The Horror and Blasphemy of Liberalism

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. – Luke 13: 34-35


Recently a friend asked me what I thought of the Adamite theory, which, according to my friend, is the theory that it is only white people who are direct descendants of Adam. The rest of mankind are non-Adamites, who are… I’m not quite clear who they are. And the reason I’m not clear on that point is because I never could plow my way through the various books on the subject. But I bring up the Adamite subject to come to the main point of conflict between a European Christian and the modern liberals, both secular and clerical: To me, as a European Christian, it seems obvious that there has only been one Christian people and that is the European people. There is such a difference between the people of old Europe and the people of the non-white cultures that it lends credence to the Adamite theorists. But it is not necessary to accept that theory in order to acknowledge that the living God was at the center of non-diverse, white Europe, and He was not at the center of colored heathendom nor is He at the center of modern Liberaldom.

Our Lord says, in St. John, chapter 15, verse 26, “But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the father, even the spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.” Why are the intellectual Christians who worship the negro not interested in the truth? Have they rejected the Comforter? It seems that they have. And without the Holy Ghost how can we know Christ? We must not rely on our abstract reason to guide us through life rather than the Holy Ghost. Our reason will always lead us away from the truth and toward the father of all lies. Look what has happened to European people once they made abstract reason their father, science their Holy Ghost, and the negro their Son of God. What then was my response to the question about the Adamites? I told my friend that all I know is that I see the face of Jesus Christ in old Europe. I do not see His face in modern Europe nor in the people of color at any time in their histories.

There is no mercy, no charity, no love, and no honor in the modern world, because the European intelligentsia in church and state persist in deifying the heathens of color while demonizing the antique Europeans. I don’t need to believe that the European people are the only descendants of Adam or the true Hebrews to know that they are the Christ-bearing people. I know they are the Christ-bearing people, because of the moral beauty of the culture they created in the name of Christ the Lord. Neither historical research, church documents, nor the Bible itself will convince the willfully blind, those who reject the spirit of truth, that the European Christ is the living God. Maybe that is why our Lord said that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost would not be forgiven. If we forsake the comforter we have forsaken Christ.

The creation of Christian Europe was something that St. Augustine said could never happen. There was the city of God, which was the organized church, and there was the city of man, which was the European people. In St. Augustine’s mind, the people, those who believed in Christ, could never be the true church. But he was wrong. The organization, the system, what Augustine called the City of God, can never be the true Church. Tennyson got it right:

Our little systems have their day;
They have their day and cease to be;
They are but broken lights of thee,
And thou, O Lord, art more than they.

Is He more than they? Is He more than the organized Christian Jewry of the Roman Catholic Church and its auxiliary Protestant branches? Yes, He is more than they. The Christian churches have gone over to the pagan faiths – they have made Islam and negro worship part of the Christian faith. And by doing so they have made it clear that they have sided with the enemy of mankind against Christ’s church, which consists of all those who have circumcised their hearts so that they can “receive Him still.” The 20th century existentialists such as Camus, Sartre, and Beckett proclaimed that, “God is dead.” But it was not the living God who died, it was a man-made system that died. The computer print-out God who was the product of the computations of great minds — that god died. But the Son of God? He still lives and He shall still be living after the new church of Islam and the negro has had its day. It only remains to be seen whether there will be any hearts of flesh left on earth, hearts that still adhere to His word. “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on earth?”

It doesn’t appear that Christ will find faith on earth when He returns, but the age of prophecy is over; we do not know with any certainty that the European people will remain adamantly opposed to the Light of the World. We do know that the modern Europeans have left Christian Europe behind. The liberals show their hatred of Christ by their hatred of all things stemming from old Europe, and the grazers show their indifference to Christ by their complete indifference to incarnate Europe. The Europeans’ descent into hell has been a terrible thing to witness. And they seem determined to continue their descent until they reach the bottom-most level where they will embrace the devil in all his satanic glory. Will they feel any revulsion? No, I don’t think a feminist or a mad-dog liberal who takes such pleasure in our modern hell on earth can feel uncomfortable with the devil. Such individuals will have gotten what they set out to find, a world of darkness, devoid of light. And the grazers? Will their spiritually dead nerve endings suddenly revive at the sight of the devil? Will they cry out to the God of Mercy whom they ignored during their lives? I don’t know, but I do know that He will extend mercy to anyone who calls on Him by name. But can a man call on Him by name if He has rejected the Holy Ghost?

It is unfortunate that Christian mysticism has become a specialized study of Gnosticized Europeans who bid us look to a seven-point plan that we use to reach a higher level of mystical contemplation. Christian mysticism should not imitate the contemplative systems of the Asians. True Christian mysticism is unique, it is the better way that St. Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13. It is charity, the charity that is at the center of old Europe, which inspired our greatest poets, artists, and musicians, and it is what our people saw, even if they only saw it through a glass darkly, as the mystical heart of existence. The European people rejected the esoteric systems of the pagans for the divine charity of Jesus Christ. His charity was greater than the magic of paganism.

I believe it was Blake who said that if mankind did not have the religion of Jesus Christ, they would have the religion of the devil. The modern European people are not unbelievers; they believe in the gods of Liberaldom. And belief in those gods precludes a belief in the God whose divine charity redeemed the world. We can’t get to Him by way of any system conceived by man. In point of fact, all our systems, which have their day, take us to hell. But we can get to Him through charity, the charity that is born and nurtured at our racial hearth fire.

Diversity is spiritual death, it destroys the image of God in man. The push toward diversity, which means the destruction of the white race, is the liberals’ religion. They must join, body and soul, with the colored races in order to eradicate the living God from the face of the earth. The mask is off. If the European people had not been morally anesthetized, they would not be able to look on modern Europe without a horror too deep for words. Conrad’s Kurtz said, “The Horror, the Horror.” What Kurtz saw was nothing compared to the Horror of modern Liberaldom, for modern liberalism is the continual reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ. (1) Everything stemming from Christian Europe is demonized, and every white European, even if they denounce Christ and most particularly if they do not denounce Christ, is crucified. That is a horror beyond horror, because it is the incarnation of Satan over the ruins of Christian Europe.

 What is to be done then? Our Lord tells us to, “seek and ye shall find.” But what should we seek? Should we seek the wisdom that comes from special revelations of the blessed mother? Should we seek knowledge of the end times by parsing the Book of Revelation and merging Christianity with Judaism? Or should we seek the wisdom of liberalism and blend Christ with Islam and the negro? Almighty God, forbid it! There is a magic talisman, but it is not esoteric wisdom. It is to be found in charity. The men with hearts of flesh will find the one true God at their racial hearth fire where that charity of honor is born and nurtured. All other ways to God end in ruin. Look at the ‘conservative’ Joe Scarborough, who started his political career as an intellectual conservative, a man who wanted to conserve systems rather than his people. He ended up a mad-dog liberal who divorced his lawful wife in order to marry a feminist from hell. And then there is Francis Schaeffer. He was a great intellectual Christian, but he refused to defend the Christ of the European hearth fire, thus opening the way for a diverse God who gave his blessing to modernity. Schaeffer’s son Franky went from intellectual Christianity to mad-dog liberalism. And from that Olympian height he apologized to the feminist Rachel Maddow for the sins of his father. Every denial of the essential truth that was at the center of old Europe – that Christ entered into the heart and soul of the European people – is an assault on His reign of charity in the name of the evil one. So long as we are too worldly wise and too fearful of the racist label to ask Christ, the Christ of old Europe, to abide with us by our racial hearth fire, we will continue to be ruled by liberals and colored heathens who have no mercy. The former have renounced the God of mercy and the latter never knew Him. +


(1) Kurtz looked into his soul and saw the evil that he, as a man, was capable of. But Marlow, Conrad’s alter ego, said that it was something to have judged. Kurtz was a moral pariah, but he could still see the evil within his soul and call it evil. The liberal looks into his satanic soul and sees sanctity. He is incapable of recognizing evil as evil. And that is a descent into the deepest pit of hell. The liberals have done it! They have become like unto Satan himself. The horror, the horror.

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