey, who, in the fullness of their intellectual pride, slavishly serve Satan.

For good or evil the white race determines the history of the world. The liberals, who are the intellectual beasts of prey, have determined that the white race must be destroyed. They will preside over the extermination process, and they, in their own minds, will be spared to preside over a colored paradise, which in reality will be a kingdom of eternal night. But the pure intellect has nothing to do with reality. The intellectual man follows a cosmic star of unreality, which begins in the heavens, just as Satan began, and ends up plunging into hell, just as Satan did.

What would happen if the Europeans once again looked to the Star of Bethlehem instead of the liberals’ cosmic star? Miracles would occur in Europe once again. Nothing is impossible if the European people renew their covenant with God. I am frequently told that things are not as bad as I paint them. “Democracy works, and there are still good Christians in the churches.” My response is that democracy has never worked. And, as regards the ‘good Christians’ in the churches – I’m sure there are good Christians in the rank and file of some of the break-away fringe churches. But they are good Christians in spite of, not because of, the church system that they belong to. The spirit cannot be scientized; when the church of God becomes a man-made system rather than a covenant between the living God and His people, the people with hearts of flesh, the church becomes part of Liberaldom.

The Lord God gave us hearts of flesh, so we could know Him in this world and love Him in the next world. The miracle of Europe was a reflection of God’s labor of love which was embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. The farther we slide away from incarnate Europe, the harder it gets to believe in God’s labor of love. And then the ethos of the bestial intellects of prey becomes our reality; we no longer see the light. So much now rests on so few. Our European lives are indeed a miracle, but only those who still see the European miracle clearly will endure to the end. +

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