The European Heart Renewed

O here, where late our little city stood,
And now this desolation darkens us,
Friends, with a rapid hand and heart renewed,
Building, once more uprear we root and tower,
And make ourselves a realm.

-George Francis Savage-Armstrong


The essential thing that Burke wanted his countrymen and all of Europe to understand about the French Revolution was that it was something entirely different than a European palace revolution. It was not a replacement of one Christian king for another Christian king, it was the enthronement of a new religion, a satanic religion, in what had once been a Christian nation. The forces of irreligion were always present in every European nation, but they were not embodied in an organized government until the French Revolution. Robespierre’s death did not halt the Jacobin revolution; it spread throughout Europe, and eventually every nation of Europe adopted the anti-Christian system of government of the French Jacobins. Until we do what the Europeans of Burke’s day failed to do – kill the Jacobin dragon – we will continue to live in the hell of religious and racial diversity.

Jacobinism is paganism writ large. Through the use of our natural reason we come to a belief in nature and nature’s god. The Israelites were Jacobins before the Jacobins when they returned to Baal while Moses went up to the mountain to speak with God. Every revolt against the living God is a return to paganism. Does man have a stronger inclination to rebel against God than to seek God? It certainly seems so. But we shouldn’t go with the Puritans who claimed that a sinful defiance of God is the all in all of man. There is the Europeans’ struggle as a people. Even if we must concede that their history is largely like the history of the Hebrew people, a history of a flight from God, we must, if we are seeking the truth, see that there was a genuine yearning for the living God, for Jesus Christ, in the hearts of the European people. We cannot sit in our study with our scholarly tomes and say there can never be such a thing as a Christian people while we have proof to the contrary staring us in the face when we look at the European people and take them for all in all.

Ironically it was the missionary efforts toward the non-white people of the world that ushered in the demise of Christian Europe. The European missionaries set out to Christianize the colored races, but the colored races ended up paganizing the white race. The negroization and the Islamization of the un-United States of America and Europe is the result of the implantation of the natural, rational religion of the Jacobins through the medium of the natural colored races. When the missionaries came to evangelize the coloreds, they found that the colored people had gods, they were not atheists. So they sought to emphasize the similarities between Christianity and the heathen faiths, thus blurring distinction between the religion of Jesus Christ and the religion of Satan. God did not say, “Do not be an atheist,” He said, “Thou shall have no other gods before me.” Solomon didn’t ruin the Israelites because he denounced God, he ruined the Israelites because he built temples to the heathen gods as well as the one true God. So it was with the European missionaries. They became the European conduits to paganism, because they failed to keep the distinctiveness of the religion that made the Suffering Servant its cornerstone before their eyes. They lost the vision of Christ in the mire of the natural religions. Today we have been entirely engulfed by the heathen faiths, and no one from the ranks of the Christian clergy will speak out against them, because to do so would indicate that the anti-heathen was a racist and therefore damned. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Once the “Christian” clergy made racial diversity their top priority, they were consumed by the liberal leviathan. If your message is a mere echo of liberalism, why do you need to exist at all? The churches are now just an ‘Amen chorus’ for the rulers of Liberaldom. “Diversity is Godly, the colored masses are the people,” the liberals proclaim. “Amen,” respond the church men.

The liberals have a symbiotic relationship with the colored heathens. They, the liberals, need the colored heathens in order to return to paganism. Why can’t they make that transition on their own? They must have conduits to paganism because when a European rejects Christ, he has placed himself into a state of non-being. He has forsaken his God, and now he is alone in the universe. Twentieth century art, when it is not a paean to the gods of color, is an ode to nothingness. That is the key. An apostate European must cling to some God to keep him from the void, so he goes whoring after the heathen gods of color. Do those gods sustain him? The drug and alcohol-related deaths and the increasing suicide rate among white people indicates that the gods of diversity cannot sustain the European people. But still, they must have gods, so they will cling to them to the last gasp.

Do the colored heathens need white liberals? They might say they do not need white people, but they do need them. They need them as a predatory animal needs his prey. If there were no white people, upon whom would the colored heathen prey? Each other? Certainly, but there is not much to prey upon in the black and brown civilizations. Once the whites have done their jobs, once they have self-destructed, what will become of the colored heathens? They will have no worshipful whites to sustain them, and they will prey upon each other until they all perish.

The conservatives in church and state have not been able to conserve Christian Europe, because they failed to take into account the human factor. Which is truly astonishing and unforgivable considering that they claimed, at least intellectually, to believe in a God who became man. But if you view man as intellect alone, you will not know man nor will you know the God-Man. Man is deeper than his intellect. He has a heart that is capable, when it is stirred, of seeing more than mere reason can comprehend. T. S. Eliot, in his book on Christian culture makes a rational case for the necessity of a religiously based culture. But his rational case is worthless without that which must precede reason – faith in Jesus Christ. And how does one obtain faith? St. Paul tells us that “faith worketh by love.” And that brings us back to our mysterious human relationships, to our ties to our kith and kin. It is now a given in Churchianity that blood ties are antithetical to faith. That is a lie, a lie that is used to cover up the Europeans’ flight from God. Chateaubriand is right: man is much more tainted with the sins of the intellect than with sins stemming from the heart. The intellectual man seeks to avoid the passionate God of love, because passion is painful. And the way to avoid the passionate God is to avoid all things human – to avoid all ties to your family and your race. Thus white pietas, which leads to the love of the European Christ, is regarded as sinful, and the worship of the colored heathen and the hatred of the white race becomes the creed of the new fusionist Christian of the 21st century.

In the best of his mystery novels, The House of the Arrow, A. E. W. Mason’s protagonist, the detective Hanaud, asks who will speak for the woman who has been murdered. Who cares enough about her to hunt down the murderer? The answer is that he, Hanaud, cares, and he will hunt down the murderer:

“But—you will pardon me—I am not thinking of you”—and there was so much quietude and gravity in the detective’s voice that his words, harsh though they were, carried with them no offense. “No, I am thinking of a woman more than double the age of either of you, whose unhappy life came to an end here on the night of the 27th of April. I am remembering two photographs which you, Mademoiselle Harlowe, showed me this morning—I am moved by them. Yes, that is the truth.”

He closed his eyes as if he saw those two portraits with their dreadful contrast impressed upon his eyelids. “I am her advocate,” he cried aloud in a stirring voice. “The tragic woman, I stand for her! If she was done to death, I mean to know and I mean to punish!”

Our people have been murdered and no one cares about avenging their murder, because church and state have decreed that they were not murdered, they were legally executed for crimes against the religion of nature. They were racists, sexists, and non-intellectual Christians, which meant that they were against the fusionist Christianity of the intellectual Christians. But no matter what the powers of this world say against them, I do not see criminals when I look at the antique Europeans. I see men and women to whom I owe a debt that can never be repaid. They loved much, and as a result they were bound to Him in faith. “Bear but a touch of my hand, there,” pointing to his heart, says the Ghost of Christmas Past. And then Scrooge is able to see the past in a new light, in the light of Christ. When we touch their hearts, we touch, through them, the heart of the living God. We should never leave them, we should never seek to make peace with their murderers. Who will stand for them? I will. If you stand with the antique Europeans against the principalities and powers of Liberaldom, you will be condemned as they were condemned. In that condemnation we hear the same voices that condemned our Lord. Can’t we, through our fidelity to Christian Europe, say, “Yes, I know that Man!” +

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