In the Heart Dwelleth the Soul

And my ending is despair,
Unless I be reliev’d by prayer…

-Prospero in The Tempest


St. John tells us that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” and later he tells us that, “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…” It has been my contention — and it remains my contention — that the Word of God, which is the Gospel of Christ crucified, Christ risen, sank deep into the hearts of the European people, so deeply that it became part of their blood. They could only be divested of that faith by a long, painful process that drains the lifeblood from a man. That process is called liberalism. It starts with an intellectual premise that the real man, the advanced man, is pure intellect. From that premise the deblooding process begins.

The first deblooder was the devil. He appealed to Adam and Eve’s intellects to convince them that their filial relationship with God the Father was unnecessary. Smart people do not need a filial relationship with God, they only need a vague intellectual attachment to God. That has always been the story of man’s rebellion against God – “We are too smart to submit to God.” It has been the task of the Europeans, the men of blood, to tell the great intellects, who want to return to paganism through intellectual Christianity or through one or more of the pagan philosophies, that they are not that smart. For once a man ceases to think with his heart he becomes a tool of Satan.

Throughout the Christian centuries there were always the deblooders in church and society at large who wanted to make all of existence an intellectual proposition. But it was not until the American Revolution that the deblooding process became institutionalized. America was a propositional nation from its inception. The French Revolution took the implication of the U.S. Revolution to its logical conclusion – Man is God. The same deblooding process that animated Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin also animated the French revolutionists. The evils of the American experiment in democracy are often overlooked because the Americans, unlike the French, did not expressly denounce God when they framed the U. S. Constitution. But they did make God an intellectual construct, which is back-door-atheism, which incidentally is what the French Jacobins ultimately adopted as well. They found out that men needed some kind of God. So both the French and the Americans focused on an intellectual concept of the noble black savage.

The deblooding process became institutionalized throughout the European nations in the 20th century, and it has been held over, like a long-running theatrical success, for the 21st century. But why has the new-old Gnostic faith replaced Christianity? What makes it so appealing to the modern Europeans? Its success has to do with the cumulative nature of scientific knowledge. With each passing century the European scientists gained in knowledge of the natural world. That gave them, and the men and women who partook of that knowledge, a feeling of power. Was the Holy Ghost of the Christian Trinity really necessary when there was more power and knowledge to be gleaned from science than from a mystical entity that could not be seen? The problem a Christian faces when he stands before the almighty holy ghost of science is that his knowledge is not cumulative, he must start at the beginning, in his infancy of faith, and try to counter the magnificence of science with his puny faith. Unless, and this ‘unless’ is everything, he unites with his honored dead in spirit, blood, and faith; then he is not starting anew nor is he alone. He stands with his people, a long line of heroes, against the new Gnostics with their unholy trinity. But he must stand with his honored dead or he will succumb to the abstracted intellect, the negro, and science. For this reason the liberal plays the race card over and over again. If racism is blasphemy, then the antique Europeans were evil. The modern Europeans are cut off from their past, because they fear the racist label. If they want to be Christians, they must be intellectual Christians who have made their peace with the negro, who is the liberals’ savior, and they must make their peace with the liberals’ holy ghost, which is science. And the European people have made their peace with the liberals’ trinity, because once they cut their ties to their ‘racist’ ancestors they were alone against an implacable foe. They were like Lilliputians fighting giants. If they leave the slime pits of negro worship and stand with their European ancestors, they will not be alone in the day of battle against the liberals and the colored barbarians. As it stands now the Europeans are defenseless, because they are afraid of the racist label attached to their ancestors, just as if the racist label is a plague that they dare not catch. But you will not only be without all human aid if you run from your Christian past, you will also be without divine aid, because the living God does not reside in the abstracted minds of the wizards of modernity, He lives with His people, the men and women with hearts of flesh. They were called Europeans.

In the aftermath of the Texas shooting, there was the usual nonsense about gun control. But there were two other things that do not bode well for white people. The liberals were glad that it was white people who were killed, and they also mocked the victims, because they were praying, and they mocked those who said they would pray for the victims and their families. The liberals’ lack of concern for the death of white people should not shock us. They want all white people to perish. Nor should we be shocked by the liberals’ blasphemy – is not the essence of liberalism blasphemy? But it is significant that the liberals no longer feel the need to hide their hatred of whites nor their hatred of the Christian God.

The unanswered prayer does pose a problem for the professed Christian. It’s quite similar to the ‘why is there suffering?’ problem. But throughout all the Christian centuries of Europe, the European people were able to pray to their Lord and Savior with all sincerity even though there were many prayers that were not answered. What has changed? That filial relationship with God has changed. Adam and Eve did not trust their Father, so they turned to pure intelligence as a refuge. When the European people went over to scientism, they ceased to know God through their hearts, hearts which told them that their prayers mattered, even when it seemed they were of no effect. In the absence of a belief that a loving God does respond to our prayers, what is left? There is the trinity of the liberals.

But can the abstracted intellect serve as a substitute for God the father? Can the negro be our messiah? And can science replace the Holy Ghost? It seems to me that all three divisions of the liberals’ trinity show us honest trifles only to betray us in deepest consequence. When facing our own deaths, our loved ones’ death, or the death of our civilization, we cannot find any consolation or hope in the liberals’ trinity. So why do we cling to that trinity and reject the Christian Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?

Christ tells us that it will not be forgiven us if we blaspheme against the Holy Ghost. Is not that what the liberals enjoin us to do? They bid us look to the new holy ghost, the scientific holy ghost who proceeds from the abstracted intellect and the sacred negro, and with the abstracted intellect of man and the sacred negro, science is worshipped and glorified. Look at academia, look at organized Christian Jewry – are they not citadels of blasphemy? You can’t reach God through prayer in those citadels, because they reject the Holy Ghost who leads us to our Savior. We won’t come out of the liberals’ maze until we reconnect with our past, and we can’t reconnect with our past if we continue to reject the Holy Ghost who resides in hearts that love much.

It is now taken as a given by the mad-dog liberals that the white race must be exterminated for the sin of racism. The conservatives, who are the classical liberals, agree with the mad-dog liberals about white racism: it is the unforgiveable sin. But the conservatives think their sin can be expunged by their repudiation of the antique Europeans and their willingness to worship the negro. “It’s not enough,” the liberals declare, “You must face the executioners’ block.” And even in death the white man will not be cleansed, because the triune god of the liberals has no merciful savior, and the white man’s sin consists of his whiteness — that is a sin that can never be expunged.

Throughout the Old Testament as we follow the people of God, we are struck by all the backsliding and apostasy from the one true God that takes place. Time and time again the people whom God spoke to through His prophets ignore the prophets and return to Baal or its equivalent. That backsliding and apostasy became codified law when the bulk of the Jewish people rejected the Messiah, who was the fulfillment of the prophecies. And now the wheel has come full circle. The European people who believed in the prophecies and in Him who was the fulfillment of the prophecies have returned to Baal. “We shall bring you hell,” the liberals tell us. Yes, they have brought us hell. The same God who rose from the dead on the third day can raise us up from this hell on earth. But we can’t conjure up the living God by the brilliance of our intellects or the magic of our systems. We can learn to love Him in and through the European people from the racist era of European history. That was an era, like every era of European history, of wars, adulteries, lust, and every other evil under the sun. But there were hearts of faith in that era of European history – there were people struggling to the light, in contrast to the liberals of our modern era who have banished the light in order to worship darkness.

It’s not possible to live in the darkness of Liberaldom without faith in His Europe. If the antique Europeans were incorrect, if their vision of Christ was false, then to whom can we turn for the words of eternal life? The liberals tell us that we can turn to their triune god. The intellectual Christians tell us that we can place our hope in a new fusionist Christianity, free from the racism of time-bound European Christianity. But the new Christianity is simply another form of atheism. Without a local habitation the antique Europeans’ hearth-fire Christ becomes a lesser god in a pantheon of nature gods who are subordinate to the negro. Is this the final apostasy of the European people? Will they all perish from the face of the earth without any record that they ever existed at all? That certainly seems likely, seeing that all the European schools and universities are divesting themselves of all things white – no white male authors, no white male musicians or artists – everything white must perish. But there is the rub, which gives the liberal nightmares. You can eradicate the culture of the people who believed in the God-Man. And you can eradicate the people who still profess a belief in the European Christ. But, if Christ is indeed the son of God, how can you eradicate God? Why, if we believe that Christ is the Son of God, should we ever cave in to the liberals? Despite what seems, it is the liberals, not those who stand with the Christ of old Europe, who are playing a losing hand. They are playing a losing hand because our Redeemer liveth. Christ rose from the dead on the third day, and that shall always be the source of our faith and the reason we shall stay with eternal Europe against all the world. +

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